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Today The Period For Annexation Begins

Today, July 1st, is the first day that legislation can be introduced in the Knesset to implement Israel's portion of the Deal of the Century, namely, annexation of up to 30% of the region of Judea and Samaria (what the world calls the “West Bank”).

Behind the scenes a team of American and Israeli diplomats have been finalizing a map of what will be a future Palestinian state—a country in the land of Israel that isn't Israel.  This is quite likely the division of the land foretold by the prophet Joel:

For behold, in those days, and in that time, || When I turn back [to] the captivity of Judah and Jerusalem, || Then I have gathered all the nations, || And caused them to go down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, || And I have been in judgment with them there, || Concerning My people and My inheritance—Israel, || Whom they scattered among nations, || And My land they have apportioned. (Jl. 3:1–2, LSV)

Make no mistake about it, although the United States has spearheaded this particular push, all the nations of the world have been onboard with dividing the land.  The U.S. plan is actually more advantageous to Israel than what European, Arab, and other nations have proposed (at least superficially), but nevertheless, dividing the land is dividing the land.  While this New Jersey-sized parcel of land may seem insignificant in the world's eyes, it is eternally precious to the Creator.  It was on this land that the Creator died for His creatures and it's from this land that the Creator will rule all nations.

How a nation handles the everlasting land covenant made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will decide that nation's fate.  As all nations have objected to God's covenant and have insisted on breaking that covenant by not regarding the literal nature of the biblical prophecies pertaining to Israel, so all nations will be brought into judgment.

To add to the building anticipation of what will soon transpire, a new conceptual map has leaked showing significant alterations to the one presented in the original Deal of the Century unveiling.  The map below presents an attempt to make the Israeli and “Palestinian” lands more contiguous.  The areas colored green would become part of Israel and the areas colored yellow would be added to the red area to form a Palestinian state.

Today isn't the end of the story, but it's the end of this multi-year period of uncertainty around the peace plan.  Israel is moving ahead now and it's only a matter of time.  Based on what has already transpired this year, I can only imagine what the next few weeks will hold for Israel, for the U.S., and for the world.


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  1. I believe this is also the land that the garden of eden was located and more specifically Jerusalem. The Lord fixed the problem where the problem stared. He fulfilled the promise where the the promise was made. This is one reason why the enemy and the world is so obsessed with Israel/Jerusalem. In the end we will see how it all fits together and be amazed at God plan. It is a crazy ride right now, I can't even put my head around what the rest of the year is going to bring if we are still here.

  2. Does the heavens say something about the USA?

    On July 4th, a date special to the USA will coincide with an eclipse that is visible in Northern America.

    I am watching the signs and they are all visible....I am listening for the trumpet though.

    1. Interestingly enough, a major prophetic sign occurred in the heavens at America's beginning:


      I'm also inclined to think that there may be an announcement in the heavens at the conclusion of it's assignment, thus the end of the church age. Not sure if the eclipse is it or not (I suspect not), but it's very interesting regardless. Especially considering that this year is the end of a very important biblical cycle for America ...


    2. If you're looking for MAJOR signs in the heavens consider these,

      1. Great American Solar Eclipse 1.0, (8/21/17)
      2. Super Blood Moon w/Bethlehem Star-Beehive conjunction, (1/21/19) **Marked by meteor impact
      3. Annular Solar Eclipse, (12/26/19)
      4. Lunar Eclipse, (7/28/19) **Longest eclipse of the 21st Century
      5. Annular Solar Eclipse, (6/21/20)
      6. Annular Solar Eclipse, North/South America, (10/14/23)
      7. Great American Solar Eclipse 2.0, (4/8/24)
      8. Total Solar Eclipse, Middle East via Mediterranean, (8/2/27)

      These are the major eclipses from the time of the Great Sign (9/23/17) through the fall feasts of 2027. The TSE of (8/2/27) is interesting as it will divide Egypt in half just as GASE 1.0 and 2.0 and the annular eclipse divide the United States. The annular eclipse of (8/2/27) will cross immediately over Luxor and the Valley of the Kings in Egypt to cross the Red Sea and transit the Arabian Penninsula via Jedda and Mecca.

      Taking a look at the dates of all of this against the model and it's too much data to share here. But if we're looking for seven angels and the sign of (Revelation 15) then you may want to look at (8/2/27) as a starting point.

      Sharing this as a starting point should anyone need a kick-start for a study. Feel free to ask questions. (I like others will answer if possible).

      Please forgive any typos -- time prohibits further proof-reading so double-checking data is always advised!

      Happy hunting and keep looking UP!


    3. One final note...

      Regarding the TSE of 8/2/27 when observing the event from Luxor, Egypt we find the duration of the eclipse to be 2-hours, 46-minutes or 166-minutes. Duration of totality at Luxor (Valley of the Kings) will be 6-minutes, 21-second.

      Out of curiosity, here's what Strong's Concordance numbers (G166) and (G621) are,

      Strong's Concordance (G166)
      aiónios: agelong, eternal
      Original Word: αἰώνιος, ία, ιον
      Part of Speech: Adjective
      Transliteration: aiónios
      Phonetic Spelling: (ahee-o'-nee-os)
      Definition: agelong, eternal
      Usage: age-long, and therefore: practically eternal, unending; partaking of the character of that which lasts for an age, as contrasted with that which is brief and fleeting.

      Strong's Concordance (G621)
      apoleichó: lick, [clean].
      Original Word: ἀπολείχω
      Part of Speech: Verb
      Transliteration: apoleichó
      Phonetic Spelling: (ap-ol-i'-kho)
      Definition: lick
      Usage: I lick off, lick clean, lick up.


    4. Consider also that the Dec 26, 2019 eclipse MAY (can't say for certain) have given us the sign of the rider on the white horse as it formed as a crown just above the head of Sagittarius. That rider had a bow and a crown (corona) was given to him. Worth considering.

    5. And it was just three days later that the official announcement for Coronavirus (crown) was announced from China.


    6. Enjoyed the 400 year study. Thanks. Moreover, factor in the years you cite are shemitah years.

    7. United States in the Bible

      The 17th of Tammuz (Golden Calf) or July 4, 1776 is Independence Day. The United States eagle was torn from the United Kingdom lion at Daniel 7:4 combined with a holy fast day. On the day of the golden calf, the Babylonians (586 BC) and Romans (70 AD) begin to breach the walls of Jerusalem.

      - Eagle is the United States.
      - Lion is the United Kingdom.
      - The eagle was a colony of the lion.
      - The eagle's wings were torn from the lion.
      - July 4,1776 is the 17th of Tammuz (Golden Calf).

      The Three Weeks in Israel is from the 17th of Tammuz to 9th of Av (July 8-9 – 29-30, 2020). It is a time of mourning for the destruction of Jerusalem and the two temples. In 2005, Israel evacuated Gaza and as a result, US evacuated the Gulf Coast because of Hurricane Katrina. We are watching Israel reject God's land that causes the fall of the United States, Tribulation and Armageddon. Joel 3:2


      Robert Cook (TrumpetsTX)

  3. Incredible. Matthew 24:32 says Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh:

    Now take a look at the map and the areas in green. Sure looks like leaves are sprouting to me.

  4. UPDATE: So looks like annexation could be as soon as next week. Apparently Israel is simply waiting on a formal statement from Trump that has been rescheduled.


    1. Indeed! i24news.tv reports Israel (PM Netanyahu) days away from moving on annexation.

      Summer is indeed near!

    2. Another murmur come into play within the last couple days is that Trump may drop out of the election - don't know if it's true or not.
      NON conservative and MSM sites all say his rally in Tulsa was a bust. So, NOT true.
      Especially with twits and AOC blatantly stating they bought up tickets with no intention of using them! (Then snarkily say that empty seats show a lack of support!)
      The "dividing of the land" aside, Trump is a supporter of Israel.
      We all know Biden and his puppet masters are not.
      It's catch-22 (all you pilots out there will get the reference), we know God said it was going to happen, that it HAS to happen in furtherance of end time events, but we also know it should NOT happen and woe to those who facilitate in bringing it about!

    3. They don't call it prophecy for nothin.

    4. Well, when Trump and Netanyahu first met in DC, I remember Trump saying there was many solutions, and he even brought up a 'One state solution.' So... I think Trump favored the idea of one united country with equal rights for all. I think it's the advisors who actually drew up the deal who are to blame for dividing the land in this case. I'll leave the final judgement to God of course. I also wonder if they couldn't do the same solution the USA did... One nation made up of many states (In Israel's case, two) and that this wouldn't be a division so much as a way to deal with local concerns...

      Have to see how this all pans out in the end...

    5. DAY COUNT 1260

      Interesting that the Annexation didnt happen July 1, 2020....what if it happens today, July 2, 2020. It will be 1260 days (or 42 months, or 3.5 year) from Trump Inauguration of Jan 20, 2017 and July 2, 2020.

      Remember, Trump admin is the architect and author of the peaceplan. Interesting day count.


  5. Hi all! I know that dreams are often only dreams and lead to speculation and other times it is God who warns but more and more believers have dreams that Christians will be persecuted soon. There dreams are terrible! They say they have confirmations from God to that effect and that we must prepare. Kentucky pastor Dana Coverstone has had several such dreams since last December and I'm not sure what to think about this because I hope Jesus will pick us up very soon. I admit that this worries me a little with the world government, the guillotines, the concentration camps that are ready and everything. What do you think? I have the blessed hope and I am so impatient that I am afraid of being disappointed.

    1. I don't know about dreams. Personally, I don't let them worry me; however, when I begin to think about what's going on in this crazy world, and to worry about what COULD happen tomorrow (the Enemy is sneaky. He's always looking for a chance to hit us when our guard is down), it can sometimes take awhile for me to realize that I'm worrying. And worrying is a sin. So, I repent and then go to Scripture. There are many verses/passages that always put me back into the right frame of mind. Here are just a few.

      "The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe." (Proverbs 29:25)

      “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

      Blessed are you when others revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (Matthew 5:10-11)

      “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?

      Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

      And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing?

      Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?

      Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.

      But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.

      Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. (Matthew 6:25-34)

      Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. (Matthew 16:24-25)

      The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

      Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me—practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you. (Philippians 4:5b-9)

    2. Weigh the dreams according to scripture. If they don't measure up, they are not of God. That said, there will be Christians who go through the Great Trib, those who become saved after the rapture. Pray for them! And pray that many more will become saved before then!

    3. Good word Ava! Great scriptures, especially Phil 4:5-9 which has always been a well loved passage but even more so in these troubling times.

      Our soul is comprised of mind, will and emotions. Emotions respond to what we put in our minds... whether true or false. They don't distinguish between the two. For example, watch a scary movie in comfort of your own home and you will feel tension and fear even though you are perfectly safe! Why? Cos the emotions simply respond to what comes into the mind. So how important is it to remember God, remember His care and promises to His own. Especially in these days. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

      Isa 26:3 NKJV You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.

    4. Yes elgordo, it's true! For a dream cometh through the multitude of business. Thank you too!

    5. Dearest sister, if I may -- search Scripture high and low for God's promises. Ask Him to show them to you one by one and minister to your heart. In doing this you may find enough strength for not only you but all you meet in the day.

      Perhaps that strength would become magnetic to those around you? I think so. That's Christ in you.

      Take captive every thought and wrap it with truth. If you're not hearing the word "beloved" in your heart it ain't Jesus talking. The LORD has something special waiting for you. I'm sure that He does!


    6. Thank you, Ava, and thank you, Elgordo! I love the illustration of the scary movie in the safety of your own home. Our minds are incredibly powerful. I'm doing a study with a group of middle school girls called "Get Out of Your Head" by Jennie Allen. It is training my girls' brains to focus on what Christ would have us focus on. They all seem to deal with great anxiety and the illustration is very helpful. I'll use it to help them realize that our thoughts don't always reflect reality and then they drive emotions that are created from those thoughts. Emotions (unfortunately) often drive decisions and beliefs.

  6. Thank you Kris, Hillary, Ava, and The Lamb is VIctorious 4 ever. You are kind to encourage me. I think I needed it. The enemy is attacking my couple and it is not easy. My husband is a Christian but he is not thirsty like me about prophecies and everything. And it's been different for a while. God bless you!

    1. I think many of us have people close to us who just don't see Him coming anytime soon. Let's not judge them too harshly though, as they are often serving the Lord in different ways. Only the eyes and ears see and hear Him coming. But it's the feet that will have carried us to Him, and the arms and hands that will embrace Him. We just have to assume that all are being guided by His heart to where we need to be on that day.

      Until that day and beyond, let us love one another!

  7. https://www.rt.com/usa/493534-new-york-annexation-protest/
    ‘If they annex the Jordan Valley, it’s World War III’: Hundreds march in New York to protest Israel's West Bank annexation scheme
    N.B. Take a look at the top photo and just WHO some of the protesters are!

  8. https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/in-bold-end-times-moves-pope-francis-instructs-vatican-to-move-against-israels-annexation-of-judea-and-samaria-by-summoning-ambassadors/

    "The enemies of Israel and the Jewish people are very much against the annexation of portions of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, places known as Judea and Samaria in the bible. There is perhaps no greater enemy of Israel and the Jews than the Roman Catholic Church, who has been persecuting them for the past 1,700 years. After WWII and the fall of Germany, it was the Vatican that helped thousands of Nazi officers and concentration camp guards to escape through the aptly-named ‘rat lines’ into Switzerland and Argentina."

  9. And deeper inside that "Holy Roman Catholic Church" they claim ownership of the entire Earth and the land of Israel.
    And since the Archangel Michael is assigned to the protection of Israel I say Go for it Israel take your land back and let His Majesty King Abdullah II the 43rd generation direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad sort it all out, cause its a mess!

  10. The two state solution is supported by a number of fair minded people upset by the treatment of the Palestinians. Here's hoping they can work something out that helps both sides. The region has been poisoned by mutual animosity for too long.

    1. The problem is, it's not supported by God and He has the only opinion that counts.

    2. I gotcha. I think I misunderstood and I apologize for that. Blessings!

    3. No prob. I definitely don't think the land should be divided.

  11. I tend to read more of the Israeli-Jewish papers, but every now and then remember to get a look from the "other" side. This is from a pro-Palestinian article:
    "Protests in Palestine
    Thousands of Palestinians, including leaders of national and Islamic factions, marched in Gaza City on Wednesday, protesting against Trump's so-called "deal of the century", which has been widely seen as paving the way for Israel's annexation of the West Bank.

    Activist Amat Wael told Middle East Eye that hundreds of men, women and children came together "to announce their rejection of the unjust annexation project, which allows the occupation to steal more of our Palestinian lands, displace its people and annex it under the Israeli control of their alleged state".

  12. Replies
    1. Prayers sent up for you right now, Ozark. Praying for His comfort, peace, and assurance to surround you like a warm blanket. We will soon be Home. Hang on and focus on Jesus. I know you are hurting when there aren't any :o) **^/+ pictures on your post. God Bless you, brother. Many hugs and blessings.

    2. TY ShelleyB, i'm alright by the 'grace of God'! Bless you sister, Shalom*! HUG's \o/ praying for you n yours as well..., you are sooo nice! :)

  13. I have really had to work on the no fear thing and be anxious for nothing....then I run across videos from people who supposedly dreamed about all the covid stuff and riots and now seeing much worse horrors in November. I start fearing again! I guess I need some encouragement. I really never thought we'd see all that much before Jesus came to get us.

    1. Nan,
      I saw the video about things getting really bad in November. I understand how you feel! I find anxious thoughts entering my mind. I will pray for you and you can pray for me.

    2. I absolutely will pray for you too! Thank you!

    3. Nan,

      I saw the video you speak of and can share an encouragement. In it I see the model of a pregnancy. Three (3) trimesters of time followed by a birth. The model provided in the video matches the model I have been following these many months. In it I see the birth of the new church of the Tribulation Saints and the rise of the seed of the serpent.

      As I have shared below, we are only meant to be here but for a time. That after our time of suffering we will be taken, established, perfected and glorified. Peter discusses this in the fifth chapter of 1 Peter. In it we see the coming of the LORD for us -- our blessed hope.

      We were not made for wrath. We are wrapped in Love.

      Rest in His perfect Love, always.



    ...To our leaders,

    1 The elders who are among you
    I exhort, I who am a fellow elder
    and a witness of the sufferings
    of Christ, and also a partaker
    of the glory that will be revealed:

    2 Shepherd the flock of God
    which is among you, serving as
    overseers, not by compulsion but
    willingly, not for dishonest gain
    but eagerly;

    3 nor as being lords over those
    entrusted to you, but being
    examples to the flock;

    4 and when the Chief Shepherd
    appears, you will receive the
    crown of glory that does not
    fade away.

    (1 Peter 5:1-4 NKJV)

    Simply stated, leaders, feed my sheep. Lead them in Loving care as with the Love I care for you. Humbly keep them as you would be kept and do not lord your position of power nor abuse it to your own gain. Humbly reflect Me (Jesus) in all that you are and all that you do.

    ...to the flock,

    5 Likewise you younger people, submit
    yourselves to your elders. Yes, all
    of you be submissive to one another,
    and be clothed with humility for

    "God resists the proud,
    But gives grace to the

    6 Therefore humble yourselves
    under the mighty hand of God,
    that He may exalt you in due

    7 casting all your care upon
    Him, for He cares for you.

    8 Be sober, be vigilant;
    because your adversary the
    devil walks about like a
    roaring lion, seeking whom
    he may devour.

    9 Resist him, steadfast in
    the faith, knowing that the
    same sufferings are experienced
    by your brotherhood in the world.

    10 But may the God of all grace,
    who called us to His eternal
    glory by Christ Jesus, after you
    have suffered a while, perfect,
    establish, strengthen, and settle

    11 To Him be the glory and the
    dominion forever and ever. Amen.

    (1 Peter 5:5-11 NKJV)

    Day-by-day we suffer. We suffer the consequence of sin and death in the world. We suffer living upon the cursed ground where we toil and labour in struggle and tears. Though we suffer we live with the promise of the coming Kingdom -- our blessed hope.

    When is it that Christ will, "perfect, established, strengthen, and settle you[?]"

    You will be perfected, established, strengthened, setted and GLORIFIED on the Day that Christ the Conquering King comes on the clouds to takes us Home with power and great glory for all the world to see.

    Hold fast to the promise! The LORD your God is faithful and true. Not one of His beloved lambs will slip between His fingers. Not one. The time of our sufferings is coming to a close. The time of His coming is closing! Day-by-day, hour-by-hour, breath-by-breath and heartbeat-by-heartbeat we draw closer to the time of our blessed hope, our departure.

    Our great going Home.

    Know that I pray for you daily and will keep you in my prayers. God bless the elders that maintain UNSEALED.ORG and the brothers and sisters who fellowship here and call it part of their spiritual home on earth.

    Keep looking UP!

    Pastor Rich

  15. Happy Independence Day patriots and Saints in Christ. Pastor Rich what you just published soothes my fears and warms my heart. My emotions are on a roller coaster. One minute I can be full of fear about all the deception taking place and the threat of mandatory vaccinations, the rioting, the so-called virus that I shake and cry to trusting in Jesus that He will take care of us. I just hope we all can be out of here soon. Thank you for your comforting words though. I will read 1 Peter 5 and I know there are many comforting Psalms filled with hope and promise:)

  16. Happy Independence Day on the USA!
    Just think, soon we who are in Christ will truly be FREE!
    Free from sickness and disease.
    Free from worry and despair over current events.
    Free from the bonadge of sin and all its' effect on our lives.
    Free to BE the persons God truly intended for us to be!
    * * * * *
    Imagine ALL we'll be able to be and do when God frees us up
    to give rein to all the potential He's instilled within us!
    Walt Disney said that before Disneyland ever existed in reality,
    it existed in his head.
    It was later paraphrased to "If you can Dream it, you can do it."
    We know that what God has planned for us is beyond our imaginings.
    Imagine the unlimited capability to learn and grown and develop your innate talents and abilities
    We are going to be able to be the BEST possible versions of US we can be for HIS purposes and His glory -
    that is truly FREE!

  17. The only solution for this I think is for the Palestinian's to go back to Jordan which is rightfully there Land and for King Abdula to get His Hashemite Kingdom back which is Iraq. Its quite the long historic mess, anyway thats another story.

    Just reading the article by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz on www.breakingisraelnews.com
    “Secret Deal Results in Saudi Arabia Challenging Turkey for Control of Temple Mount”

    I find the intricacies of these relationships fascinating, and to watch
    the Lord enter into the lives of people to accomplish His Word.

    And even in our own lives as He changes circumstances to work His good to accomplish our own prayers to Him. We sometimes have to get out of His way, its like mailing a letter, You don’t go to the post office to find out what there doing with the letter.

    We leave our our prayer with Him, and then wait and be amazed!

  18. Any insight or knowledge of the significance of the US Independence Day, Full Moon Lunar eclipse?

    I know lunar eclipses are meant to be a warning. Could it be this particular one is a warning to America? For what?

    I read a headline there is a 100 old prophecy associated with this eclipse? Anyone else?

    Pastor Rich any insight?

    1. Lyndsey/All,

      My schedule had not allowed me to look at the eclipse prior to the event but recent events are interesting and there may be pointers to Iran. Here are some observations...

      The full "Buck" or "Thunder" moon reaching full phase at 12:44 am (EDT) which is 4:44 am (UTC) and 7:44 am (IDT) in Jerusalem. For virtually all of my observations I used Eastern Time, Greenwich Mean Time (Universal Time) and local time in Jerusalem.

      Let's take a look at a few data points for these time stamps via Strong's just for fun,

      Strong's Concordance (G444)
      anthrópos: a man, human, mankind
      Original Word: ἄνθρωπος, ου, ὁ
      Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
      Transliteration: anthrópos
      Phonetic Spelling: (anth'-ro-pos)
      Definition: a man, human, mankind
      Usage: a man, one of the human race.

      Matthew gives us an example of the RED LETTER usage of the word, "ἄνθρωπος", in Jesus' response to the devil in the wilderness,

      4 "It is written,

      'Man shall not live by bread alone,
      but on every word that comes from
      the mouth of God.'"

      ...where Jesus quotes the "twice-written" book of the Law saying,

      "And he humbled you and let you
      hunger and fed you with manna,
      which you did not know, nor
      did your fathers know, that
      he might make you know that
      man does not live by bread
      alone, but man lives by
      every word that comes from
      the mouth of the LORD."

      (Deuteronomy 8:3 ESV)

      This is an interesting pin-point I encourage you to study. It shadows the time of man (Israel) in the wilderness and Christ's time (the Son of Man) in the wilderness -- a time which was 40-years for Israel and at least 40-days for Jesus.

      Jesus entered the wilderness after his baptism which marked the beginning of His earthly ministry. Keyword here is "beginning" not too unlike the first word in Torah being, "בראשית" meaning, "at the top of" or "in the beginning". Jesus spoke these first words recorded by Matthew at the beginning of Christ's temptation by the devil and earthly ministry.

      Jesus earthly ministry really spanned His entire life in a way. His exact years on earth continue to be a matter of debate but in general seem to be about 33-years. His days in the wilderness are specifically at least 40-days. (Matthew 4:1-2 ESV)

      Here is an interesting intersection of values in history. There may be many others but this is the one which comes to heart first. The Iran Hostage Crisis and the taking of fifty-two (52) US hostages from the American Embassy in Tehran began 40-years, 8-months ago (as of 7/4/2020) on Sunday, November 4, 1979.

      I could really ruffle feathers by mentioning that this is the year of the sheep/goat in the Chinese zodiac.

      You can read more on the history of the Iran Hostage Crisis here but in general it spanned 444-days ending minutes after Ronald Reagan was sworn-in as the 40th US President on Tuesday, January 20, 1981.

      President Reagan's inauguration marked the beginning the Millennial generation. (Hmmm, there's that concept of "בראשית" or "beginning" again! TWICE!! Isn't that interesting as this all happened on a Tuesday, the third-day, a day considered in Jewish tradition as twice blessed! G-D blessed the third day twice calling it "good". (Genesis 1:9-13 ESV)

      Prior to Reagan taking office as the 40th President of the United States he had served as Governor of California for 33-years. On the day of his taking office as the 40th President of the United States the 444-day Iran Hostage Crisis came to a negotiated close.

      Hmmm, interesting coincidences and shadows of days and numbers? I don't believe in coincidences.

    2. Thank you Pastor Rich! I so enjoy learning from you and all the Unsealed team. I am a lover of math, especially finding patterns in numbers, It fascinates me. Very cool.

      It will be curious to see what is going to happen with Iran in the comings days.

      I stayed up last night to view the moon but I didnt notice anything different than any other night. To me it seemed to stay full and bright. (I was disappointed I didnt notice a color change or shadow of sorts)

      Anyway, Thank you again for your reply

    3. NOTE: Please forgive any typos in posts on this topic as time does not allow full proof-reading or editing as I would like. Be sure to dig on these data points and facts for yourself and ALWAYS do so from a thankful heart with great humility and prayer.

      Fun with Strong's and Math...

      The Iran Hostage Crisis began 40-years, 8-months ago if counting from 7/4/2020. That's 488-months or 14,853 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date.

      Strong's Concordance (G488)
      antimetreó: to measure in return
      Original Word: ἀντιμετρέω
      Part of Speech: Verb
      Transliteration: antimetreó
      Phonetic Spelling: (an-tee-met-reh'-o)
      Definition: to measure in return
      Usage: I measure in return, give equivalent measure.

      HELPS Word-studies

      488 antimetréō (from 473 /antí, "corresponding to" and 3354 /metréō, "to measure") – properly, measure out proportionally which provides an exchange, i.e. based on a true equivalence (literally, "measured back again"). 488 (antimetréō) is only used twice in the NT (Textus Receptus), each time in relation to God's "law of reciprocity" (Mt 7:2; Lk 6:38).

      Thayer's Greek Lexicon
      STRONGS NT 488: ἀντιμετρέω

      ἀντιμετρέω, ἀντιμέτρω: future passive ἀντιμετρηθήσομαι; to measure back, measure in return: Matthew 7:2 Rec.; Luke 6:38 (L. marginal reading WH marginal reading μετρέω) (in a proverbial phrase, equivalent to to repay; Lucian, amor. c. 19).

      Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
      measure again.

      From anti and metreo; to mete in return -- measure again.

      see GREEK anti

      see GREEK metreo

      ...and has one occurrence in Scripture, ANOTHER RED LETTER VERSE via (Luke 6:38 ESV). Again, I recommend study of this verse in the greater context.


      The 14,853-days since the beginning of the hostage crisis is equal to 2,121-weeks, 6-days.

      Strong's Concordance (G2121)
      eukairos: timely
      Original Word: εὔκαιρος, ον
      Part of Speech: Adjective
      Transliteration: eukairos
      Phonetic Spelling: (yoo'-kahee-ros)
      Definition: timely
      Usage: opportune, timely, suitable; perhaps sometimes: holiday, festival.

      Wow! The day-count from the beginning of the Iran Hostage Crisis to July 4th, 2020 potentially decodes as "holiday" or "festival"?!


      Be sure to dig on the meanings and usage of these terms in Scripture. Greek is a very specific language and this is a QUICK review of data-points that stand-out in this quick study.

      14,853-days or the number 14,853 can be broken down into the prime factors, 3 and 4,951. Three is the 2nd prime number while 4,951 is the 662nd prime number. (Oh, if you're wondering, 4,973 is the 666th prime number). 4,951 is a "Centred pentagonal number" which brings to question may this value be part of a watermark?

      Maybe? Maybe not.

    4. Yes, I know this ruffles feathers out there but I ask, is there a wrong question to ask the LORD? Is it wrong to search out rabbit trails? Within reason? YMMV, but asking questions is what the engineer in me does.

      Moving on...

      0444 (UTC) was 0744 (IDT) in Jerusalem this morning.

      Strong's Concordance (G744)
      archaios: original, ancient
      Original Word: ἀρχαῖος, αία, αῖον
      Part of Speech: Adjective
      Transliteration: archaios
      Phonetic Spelling: (ar-khah'-yos)
      Definition: original, ancient
      Usage: original, primitive, ancient.

      Strong's Concordance (H744)
      aryeh: a lion
      Original Word: אַרְיֵה
      Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
      Transliteration: aryeh
      Phonetic Spelling: (ar-yay')
      Definition: a lion

      NAS Exhaustive Concordance
      Word Origin
      (Aramaic) corresponding to ari
      a lion
      NASB Translation
      lion (1), lions (3), lions' (6).

      ...the Biblical reference you will find here all point to Daniel for the Hebrew.

      Thinking back to the (EDT) peak of the full moon at 12:44 AM / 24:44 AM,

      Strong's Concordance (H1244)
      biqqoreth: punishment
      Original Word: בִּקּרֶת
      Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
      Transliteration: biqqoreth
      Phonetic Spelling: (bik-ko-reth)
      Definition: punishment


      Strong's Concordance (G1244)
      diaireó: to divide, to distribute
      Original Word: διαιρέω
      Part of Speech: Verb
      Transliteration: diaireó
      Phonetic Spelling: (dee-ahee-reh'-o)
      Definition: to divide, to distribute
      Usage: I divide into parts, cut asunder, distribute.

      Here's another variation of the timestamp for (EDT),

      Strong's Concordance (G44)
      agkistron: a fishhook
      Original Word: ἄγκιστρον, ου, τό
      Part of Speech: Noun, Neuter
      Transliteration: agkistron
      Phonetic Spelling: (ang'-kis-tron)
      Definition: a fishhook
      Usage: a fish-hook.

      ...there are literally too many rabbit holes one can jump down. Many if not most will lead you nowhere but do at least offer you an opportunity to dig and learn how to use the tools at your disposal.

    5. That is the greatest purpose for my work here. To encourage you to dig, pray, listen and learn. Types and shadows of the heavens on earth are given throughout Scripture. The Great Sign and the Tabernacle are two examples. Watching the news and looking for pin-points are one way of seeing prophecy unfold in our time. 444 is an example of that here.

      The July 4th weekend has been on the radar of many as a potential high-watch day. Personally I consider we are in a period of contractions some of which are seen in the recent events in Iran.

      Israel and Iran appear on a collision course and the United States may play into that to a certain extent. IF war were to break-out in the ME due to these continued attacks, especially massive attack by Iran and their proxies upon Israel, were to result in a massive hammer blow by Israel upon Iran? And if that action were in response to the dividing of the land and ultimate breaking of the everlasting covenant? Could such action be precipitous to the harpazo of mankind?

      Think about it. What is the worst case scenario for an attack on Israel? What is the worst case scenario for their response? Would such an exchange pose and immediate danger to the body of Christ His Church in both Israel, Iran and the world as a whole?

      It might.

      Many indicators point to the fall feasts this year as a good fit for the beginning of the last week of Daniel. If that is the case then we could be going home anytime now by our reckoning.

      Again, as a litmus test per (Isaiah 24:4-5),

      1. The earth mourns and withers == CHECK
      2. The world languishes and withers == CHECK
      3. The highest people of the earth languish == CHECK
      4. The earth lies defiled under its inhabitants == CHECK
      5. For they have transgressed the laws == CHECK
      6. Violated the statues == CHECK
      7. Broken the everlasting covenant == IN PROGRESS

      I am run out of need to dig for signs and pin-points save to share them with you here. Be encouraged that all is coming to pass as God said it would. Not that He intended to bring disaster upon mankind. God forbid! It is man that sinned not God. God in Christ paid for our sin on the cross forever bridging the gap placed between man and God in the garden.

      There is no reason under the sun to end-up in the place created for the fallen ones. The fallen angels. That place was made for them -- not mankind.

      13 For "everyone who calls on
      the name of the Lord will be

      (Romans 10:13 ESV)

      This is the message and mission we have been given. Embark on that mission with great Joy and a glad heart! This is the ONLY HELL YOU WILL EVER KNOW!! But for the lost? This is the ONLY HEAVEN THEY WILL EVER KNOW.

      This knowledge and message is as a debt owed to the lost because of the riches of Christ entrusted to us.


      Because we are NOT called to buy our talent.

      (Matthew 25:14-30 ESV)

    6. Err, rather...


      Because we are NOT CALLED TO BURY OUR TALENT!!

      (Matthew 25:14-30 ESV)

    7. One more think just noticed from above,

      "14,853-days or the number 14,853 can be broken down into the prime factors, 3 and 4,951. Three is the 2nd prime number while 4,951 is the 662nd prime number."

      26 is the number of the inexpressible name of G-D in the Hebrew tradition being, "יהוה". Remember, Hebrew as a language has no numbers and assigns numeric values to their letters. The inexpressible name of God, sometimes rendered as YHWH, is 26.

      The reflection or mirror opposite of 26 is 62.

      "14,853-days or the number 14,853 can be broken down into the prime factors, 3 and 4,951. Three is the 2nd prime number while 4,951 is the 662nd prime number."

      The prime factors of 14,853 are the 2nd and 662nd prime number. Sequentially that is,

      2 and 662 or 2,662 or just plain 2662, 26 | 62 or even 26:62 (I'll let you decide if to jump down that hole).

      26 standing in contrast to 62.

      Jesus is the LORD. The LORD and Jesus are One in the same. Thus the anti-Jesus or AC may be rendered as 62 -- not meaning "against" but in the Greek sense meaning, "instead of" or "in place of".

      The anti-Christ to come is the instead of Christ not the against Christ.

      English speaking Gentiles would read this value left-to-right thus 26 comes first. Eastern languages like Hebrew read this from right-to-left. A hint at what we are all looking for?

      Perhaps another watermark?

      I tend to think so.


      Why not? How deep do you think God's rabbit hole goes? I think an eternity to find out yet rolled up into the person of Jesus of Nazareth!

      Happy hunting and keep looking UP!




      0444 (UTC) on 4/4-4/5 depending on your location, specifically in North America, was the time of the penumbral lunar eclipse...an event that I didn't even bother staying up to watch.


      In my spirit, I knew that it would be barely visible if at all.  The moon traversed a part of the earth's shadow that dimmed the light of the sun somewhat but not enough to meet what we may expect.  It was subtle and barely perceptible.  

      4  But the serpent said to the
      woman, "You will not surely die."

      (Genesis 3:4 ESV)

      4  But he [Jesus] answered,

      "It is written,

      'Man shall not live by bread
      alone, but by every word that
      comes from the mouth of

      (Matthew 4:4 ESV)

      In one breath a lie is perpetrated with intent to steal, kill and destroy.  In another breath, life is breathed and the light shines where darkness cannot put it out.  Here we see division.  Here we see walls of separation.  Here we see enmity.  Here we see the seed of the woman born to crush the seed of the serpent,

      10  The thief comes only to
      steal and kill and destroy.
      I came that they may have
      life and have it abundantly.

      RED LETTERS (John 10:10 ESV)  

      Jesus came bearing the fruit of life and brought it in abundance!  Jesus is the tree that we may freely partake from and to the full!!

      Back to 444...

      A shadow, perhaps barely perceptible, was cast on the moon.  The moon a type and shadow of Israel.  Their calendar once kept by the Essenes corrupted by the Pharisees to a lunar calendar that by some accounts changed and corrupted the High Holy Days.  A tainted moon as it were?  A shadow of things to come?  Absolutely.

      At 0444 (UTC) the lunar cycle was at peak being a full "Buck" moon or "Thunder" moon.  What is so special about the number 444?

      In the original Greek text of the Bible, the name of Jesus is,


      Greek, like Hebrew, uses letters for numbers thus each letter has a numeric value.  It's not gnostic knowledge or pagan mysticism it's just the way the Greek language works, thus,

      Ι + Η + Σ + Ο + Υ + Σ =

      10 + 8 + 200 + 70 + 400 + 200 = 888

      888 / 2 = 444

      6  Jesus said to him,

      "I am the way, and the truth,
      and the life.  No one comes
      to the Father except through

      RED LETTERS (John 14:6 ESV)

      Jesus is the WAY.  Jesus is the TRUTH.  Jesus is the LIFE.

    9. What is going half the way?  It's called missing the mark.  It's called sin.  What is half the truth?  A half-truth is a lie.  Can you be half alive?  Without the mechanical intervention of man, the body is either alive or dead and even then I would argue you cannot be alive if already being brain dead.

      444 is half of 888, 50% of the truth and only half way to life.  The devil speaks in half-truths.  In it, there is no life only death.  What is to be done with the branches that are cut and pruned from the vine?  They are to be collected and thrown into the fire.

      That is the destination of going halfway.  That is what a half-truth will get you.  There is no such thing as being half alive -- we are either dead in sin or alive and forgiven in Christ!

      Who do we know that spoke a half truth?  By what do we know it?  What is it that cast a shadow in the garden that was overwhelmed and overpowered by the LIGHT?

      1  In the beginning God
      created the heavens and
      the earth.  

      2  The earth was without
      form and void, and darkness
      was over the face of the
      deep.  And the Spirit of God
      was hovering over the face
      of the waters.

      3  And God said,

      "Let there be light,"

      and there was light.

      4  And God saw that the light
      was good.  And God separated
      the light from the darkness.

      5  God called the light Day,
      and the darkness he called
      Night.  And there was evening
      and there was morning, the
      first day.

      (Genesis 1:1-5 ESV)

      4  In him was life, and
      the life was the light of

      5  The light shines in the
      darkness, and the darkness
      has not overcome it.

      (John 1:5 ESV)

      My words fall FLAT and FAIL in comparison to the poetry that is Life, Light and Scripture but I hope that you can see the connection of 444 more clearly to the events of last weekend and those that are about to come to pass.

      We who are in and abide in Christ have already passed from death to life.  Share the good news to those who still live in darkness.  The light that LIVES IN YOU shall NEVER be put out by the dark -- rather THE LIGHT THAT LIVES AND SHINES WITHIN YOU SHALL BURN BRIGHTEST IN THE NIGHT!!!

      Go then, fearlessly, into the night and shine!

      Grace and peace to you, always!!

    10. Last weekend darkness in the form of a shadow cast from Earth fell upon the moon in the form of an eclipse. An eclipse barely perceptible. Is there a story to be told in all of this?

      1. 1/2 of ΙΗΣΟΥΣ equals sin, a lie and death
      2. (G444) equals Adam (mankind) or a man
      3. (H444) equals a lion

      Reference my notes above on the timestamps against concordance and an interesting picture is suggested,

      8 Be sober-minded; be watchful.
      Your adversary the devil prowls
      around like a roaring lion,
      seeking someone to devour.

      (1 Peter 5:8 ESV)


      You know I don't believe in them. (Even if it ruffles feathers!)

      Happy hunting,


      NOTE: Again, please forgive any typos and goofs as I have limited time today to share. Don't take my word for this -- dig for yourself. Check these sources and pray the Holy Spirit teach you and lead you in all truth.

  19. Jesus IS coming with His angels to gather His elect...immediately AFTER the tribulation. If the PRE-TRIB rapture is correct, then I will tip my hat to you guys.

    1. it is correct. Too many contradictions in the Bible to be wrong. What sense would it be to go up and right back down again ? :)

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  23. Heard this song on the radio tonight. It was just what I needed to hear!

    Almost Home by MercyMe

    <a href="https://youtu.be/9lKdHXfpsFQ”>https://youtu.be/9lKdHXfpsFQ</a>

  24. Ugggghhh! I give up... trying to post a hyperlink to a YouTube video... ��

  25. Here are the lyrics at least...

    Almost Home by MercyMe

    Are you disappointed
    Are you desperate for help
    You know what it's like to be tired
    And only a shell of yourself
    Well you start to believe
    You don't have what it takes
    'Cause it's all you can do
    Just to move much less finish the race
    But don't forget what lies ahead
    Almost home
    Brother it won't be long
    Soon all your burdens will be gone
    With all your strength
    Sister run wild, run free
    Hold up your head
    Keep pressing on
    We are almost home
    Well this road will be hard
    But we win in the end
    Simply because of Jesus in us
    It's not if but when
    So take joy in the journey
    Even when it feels long
    Oh find strength in each step
    Knowing heaven is cheering you on
    We are almost home
    Brother it won't be long
    Soon all your burdens will be gone
    With all your strength
    Sister run wild, run free
    Hold up your head
    Keep pressing on
    We are almost home
    Almost home
    Almost home
    I know that the cross has brought heaven to us
    But make no mistake there's still more to come
    When our flesh and our bone are no longer between
    Where we are right now and where we're meant to be
    When all that's been lost has been made whole again
    When these tears and this pain no longer exist
    No more walking we're running as fast as we can
    Consider this our second wind
    Almost home
    Brother it won't be long
    Soon all your burdens will be gone
    With all your strength
    Sister run wild, run free
    Hold up your head
    Keep pressing on
    We are almost home
    Almost home
    Almost home
    We are almost home
    Almost home
    Almost home
    We are almost home

    1. Thanks Pastor Rich! I honestly get just as much (sometimes even more) of a lift in my spirit from reading your comments as I do from the articles on Unsealed! :)

    2. Nikolas, You're too kind and most welcome. It's a privilege to share and a blessing to be an encourager here. Many thanks to Gary and the whole UNSEALED team for their dedication in taking their God given talents to build this space and keep it rolling all these years.

      All glory to God. Keep looking UP!

  26. https://www.fresnobee.com/news/california/article243973397.html

  27. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXQBFLYXw4c
    Christina Gomez speaks the powerful truth at Florida city council

  28. https://www.facebook.com/madisoncofc/videos/vb.317189812995/603566153655645/?type=2&theater

    many churches in the world look like after the harpazo?!....

  29. ❤️❤️❤️ I needed that thank you. Almost Home 🙏

  30. I have a legit question that I hope can be addressed. My question is can we trust dreams as warnings of the future? I have found so many YouTube prophets stating they got dreams and visions and almost always say “this sayeth the Lord” or something like that. Some of the visions are a bit extreme and seem off. Than I read the comments and people seem to agree or confirm this persons dream. I’ll give an example of a dream a woman posted a video saying she had a dream/vision that there was EMP attack on US soul soon and the water was going to be bad and to stock up on water. She says that when this happens we’ll be in the dark for a few minutes no more than 10 and than the rapture will happen. Than she later posts another video saying an earthquake is going to happen on a Thursday (not sure which year) and that she saw people flying up so she’s sure it was the rapture. It’s dreams like these that I test the spirits and discern but I just don’t know to believe or trust. I know God spoke to Joseph but I just don’t know if the same can be applied today. Than Pastor Dana comes out with his videos and it terrified me to know of Russian & Chinese military on US soil in November. I always thought and believed dreams were subjective but I just don’t know.

    1. Unknown (...yet Known2God),

      Prophecy is that which we are given in Scripture that can be confirmed in time. Scripture tends to explain itself. We know the divine giving of dreams is Scripturally valid yet we are so poor at discerning them.

      I would council that we need to tread lightly on these types of dreams. If they line-up with Scripture that is one thing. If they do not? That is a different matter. I had a dream of a nuclear strike on Chicago but I won't go so far to say that this will actually happen.

      I've seen Pastor Dana's video and I tend to wonder if he is seeing a sign of birth? Three trimesters? That timeline does come close to a potential beginning of the last week of Daniel this fall as well as the potential arrival of the two-witnesses. As he said, time will tell.

      Hold fast to the Promise. Share that news and as the Word says, do not be afraid.

      Of these things we know!



    2. Pastor Rich-Berry Scarborough has a good take on the pastor who posed that dream video that was about this November. The video is called Rapture Dream:Early Flight!!United Flight 777 is Ready for takeoff. Are you Rapture Ready??He goes into the pastor's dream at around the 20 minute and 30 second mark. Just thought you might want to check this out. He had some good points. It really eased my mind on some things.

    3. Could you put the link please because I can't find it and i would like to listen, thank you in advance

    4. Thank you Pastor Rich... I appreciate it

      Also I have another question what do you say about a YouTube pastor names Tim Henderson...I feel uneasy when I watch his videos maybe it’s the Holy Spirit but I feel fear when I hear his videos. Fear is not of God so I test the spirits. He has repeatedly promoted people who set dates and he more or less does that as well. Anyway just thought I’d ask your thoughts. I apologize if I’m bugging I know you are busy.

    5. I honestly don't know Pastor Tim so cannot comment. The only watchman that I do frequent with regularity on YT is Paul Dawson. Some time ago I decided to listen for what the Spirit had to say and see what turned up in my own study rather than following others.

      We have been instructed to keep awake and watch. I cannot abide someone saying that the harpazo will happen on a specific day with certainty. Not without absolute proof of divine inspiration. I do abide with seeing where the data and facts take you as they tend to suggest dates. I do not believe there is a question we cannot take to God.

      Even so, who said I would be here to see the Day? I may have already gone Home and if not; I am just as happy to continue working in my Master's fields.

      My time here has immersed me in the Word in so many special ways. It's overwhelming the things that I am shown sometimes. There's just not enough time to chase each lead down. Not at this point in my life.

      My hope is that you, my brothers and sisters, are inspired to look into these things for yourselves. To share the good news and confidently point others to Christ.

      Don't look back and keep the faith. All glory to GOD.

      Keep looking UP!

    6. Carole,

      All apologies that it's taken this long to share the link you asked for. Ty Green has a GREAT recap of the video in question. You will find that here,

      TyGreen - Did You Hear What This Pastor Said?

  31. DREAMS? How about paying attention to the real life nightmare playing out on the streets of America regarding death to Israel? Published in Jerusalem Post:
    Jerusalem Post Arab Israeli Conflict
    American protestors chant 'Death to Israel' at US Day of Rage
    Pro-Palestinian 'Day of Rage' events were held in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto in early July.
    By DONNA RACHEL EDMUNDS JULY 5, 2020 21:42Calls have been made to end Israel's existence at a series of rallies held across America and Canada.
    The Pro-Palestinian group Al-Awda held a 'Day of Rage' in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami and Toronto between July 1 and 4, at which numerous calls were made for a new intifada or uprising against the State of Israel. Speakers at the events linked the Palestinian cause to others globally, including Black Lives Matter.
    At the Brooklyn event, a speaker named Jamie, who is a pro-North Korean activist, told the crowd: "The DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea] also refuses to recognize Israel and calls it an imperialist satellite of the United States... I believe that within our lifetime, Palestine will be yours again and Korea will be one again! The United States of America and all of its puppet governments will be no more!"
    Footage of the Brooklyn rally was uploaded to the Al-Awda Facebook page, while a shorter version of excerpts was formatted by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which also translated the Arabic content.
    Speakers exp licitly called for an end to Israel. Nerdeen Kiswani of Within Our Lifetime told the crowd: "We don't want a fake Palestinian state that they give us while Israel still exists. The land that Israel exists on is still stolen. The 1948 lands are still stolen. Jaffa, Haifa and Tel Aviv - originally named Tel Rabi'a - was stolen. We don't want to just go back to our homes in Gaza and the West Bank, we want all of it!"

  32. https://expreacherman.com/




  33. Hello dear family in Jesus, is anyone aware of what is happening now for annexation? Do you have any recent news because it is already July 11 and I can't find anything anywhere that gives an update on the subject. Silence everywhere? Carole

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  34. General Richard Barrons anticipates between the lines what will be the next shutdown of Chinese-style social networks and the Internet, probably in 2021. Electronic quarantine. The government will be responsible for the biggest crackdown on communications with the National Security Excuse in the face of a electronic origin not yet announced.

    Military expert in the new war: "In this way, you can bring all European countries to their knees in just 14 days." "Former British General Richard Barrons tells SPIEGEL Politik that wars are not necessary or nuclear warheads. He considers the combination of sniper rifles, cyber attacks and social media to be much more dangerous.

    SPIEGEL: Mr. Richard, are you currently suffering from insomnia?

    Barrons: Yes, the world is changing so dramatically that sometimes I fall asleep.

    SPIEGEL: Because of the coronavirus crisis?

    Baronns: The changes have existed before, but the pandemic has radically accelerated this process. Covid-19 acts as a global and strategic shock that has a massive impact on Europe's security and prosperity. And you know what worries me? VIDEO Euronews

    SPIEGEL: Tell us.

    Barrons: How long we are behind these changes. We have believed for too long that others will leave us Europeans alone, and that we can talk freely about the state of the EU, the euro or Brexit.

    SPIEGEL: But in reality

    Barrons:… We live in a world where the Chinese no longer set the tone, but the Americans. If the coronavirus crisis has shown anything clear, it is that China is on its way to global power, while the US is withdrawing. The predictable world of the West, as we know it from the Cold War, now belongs to the past. Many pillars that guarantee our security and prosperity will be broken. And there could be a big fight between China and the United States.

    Four-star General Sir Richard Barrons, 61, was one of six British Armed Forces chiefs of staff until his retirement in 2016. Throughout his long career, he has commanded operations in Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Iraq. and Afghanistan. Barrons is considered one of the most important leaders of military thought in his country.


    He considers… "the combination of sniper rifles, cyber attacks and social media, is much more dangerous."

    For this, they will need a very strong excuse as now with covid 19 and quarantine to justify blocking the internet. They will probably refer to a global electricity problem due to the attack of a more advanced computer virus than stuxnet or sauron, or Fepmis. Or more likely another electromagnetic war that will bring down all 4 and 5G networks. And it does not necessarily have to come from the confrontation of the blocs, but from the electromagnetic electronic terrorism of ISIS delivered by us we know by whom. And maybe through an electronic sweep of laser satellites such as THORN successfully tested for the first time in Taijin China and in the burning of thousands of hectares of forest in Spain, Portugal and California.

    The post office, telegraphs and government booths will be full of queues such as rations and banks. The collapse of electronic and telephone networks will set the government in motion for secure public lines in the Post Office and mobile phone companies in autonomous military trucks and from telephone companies for this purpose. Letters in the mailbox as in the past will again be the means of communication during electronic quarantine.

    These are measures which, since all the countries of the world already have a very complete military and armament structure, and no doubt those of the NOM want war at all costs, since they have organized for biological warfare and then cyber warfare or war. electronic, given that destruction with modern weapons would be apocalyptic, and the shadow government cannot but generate them for its interests of power and control.

  35. The first rehearsal of restriction of liberties with covid 19 provided the New World Government with practical knowledge about the degree of resistance in the streets and on social media.

    The second will be a test of lack of communication, alienation and isolation: we will be forbidden to meet (something that has already been implemented with Covid 19 and the ridiculous phases of dubious success, when we will be closed again in the fall). Achieving the cessation of communications through a power outage and blocking social networks with the launch of phase 1 of a communications monitoring program, blocking and deleting groups, and a list of a thousand forbidden words. All communications will be censored as walking the streets. Something we used to imagine science fiction, now we live and we will live as a daily reality.

    If with the covid quarantine 19 we noticed the stress that these measures cause people, imagine if they add to a new quarantine in the fall, the cessation of social networks. Many people who are not used today to exchanging conversations other than on networks, and who no longer have them, will enter a ZOMBIE PHASE stress that they will perform with 5G and fumigant aerosols to inhibit the TOM 1 protein.

    One of the phenomena that has occurred most with forced imprisonment in the home is irascibility not only in every family and home, but also in social networks that have measured dissatisfaction. The reduction of electronic communications will have devastating effects, because we have gone through social networks and whats up, from the collective effect of information and behavior, to an isolation that we will see, individually and without knowing what to do, more than the government's instructions in electronic warfare. Only the toxic preparatory televisions of NOM will work. At this stage, the start of microchip marking may be imposed by mandatory vaccines (nanochips and smartwines), or directly chip, and hospitalization in zombie camps. It must release fumigants so that this has the desired effect on the insular cerebral cortex and the cortex in the previous chapter with inhibitors of the TOM 1 protein associated in small amounts with the origin of Alzheimer's.

    this article is translated with google translate. I did not find a similar article in English, it is very true ...

    I hope the Lord Jesus comes soon.

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  39. https://summit.news/2020/08/03/melbourne-lockdown-police-can-enter-homes-without-a-warrant-to-carry-out-spot-checks/



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