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The Great Conjunction, Revelation 12:4, and Our Red Sea Moment

The Unsealed crew are coming to you today with another video on the Great Conjunction, Hanukkah, and all that's about to transpire.  We have some eye-opening information to share with you about how Revelation 12:4–5 seems to be playing out right before our eyes.

Sources and Articles for Further Study:

Pliny the Elder, "The Natural History" (Book 7, Chapter 57, Verse 27)


Luis Vega:

Charts from Dan Matson at Watch for the Day:

1. Judgment on Egypt Theme: “Come Out of Her My People”:

2. Independence Day/Great Conjunction/Hanukkah:


Gary: Hello brothers and sisters it's Gary and Jeff again coming to you with some more exciting information about what we believe is another major sign showing just how close our departure is we're going to unpack quite a bit but my prayer is that the words of our mouth and the intent of our heart will bring glory to God keep looking up amen and I gotta say—Jeff—they managed to get that hole in their roof fixed this week.

Jeff: That's right take that tornado!

Gary: Well tonight I just wanted to start off by talking a little bit about kind of the big picture the overview of the signs in the heavens that really started in about 2016 and I think are concluding in 2027 2028 showing us that we really are it's happening now this is go time so let me share Stellarium with you in 2016 Jupiter entered the womb of Virgo so the trapezoidal four stars here that compose what is like a womb and that happened after comet Borisov came out of the loins of Leo the lion entered her womb as Jupiter across that threshold and then of course Jupiter eventually entered retrograde and so it circled through her womb for about nine and a half months exiting her womb in September of 2017. that was the great sign of course on September 23rd we had the nine principal stars of Leo plus Venus mars and mercury forming a crown of 12 stars we had the sun clothing Virgo we had the moon under her feet and then Jupiter exiting the womb after that nine and a half month retrograde so the 2016 insemination the pregnancy the birth and this was the picture of labor that scripture foretold in the first two verses of Revelation 12. but also on September 23rd it just so happens that Saturn was right where you might picture the leg of Ophiuchus and this is the constellation which portrays Christ in combat with the serpent so it's sort of like a picture of Genesis 3:15. and then I speculated in 2018 that we may have seen a picture of the next sign so in the first two verses you have a great sign in heaven and then in verse 3 of Revelation 12 you have another sign not a great sign but a sign of a great red dragon which I speculated was on October 8th and the reason was there was sort of a freak drake in his meteor shower where there was up to 200 meteors coming down per hour and over the course of that whole meteor shower it may have appeared that about one third of the visible stars in the sky were falling to the earth and I think it's interesting that there's 88 constellations in the sky picturing all kinds of different things yet all the ones that portray serpents or dragons are all right around Virgo so you have hydra here just kind of parallel with her over here and then if you imagine it crosses through cancer and the lynx then you have Draco the dragon the whirling serpent and then where the drake in the meteor shower was coming down and then there's a constellation Hercules here which shows him in combat with a multi-headed serpent so the head sort of diverge at this point and they come through Ophiuchus and Ophiuchus is also he's battling with a serpent so both these constellations show figures battling with these giant dragons or serpents with multiple heads and right at the feet of Virgo is a constellation called Serpens right here which happens to have exactly seven principal stars one two three four five six seven and of course in Revelation 12 the dragon has seven heads and on his seven heads there's seven crowns so it just so happens that right above the seven heads of Serpens is constellation corona borealis which has look at this exactly seven stars one two three four five six seven so you have the seven stars of serpents right at the feet Virgo the seven stars of corona borealis and it happens right here where you have these constellations that portray multi-headed serpents in combat with divine figures like Hercules in the in the pagan mythology is a you know half man half God but in the biblical cosmology it's really Christ these are pictures of Christ in combat with Satan and on September 23rd as I mentioned Saturn was here and so he's crushing the head of the serpent in that picture but the bigger picture is that you have this giant red dragon wrapped around Virgo and she's giving birth to the male child in 2017 and then 2018 there was this huge meteor shower and there was other meteor showers happening at the same time like the Sextantids and the Orion and so I speculated well maybe that was a picture of the verse after the great sign.

Jeff: Yeah, the star remember a stamp of approval was hurricane Michael standing up right around the same time as drake Draconid meteor shower.

Gary: Yeah, it happened at the same time as Hurricane Michael standing up and that's in Revelation 12 you have the war in heaven with Michael versus Satan so now I thought well perhaps that was a picture of Revelation 12:3 and 4 but what I think we're seeing is that verse 4 which is after Satan's been cast down in the in the sign aspect of things he stands ready to devour the child the moment the child is born and I think that is actually happening right now this year in December so we're going to talk about that but as the story plays out Jupiter is in libra in 2018 but you know it's been birthed it's coming through and it continues to travel and then toward the end of 2019 it enters the constellation Sagittarius and I've said this before you probably heard me say this I wrote some articles on this but Sagittarius I think is a really perfect depiction of the first seal so the first seal describes a rider on a horse who's given a bow and given a crown and he goes out to conquer and most dispensationalist commentators would say that this represents the antichrist it's the first real depiction of the antichrist in the book of Revelation and a separate depiction of the antichrist is in Revelation 13 the beast rising up out of the sea and Satan after being cast down gives his power and authority to the beast and so this crown that the antichrist is given in Revelation 6 is sort of a picture of that authority being given to him by Satan to go out and conquer and so Sagittarius is really just a perfect depiction of that he's he is a rider on a horse with a bow with a crown and in Revelation 13 the beast rising out of the sea has 10 horns and the crowns are on his horns and corona australis right here is exactly 10 principal stars so let's fast forward to where we are right now Jupiter is getting closer and closer to Saturn as I mentioned I think Saturn is a picture of Satan so we're going to talk about that a little bit more in detail but coming up in December is a great conjunction between these two planets where they'll be 0.1 degree apart in the sky so that's roughly if you're looking up at the sky that's about one-fifth the diameter of the moon as it would appear so they'll be really close and if you just glance up there they'll almost appear to be touching so it's a really close conjunction it's the closest in some sources say 400 years some say 800 years but either way this is definitely something to be looking at in Revelation 12:4 Satan's been cast down he's waiting to devour the child we've already seen that Jupiter is a picture of both Christ and the church and he's getting closer and closer to this wide open mouth the jaws of the dragon right between a constellation that could very well represent the antichrist and Capricorn the horned goat Capricorn is actually Latin for the horn goat and if you've seen pictures of Satan you know how is he depicted he's depicted as Baphomet the horn goat so you have a picture of both Satan and the antichrist the church truly is between a rock and a hard place.

Jeff: It's dark it's a dark place yeah dark place to be yeah let me just add something Gary when would you look out at the evening sky after sunset especially where Gary and I live in the northern hemisphere it is amazing to see right now to go out every night and to see these two planets inching ever closer and really from where we view things from earth it really does look like Jupiter is on the lower end and Saturn is is faint in the sky but it still looks like Saturn is actually descending upon Jupiter. Jupiter is brighter of course—we are. We have Christ in us and we're brighter, but Saturn representing Satan is actually coming down from above, so really truly [looks like a] fallen angel coming to devour Jupiter.

Gary: Yeah, good thoughts Jeff, so backing up a couple days to the 14th I mentioned this last week but on the 14th it's the middle of Hanukkah so Hanukkah begins on December 10th 11th and ends about the 18th so just a few days before the great conjunction which I think is the picture of Revelation 12 4 and we're getting you know inching ever closer to the dragon but the 14th middle of Hanukkah it's also the at the yearly anniversary of the day that the ark was lifted up above the flood waters so some have speculated that get on the ark day or flood day could be a picture of the rapture that makes a lot of sense but it could very well be it's the day that the ark was actually lifted up as the flood waters rose above the earth because the flood and the ark those were pictures of what's to come the flood being the tribulation the ark being Christ and those that have placed their faith in him they board the ark they're lifted up into heaven and this year that's right in the middle of Hanukkah right before the great conjunction right between the Great American Solar Eclipse in august of 2017 when Kushner jetted off to the middle east to lay the groundwork for the vision for peace as well as the Abraham Accords and the great American solar eclipse that's coming up in April of 2024 so this is right in the middle of that and this past week I also learned that there happens to be another total solar eclipse happening on this very day going across south America so south America you might say is having their own great eclipse great south American eclipse so that's really interesting to me I'm not saying the rapture is going to happen on the 14th but I think we're seeing these pictures playing out it's inching very close so definitely something to be watching out for and then one other thing that's really intriguing about the 14th is that it happens to be the day that the meteor shower called the Geminids is occurring and the Geminids each year is the biggest meteor shower of the year and is happening peaking on the 14th of December so there's a lot of things pointing to this day at least as a day of a sign it's still a significant day in that sense even if it's not the day of the rapture but I think we're inching really close to it so the Geminids are going to be peaking and there could be as many as 180 200 shooting stars per hour so when I was kind of researching all these things I stumbled upon a very early Christian apologetic called the Apology of Aristides so this was composed around 125 AD by a Christian leader in Asia Minor and check this out he's writing to emperor Hadrian and he's writing in defense of Christianity and why the pagan mythology of the time was false; he wrote: “Let us proceed further to their account of their gods that we may carefully demonstrate all that is said above first of all the Greeks bring forward as a God Kronos that is to say qin or Saturn and his worshipper sacrificed their children to him and they burned some of them alive in his honor and they say that he took to him among his wives Rhea and begat many children by her by her two he begat Dios who was called Zeus and at length he Kronos went mad and through fear of an oracle that had been made known to him he began to devour his sons and from him Zeus was stolen away without his knowledge and at length Zeus bound him and mutilated the signs of his manhood and flung them into the sea and hence as they say in fable there was engendered Aphrodite,” and so forth, so get this picture: this was basic Greco-Roman mythology at the time that John composed the book of Revelation that the progenitor, the first God in their mythology Kronos, which was represented by the star Saturn, produced a chief male offspring Zeus who would eventually overthrow him and become king of the gods and Kronos devoured his children and was going to devour Zeus but Zeus was stolen away and escaped so this is obviously like a pagan mythology but think about how the readers in the churches in Asia Minor would have interpreted Revelation when they were reading when they got to Revelation 12 and they read about Satan being cast down and waiting to devour a child represented by Jupiter that represents Christ in the church they would have pictured this in their mind and so in a sense what was a pagan mythology is being clarified by John that really the picture is Satan represented in the sky by Saturn waiting to devour Jupiter which represents the church so in my humble opinion I think this really confirms some of our speculations particularly that Saturn is the star that represents Satan and this means that this great conjunction coming up really could very well be Revelation 12:4.

Jeff: Well thank you Gary thank you for showing that overview especially from where we were to where we are now and really I do think that this is the storyline from Revelation 12:1 to where we want to go Revelation 12 5. we're all looking for the event of Revelation 12:5 this birth and snatching up harpazo of the male child to God's throne and so really you have shown us where we were in 2016/2017 we saw Jupiter and doing a tango even with Saturn this this dance and it's getting to a point now where it's a crescendo and it's really the final showdown and even Saturn was hanging out in Sagittarius almost as if it was empowering Sagittarius that crown right around the time of what was released back in December 2019 that has now changed the world and is setting the stage and so now as we're nearing the great conjunction like you said I've seen reports of 1623 haven't seen it close or 800 years it's like 1226 you know there are some articles now saying we haven't seen anything like this in 800 years so this is so significant and especially because the day that the closest point that Jupiter and Saturn will be together that it falls on the winter solstice December 21st it's the darkest day in the northern hemisphere the shortest amount of daylight and it's the beginning of winter truly a change in season also known in the ancient times as a gateway and you know all the solstices right knowing that it's just a change they know it's a a transition of sorts so definitely seems to be a very key time marker all right Gary so you had mentioned Amos 5:26 I'm just going to take a closer look at that so everyone can see it on the screen and here is this word that we saw in the Apology of Aristides yeah right here it's transliterated here but the Hebrew text, the Masoretic text, says Chiun, and the Greek translation is actually what we find in a very key text in the New Testament Acts 7. This is Stephen's address and we actually see Stephen who is speaking to Israel as a whole kind of like the last stand okay before Paul arises okay it's almost like their last chance to repent and I will not we know it's not the final but as far as the transition from the church age from you know Old Testament New Testament well right here we see you know how is it that Saturn how is it that Israel could worship Saturn or the god associated with Saturn right it may be baffling to us like in the days of Amos like that's just what we read was that Amos was relaying God's message about when they were in the wilderness because there's the context in the wilderness 40 years old house of Israel you took up the house of your king this god Saturn which we know now this word Chiun is associated with Saturn the star of your god that you made for yourselves and we think well how is it that they could do that well Stephen tells us that God turned and gave them up to do the service to the host of heaven worship the host of heavens it was actually the result of God's judgment sort of like what we read in Romans 1 where God giving over someone is an indicator that they've already left God you know they first been unfaithful so he gives them up over to the worship of that which is created and so this is what we see with Israel is that because of their departure from God their unfaithfulness he gives them up over to the worship of the host of heaven and one of the hosts of heaven that we see in our sky today is Saturn and just so happens that what Gary was really trying to hammer home is the fact that Saturn is in the bible that we're trying to make the connection and trace this thread connects the dots between what we find here in Amos 5:26 what is repeated in Acts 7 right here and you took up the dwelling places of Moloch the star of your god remphan which is the LXX it's the Greek translation of kiln or Saturn and I did a little research into it and it might be that the Greek translators didn't think that the Hebrews at the time when they were writing in Alexandria Egypt would know what Chiun was so they probably either translated it from an Egyptian deity associated with Saturn or it could be just a code word related to healer rephaim nobody really knows you can research it nobody knows what remphan really means but it's probably one of those two options that it's probably either an Egyptian deity associated with Saturn or it is just code like the Hebrews do and it's related to hey which is or the word associated with healers and I'm going to get into that too because there is also a connection between what we read in in Amos 5:26 Acts 7 and then Revelation 3:9 where Jesus says behold I give from the synagogue of Satan those saying themselves to be Jews but are not but lie I will make them come and bow before your feet so they may know I loved you so this is one of those topics though that gets many people in trouble when they bring up the synagogue of Satan because you're automatically labeled anti-semitic if you make any kind of association yeah with what Jesus actually says is just what we just read in Amos 5:26 in Acts 7 Stephen was basically saying the same thing that because of their associated with Saturn and now we're making the connection between Saturn and Satan they were and had become a synagogue a house of Saturn of Satan and it's right here in Revelation 3 right before Revelation 3:10 the escape the rapture the pre-tribulational rapture verse right before that verse is Jesus talking about this synagogue of Satan and this is where also things get a little dark but you know Saturn has this hexagon this is common knowledge amongst many of our brothers and sisters they already know about this I mean the Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun it has a six-sided storm on the north pole the hexagon and the Israeli flag that they have adopted the modern state of Israel the Zionist movement is literally a star a hexagon star it is a one two three four five six sided hexagon and it is a star they claim it is the star of David but what we know from scripture that ancient Israel was even worshiping Saturn and even made an image and God even said the star of your god this is troubling this is troubling but it makes it be the star of foreign.

Gary: Like it's the Jews are truly Jews and I'll take anybody to task for saying that those that are gathered to Israel are not ethnically Jewish, but they have been gathered in unbelief and they clearly are not following the lord so I think you're really on to something.

Jeff: Yeah, we just want to be clear that we affirm what Paul says in romans 9 that not all Israel is Israel there is a remnant within what we see on the surface and the same goes true for the church that you can't just tell based on bricks and mortar or just because we slap a label on something you can't see the heart only God can and so just because we have something called the state of Israel doesn't mean that everybody who's a citizen they're ethnically Jewish or born in Israelite is whom God considers the Israel of God this this is just something to reckon with because we're showing you the threat in scripture there and we're really trying to make the connection here with the planet Saturn that what we're seeing right now what's coming up what's really right before us is the planet Saturn representing Satan who is known in the Greco-Roman mythology as devouring his own children is seeking to devour Jupiter the male child and that's Revelation 12 4. so trying to really connect the dots to say that we are coming up to a huge crossroads here where God is going to need to act to rescue us okay I just I wanted to go back to the constellation Sagittarius because you know the grand conjunction is happening between the it's the dark it's a dark place right it's between the constellation Sagittarius and Capricorn the the horned goat and the centaur it's like man what a bad place to be here on the butt end of the centaur and my mouth the horn boat is ready to eat you like it's about to go it's time to go we got we got problems on earth we need to get out of here got we got some problems okay we're in need of a rescue so I also wanted to hammer home and in case anybody was like what how do we know Sagittarius is the Revelation 6 antichrist the writer on the white horse and I'm also going to say this is this is in the bible too so check this out Sagittarius the Greek word for Sagittarius is toxotase the Latin is more familiar it comes from the Latin sagitta which means arrow and it means archer and Latin but toxotase is actually very interesting because as we know New Testament is written in Greek well this word toxotase yes so the Greek word tuxotase we don't have in the New Testament but actually what we do have is where toxotes comes from it comes from the word toxon and the only place in the New Testament where you find this word is in Revelation 6 2. so think about it the time period that John is writing that constellation in the sky is known as toxo taste the archer but it stems from the word toxin in the only place in the New Testament where you find this word is in Revelation 6 2. this word is used in the Greek Old Testament the first place it's used is in reference to God's bow that he put in the sky after the flood the rainbow as a sign of his covenant now that was my understanding up until this point that this word toxon was talking about the false peace and it could still relate to the the false peace covenant of the antichrist however I also think that because of its association with Sagittarius the half-man half-beast centaur I mean that's what he is in the common understanding he is a centaur Greek mythology associates Sagittarius with the centaur Chiron who was known as the wisest injustice of all centaurs isn't that sweet okay so check this out half man half beast and we know the antichrist is going to be a counterfeit Christ. Christ is the God-Man the ultimate “hybrid.” Well the antichrist is also going to be a hybrid and that is exactly what Sagittarius is a hybrid creature now I found this in Pliny the Elder's work, Pliny the Elder was writing in AD 23 to about 80/79 and he said this: “The Egyptians will have it that the medical art was first discovered among them while others attributed to Erebus the son of Babylonis and Apollo; botany and pharmacy are ascribed to Chiron the son of Saturn.”

Gary: Okay—antichrist the son of Satan.

Jeff: Yes, pharmacy—pharmakeia, ascribe to Chiron, the centaur Sagittarius, the son of Satan—Saturn. This is Pliny the Elder writing in the first century during the time of the biblical authors, so he's saying and associating this centaur as a son of Saturn, so we have that connection, but we also have the pharmakeia connection and so another interesting thing about this word talks on is that this is where we get our word toxic from this is where we get our word toxic from look just google toxic and look at the etymological origin you can trace it from Latin as well from the Greek toxicus to Latin toxicum poison from the Greek toxicon and they even put pharmacon on there because it was poison for arrows usually that's what it is associated with and it comes from ultimately our word toxon; [Jeff pulls out a plastic syringe] now I took this from my daughter's Doc McStuffins kit, but I want you to think about, think about something for a second, what does this remind you of okay when you pull back and then you shoot okay that is what the planet Saturn has been hovering around and then that is where the grand conjunction is taking place it's highlighting this rider on a white horse who's a hybrid half man and half beast he's been crowned given a bow it's everything that is in Revelation 6:2. we have everything pictured there and what's the purpose of him given all these things is so that he may conquer he may go out right out to conquer but first before he can do that which is why we're between a rock and a hard place because we know the stage is being set and it's crunch time so we really are we're nearing the final moments according to what we believe the signs in the heavens that God has already placed right there for us to interpret but just the closer we get we believe more light has been shed on what we're seeing.

Gary: And let's not forget that he's given a crown in most translations the Greek word is stephanos but the synonym in Greek is korone, in Latin as corona—corona! We have the coronavirus here and he's given a crown he's given a korone to conquer and right at the feet of Sagittarius is this 10 star crown, Corona Australis I believe, so he has this crown that he's been given to conquer he has the bow we see this picture and it's an end times picture of the antichrist the son of Satan so to speak who's now been given a pow his power and authority to go out and conquer he's coming after the church and Satan is coming after the church the antichrist is hidden he is not yet revealed he will not be revealed until we are gone so we are really close I think I think you know we can get unsettled when we see dates that we had our hope and expectation and come and go but we are really close and I think this is the worst possible time not to be watching not to be expectant so for me personally the next three weeks or so is the highest watch time of my whole life by far and there's so many things pointing to now and even some of the things that we've been talking about Jeff wrote the article about the third day birthday that still fully applies it's here right now this is the third year since the Revelation 12 sign and if you think back to the star of Bethlehem how that played out particularly in the Rick Larson scenario which I pretty much fully agree with I think that Jesus may have been conceived around Hanukkah and John it says and God became flesh he made us dwelling among us so it could have very well been on Hanukkah when he was conceived born in September of 3 BC but he wasn't an infant when the wise men arrived in Bethlehem he was maybe a toddler so the thinking is that the wise men actually entered Bethlehem right around the end of December maybe even December 25th which was when Jupiter entered retrograde over Bethlehem so just think about that that would have been the time frame when Herod would have ordered based on the testimony of the magi the killing of all the sons all the male children under two would have could have very well been in the December time frame of 2 BC at that point and here we are in the December time frame of 2020 with another male sun the mystical body of Christ ready to be born into heaven and Satan and the antichrist are coming after us we're between a rock and a hard place so this really is kind of a red scene moment so to speak so I just wanted to share with you if you don't know the lord now is the time don't put it off really don't put it off everyone who calls upon the name of the lord will be saved everyone not some everyone who calls upon the name of the lord will be saved and no one can snatch us out of his hand anybody that tells you that someone can or that you can that's a false gospel so choose him now put your faith in him now is the time I think we're out of here soon, so Amen.

Jeff: Amen. And to further add to what Gary was saying that we're coming upon a time that reminds us of John chapter 10 like he was saying Jesus mentions no one can snatch us from his hand there and that is their word harpazo that is ironic is that around that time it was Hanukkah it was almost like a steven moment they had their stones and he's saying no one no one can snatch us just as they were not able to get him in that moment he escaped the same thing for those of us who are in Christ the enemy's not going to be able to ultimately do what he wants to here with the body of Christ and for further reading about this great conjunction I also wanted to mention I will post it in the article but Lu Vega has actually done a very detailed job if you really want to read up on this great conjunction and all the significance especially from the knowing your enemy standpoint about what this entails and he covers all the bases so I'll put the link there and wanted to definitely echo the haunted world before we even get to the December 21st we've we still got to see what God is going to do through the Hanukkah season because there are still some really key things that we we've pointed out but there was something interesting Gary that I found about the number 1211. That the 1211 number that that even dan brother dan had put a chart together showing that it was 1,211 days from the great American solar eclipse to the midpoint where we're coming upon 1214 to the other eclipse that crosses us in 2024 and then it's also 1,211 days from that point to the Egypt eclipse in 2027 so there's this 12 but here it gets it gets crazier too because I also found that the time of Truman’s phone call when president Truman called over in Israel to affirm the declaration of independence it was 12:11 am Israeli time in Jerusalem so it was like it was like 6:11 pm in dc but it was 12:11 am in Jerusalem at that time so there's that 1211 thing going on that's really deep there's some layers but I just wanted to throw that out there that it's associated with breaking away and the independence of the nation you know we're waiting for that too for when are we going to break away when are we going to experience our exodus and a friend of mine shared this with me today perfect timing brother in Christ Stephen and I'll close with this [Music] from Michael Heiser's book The Unseen Realm he actually shared something about what God did with Israel that time that applies to what he's doing with the church right now the Israelites were asking themselves where is God where is Yahweh when God decided to send them into hostile territory with their backs up against the wall all that worked to get them out of where they were comfortable to take them to the point of the red sea with the Egyptian army bearing down on them [Music] but pharaoh and his people in all the nations ask the different question who is Yahweh who is this God that Israel needs to go worship so badly go up the mount you know well they would find out the hard way who this God is the reason Israel had to go to this point was that they knew it wasn't sufficient that Israel knew that Yahweh was the most high among gods but that Israel was his in the Israelis portion the other nations had to know that as well scripture makes it clear that Israel's deliverance had that effect Israel was in Egypt so that Yahweh could deliver them and then communicate that to everyone and so the lord is doing that with us right now he's taking us uncomfortably close to the edge to the breaking point and it is uncomfortable and it is because we can see all the things that the tribulation speaks of beginning to line up it's like the enemy is armoring up and it does look like he's ready to pull the trigger to devour but we're going to have our exodus and unlike a centralized locale in Egypt in the Sinai peninsula it's going to be a global exodus it will be God acting in a major earth-shaking way to fulfill Revelation 12:5 which is next.
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  1. This whole thing is just amazing. I'm just so dumbfounded to believe that we are the last generation before Jesus comes to rapture his bride. Amazing! I can't wait to meet my brothers and sisters in the air with Jesus at the Last Trump!

  2. Interesting video, theres a lot to mull over here. I'll need to watch it a few more times. What stood out was that Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun and the star of David has six points.


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  5. Thank you, Gary and Jeff!! That was amazing and so encouraging!!! 😁

  6. ...and 12/14 is seven (7) days in advance of 12/21. Great overview guys!

    1. It is also very interesting that the 6th Seal which seems like the rapture event states that the sun turned black as sack cloth. seems like a solar eclipse to me... just a thought

    2. Lyndsey, I think your correct as I've been thinking about and studying the Olivet Discourse and the six seals and how they line up. If you think about Revelation chapter 12, Matthew 24:29, Daniel 8:10, and Revelation 6:12-13. In Revelation 6:9 we see souls under the Altar. The don't have resurrected bodies. Rev. Chapter 7:9 we see the great multitude. I've been a pre tribe guy for years, but from what the Bible is telling me the rapture is pre wrath. Read Isaiah chapter 24 through chapter 26. And remember Matthew 24:4, Mark 13:5, Luke 21:8, and 2nd Thessalonians 2:3. Happy hunting. I know others may disagree with that, but once I seen it I can't reconcile a pretrib rapture.

    3. I am a pre-trib believer, however I've been leaning to the possibility that the seals aren't part of the Tribulation. I read an article on daniel11truth that gave explanations how the seals 1-5 have taken place over our history and that the 6 th seal is rapture and the 7th seal begins the Tibulation. I could be wrong and I will dive into the scriptures you referenced to see where it leads me.

  7. Thank you a thousand times my dear brothers for this encouragement! MARANATHA!!!

    1. Jesus loves you, Carole. Hang in there. The joy of the LORD is your strength!

  8. This is so good ! Once again you guys are right on time with all watch points! I see people wearing that star of remphan and it disturbs me greatly . I'm called to mind " those who say they are jews and are not, they are of the synagogue of satan" Ashkenazi's - That star was also adopted by Rothchild.

    1. Their six pointed star also turns into their new-age cabal cube....coming soon.

  9. One other tidbit about being between a rock and a hard place is the vaccine. It is suppose to be rolled out on December 15th. It's a well known fact that this vaccine will change the recipients DNA using the crisper technology and making the receiver no longer a creation of God. Thereby making them no longer eligible to enter the Kingdom of Heaven even if a Christian took it by accident. Guess what I am saying is that the timing of the rapture would seem to have to be before this vaccine is rolled out. Then, there is the prophecy of Psalms 90:10 that appears to draw a line in the sand as well. For it to have prophetic merit, the rapture must take place before Israel's 74th anniversary. One other tidbit: I have been hearing reports that Nibiru is now visible with the naked eye in the northern hemisphere and its wings can be seen clearly with a little magnification. Exciting days we are living in.

    1. “It’s a well known fact...” lol

      You’ve been reading too many Sci Fi novels or watching too many bizarre YouTube videos competing for your attention. Stick to God’s word, brother!

    2. If there was anything in creation that could destroy a person's salvation, the devil would have rolled it out a very long time ago, were he so permitted. Nothing can snatch us from the Father's hands if we are saved by the blood of the Lamb. God has plenty of options for nullifying the effects of a vaccine, plus we are told that the flesh counts for nothing.

      I agree with Paul that nothing can keep us from the love of God... Not a vaccine, not being vaporized by a nuclear bomb or volcanic eruption, not cremation, not even believing false doctrines if deep down you truly believe the Gospel. If you have fulfilled the Gospel requirements, you will be saved!

    3. Kris, a wonderful word! I agree with you. I am curious how you would respond to those who would say to "...nothing can keep us from the love of God, not a vaccine, not being vaporized..." (etc.) but how about a MARK? (I know folks who would ask this.) To me, it demonstrates that a Christian (one of the remnant saints who come to Christ after the harpazo) will not be able to take the mark. Thoughts?

    4. Agree. The situation we have here probably reflects the signs taking place in Heaven. Satan tries to hinder our rapture, and we see the direction of all these events around us. And this is a gift from the Lord so that we can see all this and keep watching and looking up. Everything is developing very quickly. We are at the Red Sea, which is about to open! Thanks for this wonderful video, Gary and Jeff! Maranatha!

    5. When I look at the passage about the mark of the beast... I notice that the Seal of the Living God is in the forehead. It's about beliefs. We are saved by faith, not by works. If the seal was also placed on the hand, it would be a strong symbol that we need to have some kind of works with our belief. True faith will have an effect on an individual. They will change direction in some manner. I do believe that even without works they are saved though. My 'evidence' is the repentant thief on the cross. The only 'work' he really did was open his mouth and confess his belief in Jesus.

      The mark of the beast on the other hand is either in the hand or the forehead. The hand is often associated with works. This mark must be something that can be believed and acted upon. It is most definitely a false gospel. A vaccine or a chip/barcode can be broken or removed, even chopped off. Even if the people who designed it have it able to 'control minds' or whatever, couldn't God break that control a number of ways? Can't God fix DNA or keep it from damage? Sure, I will be proactive and avoid taking these things, but if they knock me out and tie me down and force it, I will not be worried that they stole my salvation.

      No... I will refuse whatever philosophy or religion they come up with to try and replace my Lord Jesus. They can keep their evolution and false sciences and poisons. Our God can defeat all of that if needed. Even create multiple realities as easily as parting the Red Sea. Or whatever He decides to do. We must merely be ready to go when the trumpet blows. Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!

    6. Hi Hillary... hope the young Mum is doing well and getting some sleep now! : )

      it is pretty clear in the Bible that you can't take THE mark and be saved Rev 14:9-11 (that is the real coming Mark of the beast, I am not talking about current vaccinations/chips etc) so true believers will show the reality of their faith by not taking it. Those who only profess to believe will take it... the pressure will be too great. We should also note that in the truly radical events of that day, even an angel declares both the gospel Rev 14:6 and the consequences of taking the mark VERY clearly to all on the earth so there are no gray lines or anyone mistakenly taking the mark without knowing what it means... EVERYONE will be clear on the eternal consequences!)

      As a different thought worth pondering, Jack Kelley believes that Eternal Security in salvation starts and ends with the church age and that believers during the tribulation, not having the Holy Spirit as a permanent indwelling resident, have to endure to the end to be saved (Matt 24:12-13). He makes some valid points:


      Either way it makes one blessed to be a true believer NOW!
      God Bless! : )

  10. Incredible info and amazing insight. I have to add my two cents and affirm with Gary and Jeff by pointing out that there is a hurricane-like storm at Saturn’s South Pole with a well-developed eye, ringed by towering clouds. This reminds us of the all-seeing eye found on the American dollar bill symbolizing the "Novus Ordo Seclorum," or the "New World Order. The “hurricane” spans a dark area inside a thick, brighter ring of clouds. It is approximately 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles) across, or two thirds the diameter of Earth. Saturday (Saturn day) is the 6th day from Sunday and Saturn’s talisman is a 6-pointed star. Freemasonry and Judaism are symbolized by hexagrams. As Jeff pointed out, the Bible accuses wayward Jews of worshipping Saturn’s star in Amos 5:26 and Acts 7:43. We can make a pretty conclusive suggestion that the wayward Jews spoken of in Amos 5:26 and 7:43 are the very same group that are behind the implementation of the New World Order. We (the church) truly are being dragged into a precarious spot, between the proverbial "rock and a hard place" with our backs against the wall. As we all know, it is being said and pointed out by many experts in the field that there are some rather peculiar DNA messing features about these vaccines that will eventually lead directly to the DNA altering "mark of the beast, or Antichrist," a feature of the New World Order represented by the "all-seeing eye" on the South Pole of Saturn.


    It seems that we are going to be forced to take these vaccines or else, unless Christ comes to get us first, which is going to be the event we're going to see. That said, along with the signs in the heavens that Gary and Jeff have masterfully pointed out, the real, physical world manifestations of what these signs in the heavens are portending are starting to manifest. We truly are in our Exodus moment with the proverbial Pharaoh on one side and the water on the other.

    We're going home.

    1. Here comes the proverbial Pharaoh with his army ...


  11. Saggitarius ..........is/ looks like a GENETIC CORRUPTION ///// maybe NEPHILIM

  12. One other tidbit: Lazarus was raised on the 4th day of Hanukkah; which is also Dec. 14th/15.

  13. Every time you bring up the Ark day or Ark rising, I come back to Mark Correll's excellent star studies, and number 14 to be specific, concerning the lost constellation of Argo Navis (the ship) right next to the ship is Pisces (the two fish) tied and represented as being caught up in the net.



    If you want to see more here is the play list for all of them at Youtube.

    I suggest number 10 also concerning Pisces itself. :)


    🚫 🍇

    ··╱É· É·╲··

    Foxman on the Wall

  14. Very thrilling and amazing video, Gary and Jeff! I wanted to get as many points from it as possible so I watched it over a second time soon after watching it the first time. You are correct, Jeff, that we feel uncomfortable right now as the Church (Jupiter) is being squeezed between Sagittarius (the AC) and Capricorn (the goat Baphomet representing Satan). The spiritual is definitely manifesting in the physical as I have been having a difficult time with sleeping, appetite, digestion, concentration, anxiety, etc. So it looks to me like the Tribulation is right around the corner as the battle between Satan (Saturn) and the revelation of Jesus Christ (Jupiter) will soon be commencing with the sign on Dec. 21, 2020 of those two planets converging. The Church just might escape on 12/11, the beginning of Hanukkah, 3 days before the S. American solar eclipse and 10 days before the Convergence of Jupiter and Saturn. There's that 12/11 number again!! See you both soon in the skies! Maranatha!

    1. Thank you, Cascader. One thing we forgot to mention in the video to confirm the Rev. 12:4 scenario during the 12/21/2020 conjunction is that not only will Jupiter be near the devourer (Saturn), but also the planet Venus (bright morning star) will be caught in the claw of Scorpio. Thus, a double witness.

  15. I used to be an astrologer before I repented and started following Jesus. It is difficult to not feel we are bumping into astrology at times during these presentations. For what it is worth, Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, and Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn. So this would just doubly compound the inherent power of those particular energies that will be conjuncting on 12/21, at zero degrees Aquarius. Aquarius is a fixed sign, and zero degrees for a fixed sign intensifies that power immensely. So you can see the showdown coming in all it's power and glory. Jesus is King!

  16. Jupiter, Saturn Will Soon Form First Visible ‘Double Planet’ In Nearly 800 Years
    "This conjunction is exceptionally rare."

    * * * * * *





  17. Great presentation guys! Thanks!

  18. Awesome presentation. We certainly are experiencing the physical ramifications of what is depicted. So hopeful!😇

  19. Outstanding, my brothers. Goosebump-inducing. Thank you! Praise God!!!

  20. We know about Jupiter and the wound of Christ.
    WHAT significance is there to Saturn, as the cosmic representation of Satan, to the planet having "rings" or a diadem?

  21. Thank you Gary and Jeff. Just amazing stuff. I've been watching this since Sept 2017 and this is just more confirmation. Looking up, maranatha.

  22. Ok, I’m 100% confused on the Israel info. Why does God tell us that whoever blesses Israel will be blessed and whoever curses Israel will be cursed? The info you provided is dark and I know they are lost. I already had a lot of questions why some Christians are Zionist and some say that is not good? Please enlighten me. Other than that , I loved every second of the presentation.

    1. Zionist is defined as this - one who believes the jews have a right to be in there land. People have adopted different definitions. So, by definition, I am a Zionist.

      Obviously we do not agree with their "religion" but we do should beleive that they have a right to their land. Those that dont agree with this are usually have a replacement theology mindset. This is incorrect. Simply read Romans 9-11 kjv.

  23. Gary and Jeff....I loved your video, and it has several divine winks in it, that we interpret differently, but nevertheless, yet another warning sign of a "bridge out ahead".... Our divergent views is do we place that sign at the bridge, or well before it. Time will tell. But I have something I would love to share, and I feel it is yet another God wink.

    I have been studying Daniel 5 a couple of weeks ago, pertaining to how Bellshazzar desecrated Gods vessels taken out of the Holy Temple. They were drinking and partying with these vessels, worshipping their gods of brass, iron etc...when that mysterious finger appeared and wrote these words upon the wall......................


    Bellshazzar summoned astrologers across the land to interpret those words, but none could. The prophet Daniel was sent for to see if he could interpret the words, and that he did indeed.

    MENE means " God hath numbered thy kingdom and finished it."

    TEKEL means " Thou are weighed in the balances, and found wanting."

    UPHARSIN means "Thy kingdom is divided."

    Gods vessels in those ancient times were desecrated and judgment came to that nation.

    Fast forward to our modern times.

    On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court legalized gay marriage. Our bodies are also a vessel of the Temple of God, and by legalizing gay marriage, is desecrating that vessel of Gods Temple, just as Bellshazzar did. And to add insult to injury,a few days after this court ruling, President Obama desecrated Gods rainbow sign to man, and bathed our White House in its sacred rainbow colors, sticking a desecrating thumb right in Gods eye.

    President Trump, as much good as he has done for this country, publically stated on the 60 Minutes show, when asked about turning over this Supreme Court decision, he said clearly and right in front of the cameras, he would not try to overturn that ruling....and also said " It is settled, and I am fine with it."

    So here we have our nations leader having the opportunity to "turn from our ways", and just saying.." I am fine with it." Enough said....

    I seldom get into number crunching, but out of my curiosity I logged on to a day calculator. I entered this very ominous date of June 26,2015....and just strictly as a hunch, not from reading or hearing this from anyone else, entered December 14, 2020...the dat the electoral college is to confirm the president elect. This date as has been noted here and elsewhere is the exact midpoint(dividing??) date between the great eclipse on August 21, 2017, and the upcoming crossing eclipse on April 8, 2024.

    My day calculator when starting at June 26, 2015, and ending with December 14, 2020 inclusive, is 1999 days. The very next day, December 15, 2020 is day 2000.

    Is anything going to happen then? I have NO idea, and nothing at all may very well be the case....but just like the Rev 12 sign on September 23, 2017 , I feel both are divine winks from God...of the coming bridge out ahead...

    Time will tell if this wink is also just like the Rev 12 sign was...a warning well before the actual bridge out ahead that time is pushing us all towards.

    In my opinion, we will see this is another "bridge out ahead" marker, placed many many months ahead. Time will soon tell if it is indeed at the bridge out, or just prior to the bridge out, or many months ahead of that bridge out ahead. Simply the most amazing time to be alive, no matter where this sign is actually placed in Gods divine timeline.

    1. Great find, Stan! This is exactly what happens with me. There is no doubt that God provides warnings. Remember, what does an eagle do when storm winds come? Eagles spread their wings and rise above it.

    2. Sharing, again, one of these observations given me is,

      12/21/20 - 40-months = 8/21/17 (Great American Solar Eclipse 1.0)
      12/21/20 + 144-days = 5/14/21 (73rd Birthday of modern Israel)

      Remember, 73 is the 21st prime.

      There is much more to this that I have yet to get organized as related to (Psalm 90:10).

      Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all!

      Jesus is the Light of the world.

  24. bless you all in JESUS


    Covid-19 vaccine: First person receives Pfizer jab in UK

    Quoting, BBC.com,

    "Margaret Keenan, who turns 91 next week, said it was the "best early birthday present".

    She was given the injection at 06:31 GMT - the first of 800,000 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine that will be dispensed in the coming weeks.

    Up to four million more are expected by the end of the month."

    Yes, this vaccine is an mRNA based serum that helps program the body to manufacture a protein found in the Coronavirus not the virus itself that the immune system may recognize and attack the invading virus.

    No, this is not the mark. It may very well be the pre-cursor to the mark but it is not yet the mark itself.

    Proper administration of the vaccine requires a booster shot in one-month and remains to be seen how long this solution may *protect* those immunized.

  26. Can Daniel 9 "70th week" be calculated based on Daniel 9 in conjunction with penalty concept experienced by Moses/spies/bad report? Moses 40 days --->40 year penalty (i.e., a year penalty for each day, applied from the beginning)? The offense in this case could be the Jews not recognizing / crucifying Jesus.

    I was Intrigued by CJ Lovik video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&reload=9&reload=9&v=Yi7DD6NCGrI) about Moses, 12 spies and 40 day scouting trip turning into 40 year penalty and how that might apply to a calculation of 70th week---see explanation at.24 - 50 minute mark in video link.. This is a big "if" and renders this post useless if wrong.

    Daniel 9:24-27 prophecy: 69 * 7 = 483 years from 457 BC decree = 27 AD (based on John's statement in John 1:29-30). Other decree years (444 BC, 445 BC and 458 BC could be researched too)

    End of Daniels 70th week = 2027.83 (video indicates summer/fall 2028)
    2520 days = 7 years left to be completed x 360 days/prophetic year
    907,200 = 2520 days x 360 days penalty
    2027.83 = (907,200 / 365.24238) - 457 BC + 1 (no "0" yr)
    Explanation is at 31 min - 34 min in video.

    Margin or error roughly +/- 1 year (due to not knowing/applying month of decree and math being off). It could be off much more if the decree year was different.

    I don't want to mislead anyone as this might not be correct...it's still a question in my own mind...truly interested in feedback and the assumptions that were made. I apologize if this should have been posted somewhere else....

    1. Very good video referenced above - highly recommend it and have shared with others. Very good biblical study in this ~45 min video.

  27. Also a curious note. If President Trump really is the symbol for the "last trump" December 14, is the day the electoral college certifies the election results.... hmmmm. And its a solar eclipse

  28. https://www.yahoo.com/news/former-israeli-space-security-chief-135211193.html


    Those of us from aviation will know this name as the first man to break the sound barrier on 10/14/47. An event that was seven (7) months to the day before the birth of Israel on 5/14/48.

    Quoting, The Aviationist,

    "Aviation legend Chuck Yeager has died at 97. Yeager is universally acknowledged as establishing the image of the jet-age test pilot, a heroic idol who had 'The Right Stuff'. His aviation career and accomplishments are so vast they are difficult to summarize.

    Chuck Yeager is most commonly recognized as the 'first pilot to break the sound barrier in level flight'. Some historical accounts suggest other pilots exceeded Mach 1 prior to Yeager’s well-documented, but at the time secretive, supersonic flight in 'Glamorous Glennis', an experimental Bell X-1 rocket aircraft, that broke the sound barrier on October 14, 1947."

    1. Quite a man, and quite the character. Memorably portrayed by Sam Shepard in the 1983 film ‘The Right Stuff’.

      Fly high, Brigadier General Yeager!


  30. Great video message guys! Very encouraging message. I think we are close, but not Hanukkah close. Hope it's next Pentecost.

    IMHO, Dan make very nice pictures. But, he makes a lot of them and the dates keep passing. I get the impression that I could pick a random Tuesday in July and he could Phi ratio that into a Rapture date. I prefer an approach, like you have in the video, where the Rapture can be tied to a specific festival.

  31. Also is the "dark winter" going to be because the world will be mourning over the disappearance of millions of people??

    Additionally, from the video about the coronavirus, could it be that the antichrist is the one who comes to "the rescue" and is loved my many because he "eradicates the virus"?

  32. Honest question: if this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction has been happening ~400 years, what makes this particular conjunction so special?

    1. Answer: The advent of the Revelation 12 sign on 9/23/2017.

  33. The Revelation 12 sign happened 3.5 years ago and we are still waiting to determine its significance and what it signaled. It was described as a great sign. I'm sure that in hindsight, we will see its significance and understand its greatness. I just don't see the conjunction being a significant sign or expect anything to happen on the 21st. I guess the point I am trying to make is that a sign that is described in the bible as great happened and 3.5 years later the greatness of the sign seems close to losing its significance. The conjunction on the 21st is not described in the Bible, I just don't see it as being significant while we still wait for the meaning of the Rev. 12 sign to be revealed.

    1. God certainly likes to use 1260 (3.5 years or 42 months) a lot... wouldn't be surprised if the Rev 12 sign was a 1260 or 1335 day countdown... I thought that landed nearer to Purim though at the time...

  34. Something else interesting....

    8/21/17 - 4/08/24 = 2422 days (also equates to 6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks, and 6 days)
    8/21/17 - 12/14/20 = 1211 days (also equates to 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days)



    1. Awesome, thanks Will!

    2. Something else interesting...

      1,211-days is 157-weeks. One hundred fifty-seven (157) is the 40th prime number.


  35. Thank-you for obeying the Word of God in exposing the false worship of a false god and his image .

    The false light -bearer{LUCIFER, the MORNING STAR } has been exposed here.

    I love it!

    Amos 5:26-27
    KJV - But ye have born the tabernacle of your MOLOCH and CHIUN (Saturn?) , your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.

  36. I'm not sure if anyway posted this but when he's referencing the Bethlehem Star here's the video:
    Amazing video, blew my mind years back!
    Here is the bonus part, will give you goosebumps!

  37. Found this interesting, the New Testament daily
    reading in The One Year Bible for December 21 is
    Revelation 12 !

    1. Wow! that really is interesting! More proof that EVERYTHING is divinely made by God. No "coincidences"

  38. Doesn't 2 Thessalonians 2 refer to the rapture? If so, how does it square with the doctrine of imminence? Thank you.

    "Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand. Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God."

    1. Jesus second coming will not happen until the "falling away" and the Anti-Christ shows up first. So you can interpret this to say that there will be apostasy and the Trib before the Second coming (with no reference to Rapture) or that the phrase "falling away" is better interpreted as "Rapture" - the view I hold - so the Rapture is first, thus imminent.

  39. https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2020-12-11/sky-guide-geminids-meteor-shower-2020/12927606 - meteor shower coming and is this the sign we are going up? Is this going to be the Rev 12:3 sign?
    3 Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon with seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns on its heads. 4 Its tail swept a third of the stars out of the sky and flung them to the earth. The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born.

  40. David as a ex JW, I feel this must be said and pray you'll seek the Lord to reveal His truth to you and not to man's false indoctrination and brainwashing tactics.

    Satan ALWAYS twists God's Word to deceive if possible even the very elect. He 's a angel of light as are those that have a " form " of godliness - 2 Tim 3.

    Take heed NO MAN deceive thee- by ANY means.

    The falling away has nothing to do with the rapture but a falling away ( apostasy- from the truth ) which I believe we are seeing play out right now .The winnowing process has been painful but - we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; Romans 5;3

    The last little while seems to have been a separation from the fake believers {make believers } and the true born again believer.It's been the most heart breaking part of my 27 yr walk with Christ to witness and grieve the loss of those who I once walked with but were proven to be the wolves, fake sheep and tares.

    Jesus's Word never returns void.

    I don't espouse to a works based- law keeping salvation so please don't misunderstand my comment as such .

    The JW similarity that I see is that many ADD to the Word of God to " support " a false interpretation and thereby a heretical teaching that has caused many to fall away who refuse to accept the fact that we will have to endure the coming 42 month tribulation .

    Strong delusion is playing out right before us , yet not to many are willing to expose that . Those of us who do , are silenced , shunned and scorned at .

    Matt 3: 12 Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

    He 12 : 1 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

  41. Lifesite News carried the Christmas greetings from the President and Mrs Trump a few days ago. He thanked God for his son Jesus Christ who redeemed our sins by his sacrifice. And so much more...unshakeable love this man has grown for Jesus. Of course that would happen but no thanks to you. We as a nation needed support from you and other Christians with a platform to not plant seeds of doubt regarding our President.


    1. Could you please put the link so I can read it because I can't find it on Lifesite News? Thanks in advance!

    2. Trump has NEVER uttered such words in any public setting or forum. He has clearly stated, on camera, that he’s never done anything that warrants seeking forgiveness. He seeks only one thing from the Church: your vote.

    3. I also saw and watched this video as well. Hopefully it stays up for awhile, but this channel has ran afoul of YouTube's censors on their primary channel. It's here on their backup though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIIP6Tq_iqk

      This was at the White House in a public setting. What you believe Anonymous, is proven wrong. Not just by this, but this is the most recent 'religious' footage of Trump. You can find more if you look. The video from 2016 where he answered a question from a pastor, Trump gave a very Presbyterian answer. They seek forgiveness by trying to set things right, not just asking for forgiveness. If you look at later reports in 2016, Trump sat down with a number of pastors and accepted and acknowledged the Gospel.

      Let's face it, if Trump had walked around all four years saying, 'Jesus is Lord' all the time, they would accuse him of being a zealot, trying to destroy the freedom of religion clause and who knows what else.

      Study to show thyself approved to God. David wasn't a perfect human either, but God used him. Elijah wasn't perfect, but God used him too. Trump has his rough edges too, but I do think that God has used him and will probably continue to use him.

  42. ,🤗🙏❤️ HALLELUJAH Amen ! Wer going home, my spirit is so excited , I've been bruised but I'm not broken amen ... Going home 🤗🙏

  43. Just read that NASA has put out alert about 6 days of darkness in the month of December, 16-22. Any truth to this? Has any one else heard this?

  44. What other thing do you pull back and then shoot? You pull back the plunger on a syringe and then puncture with a needle to inject the toxin/vaccine! The coronavirus vaccine and these revelations for this time cannot be coincidence.

  45. What other action do you pull back before shooting? On a syringe you pull back a plunger before shooting the toxin into the body...the coronavirus vaccine! This cannot be coincidence. The rider on the white horse with his bow could match up directly with the vaccine.

  46. Didn't hear it mentioned, so I think this was missed.

    On Dec 26th, 2019, there was the annual solar eclipse that occured directly on the star of Sagitarrius "head" (ignore the artwork, look at the stars).


    That type of eclipse shows the sun's CORONA visible still, creating the "ring of fire".

    The word crown used there (stephanos), is the word used that the CORONA virus was named after, look up the etymology of that word.

    The minor constellation there, same word, is CORONA Australis.

    In Dec was the first announcement from China of the CORONA virus that began the Plandemic deception we are in the midst of now.

    Rode forth and conquered the world indeed!

    1. Thank you for sharing. Great addition!



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