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Hush! Silence.

Hush!  Because of Lord YHWH,
For near [is the] Day of YHWH,
For YHWH has prepared a sacrifice,
He has sanctified His invited ones.
- Zephaniah 1:7 (LSV)

Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.
- Psalm 46:10

Keep silent toward Me, O islands,
And the peoples pass on [to] power,
They come near, then they speak,
“Together we draw near to judgment.”
- Isaiah 41:1

Sing, and rejoice, O daughter of Zion, || For behold, I am coming, and have dwelt in your midst, || A declaration of YHWH.  And many nations have been joined to YHWH in that day, || And they have been to Me for a people, || And I have dwelt in your midst, || And you have known that YHWH of Hosts has sent Me to you.  And YHWH has inherited Judah, || His portion on the holy ground, || And He has fixed again on Jerusalem.  Hush, all flesh, because of YHWH, || For He has been roused up from His holy habitation!
- Zechariah 2:10–13

And YHWH [is] in His holy temple, || Be silent before Him, all the earth!
- Habakkuk 2:20

YHWH [is] good to those waiting for Him, || To the soul [that] seeks Him.  [It is] good when one stays and stands still || For the salvation of YHWH.
- Lamentations 3:25–26

- - -

The world's gods have been silenced.  All major sports are cancelled.  Bars are closed.  Live entertainment is postponed.  Sin City is shut down.  Markets are collapsing.  Mecca is empty.  Mosques are empty.  All Mormon gatherings are cancelled.  Cult-of-personality megachurch gatherings are cancelled.  The little religious activity that remains is Christian fellowship, church live-streams, and house church gatherings.

Travel is restricted.  Hundreds of millions are quarantined in their houses and Coronavirus is now in 155 countries, so that number is bound to grow.  Whether the virus is actually as dangerous as some claim or not is irrelevant to the fact that the whole world is coming to a standstill at this unique point in history.  This is a moment of worldwide significance and the world will never be the same again.

God alone will be exalted in this day.

- - -

2,000 years ago, Jesus said, “Go!”

...and He said to them, “Having gone into all the world, proclaim the good news to all the creation;”
- Mark 16:15 (LSV)

...having gone, then, disciple all the nations, immersing them into the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all, whatever I commanded you, and behold, I am with you all the days—until the full end of the age.
- Matthew 28:19–20

Now for the first time ever, the whole world is yelling, “Stop!”


Roughly 6,000 years ago, God said to fallen mankind, “Work!”

And now the whole world is saying, “Stop working!”

- - -

The ancient Israelites crossed an earthly body of water—the parted Red Sea—when God delivered them from the threat of Pharaoh and his army.

The Church will cross a heavenly body of water, similarly parted, when God delivers His born-again people from the threat of Satan and his fallen angels (Rev. 12:3–5):

And God says, “Let an expanse be in the midst of the waters, and let it be separating between waters and waters.”  And God makes the expanse, and it separates between the waters which [are] under the expanse, and the waters which [are] above the expanse: and it is so.
- Genesis 1:6–7 (LSV)

Satan swindled us out of our dominion all those thousands of years ago.  Creation has suffered ever since, but we're about to get the right to rule back (Rev. 2:26–29).  As a baby is being born there is much noise and commotion, but right before the first cry—a silent pause.

For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.
- Romans 8:19

If not now, then soon.  Very soon.

And Pharaoh has drawn near, and the sons of Israel lift up their eyes, and behold, the Egyptians are journeying after them, and they fear exceedingly, and the sons of Israel cry to YHWH.  And they say to Moses, “Because there are no graves in Egypt, have you taken us away to die in a wilderness?  What is this you have done to us—to bring us out from Egypt?  Is this not the word which we spoke to you in Egypt, saying, Cease from us, and we serve the Egyptians; for [it is] better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in a wilderness?”  And Moses says to the people, “Do not fear, station yourselves, and see the salvation of YHWH, which He does for you today; for as you have seen the Egyptians today, you add no more to see them for all time; YHWH fights for you, and you keep silent.
- Exodus 14:10–14

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  1. There is lots of noise and commotion as a baby is being born. And then, right before the first cry, a moment of silence.

    1. Oooooh, that gave me chills!

    2. Gary, Thanks for all the encouragement, insight, and excitement. I saw you were quoted in the Washington Post again and wanted to say congratulations. I know you are remaining humble about it, but its great to see such a bright light of truth and hope getting out to the world.

    3. The Washington Post: This is not the end of the world, according to Christians who study the end of the world.


    4. Before she goes into labor,
      she gives birth;
      before the pains come upon her,
      she delivers a son. Isaiah 66:7 - in the Greek OT "son" is "arsen"

      5 She gave birth to a son, a male child, who “will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.”[a] And her child was snatched up to God and to his throne. Revelation 12:5

      "male" is arsen - Let the Birth occur - Let the Bride be caught up - Come Lord Jesus -

  2. Almost gives me chills. Come, Lord Jesus!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. It feels surreal. It feels like we are watching a big clock at 23:59 and 59 seconds and in slow motion, mouths agape, we are watching the second hand about to strike midnight. Think that guy from "Quicksilver" from X-Men.

  5. This story from today may be the most Balaamic one of the week:

    Israeli... thief... 2,000 year old artifact... apocalypse.


    1. Gary would like your take on a couple things. One I saw a video about a new river flowing into the Dead Sea. Reminds me of water breaking. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/weird-news/biblical-prophecy-fulfilled-floodwater-flows-21269525. The other is a conspiracy theory about George Soros and his involvement with WuXi lab in Wuhan China and its link to Bill Gates ID 2020 Alliance. The address of the Wuhan facility is note taking. https://www.wuxiapptec.com/about/location

    2. Hey Brent, the jury is out in my mind on the river. The major prophecy will be fulfilled when Christ returns and waters flow into the Dead Sea. This happens in Zech 14.

      As for the ID2020, we were discussing this yesterday.

      Note that this article is from this past December. It caused me to go back and read Rev. 13. Sure enough, it doesn't say you buy and sell with the mark, only that you can't buy and sell without it. It could be a vax check. If you have the mark it means you've gotten your vaccinations. If you don't have it then you can't use cash, credit cards, etc.


    3. WOW! This is interesting. Did you know the 483 years from Daniel to Jesus, there is also 483 from when the walls were built to 2020? Also, Passover derives from a word that means to "protect" and "blow". Read that on Wikipedia. Maybe the Trumpet will blow on Passover? I'm not a prophet nor setting a date but keep your eyes and ears open. GOD bless!

    4. Brent ... Here are two interesting vids that speak of that very thing. A prophetic prelude to the ultimate fulfillment of sorts.



  6. As I stood in a line that stretched from front to back of the store this last week at a local grocery store with only taco shells, I was taken back at how all rationale had went out the window. Knowing that this was happening throughout the country, I purposely wore a jacket with the name of the church and the name pastor sewed into it where I last served. I didn't wear the jacket for notoriety, but to witness. I began to speak loudly with my father-in-law about this is what it's going to be like when the rapture happens and the anti-christ is here. I spoke to a few, but many were so enraptured with their fear, they weren't even listening. So, on Sunday I preached on living in faith, not fear, because what is happening are the birth pains (Matthew 24). Time is short, lets reach this lost world. The signs are screaming that the Trumpet is going to blowing soon.

    1. Are you a pastor? If so that means we have at least two pastors chiming in.

    2. Hurray for you Pastor - glad to know there are still a few of you preaching about the Rapture. I live in the middle of the Bible Belt where there is a church on every corner and two in between - really not much of an exaggeration. Anyway, most I know find the subject too controversial and rarely if ever mention it. And, quite a few rarely preach salvation - it's more about living for God then actually accepting Christ as our Savior. One biggie we attended for many years no longer gives alter calls at the end of the service.
      Keep on preaching Pastor - don't worry about what folks want to hear; tell them what they NEED to know! Blessing on you and your ministry.

  7. Amen. Amen. Amen.
    Many have blasted local pastors for heading the advice of local authorities in closing the buildings we meet in and doing live streaming. Saying they are caving in fear - when in fact they are obeying God and listening to the authority He has put in place (Romans 13). And you are right - house gatherings are happening. Communities of believers are using social media to meet together in study and worship (Acts 2:46).

    1. We are tacking with the wind to go 100% online. Thankfully we are a tech heavy church with a staff willing to learn. Our primary ministry was already online so it is not affected.

      Digging in here until the Lord comes, He calls us home or the storm passes by.

      Hold fast and keep the faith!


    2. "Digging in here until the Lord comes, He calls us home or the storm passes by."


    3. Hurray for you PR! Post the links so we can watch!

    4. Computer = 666 a = 6, b = 12 so on.

    5. Shumanwife

      Romans 13:1-13:7 added by the translators KJV.
      What better place to insert that (power and control of the people)Paul never wrote that!
      Read it without that insert and reads just fine.

      And there are a few other inserts of autoritive control.
      Remember its 1611.

    6. KJV was translated from the manuscript collection called the 'Textus receptus' which was completely in Greek (and had about 5000 copies available to compare to). Other translations have chosen to use different manuscript collections (such as the latin vulgate, which has much fewer copies to compare) and end up differently. 1611's the Geneva version by the way. KJV was a generation or two later if I recall correctly. Geneva also used Textus receptus, as well as most of the protestant translations of that day did. KJV just reached widespread circulation due to the printing press capacity of England and it's shipping networks. When compared with translations from other manuscript collections, the latter often appear to be missing verses, reworded passages, and other problems. It could be said that those versions have deleted things, just as easily as you accuse the KJV of adding things.

      On this side of Heaven, it comes down to just trusting the people who have copied His word down through the ages, and trusting the Spirit to have preserved what He wanted preserved.

      I feel it is wisdom to follow common sense when listening to the commands of authorities. If they command you to do good things, why should you refuse? If you feel the command is to do evil, you can certainly ask them why, right? If they kill you for that, well... You're with Jesus, so what's a moment of pain?

    7. A lot of good it did for the Jews in NAZI Germany!
      They new what was coming and did nothing about it, some did at least some resisted!
      Most all of them went to relocation camps, then the chambers.
      Much like what FEMA can do now, and they already have the coffins!
      When they come for your Guns, what are you gana do?
      Jesus was all about resisting wrong ungodly authority!

    8. Jesus was all about resisting the Devil, in whichever forms he took.

      If Fema 'rounds us all up' and takes us to guillotines... well... I'm going to remember 'Blessed are those who die in the Lord' from Revelation. No sooner than I lose awareness, I'll be in the presence of my Lord Jesus. Did Stephen try to run from those who stoned him to death? No, he prayed that they would be forgiven instead!

  8. Praise the Lord and don't be a grape!

    :) <3

    🚫 🍇

    1. And preach the Gospel while we still can! :)

    2. 🚫 🍇 🚫 🍇 🚫 🍇

  9. Amen! Isn't there silence in heaven for a half an hour too. That might be after the Church is gone through

    I homeschool my kids and so I'm home a lot. I have already been "fellowshipping" with my Christian friends around the country by phone and text for years. We can't forsake it. We still have to be The Church any way we can.

    I'm listening in this silence for the trumpet blast!

    1. You're right about that being after the Church is gone, but it looks like an "as above so below" situation. Perhaps an earthly silence before the Church is born and a heavenly silence preceding the trumpets.

    2. I wondered about this silence as well.
      The following is from Got Questions:
      "Then in Revelation 8:1 Jesus breaks the seventh seal. John says that, after this seal was broken, “there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.” This silence immediately follows the loud and jubilant songs of heavenly worship in chapter 7, making the absolute, sudden silence even more dramatic. There is something about the seventh seal that stops every mouth and silences all of heaven.

      Scripture does not specify the reasons for the silence in heaven for that half an hour. But here are some possibilities:

      1) The silence in heaven for the space of half an hour is a sign of deep respect and awe in the presence of the Judge of all the earth. Just as earthly courtrooms demand silence when the judge is presiding, so does the heavenly courtroom. “Be silent before the Sovereign LORD, for the day of the LORD is near” (Zephaniah 1:7). “The LORD is in his holy temple; let all the earth be silent before him” (Habakkuk 2:20).

      2) The half-hour silence in heaven is the result of somber reflection on what has just been revealed. When Jesus Christ breaks the seventh seal, the scroll of God’s judgment is fully revealed for the first time. Now all heaven can see God’s plan to judge the wickedness of the earth, destroy the kingdom of the beast, and set things right. All heaven remains silent as God’s righteousness is on display. At the sight of full scroll and all the judgments about to fall, the denizens of heaven take their cue from Job, who, faced with God’s awesome presence, said, “I am unworthy—how can I reply to you? I put my hand over my mouth” (Job 40:4).

      3) The silence in heaven is due to the severity of the actions the Lord God is about to take. With the scroll fully open, heaven can now see the trumpet judgments (in the next verse, seven nearby angels are handed seven trumpets of judgment, Revelation 8:2) and the bowl judgments (which the seventh trumpet introduces). These judgments are more terrible than anything the world will have ever seen (Mark 13:19–20). The final catastrophes are about to befall the earth, and silence and stillness fill the time of tense expectation. “Be silent, all flesh, before the LORD, for he has roused himself from his holy dwelling” (Zechariah 2:13, ESV).

      In a way, the silence in heaven could be seen as the calm before the storm—the storm of final judgment coming upon the earth. The silence emphasizes the importance and impressiveness of the seventh and final seal. With the opening of the seventh seal comes a climax in the Day of the Lord. Evil has had its day; now the Lord will have His."

    3. I think it is #3. The last seal marks the midway of The Tribulation, before the 1st Trumpet, after the AOD.

    4. Amongst other things I think the whole Virus thing is about power and control.
      Who isn't cooperating, and how easy it will be for the implantation of the identification system ( mark of the beast) if you will.

    5. Amen to that brother.

    6. I remember doing the math on this once...

      If you go with a day for a year... and compute what a half hour would be in relation...

      (360h/day / 48 half hours in a day (24*2) = 7 and a half days as a half hour)

      Don't know if that will be useful or interesting to anyone, but I was reminded of it, so I shared it.

  10. Big smile on my face after reading this. I never thought about our situation like you have perceived it. So true. All the earth quiet!! Like never before!! Makes me quietly wait for what unfolds from here. Thank you so much for this. I was waiting and looking for the next writing from you all. I suspected you would give us your interpretation of the virus, which would be one of many opinions. But this! So much more! Thanks again :) :)

    1. Amen! The roar of the crowds inside the stadiums of the world have been silenced. The Lamb alone will be exalted as we wait for the shouts of victory surrounding the throne in heaven (Rev. 5:9-14).

  11. At https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51909518 "Euro 2020 postponed until next summer, Uefa confirms".

    Could this postponement has to do with the antichrist who could reveal himself during Euro 2021?

  12. Lifting all of my brothers and sisters at UNSEALED.ORG in prayer!

    1. Amen. Time to pray like never before. Feels like a Garden of Gethsemane moment for God's people. Can we stay awake for one hour?

    2. We are digging and and dug in for the fight. Our mobile campus may be closed but God has opened the doors of ministry in new and powerful ways if even for an hour. Let us occupy both individually, as families and a body and boldly share the hope we have been given in Christ Jesus our Lord!

    3. Praying for you all here too. I used to work at a Christian company . I got to talk to pastors and Christians from around the world. I never met any of the people I talked to. But I there was always a connection between all of us. Because we were family. There is something so special about the Church. I feel that here too. I don't know any of you . But we are family. And you're in my prayers.

    4. Thank you Lilie, me too. And I say that with tears of joy in my eyes.

  13. Im still thinking about the last post mentioning the coming world population approaching 7,777,777,777. coming next month. Gods number.

    1. Yes, I am really intrigued by this. Assuming this number from Worldometers and the UN is close to accurate, I calculated it would probably be about mid-April when we reach that number.

    2. Thinking about the DoTC reveal on 1/28 being a huge sign and marker as this will likely be the deal to finally divide the land. Combine this with the UN/Worldometers estimate of the world pop hitting 7,777,777,777 right around the middle of next month. Could the 1/28 reveal + the 7,777,777,777 be a possible fulfillment or partial fulfillment of Genesis 1:28?

      "God blessed them and said to them, 'Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.' "

      + remember that mankind's true dominion doesn't begin until the rapture. We will begin to reign with Christ, doing what God asked for all along. Romans 8:19:

      "For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed."

      God told us to rule right away, but we gave our collective authority to the serpent. It's taken 6,000 years to get it back.

    3. Good pin-points!

      7.77 billion humans is an interesting high water mark. A mark we have already surpassed. Current count as of this posting is "7,771,534,***" per worldometer.com.

      God's command of (Genesis 1:28) was given to Adam (man) pre-fall and transcended the flood through Noah. That reign will last right-up to the glorious return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      Just one more metric to measure where we are in the scheme of things? I think so.

    4. Wow, hitting this 7,777,777,777  population number is fascinating. It definitely strikes me as not being a coincidence that God has caused the population to reach this number at this time in history. 

      It reminds me of Chuck Missler's Revelation study where he notes that Revelation is just full of Sevens. Of course, there are the familiar Seven Churches, Seals, Trumpets and Bowls, but there are many more. The 7 lampstands, 7 spirits, 7 stars, 7 lamps, 7 "title-pairs", 7 promises, 7 horns, 7 eyes, 7 angels, 7 thunders, 7 heads, 7 crowns and on and on...

      So it seems fitting to reach this number in our population right before the prophecies of Revelation are fulfilled.

      Here's a link to Missler's Revelation study: https://youtu.be/Ewny6LF_zXs 

  14. Indeed...hush, and be still,

    1 God is our refuge and strength,
    a very present help in trouble.

    2 Therefore we will not fear
    though the earth gives way,
    though the mountains be moved
    into the heart of the sea,

    3 though its waters roar and
    foam, though the mountains
    tremble at its swelling.

    (Psalm 46:1-3 ESV)

    Thinking of 4/3-4/4...

    3 But know that the LORD has
    set apart the godly for himself;
    the LORD hears when I call to

    4 Be angry, and do not sin;
    ponder in your own hearts
    on your beds and be silent.

    (Psalm 4:3-4 ESV)

    3 And he who sat there had the
    appearance of jasper and carnelian,
    and around the throne was a rainbow
    that had the appearance of an emerald.

    4 Around the throne were twenty-four
    thrones, and seated on the thrones
    were twenty-four elders, clothed
    in white garments, with golden
    crowns on their heads.

    (Revelation 4:3-4 ESV)

    Twenty-four and twenty-four...four and twenty with four and twenty...4/4/2020...with 2020 being as two (2) score or 20 x 2 = 40.


    Isn't that interesting.

    I have so much more to share if only for the time to do it.

    Blessings until then,


  15. Outrage!

    The world is running to buy bath tissue in fear from death while others sell murder as a choice?


  16. Can someone comment on this vaccination w/ digital id that is in the works? I know I should not fear but that for some reason is wearing on me. I have thought the mark would not be during our time on earth. Gary, PR, thoughts???

    1. Key words there are "In the works".
      We may be gone before that is completed. And it may never come to pass.
      We will see the rev up of many atrocities that will not only come upon those left behind.

      Have faith in the Lord :)

    2. Nan,

      The earliest estimates I've seen on a COVID-19 vaccination is one-year away at the soonest. YMMV. The language of Scripture that we turn to often in this case is (Revelation 14:9)

      9 And another angel, a third,
      followed them, saying with a
      loud voice,

      "If anyone worships the beast
      and its image and receives a
      mark on his forehead or on his

      ...that indicates some important details.

      The mark is placed on the forehead or on the hand. Keep in mind that in classical thinking the *hand* includes anything from the elbow down! Inoculations are not given in the forehead or the hand but if *hand* is understood in a classical sense then that portion of the definition fits. RF implants are made in the hand but not, so far, in the forehead or scalp. At least not that I know of. Obviously the mark will be made in these places -- Scripture tells us so.

      The mark strikes me as being very much like the Tefillin. It is basically a Mezuzah that one may wear. Both of which are worthy of study -- a topic I will leave for your personal exploration for the moment.

      The AC is the "instead-of Christ" and its mark is the "instead-of mark" (reference Ezekiel) -- maybe even understood as an "instead-of Tefillin". Either way the angel of the LORD says that those who,

      1. Worships the beast
      2. Worships its image
      3. And receives a [the] mark
      4. "...will also drink the wine of God's wrath"

      So far I see three (3) conditions for going beyond the beyond in this regard with perhaps the greatest of them *WORSHIP* of the beast. Does that mean that a Tribulation Saint can receive the mark and not worship the beast?

      I believe the mark is likely a molecular bio-genetic machine that brings about a physical (DNA) change in the individual -- that they would be remade in the image of the beast. I see a high likelihood that this marker will involve two-way communication and control by an expression of AI. (A hive mind perhaps?)

      Yes, the way I describe this it sounds much like Borg assimilation of Star Trek. It may well be.

      Are modern day human implanted RF devices the mark of the beast? No. They are a shadow of it and conditioning that mankind may more readily accept the mark once it comes to pass.

      Will we be here to see the mark of the beast? No, I do not believe so.

      At best we will be gone before the coming of the two witnesses. This is my primary belief and conviction. At least, IMHO, we will leave no later than their departure. Either way we will not see the beast with our own eyes as living humans in this body of flesh. We will know it dressed in our glorified form from heaven in the presence of our LORD.

      I hope that helps.


    3. If this chip had a mind control function, they wouldn't bother killing people resisting it. They'd just knock you out, put it in and send you to recovery while it does it's job remodeling your brain.

      The 'mark of the beast' has to be something more than a chip. I think it's related to either beliefs (forehead) or your works (hand). I think this because the seal of God is always on the head (Faith/Beliefs, not works).

      The powers that be will feel that in order to save civilization, everyone must believe in and follow a certain set of guidelines, and if you don't follow them, then you will be executed for 'disturbing order' or 'being a traitor' or some similar crime. Will an ID chip or permanent tattoo be a part of this system? That is a distinct probability. But it might also be other forms of biometrics like fingerprints, eye scans, etc... Or even just user names/passwords/two or more factor authenticates.

      A simple chip is just not secure enough to serve as full identity. Security experts have been trying to figure out for decades now how to keep ahead of hackers figuring out how to impersonate others, and look at how much they fail... Imagine walking around knowing that anyone who could overpower you, trick you, or scan you would be able to impersonate you completely?

    4. Kris,

      You picked up on a vague point of my comments and you're right. Absolute mind control is not what I had in mind or what I meant, rather control via duress, fear or social conditioning and I wouldn't characterize it as a chip so much as involving something akin to Cas9/CRISPR technology. It could include a physical transceiver but I digress...

      Network Interface Cards (NIC) in modern computing use Media Access Control (MAC) addresses in hexadecimal to define an individual host. Each MAC address is made-up of a manufacturer address and a host address. Could an addressing system be made for humans as well? That's what they're working on isn't it? Yes, you would need to verify that the host is living and has not been bodily hijacked for their identity.

      Again, I digress...

      As you say, experts have been trying to figure it out for decades. But then again, AI wasn't a part of the equation.

      It will be.

    5. Hi Nan,You are correct in thinking the mark will not be during our time on Earth.
      I think there is a good augment for the mark of the beast not being implemented until after the antichrist commits the Abomination of Desolation in the template at the 3 1/2 year point of the tribulation.  

      The mark will not be implemented as some secret thing that people are unknowingly or tricked into given. The mark will be all about openly pledging allegiance to the antichrist; it will be a "spiritual" thing, a denying of God and identifying oneself with the Beast, possibly identifying with his fatal wound. Revelation 13:3-4 In fact, there will be the supernatural event of an angel flying in midair declaring a warning to the whole earth in a loud voice. Revelation 14:9-11

      Here's a terrific video from Chuck Missler on the subject, just 11 min: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TanqWOc6mbQ

      God Bless

    6. Could definitely be a mac address. Mac address are made up of six groups of hexadecimal numbers. Fits the biblical mark quite well.

  17. At https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/147060/iranian-official-calls-to-deliberately-spread-coronavirus-to-bring-messiah "Iranian Official Calls to Deliberately Spread Coronavirus Worldwide to Bring Messiah":

    "Iranian Official Calls to Deliberately Spread Coronavirus Worldwide to Bring Messiah

    Ali Reza Banahyan (also spelled Alireza Panahian), a Hojatoleslam (Shia cleric) and head of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s ‘think tank for universities’, was recently quoted in Shafaq News as saying that the coronavirus pandemic is a prelude to the emergence of the expected Mahdi (Muslim Messiah).

    Banahyan called on the Iranian people to actively spread the virus, “because it will accelerate the emergence of al- Mahdi.”

    He added, “According to Shiite accounts, before the emergence of Imam Mahdi, the world suffers from widespread fears and many economic problems and deaths, and people will need a religious government led by Imam Mahdi.”"

    Very dangerous when IS and Al-Quæda terrorist, or refugees from the Middle-East become infected by this virus and start deliberately spreading this virus, maintaining this pandemic.

  18. Be Still - The Fray
    I don't know the group or any of their other works, just the one - but, it's a good one!

  19. It would be smart of Lucifer to get all the planes out of the sky and ground transportation to a halt, limit groups, and keep people confined in their homes. If the rapture occurs on First Fruits Sunday April 5, then collatoral damage would be limited. And with people in their homes, the narrative could be that those people were infected and put in FEMA camps. I'm getting excited.
    Question, are ohers feeling in the Spirit not to share this info on social media? Everytme I want to share something along these lines, trying to give hope, I feel the Spirit saying no

    1. Do you have a source for 4/5 being First-Fruits? The date I'm seeing is 4/12.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. WOW Owlhead!!! Never thought about that how God would be careful to not put others in danger as planes would fall. It's a possibility I never thought of.

    4. He didn't say God... he said the other... and it would make sense to isolate everyone so they wouldn't see the Rapture themselves... they'll easily believe whatever theory is put out to explain everyone vanishing...

      But this supposes that the enemy knows the date... kind of a terrifying thought...

    5. Yes Gary, it looks like you're right. When I was looking into Passover 2020 I kept seeing the 3rd. Odd. But it's the 8th. First Fruits would be the 12h. I'm thinking of going through the Word and seeing how many times Jesus calls us First Fruits

    6. Kris and Owlhead yes it makes sense : they would tell them what they want to people.

  20. Thank you so much K. Steven and PR you have both helped me.

  21. So I have a series of questions id like to ask and I'm genuinely asking because I don't know...

    1. What happens to those left behind even the people that call themselves Christian and accepted Christ but weren't taken in the rapture? Will they not have a chance to ever enter the kingdom of God during those trying times of the AC?

    2.What will happen after the trumpet blasts will life go back to what many believe is normal or will life come to a halt like it is now?

    3. Why an April 4th rapture why do you believe it so? I thought we aren't supposed to date set?

    4. What if you have repented and are seeking God through this time and are hoping he takes you but the spirit of fear has grappled you with lies. I am personally dealing with that i can't find joy and I'm praying against the spirit of fear. I'm terrified my husband and I won't be raptured even though we have confessed with our mouths and believe in our hearts Jesus died and is our Savior. Thing is I can't seem to feel peace or God. I'm rebuking left and right thoughts and things that aren't of God. I look back at who I was in the past and it makes me feel so unworthy. To say I was a scumbag is an understatement I was terrible and than some. Now that I have submitted to Christ I pray he looksnupon me with mercy. That when the time comes I'll be with him. I'm truly sorry for the things i have done and said but yet I feel no emotion. I can't feel his presence but let anyone talk about rapture or his coming and my heart almost stops because I'm truly terrified that I won't go.

    1. Unknown, if you believe Romans 10:9.10 you are saved. There's no doubt to have! God already forgave you through His son Jesus Christ who died for all. Don't let the devil steal you this joy. Read 1 John, not John, 1 John and let the love of God fill your heart by reading it! :)

    2. As far as I understand it... If you believed the Gospel and received the Holy Spirit, you will be with Him when He comes. If you are still alive on that day, you will be transformed. If you fell asleep or died, you will be raised from the dead in the same transformed state.

      How much belief is needed? Just enough to let Him in. Even just opening the door. As small as a mustard seed. He can take care of the rest. I know I still have sin living within me, but I know that once the body is transformed, it will finally follow my desire to obey Him completely.

      I don't know the day or the hour of His return. I just feel it's very soon based on what I see going on around us. I'm trying to be ready while still going about daily life. I watch, I observe, and I weigh the information I hear. Some of the days people have suggested I feel great antipation towards, others pass by without me even paying attention... I do feel we will see the day approaching and there's plenty in the New Testament to suggest we'll at least know the season.

      Number 4 to me sounds like you're doing everything right, yet worried it's not enough. To this I would suggest considering the thief on the cross. All he was able to do was offer a confession of belief in Jesus, and he's going to be in paradise. Consider Peter's 3 denials, and yet Jesus forgave him. Consider Paul, who as Saul executed many Christians... You will find no perfect Christians, only forgiven ones, once we get above.

      Release this fear to Him. He loves you both. It's human to be nervous about this, and He understands. Obey what you can, confess what you can't, and wait patiently. That's all I feel He asks of us at the moment. Also remember that we are likely in the 11th hour and less was expected of all of us.

      I hope this brought you some measure of His peace, Unknown....

    3. My dear sister,

      You should consider changing your name to Known2God because that is who you are.

      Known to God.

      Jesus promised that He would lose none of those given Him by the Father. None.

      A new church will be born out of the remains of the (RR) Resurrection/Rapture. I work and pray daily to plant the seeds of that church. We call these believers the Tribulation Saints with the word saints simply meaning, "believers". I am a saint, you are a saint, we are all saints here that have given ourselves to the LORD. If (Romans 10:9-10) fits you to a tee? You have nothing to worry about as far as being taken at the RR.

      Don't let the enemy push you around with false accusations. It's what it does and does the best. Jesus loves sinners like me, you and the rest of us. Emmanuel in the flesh died for you. He died for you.

      Nothing can separate you from His LOVE. Nothing.

      As for the church to come? They will go into the future under the thumb of the enemy. They will suffer and many if not most will die. Yet, they too have promise in heaven.

      13 Then one of the elders
      addressed me, saying, "Who
      are these, clothed in white
      robes, and from where have
      they come?"

      14 I said to him, "Sir, you know."
      And he said to me, "These are the
      ones coming out of the great
      tribulation. They have washed their
      robes and made them white in the
      blood of the Lamb."

      (Revelation 7:13-14 ESV)

      Many of us, myself included, believe WE ARE the elders! We the body of Christ, His church age saints, will go before the those to come out of the great tribulation. Given your testimony and accepting it on faith I would say that includes you, your husband and daughter as elders.

      Those who have washed their robes white will have to wait but their time is coming. The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Revelation) is where you will find these details.

      What will happen after the trumpet blast? Satan and the fallen angels will be cast out of heaven and we will be taken to rule in their place. At that point the full, complete and unrestrained reign of Satan will commence on earth.

      Friday, April 3rd has several unique astronomical signs that are cause for interest as well as it potentially being the 1,987th anniversary of the crucifixion of Christ. To the day. Saturday, April 4th has too many reasons to list here due to the limitations of this space. We can discuss this later if you wish...

      Should you *feel* something because you said, "Yes!" to Jesus?

      No, not necessarily. My, "Yes!" was followed by a period of quiet until God saw fit to visit me with what we call the baptism of the Holy Spirit. YMMV. No matter what, faith in Christ Jesus is NOT about what you have done, are doing or will do...it is all about Jesus. HE ALONE accomplished, accomplishes and will accomplish everything necessary to your walk with Him.

      What are we to do then?

      As a love response to the LORD we should,

      1. Live (Romans 10:9-10) as a DAILY ACTIVITY
      2. Live (John 6:28-29) as a DAILY ACTIVITY
      3. Live (1 Thessalonians 5:12-24) as a DAILY ACTIVITY
      4. Live (Matthew 6:33) as a DAILY ACTIVITY
      5. Live (Matthew 22:36-40) as a DAILY ACTIVITY

      Pray everyday that God teach you how to Love Him above all. Pray God to teach you how to love others and most of all how to love yourself. Be patient. Be kind. Be humble and know that Christ came for the contrite, the broken-hearted.

      Jesus came for you.

      I continue to pray for you daily and hope this helps.

      Blessings, always,


    4. Hint: To feel the presence of the LORD, consistently draw near to Him. Come to Him as often as possible through worship (song), personal and family Bible time (study) but most of all in conversation (PRAYER)!

      In all things seek God in PRAYER! No special words required...just all that is in your heart no matter how good or bad you think it is.

      Hold NOTHING back from Him. Nothing! Give it all up to God. Allow Jesus to take everything that darkens your heart from an open hand not a clenched fist.

      He took the nails for it all -- He can handle it. His nail scared hands prove it.

      He loves you that much. All you have to do is trust in Him. Even if it is with the faith of a mustard seed or a smouldering wick!

      (Psalm 16) gives me strength. It is my oath and statement of faith. Perhaps the LORD will show you one for your very own?




      Beautiful - MercyMe

      Worship well.


      ...If you haven't figured it out by now, know this.

      When you said, "Yes!" to God, His Holy Spirit came to dwell in you.

      You are holy. You are sacred. You are treasured. You are beautiful.

    7. Unknown. I know exactly the terrible feeling that comes with being unable to reconcile how anyone could possibly forgive me for the things I've done. By the Grace of God I was in church one day a few years ago when our Pastor gave a sermon on Jesus forgiveness that brought a flood of tears to my eyes. In that instant, I knew that I was forgiven. It was as if a huge boulder had been lifted off my shoulders. As Pastor Rich said, you are anything but unknown in God's eyes. In Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior there is forgiveness and peace through faith in giving Him the weight of our sins. May God Bless you.

  22. Rapture 2020 is correct!

    Around the Jewish Pentecost (the exact day will stay unknown but is not really important).
    So, 4 months prior to Daniels 70th week, the rapture can be expected (late May/early June 2020).
    The 7-year trib period will begin late sept/early oct 2020.
    At the very end of Daniels 7h week, the 6000 years will be full !!
    No, not couted from creation but counted from man sinned (so after the 30 years of Paradise).
    That means that the last year of the 70th week will be the 6030th year from creation.
    The next year, the 6031th year after creation, will be a Jubilee.
    As a matter of fact, to be the 70th Jubilee.

    Answer: The first year of Jesus' ministry (beginning late Sept/early Oct 27), was a Jubilee.

    Jesus himself proclaimed this Jubilee as we can read in Luke 4

    This 30th Jubilee had to be the first year of the Kingdom ....... if the Jews had accepted Jesus when He reveiled himself as the Messiah after He was babtized in the Jordan river by John the Babtist.

    That moment in time, 4000 years after Paradise, the so called 'end of the fourth day' and as we now know the 1st time Jesus reveiled himself as the Messiah.

    But the Jews rejected Him.

    In Hosea 6 we can read the prophecy about the delay of the Kingdom for 2000 years (2 'days') with the coming '3th day' as the first year of the Kingdom.

    That '3th day', the 70th Jubilee, the first year of the Kingdom, the 6031th year, counted from the moment in time man sinned, thus counted after Paradise is one of the special marker-years (multiples of 37) on God His timeline.

    The first year of the Kingdom = the 6031th year after creation.
    6031 = 163 x 37

    The last year of the Kingdom = the 7030th year after creation.
    7030 = 190 x 37

    The first year of 'our days of Noah', starting from a moment the word went out, represented by The Balfour Declaration, in the fall of 1917, a moment in time 5920 years after creation and happened again to be a special marker-year on God His timeline:
    5920 = 160 x 37

    'Our days of Noah', 120 years in total, interrupted by the 1000-year Kingdom, will expire 10 years after the Kingdom, at the end of a short period when Satan will be let loose for a short time followed by a total judgement with fire and the recreation of the heaven and the earth.

    That is why Jesus said that 'our days of Noah' (110 years) will be cut loose ( shortened = wrong translation !!) from the total of 120 years.

    The reason why?
    Answer: When the 120 years should end in our days, no flesh will survive because the 120 years will end with a total judgement, just like in Noahs days.

    As said, those who belong to our Lord Jesus Christ, those who accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour, born again christians, will be very, very likely to be raptured out of the hour af desception around Pentecost 2020 (late May/early June).

    The birth of the church was at Pentecost 31.

    So the time of the church on earth, the so called churche-age will be 1989 years.

    1989 = 13 x 153.
    153 (9 x 17) is the number of the church in the resurrection.
    17 is the number of the church and 9 stand for 'final'.

    So, in the year 67 on our calendar, 4070 years after creation, the 2nd tempel was destroyd.
    4070 = 110 x37. Again a marker year on God His timeline!

    Right after the destruction of the 2nd temple, the 'Times of the Gentiles' did start.

    The first year of the 'Times of the Gentiles' is the year 4071 after creation.
    4071 = 177 x 23
    Its obvious that these 'times of the Gentiles' came as a judgement.

    The 'Times of the Gentiles' will last up until the end of Daniels 70th week.

    So, until late Sept/early Oct 2027.



    Something interesting I came across online regarding rapture on Pentecost 2020. That post was written in 2017.

    1. Assension day is Rapture day ( The Body of Christ going up ).
      First fruits is resurrection day and ( mat27:52-53 ).
      Sign of Jonah, 40 days of warning.
      Pentecost ( the new offering again, and this time by the two whiteness ) is 10 days later.

    2. I think you are onto something here, related to Hosea 6. But why do you start counting at the first year of Jesus' ministry? Hosea 5:15 says, "I will go and return to my place." So shouldn't you start counting at the ascension of Christ?

    3. I just don't understand what those numbers are about :
      6031 = 163 x 37
      7030 = 190 x 37
      5920 = 160 x 37

      The 160 163 190 and 37
      I'm bad at maths :(

  23. I can't help but wonder if this Covid 19 is a precursor to One World Government. It would be a perfect opportunity to bring in the mark wouldn't it; no more dirty cash spreading germs; eftpos cards getting infected in the machines. Jesus is coming very, very soon.

    1. Definitely helping to usher in globalism. I would agree for sure.

  24. Guys check this out: the connection between the numbers 621/216/126/612

    6x21=126. Rev 12:6. 1260 days. 126 is 6+6+6. 21/6 is 3.5 years which is 1260 days. 2+16 is 18 which is 6+6+6 and 62+1 is 63 which looks like 6 cubed or 6x6x6 which equals 216. 21+6 is 27 which is 9x3 which looks like an upside down 6, cubed. 2x16 is 32 or 4x8 and 4/8 or Aug 4 is the 216th day of the year. 6x12 is 72 which is the reverse of 27.

    1. 21/6 is 777/6 where we see two triplets of numbers, 777 and 776. 2016 was the Hebrew years 5776 and 5777

    2. 62+1=63 which is the reverse of 36. add up all the numbers from 1-36 and you get 666. 3x6 is 18 which is 6+6+6 or 12+6 and 666 has power for 1260 days. GOD IS GREAT!

    3. the mark of the beast...we are carbon based lifeform. carbon is the glue together with H2O. Atomic number of carbon is 6. Break carbon down = 6 electrons - 6 neutrons - 6 protons = 666 the number of a man and the beast. The CHIP is out. https://www.mintpressnews.com/wisconsin-rfid-microchips/247992/

    4. Saturn is the 6th planet and it has a hexagon on its north pole (6 sides). Saturn-day is the 6th day. Saturn or Kronos was the Titan overthrown by his son Jupiter (5th planet) which planet was birthed on 9/23/17.

  25. the mark of the beast...we are carbon based lifeform. carbon is the glue together with H2O. Atomic number of carbon is 6. Break carbon down = 6 electrons - 6 neutrons - 6 protons = 666 the number of a man and the beast. The CHIP is out. https://www.mintpressnews.com/wisconsin-rfid-microchips/247992/

  26. Gary, what was the sign in 2017 in the heavens that you reference? Thanks.

    1. CJC,

      The answer to, "what was the sign of 2017" goes to the core of this entire website.

      Find one such article here,

      The Ultimate Sign

      Happy hunting!

  27. 9/23/17....THE Sign. I can tell you that this is VERY real on a spiritual level.

  28. Gary, thank you and yes I am a pastor. I just finished a series called "The signs of the times" and finished with the the pretrib rapture in the Old & New Testaments.

  29. Gary, I noticed your input in a Washington Post article. Perhaps they misrepresented you. It is an understatement to say that it is a huge, crying shame that it was denied that coronavirus is a prophetic sign. It most certainly is, and the big picture of signs that connect with it prove it. For example, I have known with certainty since last May that the penultimate date in the Lord's trail of signs would be March 11th, and this was the day WHO officially announced coronavirus is a pandemic, and it was the day of Trump's prophetic 11 minute address that ended right as the clock ticked 9:11 pm. 3/11 was 222 months since 9/11 (when Flight 11, with a crew of 11, crashed into the Twin Towers that look like a giant 11, in the 11th state, in order to communicate the 11th hour, a phrase Jesus coined), and it began an 88 day countdown to the day (which is knowable, and is now known, with certainty). This paragraph does not remotely do justice to the full explanation for what God did for March 11th, or what is going on with His big picture of signs. Neither does this scratch the surface for how coronavirus is prophetic.

    3/11, was also the day of a Philadelphia Eagles Rapture sign, which was appropriate because the Lord used the Philadelphia Eagles on 3/11 2019 as one of many ways to reveal 3/11 2020.

    The Lord has also used the Philadelphia Eagles to juxtapose with the American evangelical church, that he wants to vomit our of his mouth. For example, the Lord is also using signs in Dallas, because according to media, Dallas is known as the capital of evangelicalism. He is using signs in Dallas, such as the 11 story Leaning Tower of Dallas sign, (9 = judgment, Gen ch 9)and the 9 tornadoes in Dallas after 9 pm, that destroyed an evangelical church on 9th street, exactly 9 months after the blood moon centered over America, which was immediately followed by the JV conjunction that symbolizes the Rapture. The 9 tornadoes occurred during a prophetic nationally televised Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles game in Dallas. The other Dallas Philadelphia game demonstrated that most evangelicals will be left behind, through its 9 to 17 score (9 x 17 = 153, which was one of three prophetic games this year involving Philadelphia with a score of 9 to 17), and through the national sports media story regarding how the losing Cowboys (who missed the next round/playoffs because of this game) were stranded at Lincoln Field for hours and didn't fly until midnight because there plane was broken, and pilots could not be found for a replacement plane. This was a major, clear left behind sign (for more reasons than explained here), directed at evangelicals.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Other signs include the Dallas Stars, and the Bush hole-in-one on the par 3 on the 12th hole in Trinity Golf Course in Dallas on the day of the Laodicea, Turkey earthquake, which was 110 (Joshua, earthquake judgment) days after the Anchorage (anchor = Jesus Hebrews 6:19), AK 7.0, in which the only building that burned was church, after its roof caught fire due to a downed power line. This was one of a number of church roof fires that hint at the tongues of fire in the upper room on Pentecost. It is one of countless proofs that the End Times judgment begins on Pentecost, and that judgment begins with the church, specifically, the American evangelical church. For its Nicolaitan deeds and doctrine, which Jesus said he hates. The Lord has used 5 men named Nick (including Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles) to demonstrate that this Nicolaitan deeds and doctrine belongs to the American evangelical church, and is rooted in Dallas, the capital of evangelicalism and the Calvinist school.

      This is a quote from the Washington Post article:

      Gary Ray, a writer for the prophecy website Unsealed, agreed: He and his fellow evangelical End-Times writers are focused on what is happening with holy sites in Israel, not disease. “The key focus that we have in our minds is Israel. That’s God’s prophetic clock. As things progress in that country, we get closer to when the rapture of the church will occur, and then the tribulation,” he said.

      I hope they misrepresented you. And I apologize if they did. But not only did your input in the article deny God's biggest and most important sign to date, but it denied God's countless, extremely important signs, that do not regard Israel. Your comments denied His big picture of signs. Which is a true shame. I think I now know why you there is a lack of interest or seriousness paid to His signs in general, and an unawareness that He is teaching us things through His signs, among many Calvinist/Free Grace watchers. It seems it is because these do not regard Israel. Which may be the result of not taking repentance seriously enough in Calvinism/ Free Grace. Perhaps this would be why judgment warning signs among Calvinist/Free Grace watchers are mostly not noticed, or not taken as seriously.

      Anyway, this last comment is likely an exaggeration, as it is tough to explain the Calvinist/Free Grace mindset, because it is full of contradictions and confusion, and unnecessary punts to mystery. It would be nice if I didn't need to make a bold prediction to finally get people's attention, but when the barge goes over Niagara Falls on March 24th, and the last trump sign, which is Trump's death from a heart attack, occurs on March 31st, it will prove this big picture of signs being explained on my channel, clearlywrittendotnet. The conclusions for these signs on these dates are inextricably tied to the conclusions regarding the date of the day, and the judgment on the American evangelical church sign in this comment. I pray that when this happens there will be humility, and the knowledge of how this was known ahead of time will be put forth.

      I realize this comment is controversial, but I don't think it would be good if it were deleted.

      Did Augustine Corrupt The Church With Gnostic Doctrine? Beyond Augustine Documentary - Jesse Morrell

      What the Early Christians Believed About Salvation (quotes from the Ante Nicene Fathers)

      What the Early Christians Believed About Eternal Security (quotes from the Ante Nicene Fathers)

    3. I hope it can be said you have the Spirit of God, because you are not walking according to Him. You've had one failed prediction after another, up to and including the barge and Trump heart attack. I've seen you set virtual "Thus saith the LORD" type dates since early 2018. You're not adding anything we don't already know about signs and you're not adding value to this conversation.

      Ultimately, you're preaching a false gospel and even the links above are extremely choosy about what and how they apply quotes from the early Church.

      Either way, this isn't a good place for you to fellowship until you can agree to trust in Christ apart from your filthy rags, so be gone.

      And for the record, not sure how you seemingly missed a whole paragraph from the WaPo article:

      "Ray, who lives near Dallas, pointed out that there have been many pandemics in world history, and none of them have been a token of an approaching apocalypse. *********But this one might be different, he acknowledged — because of an astrological event in 2017 that Ray read as fulfilling a prophecy in Revelation.********* 'Jesus said there would be pestilences and great signs in the heavens. And sure enough, both of those things are happening together.' "

      Also, to add to the record again: I clearly articulated the good news, which was not recorded in the article - something I've never once heard you do, because your faith is in yourself. Sinking sand.

    4. Great response, Gary. These unprecedented and stressful times are bound to bring such people forward. There are many who are not well sorted, in mind or spirit. We can expect a rapid escalation.


    5. Isn't that the guy who predicted that the President would die of a heart attack on March 11th?

      I saw him last night on the news, he looks and sounds good for a zombie.

    6. Gary, thanks for setting things straight.
      On the up side, the increased volume and intensity of the spiel among the prophecy mongers and false prophets is a REAL sure sign of the times!

  30. Amazing times we are living in. Big thanks to Gary and Pastor Rich for engaging watching believers here.

  31. Good morning, all, have you seen the article on breakingisrealnews.com this morning? Sorry, I can't find the process to make this link clickable:


    Interesting. The isolation seems in parallel with the world's voices being silenced. A holy hush indeed, Gary. I like that you included Ps. 46:10. That verse is usually used to encourage believers to be quiet and trust God for the situations in their lives, valid; but the context is war. All of man's efforts to be exalted will be stilled; God alone will be exalted above all.

  32. I read the Ultimate Sign article and must say it's pretty amusing. I think you're quite confused about many things. Haven't you ever read about the miraculous events at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917, witnessed by thousands? Or have you heard about the Frankfurt School, a communist group that devised and carried out plans to undermine the Christian West?

    Our Lady of Revelation part 5: Errors of Russia - Cultural Marxism

    Tim Staples on sola scriptura


    1. Matthew 23:9. 23/9/17 sign = the Child's father is God

    2. Blairagorn ... Fatima has a deep connection to the biblical "high places" and demon manifestation. Beware.


    3. Blairgorn, peace be with you! We love you. Regarding fatima, look at LA Marzulli's findings on fatima, it's very eye-opening and deceptive. That is one of many sources of research on that topic.

      Salvation is by faith alone through Jesus' finished work and sacrifice alone. The Paul told Timothy that there is only 1 mediator of the covenant, Jesus Christ. Mary was only human.

      God bless you.

  33. Gary, you are referenced again on msn.com today:


    Ofc this is an article from the Washington Post on msn, so what should we expect other than an underlying tone of sarcasm and contempt. One's view of the timing of the Rapture affects how end times events are portrayed, so no wonder the differing positions. The secular world doesn't understand this. Gee, most Christians don't. I have no doubt the article cherry picked the information and quotes to include as well--to promote their own agenda. Nevertheless, unbelievers will read this and I pray God will infuse them with a curiosity to search these things out on their own--and that they will find Him at the end of it!

    1. I was grateful that some of the main points I wanted to share were included in the article. Praise God for that. Only thing not included was how I articulated the gospel, but if people Google Unsealed then they'll find it (:

    2. The prophetic tapestry is something you have to research. It requires work and judicious assessment of what's out there. A WaPo reporter doing a story with a handful of random quotes and slapping a misleading headline on it just doesn't cut it in any sense.

    3. Congrats Gary! Thank you too for the link Hmewrdbd!! God is on the move.

  34. 5.7 earthquake in Utah today. Biggest in 28 years. Damaged the main Mormon Salt Lake Temple, including the golden statue of Moroni on top.

    The angel lost his trumpet, no joke.


    1. Quoting, CNN,

      "'I know the last thing we need right now is an earthquake, but here we are, and it sounds like aftershocks are likely,' Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall said on Twitter."

      "At least six aftershocks had been recorded within 20 minutes of the main quake, according to the USGS.

      Generally, in Utah, earthquakes greater than magnitude 5 happen once every 10 years, and quakes greater than magnitude 6 happen once every 50 years, the USGS says."

      Fifteen days ago a tornado ripped through Nashville on the first Super Tuesday -- now a "great" EQ strikes SLC. For those who don't know, "Magna" is Latin for "great". That's almost like, great, great isn't it? Thankfully, I see no report of deaths or injuries.

      I hope it is so.


      Did anyone see God's stellar masterpiece this morning? Jupiter was met by the moon and Mars near Saturn in a pre-dawn conjunction. It was "magna" or great in and of itself. If you missed it there could be a chance to see it tomorrow morning, weather permitting.

      You don't have to be an astronomer to find it. As a matter of fact you can't miss it! Be up before dawn and you'll see it low in the SE sky. (About 0600 Eastern/1000 UTC)

      Again, you are all lifted in my prayers today!

    2. Moroni lost his trumpet? That's hilarious. Reminds me of how Baal lost his hands and head when God was in his "house".

    3. Saw that on the earthquake feed I look at daily. Zoomed in to see if they had been doing oil pumping or something... Was about 80 aftershocks when I looked? Some of them in the high 4's even

    4. I guess it's an area they mine in. And yeah, the statue lost his whole arm and the trumpet... That took some precision shaking for sure...

    5. I love my wife so much. She speaks so clearly sometimes of the Spirit obvious things that I miss.

      The epicentre of the main EQ on 3/18/20 in Utah was Magna. "Magna" is Latin for "Great" like in M.A.G.A.?


      How powerful was that EQ that struck in the Caribbean an hour after the "Vision" was released on 1/28/20? An EQ so powerful it was felt as far as Mar-a-Lago and was upgraded in strength by the USGS over original estimates?

      It was MAGNI-tude 7.7!


      Now the trumpet is removed from the hand of the messenger (angel) from a top the Mormon Temple?


      We've used this type of terminology here before. A stretch?

      What should we expect for wilfully dividing God's land?

      Earthquakes? Economic ruin? Fear? Pestilence? Tornados?

      Can we be casual about what is happening in Israel right now?

      It's as if G-D Himself is throwing on the brakes.

      It's time to be still. Be still, indeed.

  35. I can't wait to tell my mom that! Her mom escaped Mormonism and converted to christianity. So my mom was raised Christian. But still has relatives who are mormon. They bother her, send her letters, try to get all the family together to be "sealed." Its WEIRD! She knows the truth and the dark side of that cult. I'm so glad Moroni fell!

    1. I just want to clarify . I'm not glad if people got hurt. I just am glad Moroni was damaged.

    2. I told my mom about the earthquake. She said "what in the world is going on?"
      I said, "mom, isn't it obvious?! The gods of this world are being silenced. Preparing for the one True God"

      She thought I was having some sort of prophetic moment . I couldn't take credit for that. I told her about this website.

      But wow. It certainly seems true though doesn't?! The gods of this world are being silenced! What good insight! Thank you for sharing it.

      I can't wait to bow before my king Jesus. I'm so ready!

  36. God Bless all of you and God Bless this site. Rarely do I comment.... But for a while I thought about something President Trump had said in the past that caught everyone by surprise. And nobody knew what he meant.

    We know God is in control and to put your absolute trust in Jesus for he is our Savior. We have been given a window since Trump/Pence have taken office... but it feels like that window is starting to close.. in short order. This is by all intensive purposes a silent revolution or at least a dry run.

    Does anyone remember a few years back when President Trump had all the military leaders together in the White House and stated " This is the calm before the storm" and someone asked him what he meant and he stated, " you'll find out!"

    I don't know if this is the storm with martial law about to go into effect ( possibly ) but I do know that I put my trust in Jesus and God uses all things for good.

    I pray everyday for his return and will occupy till he does

  37. There are some great Catholic Christian websites with good answers to every criticism; it just takes a will to research

    1. Actually we reject Roman Catholic heresy as we are led by the Holy Spirit of the Living God Through His Spirit And Son And Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ. May Our Lord's Grace become clear and attractive to you that you, also, abandon your path to hell and damnation and repent. Maranatha!

    2. It's my understanding that many catholics meet the basic tenets of the Christian faith. That is, they Believe in God, that Jesus is the son of God who came to earth legally as a baby, lived a perfect sinless life, and died on the cross as a one time payment for our sins. Knowing that they are sinners in need of a savior and accepting Christ's death for their sins makes them Christian.
      While many still adhere to praying to Mary and Saints and making confession to a priest and other such nonsense, still the basics are there. I used to have a book by Tim LeHaye (co-author of the Left Behind series), who was a harsh critic of catholicism as a whole. While he had no regard for the pope and Rome, but even he acknowledged that some catholics were saved.
      I'm not defending the catholic religion, just making a point about salvation and not throwing out the baby with the bath water.
      * * * * *
      I can understand how folks who have been raised catholic or mormon or jehovah's witness, or among another cult, can find it difficult to break away. What they believe is real to them, but it is not real truth. Not God's truth.
      My having compassion and trying to understand this has been a long time coming - still working on it and praying for those such as Blairagorn above that they will find the truth.
      They may already be saved, but they'll have a real rather than a false understanding of God and able to develop a deeper relationship with Him by doing so.
      Proverbs 15: 1

    3. Blairagorn, respectfully friend, I believe there are some true Christians within the RCC, but overall that denomination is presenting a very false gospel (See http://www.unsealed.org/2015/04/the-gospel.html, https://www.unsealed.org/2019/01/the-law.html, and https://www.unsealed.org/2019/09/the-whore-and-beast-two-lanes-one-road.html).

      The Catholic Church of 2020 is nothing like the one of 300 AD. Especially after the Counter-Reformation.

    4. Jesus said His church would be like a tree... Every tree I've ever seen has forks and branches going off in all kinds of random directions from a central chunk, which often splits and forks as well. All you need for salvation is to be connected to the right tree, so even amongst the 'cults' and far off branches, there are those who satisfy the requirement. Let's not cut them off out of hand. Let the gardener decide what will get pruned off in the end, you know?

    5. Yeah, the salvation of cult members is an area I feel like I've grown in understanding of. I think God's grace may be bigger than we think. Like with Mormons. Clearly they're a cult with a dangerously wrong view of who God is. But if a person says Jesus death takes away their sins...does that person need to have a full understanding of the complete character of God to have saving faith? I, a strong Christan, can't claim to have a perfect and full understanding of the nature of God, yet I believe Jesus death is enough for me. Mormons have lots of works, but those works, they don't think "add to" salvation, they think it adds to their rewards, same as we do (again, I'd say they have a mistaken view of what those regards are). I'd never promote the Mormon church, but I've come to think that,just as Jesus told the Samaritans that "you don't know who you worship", but he still visited them and talked with them, I think the Mormons "don't know who they worship", but some can still be found among the saved.

      It just comes down to an individual's heart and God's judgement, regardless of our opinion, of course. This is one think I'm excited to learn clarity about after I die (or am raptured!)

    6. Hi Sherill777, the problem is that mormons do not believe that Jesus the Son of God came in the flesh. They and jehovah's witnesses believe in another Jesus - whether an ascended god who originated as a being from another planet, satan's brother (i.e. a created being) etc - these are false jesuses who cannot save.

      The Jesus who is God and saved us is God Himself. He must be. Because the atoning sacrifice had to be perfect to pay for all the sins of mankind. If He erred and sinned once, our salvation is not complete. But because He is God, He was perfect to fulfill all the law and all the prophets. This is why mormons and jws are not saved. Because they do not actually believe in the right Jesus. They believe in forgeries who cannot save them. God bless you.

    7. Steve, oh, I agree. Their view of God is down right sad. He isn't eternal, sovereign, sole Creator, all-powerful, and probably lacking other characteristics. And of course, they don't believe He is a Trinity. But is the belief is any of that required in order to be saved? Did the Old Testament saints understand God was a Trinity? I guess I think faith Trump's knowledge in what I perceive as God's requirements. Obviously faith in lies (as in worship of false God's) is worthless, but where is the line between the true God and a false god when none of us know the full truth of God (as we will some day know Him).

      It's an interesting thing to think about, no? I'm comfortable thinking God's grace covers the 'sin of reducing God to much smaller than His true nature is', but it's totally fine if you or anyone else disagree and think Mormons have crossed the line into idol worship. Neither of us get the final word on this issue :-)

      But I'll continue to tell any Mormon missionary the truth about Jesus (and have them never come back)

  38. ok, so I rarely post or comment, mostly because I am not as strong in the Spirit as many of the great writer here at Unsealed. I read this site daily, and take all information into account on my daily observances. I ask that people who read what I say PLEASE REBUKE me where I falter in wisdom. That is the call of the Church, to rebuke in compassion so as not to lead brothers astray.

    This is something I have been mulling over the last few days, and It should only be considered along with scripture and clear prophesy.

    I dont know how many people on here have been reading or hearing about the theories coming from the QAnon community. Most of these people are Christian brothers looking to the times and the signs, but with supposed deep government knowledge that was (until recently) being suppressed by the media.
    The leading theories on the current situation are along the lines of:

    1. The Trump administration is working a massive covert military operation to root out and destroy the Deep State/ Cabal. The Deep State being the corrupt puppet masters who have been manipulating much of human history and events.
    2. The COVID19 quarentines and lock downs are cover for keeping innocent people out of harms way while the military conducts massive arrests of major players (politicians, world leaders, celebrities, company heads, etc) basically all of the power players keeping the current world order.

    3. The shutdowns and arrests will trigger a complete economic and political reset, returning the financial sector to gold backed currency, erasing debt, putting the people back in charge of the Republic, and ending many of the global conflicts that were only being stoked by dark hands to create confusion and division among the populations.

    To relate to these theories, the President has been making references to "the coming storm" (being this military operation), the celebrities accused of many atrocities (pedophilia, human trafficking and sacrifice, adremochrome use (Genesis 9:4)) have "contracted the virus" and been "quarantined" (arrested). Some 60 plus CEOs of major companies across the globe have resigned in the last 2 months. The algorithms for Google, Facebook, and Twitter have all been reset in the last week to remove censorship like never before. Everything mentioned by the Q community is now easily searchable (including the dangers of vaccines so heavily promoted by The Gates Foundation {Gates stepped down recently too?})
    Many predictions by QAnon have come to fruition and the President seems rather calm through all of this. He has made references to this all being done by early April (meaning estimated mission accomplished).

    Now I cant say that any of this is true, and I dont want to stoke flames where only sparks exist, but thinking on all of the dates and events being pondered and discussed on here:

    What if,
    1. The "Storm" passes successful.
    2. Deep State/ Cabal is EXPOSED and removed from power, leaving out corrupt politicians out of the picture, celebrities, athletes, and other "gods of the earth" are removed from the alters of the people. (WHAT IS DONE IN THE DARK WILL BE BROUGHT TO LIGHT).
    3. Global conflicts subside and "true peace" comes to the planet like never before.

    People will be declaring "peace and security", there will be a great celebration.
    The current time being a shadow of the "silence" in Heaven.
    The BOOM!!! The church is removed..

    Massive vacuum in government, all "conceivable" evil players taken off the field pre-rapture. The perfect place for the AC to step in and say "I have a plan, and you can trust me because your enemies have been exposed and I am not among them".

    If all goes as Trump suggests, all will be done sometime in April...

    PLEASE REBUKE but give your thoughts. Gary, PR, looking at you guys.

    God Bless, and love to everyone on this site.

    1. K.Steven,

      My thoughts, not a rebuke...

      As you know, Biblical prophecy is provided as God's play book. We are given to faithfully trust in all He has promised. That we don't have all the answers is definition as to why He is God and we are not. Anything or anyone who seeks to exult human ambition(s), ideal(s) or moral law(s) is not only steeped in futility at best but is blinded by Satan.

      Should we be looking to a human government to root out darkness? That my friend is an oxymoron.

      There is but One King.

      Christ alone casts out darkness and it is upon His government that light prevails -- whether it is in the heart of the believer, the heart of the congregation or the heart of the Church. There is no Plan-B to fix the world. Christ will rule until Satan is cast down forever upon which time God will create all things new.

      Christ Himself will deal with Satan once for eternity and make things new. A new heaven and a new earth. God will dwell with man and man with God in the garden of that new creation.

      Genesis once again.


      Would you prefer to build your house upon what some secret (gnostic) society says or upon the freely available, open and accessible Word of God? I can see your heart seeks the LORD.

      God scatters the proud and gathers the humble. Any gospel that preaches anything short of the Kingdom of Christ and the eternal dominion of our Father the LORD God Almighty is a lie destined for the lake of fire.

      Hold fast to every word that comes from the lips of our Father through His Word and the Holy Spirit. Hold fast and prepare for the earthly reign of our Saviour and King. No earthly ruler will ever bring true peace to this place.


    2. Pastor Rich and Zeal Life,

      I thank you for your responses. I in no way mean to say that man will create genuine peace on earth or bring anything close to the Kingdom of Christ, and perhaps I misspoke. My quotation marks were intended with a pinch of sarcasm, or rather "false perceptions". Again, everything I stated is just my mind swimming through the muck, and I read everything not of scripture with a heavy dose of salt. But I also know that God does many works THROUGH those who are willing to listen and obey.

      While none can do as Christ (did) will do, I find it plausible that a major event orchestrated through men (guided by the hand of present and living God) is needed to bring about a false sense of peace and security around the globe.

      Obviously the AC is already a player on the field who has just yet to be revealed, but again a catalyst pushes him into a place of power.
      I was curious about your opinions on the subject purely because of the timing of events with everything God is showing to the Watching World. I know God is in complete control, and all will go as it is intended by Him. Just curious if anyone else had included any of this in their puzzle of events.

      My eyes are on the sky, with my ear to the ground, and my heart in the Word.

      Thank you again for your thoughts.

    3. I kind of follow what Paul said... Study everything, hold fast to what is good... There are things in what you say qanon posted that make a certain kind of sense... If that was truly what was going on...

      Looking at the prophecies of Daniel, I do notice that it says in the days of the clay and iron toes, a stone would fall on them that would grow and fill the whole world. So it is not farfetched to me that we would see a manifestation of God's kingdom appear in the governments of the world and slowly usurp the rest... but the sense is this will not fully happen until the Second coming of Christ... with the church being a shadow of that...

    4. "Obviously the AC is already a player on the field who has just yet to be revealed, but again a catalyst pushes him into a place of power."

      True, and that catalyst that pushes Satan into power is the ejection of all the rebellious fallen from heaven. That wartime event as led by Michael is coupled with our departure, the restrainer removed from earth, and the Church taking their place as kings and priests.

      Satan has been pulling the strings from behind the scenes while going to and fro and up and down the earth from the beginning. He will continue to do so until he is bound and locked away. Even after serving his time in darkness it will rise to lead carnal mankind against the holy city.

      I think the fear we see today as the pre-cursor to our going home. Fear on the micro and macro level is driving events such that it's reminiscent of Gideon and the 300,

      22 When they blew the 300
      trumpets, the LORD set every
      man's sword against his
      comrade and against all the
      army. And the army fled as
      far as Beth-shittah toward
      Zererah, as far as the border
      of Abel-meholah, by Tabbath.

      (Judges 7:22 ESV)

      This is the terror that was unleashed on Israel's enemies the Midianites by God. Gideon was the catalyst but the power was all God.

      Should we expect that of the Trump administration? I don't think so. God by His own hand is humbling society. Just as God humbled the Midianites He shall humble this generation. Those who dwell in the earth will be shut-in just as those who God calls His own.

      Seven days Noah was shut-in the ark before the fountains of the deep burst forth and the windows of heaven thrown open...and perhaps, just perhaps, so shall we.

      God needs no man to accomplish these things.

    5. K. Steven, Blessings. A riposte, if you will. The truths buried within what you ask will shatter world views of most, here, from scanning the responses, and do so, shortly. Apart from following lines you refer to, for several years now, along several sources, I have recently been Shown, I feel, the TYPE identifying the White Hats v Black Hats meme underlying the Q you ask. Highlighted in the recent RevelationChapter12DOTcom YTC video, Exodus 2020, Bit of a bunny trail but there was civil unrest among the Egyptians from Moses work there, if you will, with significant Egyptian v Egyptian bloodshed as the 'World' (Egypt) wrestled with the reality of God's Judgments COMING AND KNOWN. Fascinating when applied as a 'nothing new under the sun' TYPE of OUR imminent Rescue, and etails such as you are asking about so entangled therein, foretold by this SPECIFIC History lesson, writ large (Exodus & ala 2020). That said, personally sorting this out it seems that The Enemy team wears both Black and White hats and the shell game about to commence is to fool those remaining to follow the ones then claiming to be 'riding the white horse' to the rescue and the reversal of ancient evils, is one very possible agenda. Ofc, it could also be complete subterfuge or honest, spiritually blind efforts. Another gear which fits SO WELL to help explain locking us all away, and which sounds/feels MUCH better for AWOKE FOLK than cv-malarkey, so works to keep us pacified longer. Same end result: Everyone is sequestered when a few hundred million disappear. Then, ofc, we have a census to quickly see who is left...IMHO, Maranatha!

    6. ...od course, the next Q to answer will be, did all 200,000 of those CEOs, Govt folks, Stars and such actually get executed, or spirited away to DUMBS to avoid what cometh? In the mean time, one might ask, why did Tom Hanks and Madonna both make it known that their recent writings were each done on old CORONA typewriters, as pictured? Tom Hanks' release being at 17:17 hours on 3/17? Which is the 17 letter? Nothing to see here, folks, stay calm, please keep moving...

  39. Good Day Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
    Just some ramblings, as I feel the need to fellowship with the watchman.
    First thanks to the brother (can't remember who it was) that posted Psalms 91. I have been reading it almost daily, and it is a true comfort to me. "He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust." He is Chris' refuge and Chris' fortress: Chris' God; in him will Chris trust. My relationship with Him has grown so much during the last month, I am so glad He will never leave me or foresake me.
    Had a thought last night, just after I had finished praying to him. A thought, not a vision, not a dream, just a thought of my own mind. I know it's not biblical so don't bash me for it, but wanted to share it. I was thinking what if instead of just being ripped from our beds when the trumpet sounds an angel appears next to us and says in a calm quite voice, Chris it's time to go, gather your family. As you gather your family together, a door appears in front of you, and you step from this world into the next. Man that gave me so much comfort. I guess because I have always imagined being ripped from my bed in the middle of the night while in a deep sleep, and it scaring me so bad that I might have a heart attack and die...LOL. I like the idea better of an angel gently shaking me, ....Chris.....Chris....wake up, it's time.
    I appreciate this site and rev12 daily more than I could ever convey. Not just the articles but all the responses. I check them shortly after I wake up each morning, and am so excited when I see new post. Then can't wait to get home in the evening from work to see what is new. As excited as I am when I come home, I usually wait until later in the evening to read them all. Kind of like a kid anticipating a trip to Disneyland. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait...then the next thing you know it's over. So I save it until just before I go to bed at night.
    God Bless family, always looking up.

    1. That would be awesome Chris...that would be AWESOME!

    2. Chris,
      That is beautiful. I have always thought of it as Eternity existing outside of time. Literally a different PLACE right along side our mortal timeline. So to the people still left in the flesh, the raptured bodies appear to disappear in the blink of an eye, while we are ushered into Eternity with the warm welcome of which you speak.

      We will know soon :)

    3. That is beautiful, Chris. I have never felt that way about the rapture, but it dawns on my now that some of my Christian brothers and sisters might feel that way by the way they talk. I am going to relay your post to them. Blessings to you and yours!

    4. Jesus in scripture says He will send His angels to gather His people...

    5. Chris O, Blessings. That was beautiful, thank you. I know exactly how you feel about interacting with the sites around a daily schedule, a treat to hear someone else with that routine and love of our chase together after Our Lord. In re the shock and awe factor, from all the D&V around and the fact that it is instant (atamos), I think our surprise won't ever have a chance to catch up to us and overwhelm the Peace and Joy Eternal, we IMMEDIATELY embrace and which IMMEDIATELY Embraces Us, Maranatha! A smile will appear where one would expect a gasp.

    6. Thanks to all for the kind words. It's such a joy to have a family to share my thoughts with. I'm so glad that I have Jesus. Rough day at work today, a lot of folks are on edge. I am in a leadership position (Glory to God for that), and I thank God that he keeps a smile on my face, and a kind word in my heart for those around me that are struggling. I pray each day just before leaving for work that the Lord will let his light shine through me in these dark days. I am so thankful for the comfort he provides me that I am able, through Him, to do exactly that. Still looking up!

    7. I love it! We have a God of all comfort . And we are precious to Him . However the rapture happens, it won't be scary. If it's not how you just described , I believe it will still be with just as much love and excitement. Thanks for sharing

    8. But on the other hand, in the blink of an eye we’ll be perfected and whole. Imperfect and human reactions will no longer govern us, so there will be no startling or fear.

      One related aspect I’ve always wondered about is the nature of the resurrection. Will graves be physically broken open, or will bodies pass through all of that in molecular fashion? And among those raptured, will our clothes remain in ordered fashion, empty shirt tails tucked into empty slacks, with various ID’s readily available, marking those who’ve vanished? We certainly won’t need them. These things don’t really matter, but it’s interesting to ponder.


  40. Such sad, dreadful news.

    Even so come Lord Jesus, come.

  41. K. Steven, wow, that makes sense out of what the President has said about the coming storm and I have read that President Trump is attempting to take down the Deep State. The only problem I see might be in your third point that a peace will come upon the world after the Deep State is revealed. The problem is so many people in the US and world are so deceived by satan they think what is good is bad and what is bad is good. Take the demon party (demoncrats) for instance. Obama/Clinton/Pelosie/and on down have done so many treasonous acts against the people of America and the world but most of the people in that party who support them do not see their evil. I have lost communication with my family of origin because I am a Trump supporter and because of the Holy Spirit in me, I realize the evil the demoncrat party is. We cannot assume that when the arrests start happening and esp. when Obama and the Clinton are taken away in handcuffs that half of our country will applaud, no sadly, they will blame President Trump of conspiracy and being prejudice and lots of other horrible things. I too believe that our President is mobilizing forces to do exactly what you described in taking down the Deep State but instead of peace it will bring on the third War on American soil that President Washington warned us about in a vision he had from God. You will have to look that up, it is amazing. After the second civil war has been raging for awhile, I think the church is raptured before the war breaks out, antichrist rises and seems to bring the peace the world is looking for. OF course this is the false peace and we know what happens from there. We are so close to the Rapture, Civil War, Antichrist with False Peace and Tribulation Period.

    1. Rhonda, Blessings. Remember, Dimitri Duduman prophesied that great civil unrest would be occurring when the nukes consume our land. Consider, along the lines of 'when we go UP, they come down,' the mass arrests occur, not as smoothly as hoped, esp as at THIS Time and not 'of Christ' directly. The U.S. Marines, ALL RESERVISTS NOW ACTIVATED & TRAINING FOR CIVIL UNREST and also the ONLY branch which arrests for Treason & Sedition & crimes against Humanity, the charges afoot, go into action, & something gets out, the left v right v urban v rural v whatever gets ugly and Putin gets opportunistic. While cities burn, as also seen by Perry Stone, as I recall, and others, AI Subs which are floating nukes much stronger than those in WWII detonate off LA, NYC & Seattle shores, as seen in D&V. Tsunamis, Nukes, death. Harpazo AT THE SAME INSTANT. As all these devices, publically known to exist, being AI & centrally controlled, likely go off AT THE SAME SECOND. Convenient. Bye.

    2. Meeting Him in the mushroom clouds? It's very true that powerful weapons can transform you from a living person to a scattering of matter very quickly... A twinkling of the eye even...

      But I think Paul would have said something about being dead for an instant at least... instead of 'Shall not taste death...'

    3. Kris, Blessings. No, ofc I don't mean to suggest that choreography. Immediately PRIOR to the blast, but so immediate as to be indistinguishable to the human eye. The Rescued Bride will NOT taste of this AT ALL. Our Lord's Rescue Is Not Lacking ANYTHING, amen!

    4. The scripture paints a picture of it being very sudden, and the way it talks about the world afterwards makes one wonder if they even saw what happened... Or if they even realized it happened... I think I can see several scenarios where this might happen... and yours is one of them.

    5. In terms of anchoring this idea in Scripture, specifically that there is simultaneous execution, if you will, of Harpazo & Judgment, recent teaching vids by Nick VanderLaan, highlighting Ezekiel 21, assist.

      Ezekiel 21 The Lord Has Drawn His Sword:
      3 and say to the land of Israel, Thus says the Lord: Behold, I am against you and will draw my sword from its sheath and will cut off from you BOTH righteous and wicked. 4 Because I will cut off from you BOTH righteous and wicked ...
      11b It is sharpened and polished to be GIVEN INTO THE HAND OF THE SLAYER...
      14 “As for you, son of man, prophesy. Clap your hands and let the sword come down twice, yes, three times*,[e] the sword for those to be slain. It is the sword for the great slaughter, which surrounds them, 15 that their hearts may melt, and many stumble. (*NYC, LA, SEATTLE)

  42. According to George Washington's Prophetic Vision at Valley Forge the third Peril will be WWIII not Civil War. Sorry, for the confusion.

  43. Please help me with my confusion. The Word tells us that right before the rapture, it will be like in the time of Noah; people eating, drinking, marrying, etc., i.e., life as usual. This doesn't seem like that time with this pandemic. Yet, we are told that at the same time, there will be pestilences, earthquakes, wars, rumors of wars, etc. Give me your input about how I can resolve those 2 scenarios that seem to be mutually exclusive. Thanks!

    1. Yes, this is a big ongoing topic of discussion. It revolves almost entirely around Matthew 24. The issue is whether or not Matthew 24 pertains to the rapture. Many scholars believe the rapture is not mentioned in the Olivet Discourse. Personally, I'm unresolved on the issue. Clearly the Second Coming is in view for most of the passage.

    2. The times of Noah were a time of great violence, as well as a population boom and a rise of 'men of great reknown' (aka: celebrities) Among everyone on Earth, only Noah was found to be somewhat decent, and so him and his family were allowed to survive. Clearly his wife, three sons, and their wives would have been wiped out if not for their association with Noah. Kind of a Jesus story, and probably why so many say 'Get on the ark' as their salvation catch phrase.

      Despite all the violence in the world at the time, people still tried to go about having 'normal lives.' The same was probably true in Sodom and Gamorrah, which were full of all kinds of nastiness...

      The same is true in our days... we go from watching tragedies on the news to watching cute animal videos on youtube to 'relax.' At least as a Christian, we can internally say, 'I am putting all that in the Lord's hands.'

    3. Hi Mike,

      I suggest digging into your Bible in a careful study of what was happening in human society up to the flood. It wasn't pretty! Note differences from the human perspective and God's perspective.

      This is a part of our story that most preachers or teachers DON'T get into.

    4. Hey Kris! The Hebrew says Noah was found perfect in his generations. The nephilim were corrupting the human genome through inbreeding and killing all the humans and doing the same to the animals - in order to stop the prophecy of the coming manchild Messiah that God gave to Eve. Noah was still genetically pure! Thought you'd find that interesting. I always appreciate your posts brother Kris.

    5. Mike, Blessings. While it will SOON be that bad, it really isn't that bad, most places in the U.S, anyways, yet. The fact that it WILL be a lot like that, MOST places, shortly, unless it isn't (things turn around), means HARPAZO happens soon-er than that as Scripture Declares!

      BTW, DOW futures are limit-down 1,000 points atm , every other index is crashing, the ASIA market was halted trading, the floor has dropped on Palladium and Platinum and Copper in the last 12 hours and world currency markets showing a run on the dollar not seen since 1985 (see zerohedge article). It is NOT turning around. Tic Toc...

    6. Eventually, everything will boil down to food and shelter... Maslow's hierarchy basically.

      As for Noah's genetic purity, if the things about the Nephilim is right, then at least 4 to 7 potentially unpure people were on the ark... (the women at least, since we don't know how closely related they all were...) Noah would have had to have more kids afterwards to continue said purity and he didn't... ( Reference : https://jbqnew.jewishbible.org/index/books-of-the-bible/genesis/doesnt-noah-children-flood/ )

    7. Hi Mike ;
      It is my opinion that Matt 24 is mostly dealing with the Tribulation and 2nd Coming, not the Rapture. In Matt 24:36 is the only part that deals with Noah and the Rapture. When Jesus talks about one being taken and another won't, that is not the Rapture, but the Sheep and Goats Judgement at the end of the Tribulation.

    8. Hey Kris!

      The thought is that the giants that existed after the flood were due to the genes from Shem Ham and Japeth's wives. I find these to be such interesting thoughts!

      Needless to say, I just can't wait until we get to know all things as we are known, when we will know the full story.

      God bless 😊

    9. Indeed... We won't have to argue or fight over what we think the answers are. And I think we'll be surprised at some of them :-)

  44. The church that Christ Jesus established on earth, on St Peter, the rock, is bigger, greater and more amazing than you know. It's been around for almost two thousand years and mighty rulers and terrible events have not destroyed it; quite the opposite, the authentic Church (with the fullness of Truth) of our Messiah has thrived.

    As for Revelations, another interpretation is that the red dragon represents communism, the beast like a leopard that comes out of the sea represents the occult, paganism, Freemasonry and similar secret societies (like the Bohemian Grove elites). The second beast with two horns (symbolizing a religious character) would be the last anti-christ who falsely claims to be the messiah. He's supposed to be Jewish, reign in Jerusalem, will kill Enoch and Elijah, etc. I've read or heard your ideas (in general) many times before over the last 40 years. May our God bless us all during these difficult times, which do indeed seem like the end times. We Catholics don't expect a rapture but what we call the great apostacy, a great earthquake, and WW3, with a chastisement of fire. I may post at this website again someday.

    The Soviet communists infiltrated the priesthood of the Catholic Church with over a thousand agents starting in the 1930s. These agents created a ton of problems.

    Zachary King exposed the occult connections of many powerful and famous people.

    The Nicene Creed: perhaps you and your church believe the same.
    We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen. We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten not made, one in Being with the Father. Through him all things were made. For us men and for our salvation he came down from heaven: by the power of the Holy Spirit he was born of the Virgin Mary, and became man. For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate; he suffered, died, and was buried. On the third day he rose again in fulfillment of the Scriptures; he ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, and his kingdom will have no end. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father and the Son. With the Father and the Son he is worshiped and glorified. He has spoken through the Prophets. We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church. We acknowledge one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins. We look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.

    1. Blairagorn, Blessings. FWIW, I was raised Roman Catholic and am well versed, even having served as an altar boy at High Latin services on Holy Days. I actually find affection, in my memories, to many aspects of he Roman Catholic Traditions. My vitriol if not at you, per se, but rather the triumphalist spirit indwelling your confusion. In any event, clarifying your misunderstanding re Our Lord's Words to Peter.

      17 Jesus replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by my Father in heaven. 18 And I tell you that you are Peter,[b] and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades[c] will not overcome it.

      Our Lord Uses The Rock Analogy in Peter's name, Here, For Many Reasons, And, Though Knowing The Roman Catholic Heresy Would Arise From His Words, Spoke Truth, the ONLY Truth, nonetheless. The Cross is foolishness to man as spiritual Truths are ONLY spiritually Revealed. However, the "Rock' Our Lord Refers To Is not Peter, It Is His Testimony, The Revelation Of Christ's Messiahship, To Peter, By Our Father, in Heaven. It is THAT Revelation, Picturing The Entire Gentile Church And Age Of Grace, which the gates of Hell will not prevail against. Stop shifting the ball, it's not about Man. It Is About Christ. Maranatha!

    2. I handle some of the Catholic issues in this article:

      The Called Out Ones

    3. Speaking of the Catholic Doctrine:


  45. Jesus is Coming Soon - His Trumpet will blow soon - youtube search - trumpet sounds in the sky.

    The famous Mormon image of the so called Angel Moroni lost his trumpet today from the top of the Salt Lake City LDS temple as a result of an earthquake Wednesday.

  46. Is there any kind of tracker that is maintained her of remaining prophecies to be fulfilled? It seems more signs come every day, and it is hard to remember those that are yet awaited. I thought one such tracker existed but I have been unable to find it.

  47. I recommend a book named " the Babylon Mystery Religion" written about 40 yrs. ago. Its a short paperback read and explains the history of the RCC going back to its origins and its not flattering. The current pope is an angel compared to the popes of the middle ages.

  48. At https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/147213/as-coronavirus-distracts-the-world-israeli-law-makers-move-to-annex-judea-samaria/ "As Coronavirus Distracts the World: Israeli Law-Makers Move to Annex Judea-Samaria".

    A guarantee for major war in the Middle-East!

  49. Thank you Jimboni, what you have said makes sense. I think it all gets very ugly from here. Others have stated the market is indeed getting worse and not better. Financial collapse will be a huge part of what will happen immediately after our rescue. I hate to admit it but I have not heard of the man you mentioned and so I will be looking into that. Blessings to all. Not long now, I hope:)

    1. Rhonda, Blessings. Spelling correction: Dumitru Duduman. Also, confirming, Perry Stone's most recent vid, in the last several days, was his being led to pull an old picture/vision back up concerning his seeing fires & unrest in 5 cities. Popping over to get Dumitru's name, I am reminded by things seen that Rick Joiner also prophesied re civil war as part of the package & entangled with/triggering invasion/attack.

  50. Only — good to Israel [is] God, to the clean of heart. And I — as a little thing, My feet have been turned aside, As nothing, have my steps slipped, For I have been envious of the boastful, The peace of the wicked I see, That there are no bands at their death, And their might [is] firm. In the misery of mortals they are not, And with common men they are not plagued. Therefore hath pride encircled them, Violence covereth them as a dress. Their eye hath come out from fat. The imaginations of the heart transgressed; They do corruptly, And they speak in the wickedness of oppression, From on high they speak. They have set in the heavens their mouth, And their tongue walketh in the earth. Therefore do His people return hither, And waters of fulness are wrung out to them. And they have said, ‘How hath God known? And is there knowledge in the Most High?’ Lo, these [are] the wicked and easy ones of the age, They have increased strength. Only — a vain thing! I have purified my heart, And I wash in innocency my hands, And I am plagued all the day, And my reproof [is] every morning. If I have said, ‘I recount thus,’ Lo, a generation of Thy sons I have deceived. And I think to know this, Perverseness it [is] in mine eyes, Till I come in to the sanctuaries of God, I attend to their latter end. Only, in slippery places Thou dost set them, Thou hast caused them to fall to desolations. How have they become a desolation as in a moment, They have been ended — consumed from terrors. As a dream from awakening, O Lord, In awaking, their image Thou despisest. For my heart doth show itself violent, And my reins prick themselves, And I am brutish, and do not know. A beast I have been with Thee. And I [am] continually with Thee, Thou hast laid hold on my right hand. With Thy counsel Thou dost lead me, And after honour dost receive me. Whom have I in the heavens? And with Thee none I have desired in earth. Consumed hath been my flesh and my heart, The rock of my heart and my portion [is] God to the age. For, lo, those far from Thee do perish, Thou hast cut off every one, Who is going a whoring from Thee. And I — nearness of God to me [is] good, I have placed in the Lord Jehovah my refuge, To recount all Thy works!
    Psalms 73:1‭-‬28 YLT1898

    1. This Psalm spoke to me while thinking on all that is happening. Oh what a terrible time to be rich and boastful. And what a wonderful time to be near to God.

  51. Brothers and Sisters,

    I hope today finds you all well, and looking up.
    Something that has been bothering me that I wanted to bring to everyone's attention that post on here in the comments section, especially the regulars, for your consideration. One of the things Gary here and Brad over at rev12daily have said is that one of their prayers is that these two sites will still be here as a witness to those left behind so they can read and understand what happened. I understand that the comments section are not the main focus of this message, but I love comment sections, on media outlets, amazon etc. So I quite often read them to get a feel of peoples thoughts on a subject.
    What I want to point out is a lot of folks here use acronyms in their replies. These acronyms may be easy for us, that understand the bible to get, but for the unsaved and unlearned that may read these replies in the future it could be totally confusing and frustrating. We know what folks are trying to say because we have studied, and are able to figure out what someone is trying to else is trying to convey. As an example part of my job involves computer information technology (IT). If I was trying to explain to you different things about my job, and I used a bunch of acronyms to try to get my point across of how a computer works it probably wouldn't make any sense to you, so you may go elsewhere to find your answers. But for those that already have an understanding it would make perfect sense to them. For example how many folks know what RAID or IoT or ARP or TCP/IP mean? You get the idea, those with the knowledge the "background" would get it.
    Just my thoughts I wanted to share.
    Always looking up!

    1. Random Array of Inexpensive Disks (Basically storing information across multiple hard drives so that if one fails the files can be recovered because two more have copies of them)

      TCP/IP is the transmission control protocol/internet protocol. It's an electronic language computers use to package up information and send to each other. Similar to how mail works with it's addresses and zip codes.

      ARP... Active Routing protocol, I think? Was the protocol that the old internet was originally based upon. Aka - ARPANET

      Not sure on IoT... going from other terms you used though, I would imagine it's an In/Out protocol of some sort? :)

      As for biblical terms, I think the only ones I've seen here are abbreviations for certain days like FoT (Feast of Trumpets) or AoD (Abomination of Desolation)

      A cheat sheet somewhere on the site might suffice? Maybe in the Get Answers section up there?

    2. If an EMP attack occurs, computers won't be of much use. That said, I know there are other sites which have provided information for those left behind: Now the End Begins, Rapture Ready, and Grace Through Faith are a few.
      I've read through the info provided, and while I truly applaud the thoughts and efforts behind them, personally I find them too "technical" for baby Christians or those seeking answers who have not yet accepted Christ.
      It's along the line of using acronyms instead of taking the time to spell things out.
      * * * *
      I would like to see straight forward info provided on SALVATION AFTER THE RAPTURE.

      Salvation for AFTER the Rapture

      True believers and all of the young children have disappeared
      and, seemingly overnight, the world as you knew it is gone! Lies,
      chaos, confusion, and blatant wickedness abound. You’re
      scared, terrified really, and haven’t a clue what to do. We wish
      we could say it gets better - it doesn’t. God is sending a series
      of judgments - 3 sets of 7 each over a period of 7 years
      commencing with an agreement with ISRAEL. Things are going
      to get MUCH, MUCH, WORSE. ¾ of the world’s population is
      going to die. Statistically, that includes YOU. The good news is
      that God wants you saved; He loves you and is giving you one
      last chance to accept Him into your life - which could end at any
      moment. There’s no sugar coating any of this - that time is past.
      God gave LOTS of warnings and you didn’t listen, so PLEASE
      listen now. During the time period you are in NOW, there are
      THREE things you must do to be SAVED for eternity:

      1. Know in your heart and confess to God that you are a
      SINNER in need of saving.

      2. Believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, who lived a
      perfect life and died on the cross as payment for YOUR sins.

      3. Keep the commandments of God. This also requires that
      you do NOT take a mark, especially on your hand or fore-
      head - likely an ID in the form of an RFID chip; anyone who does
      automatically forfeits an eternity with God and is doomed to hell.

      May the Lord guide you and bless you as you rely on and walk
      in obedience to His word throughout these horrific times.

      Peace. Shalom.
      * * * * *
      Dire, yes. There's no way to sugar coat it.
      The part I have the most difficulty with is with regard to obeying God's commandments.
      After the Rapture, the Age of Grace will have ended and salvation will be just like it was in the Old Testament.
      I don't know how to explain it succinctly.
      What would you say - be straightforward and fit it onto a 1/4 sheet of paper (10.5 point type minimum).

    3. I believe that during the tribulation there will be some Godly ministers to explain the new rules. There's at least the two witnesses, and it says there's an angel in the heavens with the Everlasting Gospel. What is needed is a way to know which ones are Godly.

      We have a few clues from the New Testament. They will not deny Jesus (or Yeshua, or whatever name they know Him as). They will say that Jesus has come in the flesh. Signs and wonders will probably follow them, as described by Jesus. They will not tell people to do anything against the word of God... (Though they might test people using questions after this fashion?)

      I'm not sure how strict it's going to be. It might be like it is right now, where they just accept the gift and are okay (provided they avoid the mark) I just feel like animal sacrifice won't be involved, since that would kind of be an affront to what Jesus did.

    4. As for computers post-emp... It will depend what state the computer was in and the integrity of the power grid. A computer that's turned off might be completely fine, though there would probably be data errors to overcome. Quick reinstall of the operating system, some disk scans and it might be useable again. The problem is well regulated AC / DC power. A generator is an awful waste of gas for just a computer though... But a solar panel might suffice...

      The internet is probably screwed though, at least in the area of the blast and subsequent power outages...

  52. Good observation, Chris!

    I generally try to include words that go with acronyms for all the hopes and reasons you cite. Good idea!

    Pastor Rich
    A+/Network+ Certified
    Systems Engineer

    PS> RAID is Redundant Array of Independent Disks (or Drives) while IoT is Internet of Things meaning IP attached devices communicating either over connectionless UDP protocol or connection oriented TCP protocol. ARP is Address Resolution Protocol which maps IP addresses to a physical machine but I digress...

    1. Pastor Rich, I thought I had you had mentioned before you are a computer guy, but my Redundant Array of Inexpensive (independent) Disk just isn't what it used to be. Can't wait to get a new body and mind and replace these old HDD's with some top of the line SSD's. Sure would love to have a read/write speed in the Gigabytes spectrum.

    2. Amen. One thing is for sure, I have so much to learn and am so ready for a MAJOR upgrade!

  53. Ha...computer talk, its all greek to me. And maybe a little latin.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ive been seeing posts about that.
      The podium is "UNSEALED"


    2. Nan, Blessings. Its a Briefing, not an Address. Along the lines of, 'Hush', speaking in that, quieter, tone, is more fitting, as we join work 'in flight' versus being advised of something 'done.'

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Nan, are you addressing Jimboni here? If so, I can assure you he is just answering your question. Hes not reprimanding you. If you are talking about someone else, let us know. Your question is a reasonable question. I know it's hard to understand tone here sometimes, but 99.9% of the time we are intending to sound courteous and help. Blessings and peace to you.

    2. Thank you ... I must have misunderstood

    3. Nan, no worries. I think I made the exact same mistake once of thinking brother Jimboni was reprimanding me. But he is a true friend and he is very educated and kind of a renaissance man able to wax eloquent on so many topics, over my head quite often. You are fine, keep asking good questions, Nan. :-)

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.



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