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The Balaamic Prophecies of 2021

Whether it be about the disaster in Afghanistan, the fires out west, or Hurricane Ida and the subsequent floods, I've totally lost count of how many headlines in just the past three days have featured words like “LEFT BEHIND,” “EVACUATIONS,” “MISSING,” “THE END,” and so forth.  This is the sovereignty of God in action.

You've probably heard us use the term Balaamic prophecy before.  What do we mean by this?  The idea is that God is sovereign and speaks through everything.  The very rocks cry out (Lk. 19:40).  The heavens speak God's truth every single day and night (Ps. 19:1-4).  Lightning and hail, snow and clouds, stormy winds do His bidding (Ps. 148:8; Ps. 104:4; Jb. 37:12).  The rivers and trees clap their hands, the mountains and hills break forth in singing (Ps. 98:8; Isa. 55:12).  Nothing is random.  Nothing is arbitrary.  God is not the clockmaker who wound up creation and stepped away.  He's the constant sustainer who is ever-present, who has set the location of every atom and planned every moment in time.

Balaam was God's enemy, but still prophesied (Num. 24).  Caiaphas was Christ's enemy, but also prophesied (Jn. 11:49–51).  God does still speak.  In fact He speaks constantly, so much so that men are left without excuse (Rm. 1:18–20).  And if it's from God it will confirm what is written in Scripture.

Here's what's been showing up in just the last three days:

Note the picture of the dogs left behind, which was from yesterday.  “No-fly” for the dogs.

Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood. (Rev. 22:15)

Here are my two questions for you: what do you think God is communicating right now?  And, are you listening?

Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. (Rev. 2:7, 11, 17, 26; 3:6, 13, 22)

A week before the first possible date of Trumpets, it is reported that Ida leveled the Jewish home where famous trumpet player Louis Armstrong got his first trumpet. [SOURCE]  Don't forget that Trump, of Trump-Pence fame—you know, the one who was 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old when he became president in Jewish year 5777 after winning the election by 77 electoral votes, and was 777 days old 77 days after the rebirth of Israel—is back in the news in a big way with renewed rallies and sights set on 2024.

And six days ago lightning struck the clocktower at Islam's most revered site in Mecca at precisely 7:25 or 7:26 PM.  If you're wondering why that matters, the Greek noun for rapture is the 725th word in the New Testament alphabetically, and the verbal form of rapture is 726.

God is the one who pulls the strings.  Not Satan.  Not the illuminati.  God.  Do you know Him?  Do you know He makes the rules and holds your very life in His hands?  Do you know that you'll die in your sins if you don't convert by placing your faith in His Son?  God the Son incarnate died for your sins on the Cross and rose again.  Believe it.  And believe in Him.  He is coming back to judge the earth.  Don't be here for that.


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  1. I agree, God is speaking very loudly for those who are listening! I just looked up the meaning of Ida and one entry said - of Germanic origin, Ida is derived from the element id, the i has a - on top of it then it has
    (work, labor)! Next Monday, September 6th in America is Labor Day. Wow!

    1. how about "invest 91" remembering Psalm 91 on its way now - https://youtu.be/gUBDFnVNttA

      last 3 sun spots - 2860 = Bridegroom with a big solar flare headed to earth
      2861 = Marriage
      2862 = Snatch Away / Seize (sounds like rapture to me)

    2. Hurricane Larry headed toward Newfoundland - could that be a Balaamic prophecy

      Larry - Laurel Crowned -

      Those saved will be crowned by grace and find a new land...Hallelujah!

  2. God is sending in my opinion final warnings to prepare for Christ’s return. Take heed that no man deceives you. Maranatha

  3. Excellent recap, bringing out the headlines to highlight how late the hour is. Maybe this Wednesday will be our final day of this Age. We can only hope!

  4. Praise Jesus - Love it Brother Gary ! We do have hope - and here are 3 videos:

    1. youtube: 3 sun spots with rapture themes to greet the Feast of Trumpets Sept 7th-8th

    2. youtube: the rapture and the Feast of Trumpets Sept 7th-8th

    3. youtube: Lion of Judah - (is coming again) by trumpet player Phil Driscoll

  5. J'ai hâte de lire vos articles . Merci encore . Je compte les jours , les mois pour l'enlèvement. J'espère que ça va arriver cette semaine 😁 ou vraiment ce mois ci . J'en ai marre de ce monde . J'ai pas envie de prendre le vaccin . Que Dieu nous fortifie qu'il nous éclaire davantage . Soyez tous béni Au Nom de Jésus Christ .

    1. salut Shenack

      Je pense que nous partageons tous vos sentiments de vouloir partir et mais ce sont les moments qui essaient les âmes des hommes.
      "Toutes les promesses de Dieu sont oui en christ"
      Souvenez-vous simplement d'Hébreux 11 et des psaumes 91.
      La foi est l'Argent du Havre, l'Or éprouvé dans le feu de la vie.
      Je considère ces moments comme une opportunité à saisir.

      Au nom de Jésus Amen !

  6. I was watching the biblical prophecy on the birth of Israel and its ties to endtimes events concerning the years 2021 and 2028 when my smoke alarm suddenly said for no apparent reason because I wasn't cooking. EVACUATE EVACUATE and keep repeating it until I disconnected it from the ceiling. That was 6 days ago the last week in August 2021. I 👍 AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY....wow.

    1. Wow John, that is completely crazy about your smoke alarm!!!

    2. Wow.Our smoke alarm went off on Wednesday morning this week, Sept 1. It's only gone off once before due to an actual cooking incident. THIS time, no cause whatsoever. A 10-year alarm, installed last November.
      I noted the time because it was so weird. I actually thought 'was this a supernatural message. The time was 7:26am.

    3. Ok this is So weird because my smoke detector also went off for no reason with 3 short beeps so we had disconnect it and call the company to send a replacement. Not sure how it can be defective after working for 6 years ... and no other alarms went off just one. That was Monday August 30th.

  7. How much clearer can God make it? Those who refuse to see do it willingly to their own peril! I have stopped praying for God to heal our land and the world. Now I'm praying for Christ to COME!!!

  8. get ready to see ANTICHRIST more often, see also Clif High's WEB BOT

    The AC Before he is famous - https://rantichrist.blogspot.com

    1. @Matthew Whitney. What is the purpose of that link? The content appears angry, aggressive and inappropriate. I'm not sure what anyone would glean from it. But maybe I am missing the context or tone. Can you give any more of a preface?

  9. How about also in the news right now....after 40 years....the musical group...ABBA is back!!

    1. Hi Gail B

      I remember them and love there Music, are they touring again or just recording?

    2. Their new album is called Voyage.

  10. A post on the website of The Watchers : "A months' ration of bread now at 44 percent of monthly minimum wage, Lebanon" posted on 29 August 2021 reminded me of Revelation 6:6. Another hint from God?

  11. Ida’s arc made me think of the anticipated eclipse in ’24. My memory isn’t the best, but I don’t remember a storm in the south remaining so strong over land to reek havoc in the far north. This morning I was shocked to hear the weather guy say two things concerning NYC: there was plenty of warning, and most of the 22 who died, drowned in their cars. Noah stays in play today.

    If only Ida…..

    1. Ida intensified in the north as is hit a cold front. I’m in the south but company HQ in the NE. A lot of coworkers were impacted by Ida’s heavy rain while we just got rain for a day (no wind).

  12. Yes, "God pulls the strings"! I wonder when He will give the order to throw down that ol' Dragon of Revelation 12?

    It caught my attention when I heard of OPERATION STARFALL and naturally thought of how it related to the Revelation 12 Signs/Wonders. Here's an article on it:
    In 45 Days the Stars Fall?

    1. Hi Lyn

      Michael does that in Revelation 12:9.

      But we are above it all.

    2. Hi Gary, Lynn etc.. Ty Greens 8/29 21 video about Oct. 8th is really something!Shalom all...

  13. Amen, Gary! Amen!!

    I also caught this regarding Louis Armstrong,

    Weather disrupts US Open play at Louis Armstrong Stadium despite retractable roof

    New Orleans to New York the skies opened like in the day of Noah. Lord know how much more there is to unpack from this?

  14. Drought in the west to floods in the east. When Yah is pleased with a nation they will be blessed with rain in due season.

  15. I believe the scripture whatever it speaks about, but when I consider how fantastical it is to accept the rapture,it blows my mind. I can't wait for it to happen, but I also feel nuts thinking about it all the time. It's truely the most escapist mentality I've ever experienced. Mansions and fields of flowers sound pretty good right about now. Love you guys. Maranatha

  16. I believe the scripture whatever it speaks about, but when I consider how fantastical it is to accept the rapture,it blows my mind. I can't wait for it to happen, but I also feel nuts thinking about it all the time. It's truely the most escapist mentality I've ever experienced. Mansions and fields of flowers sound pretty good right about now. Love you guys. Maranatha


  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCcGX61SJf0

  18. My question to the church is I’ve never had dreams about the snatching away of believers. Do all believers get dreams or do only certain people he chooses get to see this event in dreams. I love Jesus and I know he will show me these things in do time but are there scriptures to help me out that I am missing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you brother in Christ.

    - Corey Jones

    1. Corey,
      Not everyone has dreams. No worries, you placed your trust and faith in Christ, your in! See you in the sky!

    2. Hi Corey Jones-

      Not everyone gets dreams about the rapture. I have not, and I have studied end times, the rapture, etc. for over 40 years. I assume God gives dreams and visions as He wills and as it is needed to edify or encourage a certain person or group of Christians.

      I have had one dream from God many years ago. I was struggling against fear over a period of months and I dreamed of a big puffy quilt with a name in each square. On top of the quilt was the name JESUS in huge block letters....the Name above all names! It has stayed with me and encouraged me over the decades. And, oddly enough, when I became an empty nester I also became a quilter. LOL

      He knows what we need and how to fulfill that need. I assume that I don't need a dream about the rapture. Don't worry that you haven't had one yet, but if you want one, then ask Him. He can do all things. Be encouraged, it must be soon!


    3. Agree with the other replies. I'm a strong Christian and love thinking about the End Times, but have never had any kind of Rapture Dream. Nor has anyone I personally know.

      Dreams are like any other gift. Has every believer laid hands on another and Miraculously healed another? No. What about preached and found a crowd be convinced to turn to Jesus? Nope again. God deals with you as an individual, and we all get different gifts.

      You can ask God for dreams. Just be very, very VERY careful. A whole lot of weird, false beliefs pop up by people who think their personal experience somehow trumps the Bible (Just look into the origins of Islam). Dreams, even Rapture Dreams, can be just the brain randomly firing synapses. I mean, can you think of a dream that was obviously meaningless? I once dreamed that Sherlock Holmes rode down the street on a dinosaur. I'm pretty sure God wasn't sending me a message with that.

    4. I agree with Unknown,VS, and sherrill777, about that.

      Dreams, for me there just weird, I'm glad I don't remember them!

      All I ever prayed for was the wisdom to know the truth and the discernment to understand it.

      And over the years as you stand back and can view the whole tapestry of God’s work and why or even enough of it to admire the unfathomable love He has for us, as Paul recognized in romans 8:18.

      Ahh….., what are we worried about, just those who are left behind, family and friends alike who just don’t get it right now, but they will.

      So what can we do? We can lay the ground work (seeds of truth they will remember) for them cause they will still have a choice to make, though not an easy one!

  19. To those of us who can notice the LEFT BEHIND in all of the articles,
    it's is because we have an awareness of the times in which we are living.
    It's a blessing.
    For many other folks, there is just FEAR.
    They know something is going on, but have no real context into which to place it.
    They may be astute enough to not trust the CDC, WHO, and the MSM,
    but they are left in a quandary as to whom and what they can actually trust.
    * * * * *
    I am praying for a very dear girl and her fiance right now.
    She used to go to church with her grandmother and was baptized when she was 12.
    She's conservative and is aware of what is going on in the world,
    just not from a Biblical perspective.

    I've talked to her a bit, but it's a LOT to take in.
    I'm no preacher and it's easy to get side-tracked.
    Please pray for them.
    There are so many others who I know need prayer as well - there are a lots of parents praying for lots of wayward children, especially.
    * * * * *
    Knowing is NOT just for us - we already know and now we are blessed in knowing more.
    But, we need to be ever vigilant about praying for those who do not know.
    Blessings and thank you!

    1. Hi Jenny

      Im with you on that one!

      Knowing what we know, it is frustrating at times!

      If I can just communicate that in a light bulb moment where it sparks a desirable interest in the subject would be nice.

      My wife's two daughters and there husbands are the nicest people you ever want to meet, ready to do anything for you to help. But just void of that Ah ha Jesus moment. No bibles in the house's.
      They even invited my wife and I to past midnight xmas services, so they have the traditions of religiousness but well you know what I mean.

      Is that Laodicean or what?

      So God willing and the Spirit guiding, I wait for the open door opportunity.

    2. Dear Gregg, it may sound weird, but YOU will know what I mean when I say that I will pray for "Gregg's wife's daughters." Jim Towers and Candy Austin, and a few other writers for Rapture Ready occasionally mention folks and I try to remember to pray for their salvation - even though I don't know them or their names, God does.
      * * * * * *
      I've mentioned a friend of my son's named LeAnn who is muslim.
      She's attending university here in the states.
      We've talked, but she has a HUGE cultural wall built up and a great deal of FEAR to overcome. It is a mortal sin in her culture to go against Islam.
      What I have done is give her an over view of salvation and signs to look for.
      I told her that the Bible, God's Holy Word, is validated through prophecy.
      God said something would happen and when it does, we know we can trust Him.
      He has been 100% accurate to date and so we have every reason to believe He will be in future.
      The one BIG sign I told her to look for is the disappearance of a LOT of people, especially in the United States (her family is is Saudi Arabia), including EVERY SINGLE CHILD on the planet as well as unborn babies.
      I explained how the media will likely try to blame it on aliens.
      It is the ONE thing I could think of that would grab her attention both now in the telling and later in her knowing when it does happen.
      I am hoping that will lead her into making a decision for Christ.
      Perhaps you could bring it up with your step daughters and their husbands as well.

  20. https://youtu.be/Tez4MDFXfF4

    Ken Raggio is putting his ministry of and reputation at stake by asserting that the Pope’s 7 Year Plan of Laudato Si, to be announced at UN this November is the prophesied 7-Yr covenant in Daniel 9.

    Does anyone have any input on this?

    1. https://laudatosiactionplatform.org/

    2. Something to keep in mind is that the 7 year covenant is 2,520 days, and not for 7 years under the Gregorian calendar.

    3. Senior Priorities

      Are you referring to Daniel 9:24-27?

      Why would he do that “putting his ministry of and reputation at stake”?

      First of all the “Pope’s 7 Year Plan” doesn’t fit the prophecy in Daniel.

      But here we go again, Satan always forms a counterfeit of that which God has prophesied, in order that he might suppress and interfere with the fulfillment of God's word.

      Before God sets up his kingdom, which is the stone kingdom, which lasts forever, there will be formed a confederacy of ten nations out of the Moslem Empire that was once occupied by the Old Roman Empire.

      And, when Greece became the tenth member, of the European common market back in the ‘80's, prophecy preachers had a field day. They were sure they had found it!

      If you only look at Daniel 2, all you have to look for, to know when we are standing at the edge of the last days, is a 10 unit confederacy that grows out of the Roman portion of the Moslem Empire.

      Daniels first prophecy lays out the kingdoms that flow from Babylon to Medo-Persia, to Greece, to Rome, to Moslem, and a final kingdom, whose fundamental aim is the destruction of God's chosen people, the Jews!

      Daniels image and the beastly prophecy didn't show the gap, but the beastly prophecy added the detail of the little horn, and the uprooting of three.

      In Daniel 8 the Ram and Goat prophecy lets us locate where the little horn comes from. Where Antichrist will come from when he appears. Focusing on just two kingdoms, what had been called the breast and sides, the bear and leopard, now becomes a ram and goat; Medo-Persia being the ram, and the rough goat is the king of Grecia.

      Where will Antichrist come from? He will come from the territory of this ten member confederacy.
      That local war, where the little horn uproots three, is placed by the ram and the goat prophecy, in the territory of the Seleucid portion (Western Iran, Iraq, Southern Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan) of Alexander’s kingdom. That's the horn, that later, in Daniel 11, will conquer and prevail over the Ptolemy’s.

    4. Pure junk. There’s a lot of that going on these days. It’s Scripturally incorrect in several ways.

    5. @Gregg:

      https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/will-europe-create-its-own-military-force-after-its-experience-afghanistan "Will Europe Create Its Own Military Force After Its Experience In Afghanistan?".

      I think that that 10 nations confederacy from which the antichrist will arise, will consist of European nations which decide to cooperate in the field of defence.

  21. Here’s an item with prophetic potential from CBS news. India is working to constrain an outbreak of the Nipah virus. Nipah is not related to COVID, and it’s less transmissible, but has a 75% mortality rate. The fact that this outbreak is happening in a densely populated and little controlled area such as India, poses concern. One more thing to keep our eyes upon.



  22. I saw at www.mrmbb333 a video of waving tree leaves. The same leaves have been waving day and night since June 1. Others have also reported waving tree leaves. It reminds us of Isaiah 55:12 "...And all the trees of the fields clap their hands." Also Psalm 96:12-13 Let the trees of the forest rustle with praise. For the Lord is coming to judge the earth. He will judge the nations. God's creation is praising and worshipping God. After the rapture it may be only plants praising and worshipping God. The trees are giving a wave offering to God. www.mrmbb333 also reports increasing earthquakes at Yellowstone. In these end days everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

  23. In my opinion the most important people who visit here are the silent ones. Those who never comment, but come here anxiously looking for answers to their lives and the troubling world around them. For those people I would like to leave a message that’s fundamental to everything we discuss here. These days pastors who deliver a direct and fundamental message are increasingly rare. Here’s an example from the late great Adrian Rogers. The title is ‘God vs. Humanity’.



  24. In my humble opinion the so-called "delta variant" strain is nothing but an attempt at gov't control and is in fact a hoax, subsequent viruses tend to become less deadly, not stronger. I wore a mask for a year but the requirement was lifted last spring. Now at Walmart they are offering masks again trying to put them back on me. I say no because they cannot mandate it although first responders and firefighters are forced to take the shot or face termination, thats not right. Asking for private medical info is not allowed. Thats how we beat them. Dont be sheep and dont allow your kids to get jabbed either.

  25. So, Feast of Trumpets has come and gone, and I admit I'm sad that this wasn't the Rapture. I realize some people think the date us a month off, and others will say that we have another 6 months or so before the end of the 73rd year of Israel's rebirth, but I'll admit that I don't have a lot of hope of either of those things. This Feast of Trumpets seemed to have the greatest weight of possibility behind it, and after that... it is just well, the Rapture will happen "sometime", but there is no real reason to think it'll be soon any more. Obviously, this is just my personal feelings, which no one else may share.

    I still remain convinced that we're in the season of the End Times, but I've lost hope for it to be immediate. If a ten - king system shows up, I'll look into it again with hope, but considering how long the set up for the Ezek war has been (years), I guess I'm inclined to think even a ten-king system would just be "oh, yep, nice, but it's not the end yet. Goes back to 'real life'."

    Maybe I'll feel excited a out this season again in the future, but it is so discouraging that we've passed the major prophetic milestones- the "high watch dates" and...nothing.

    1. I get it. I know Trumpets is always a big watch date. But I don't see why we should always put our hope in this one festival. There are others with lots of really clear rapture typology like Ascension Day, Pentecost, Av 15, Sukkot Erev, Shemini Atzeret, Purim, Passover, and Firstfruits. The signs are clear.

      Also, it is soon. That's Jesus' own words: Rev. 1:1, 3; 2:16; 22:7, 12, 20. See also Romans 13:12; 1 Corinthians 7:29. Jesus couldn't be any more clear.

      If it's not now with all the convergence of signs, then "soon" loses any relevance to those watching. The One who promised is faithful. His promise is true.

    2. Sherill- I just heard a video by Ken Potter and Steve Fletcher that said that today, the 8th, is when Israel has first sighted the new moon. So for Sept. 2021 feast of trumpets, we still have a couple days since it just began. Be encouraged.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thank you for your responses. First, DW, I do respect the belief that "any random day" could be the Rapture. That's a very valid stance. And may be the correct one! I guess I just have the opinion (just an opinion) that patterns in scripture that the final Feadt Days are meaningful, not just random dates that we should ignore.

      Having said that, Gary, again thank you for the encouragement. I get where you are coming from, but almost all of the dates you mentioned are done for the year. Meaning that we have been wrong about Psalm 90 relating to the Fig Tree as a prophecy about Jesus second coming applied to 1948. That's been the standard for years, but it appears to have been incorrectly interpreted. And that is depressing, because it feels like we're back "no idea!". Sure Jesus will be back "soon"... maybe in the next century. But the sense of any kind of immediacy just vanished. It's no longer "before the 73rd year ends", because it's ended. All we have left is a bleak winter and then a new year that falls outside the time frame. Shall we move the goal post to say that a generation is 120 years? Sure, why not. The immediacy of hope is gone. Maybe my kids will live to see the Rapture.

      Sigh. Like I said, I'm just sad about the whole thing. Perhaps, Vicki is right. I hope so, but it's not a hope that has much expectation. :-(

    5. I feel like I need to add that my intent was not to try to discourage others or anything, and my reaction to this current date passing by in no way dents my faith in either salvation or in the basic futurist pre-trib view or any other doctrine. It's just me venting about my feeling in a "safe" place where I know so many of you can relate to hoped-for dates coming and going. That's part of the lot of a watching believer, I guess.

    6. No worries sister. I get discouraged, too. We just want to be with the LORD and are weary from watching evil triumph.

      What's beyond dispute to me now is that we are the final generation and Israel is the fig tree. There is a litany of scriptural support for both claims.

      As to Psalm 90:10—it's always been a hopeful expectation, but not a "Thus saith the LORD," because Psalm 90:10 doesn't specifically mention the end and Jesus doesn't explicitly mention Psalm 90:10 in the Olivet Discourse.

      Even Psalm 90:10 aside, we're coming up on the actual end of the fig tree generation and it roughly coincides with the 2,000-year marks from Jesus' ministry/baptism/anointing and His death, burial, and resurrection, and Pentecost. This is clearly the time appointed.

      Now regarding "if by strength 80," if we get to May 2022 and we're still here, so be it. We'll have to disregard adding 80 years to 1948. That much is clear.

      But many of the festivals I mentioned *ARE* still in play. And more.

      We still have:

      Yom Kippur

      Erev Sukkot


      Shemini Atzeret




      And if the first day of the biblical calendar must begin in the Spring, which is what I lean toward, then Trumpets is actually October 7-8.


    7. Thank you Gary, I appreciate you taking the time to reply!

    8. Hi Gary, thank you for all things you gives ours for the Glory of God!

      Excuse me for my bad english, l am a french canadien. What do you think of theses comments of this brother on the fall feast?



    9. Sherrill777 - I agree with what Gary has said about other possible days, but i also want to add this...

      youtube: Feast of Trumpets Could be delayed till october 7th



      God is good! Keep Looking Up - Jesus is Coming Soon!!!

  26. Feast of Tabernacles begins on the International Day of Peace this year. I think that's interesting due to Thessalonians talking about sudden destruction when they are saying ' peace and safety.' keep looking up, and let's keep our eyes on Jesus. His coming is sure. May we be found faithful when He arrives, filled with faith, hope and Love. Blessings to each of you. He is here now and loves us all so much. He tarries because there are more He wants to draw to Himself. His plan is perfect, His timing is never late.
    Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!
    In Christ,

    1. Maranatha, Charissa, what a lovely name :-). I agree. and Sherrill I certainly can identify. However, I have reached the point (having been a watcher for 40+ years) that I approach each high watch day/season with hope and anticipation, but not necessarily expectation--if that makes any sense. I will be much more discouraged if October passes and we are all still here. But I think our Lord likes to play hide-and-seek. We seek, He gives clues, we get frustrated, He smiles and tells us to keep looking. Years ago my family had a dog that loved to play hide-and-seek with us. We would put him in a sit-stay position and then take off to hide throughout the house. When we called, he would charge into every room until he found us and then dissolve in joy when he did. Not to disrespect our Lord, but He will be found. We will be enraptured (pun intended); we and He will exalt for joy. If we are still here into next year, yes, we will need to recalibrate, but there is no question the convergence and frequency of signs plus the abject moral and cultural depravity and push for transhumanism are neon flashers that surely God won't let this go on much longer. Yes, he gave the world 120 years in Noah's day, but how long after it got as bad as it is now? I shared this over on R12daily but will share it again here: Ronie Kendig has a lovely prayer in one of her novels that says, "May you be uplifted by His grace and feel enfolded by the peace of His embrace." This is my prayer for you, Sherrill, for all of us (BOC) really, as we long for His presence--when faith becomes sight. Blessings, dear ones. Keep on looking up! Judi

  27. Just a thought: Jerusalem had to be captured, taken which happened in 1967. Could that be the countdown to the generation? Just saying.. Nothing in my mind could happen until this event happened. It's just a thought. I'm not nearly as competent, (if that's the right word) as you all are.

  28. Just a thought: Jerusalem had to be captured, taken which happened in 1967. Could that be the countdown to the generation? Just saying.. Nothing in my mind could happen until this event happened. It's just a thought. I'm not nearly as competent, (if that's the right word) as you all are.

  29. Several key thoughts to consider:

    1. As Gary made reference to, and as Barry Awe has been preaching, the Jewish calendar is not only off by a month, but God requires the annual count to begin on the same stellar cycle each year. Our Creator gave us a calendar that anyone can check or verify with his/her own eyes; specifically, so that we do not have to rely upon any group of men (or Jewish organization) for its validity. The true Feast of Trumpets is probably starting on October 7th this year, and the "last trump" would be at the END of the feast.

    2. As many have mentioned, Israel's 80th birthday (May 14, 2028) is only the beginning of its 80th year! It can be 80 years, with strength, clear up until May 14, 2029 . . . because only then will it cease to be 80 years old. This allows the 7-year tribulation to begin as late as May 14, 2022 and still hold prophetic value for the fig-tree concept, using that date. (On a separate topic, I propose that Daniel's vision of a rock destroying all earthly kingdoms might theoretically represent Apophis striking the Earth on April 13, 2029, which is one month before Israel's 81st birthday. But that's probably just my curiosity and imagination run amok.)

    (continued below)

  30. 3. As I have pointed out before, the birth of Israel in May of 1948 represents the BIRTH of the fig tree, and is certainly important; but when a tree is born it does not immediately have branches. And when a nation is born, it does not immediately conclude the exile of the Jews. The people aren't home yet.

    Never forget that the Arab nations attacked that newly-born Israel immediately, and that the war for its very being was not finally ended until at least July 20, 1949. As a matter of fact, the unbelieving revisionists won't even call it the "war for Israel's independence" any longer. The harlots at Wikipedia have begun calling it the "palestine war." And this should help us to realize that Israel was still waiting to truly exist, and may not have had "tender branches" until after that war had concluded. Only then could the tree begin to grow and put forth leaves.

    As well, the exile may not have ended for the Jews until one year after the war ended. It was July 5, 1950 when the Law of Return was passed in Israel, allowing God's chosen people to return home. Section 1 states that, ""every Jew has the right to come to this country as an oleh [immigrant]." Maybe only THEN could the tree have begun to grow and put forth leaves!

    Now re-read this verse:

    "Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors. Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled."
    Matthew 24:32-34

    Truth be told, I feel that we really have to be more patient in these trying times. If the late spring of 1948 represents Israel's birth on paper, then it's not a stretch to believe that the late spring of 1949 represents Israel's physical birth after war. And it's not a stretch to believe that the late spring of 1950 represents the growth of tender branches and leaves . . . the branches of the Davidic tree . . . and the leaves are Israel's people upon their return.

    Want more confirmation? Read what the Jerusalem Post said on the day of the Revelation 12 sign in 2017 . . .

    "Commenting on a verse in Leviticus that describes the curses that will befall the land of Israel, Nachmanides wrote that the devastation 'constitutes a good tiding, proclaiming that during all our exiles, our land will not accept our enemies... Since the time that we left it, [the land] has not accepted any nation or people, and they all try to settle it... This is a great proof and assurance to us.'

    The 13th-century scholar wrote that Israel will remain desolate until the Jewish People assume control. BUT WHEN THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL FINALLY RETURN TO THE LAND OF ISRAEL, the region will once again FLOURISH thanks to Divine providence." Flourish meaning to put forth leaves! (emphasis added by me)


    Is it a coincidence that the spring of 30 AD is the most likely year of our Lord's crucifixion, and that the spring of 2030 is the end of the 80th year, counting from the Law of Return? By that reckoning, we WILL see the Pre-Trib rapture of the Body of Christ before the summer of 2023.

    Brothers and sisters, if there was ever a day for us to take this verse to heart, it is THIS day:

    Psalm 23:4-5

    "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me . . . Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies . . . "

    We are not waiting for an escape. We are helping to gather the invitees for one very large celebration.


  31. Has anyone considered the statement "the days must be shortened or no flesh would be saved."

    I take that to mean the tribulation will be shortened (i.e. less than 7 years). The generation would not be shortened -- that is it will end 2028 but the tribulation start date will be delayed by a shortening time.

    The first half of the trib. (2 witnesses) would remain 1260 days but the second half (resurrected antichrist) would be less than 1260 days. Or it is possible the 1st and 2nd halves may overlap by the shortening time.

    So limiting the start time of the trib. to 7 years before 2028 may be incorrect.

    1. The fourth trumpet judgment is sometimes interpreted as shorting the length of days from 24 hours to 16.

  32. Jeremy, interesting. I'm curious (not critical, just curious), with the speed of events paralleling the Tribulation conditions--e.g. can't buy/sell, work, school, obtain necessary services, blame for world's ills on the Christians/unvxxd etc.--occuring now, how do you then envision 2022 and 2023 not including the early days of the Tribulation for all practical purposes (just missing the AC); and how does that fit with a pre-Trib rapture?

  33. I'm not suggesting that the Rapture cannot happen until 2022 or 2023. I am only suggesting that there are several possible timelines that allow the Tribulation to start as late as then, while still supporting the Fig Tree paradigm.

    As I said above, I absolutely believe that the Rapture will happen sometime before the summer of 2023. It is, after all, a pre-Tribulation rapture idea; meaning sometime before the time of Jacob's trouble. How much before, I cannot say. (But I've even built models that have the AC confirming an agreement as soon as this November 1st.)

    What I can say, unequivocally, is that we are running out of time to gather the guests to the table. Until then, just consider this a time of Fasting!


  34. Oh, look, Supreme Overlord Biden looks to be requiring all businesses with over 100 employees to make sure every employee is vaxxed or weekly testing. How is he a vomplishing this gross over-reach of Federal power? He's going to use OSHA to enforce it. Massive fines for any business that does not comply.

    I don't care if a person is pro-vax or anti-vax, this is just horrible from a perspective of personal freedom. If I want to ignore the Vax and take my chances, then I should be free to not put an unknown chemical cocktail in my body! And, as Israel has amply proven, it's not going to be just a single shot, it's going to be an endless parade of "boosters".

    These leaders are drunk with power.

  35. Yep.

    And just like Hmewrdbd said above, it gets harder and harder to envision a 2022 or 2023 that does NOT include the early days of Tribulation. Before the summer of 2023, it will have begun, in my opinion. Between now and October of 2022, I expect the Rapture would have made the vaccine foolishness irrelevant to Christians. How many of those "left behind" will suffer its effects, and the associated repercussions, afterward? Sadly, the vast majority.

    This is old news, again, but consider those affected by the vaccine who aren't Saved by the Grace of Jesus. During the tribulation, their bodies are, or will be, physically condemned to death, from an RNA/DNA perspective. Is this what Rabbi Glazerson has understood, from his interpretation of Zechariah? Not immediately lifeless, no, but still on a path to shuffling off that mortal coil.



  36. Hi brothers and sisters!

    The last vidéo of Dr.Barry Awe is very interesting on the Rapture at the trumpet feast!

    True Feast of Trumpets is Oct. 7-8, 2021. Is this the RAPTURE?
    Dr Barry Awe31 528 visionnements7 sept. 2021
    Happy first day of Elul, God's 6th moonth, that is the moonth of Repentance, the start of the 40 days and nights of FASTING and blowing Trumpets every single day and reading Psalm 27 daily for 40 days right up to the final trumpet on Yom Kippur!(Oct16)
    Elul is an acronym for "I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine."
    It is also the time of "the King(Jesus) is in the field" WOW! What a time to be alive?!
    If this is your last moonth before seeing Jesus face to face, what will you do?



  37. Sometimes a feel like a college kid who missed a week of Calculus class. The kid was given a really hard problem and no matter how hard he worked on it, just could not get it right. The professor came in and wrote it up on the board and everyone was amazed. I feel like we are really close. I see all of the evil in this world and know that God is allowing it for his purposes. I know in the end times knowledge is increased. I think one day, when this is in our rear view mirror we will all say - OF course! Why didn't we see that before? I know God is full of grace and is waiting until the last possible minute, but I know God is faithful and true. God's timing is perfect. I pray to use the time remaining wisely. I hope I am prepared for what God has in plan for us in the future.

  38. https://freemansperspective.com/the-weaponization-of-medicine/#more-11301

    The faked vaccine will eventually be seen for what it is, and what it is not. It is the first step on a path to the Mark of the Beast. And it is not medicine. And that's all I'm saying.





    None of that will keep a Christian from his/her early departure. But it will wreck the lives of the vaccinated and unvaccinated, both. One will be persecuted medically, and the other will be persecuted by the beast system.

    We don't have long to wait.

    Thank you, Jesus, for saving us from that hour!


  39. Moving beyond the vaccines, I have a new observation about the Revelation 12 sign . . .

    "And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born."

    Revelation 12:3-4

    I don't have all of the answers, but I do think that this could be enlightening. Literally . . .


    I wrote about this long ago, regarding its significance to several other mysteries, mainly relating to the Ark of the Covenant and the Templar knights. But basically, astronomers are predicting a very bright stellar explosion in the constellation Cygnus, the Swan. We might know it better as the Northern Cross.

    And in studying it more recently, I just realized three things:

    1. The explosion happens next to the right arm of the Cross, and is forecast to give off a bright, long-lasting, reddish color . . . immediately adjacent to the head of Draco, the Dragon.

    2. Exactly between that exploding red dragon's location and the constellation Virgo is the Corona Borealis . . . the 7-starred Crown that will sit on his bright red head.

    3. And this year, the Draconid meteor shower, which appears to us to come from Draco and can sometimes be spectacular all on its own, is on October 8-9th, 2021 . . . right at the end of the true Feast of Trumpets, if you are one of those that follow that timeline.

    I can't help but wonder what such an explosion would look like to observers on Earth. Will it look like 1/3 of the stars fall from the tail? Will the 7 heads and 10 horns make more sense then? Or is this the wrong dragon entirely? I haven't gotten that far, but I'm perfectly fine with this new sign in the heavens happening sooner rather than later, because I know that the dragon doesn't ever catch the child, and I would really like us to be that child.

    The article says that we should "mark [our] calendars for 2022, give or take a year." But I'm only going to take a year.

    That's how I roll, here at the end of all things.


    (If you can add to this, or make more sense of it, then PLEASE do!)

    1. I like what you said. Especially quoting The Lord of the Rings:)
      I really hope it's this year. Things are getting very difficult. I just wonder how crazy the Lord will allow. Anyway thank you for the post.

    2. LOL. Good catch! I always thought that Tolkien had given the Hobbit and The LOTR some pretty first-rate endings. They were sad, and happy, and full of understanding and soul-searching, all at the same time. But now I'm excited to see the best ending of all.


    My highest expectation was September 23, 2017, when the Sign of the Woman occurred. I learned not to put so much hope in a date like that HOWEVER in line with the 4 YEAR WARNING to the "dunged" FIG TREE (Luke 13:6-9), SEPTEMBER 23, 2021 has got my attention. I share more reasons in:
    September 23 and the Coming of Planet X, the Rapture, and Cannibalism

    Should the Lord not come at the 4th Anniversary of the Rev 12:1-2 Sign, I believe in my heart He will keep His promise to harpazo us out of danger soon after this date and before we are sent to any FEMA camps! (See 'Before ‘They’ Take Us, HE Will Take Us' section of The Great Escape from Camp FEMA )

    This morning while in prayer I admitted to the Lord that it was not His promise to Rapture us that I doubted, it was my understanding of His Word in regards to its timing. I believe He replied--

    "The enemy is not yet released to wreak his wrath on the people. I have made you to be an overcomer of anything I allow to enter your life."

    Satan releases his great wrath in Rev. 12:12 AFTER his attempts to devour the Man Child is thwarted in Rev. 12:5. So we are not only saved from God's wrath, but we are saved from Satan's wrath! PRAISE OUR WONDERFUL GOD!

  41. Makes me think of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who named the Iranian new year of 2021 that of “production, support and removal of the restrainer.” Praying this is our Harpazo/Rapturo!

    1. Had not heard that before--thank you bkralston!

  42. Thanks for your thoughts Lynn, I always look forward to your remarks. Based on my own personal thought process the most likely time for the rapture this fall is October. If it doesn't happen this fall the fig tree generation idea is not necessarily debunked just misunderstood. The time period may not be restricted to 80 yrs. Gods word doesn't say how bad things could get for us before he yanks us out of here, but it cant be much longer. Our current illegitamate president just issued an unlawful mandate for the covid vaccine on 100 million americans. This is a bad sign but a good sign for us.

  43. Thanks for your Comment, Van helsing--yes, the worse it gets out there the closer we are to going Home.

  44. When you read the Olivet Discourse of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, He writes that He will come unexpectedly like a thief in the night. So speculating the timing of the Rapture (date setting), or looking at high watch dates for the Rapture makes no sense at all. But be prepared for the Rapture!

    1. Friends, there is nothing wrong with referencing 1 Thessalonians 5:2-3 . . .

      "For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.
      For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."

      But don't forget the next verses, as well . . . 1 Thessalonians 5:4-7.

      "But ye, brethren, are NOT in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us WATCH and be sober. For they that sleep sleep in the night; and they that be drunken are drunken in the night."

      I'll quote Gary, from 4 years ago. "How many times have you heard that Jesus is coming like a thief in the night? He certainly is (1 Thess. 5:2-3), but not for us (1 Thess. 5:4). How much clearer could Paul be in the above Scripture? We are awake, watching, and walking in the light, so Jesus' appearing will not surprise us like a thief. We can see the Day approaching."


      Thank you, Gary.

  45. Moin

    All of the scripture quoted to tell us that we can't know the time of the Rapture, is really directed towards the second coming of Jesus, when He returns with the raptured saints to do battle with his enemies.

    As an example, in the Old Testament, God established the Feast ['set time'] of Pentecost, and the shadow is cast. The shadow of the Feast of Pentecost is the establishment of a 'set time', fifty days after Firstfruits for a new offering to be made.

    In the New Testament (Acts 2) God uses that time, the Feast of Pentecost, to fulfill His set time again, but this time, the fulfillment takes the form of 'sealing' the Apostles fifty days after Firstfruits, and they went forth with the new offering, Christ (the substance). The new shadow cast into the future, from that fulfillment of Pentecost, is still a new offering, with Christ, still as it's substance.

    The Rapture occurs in fulfillment of the shadow cast by Jesus Himself at His ascension.

    He died on Passover, was raised three days later on Firstfruits, and ascended forty days after that.

    Therefore, God's timer for catching away The Church is set to go off forty days after Firstfruits, in a year when all the other elements pertaining to that time are aligned.

    God has set times for all of the events in Biblical Prophecy, including the Rapture of the Church.

    "The Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men"

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. At https://www.raptureready.com/2021/09/14/again-he-didnt-come-dont-be-discouraged-by-tom-tillman/ "Again, He Didn’t Come; Don’t Be Discouraged :: By Tom Tillman":

      "Ok, so He didn’t come this ‘Trumpets.’ Never be discouraged! I wrote this during the final hour of the Feast of Trumpets 2021. Once more, many have been disappointed and disillusioned because Jesus Christ didn’t come for us during this year’s Feast of Trumpets… just as they’ve been disappointed after every ‘Blood Moon’ and after every other unusual occurrence in the Heavens or on earth.

      We knew He could have come; nothing in Bible prophecy needs to be fulfilled before the Rapture; and yet, in one sense, I didn’t expect Him to come because I did expect Him to come. “Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect” (Matthew 24:44). But weren’t we right to earnestly look for and expect Him? Just two verses before, Jesus said, “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming” (Matthew 24:42)."

      See also https://www.raptureready.com/2021/09/14/jesus-was-the-first-to-teach-the-rapture-by-mark-a-becker/ "Jesus Was the First to Teach the Rapture! :: By Mark A. Becker".

      Speculating about the timing of the Rapture (date setting) only gives disappointments.

  46. So are you suggesting it is not this year since Firstfruits has come and gone in April?

    1. The Thessalonians were going through the same thing, they thought or some did that they were going through the Tribulation. So Paul sets them straight about that.
      Thessalonians 4:13-17, read it slow several times!
      And as yourself a question, who are the dead in Christ that rise first?
      Everyone is accounted for, except those ones.

      Paul new who he was referring to and if you understand "substance and shadow" Paul taught the Colossians and why the dead rose after Jesus resurrection. Then you will be able see what Paul said to watch for.

    2. I don't think I necessarily believe this... I don't think most on here do. The message of it being imminent doesn't work with that either. If we can say it's not for another year or so many months...... that doesn't compute with me.

    3. Its ok not to believe it and it doesn't matter what most people think.

      Imminent message, how did that ever get going to be anything ( anytime, anyway, any place?).

      Thats not Gods way, but traditions get in the way don't they?

    4. I agree with you, Nan. (Who could ever argue with someone that goes by "Nan?" Well played!)

      The inspired Word can have multiple interpretations, multiple fulfillments, and even multiple truths. But having any form of certainty, regarding prophecy, will require more than just caution and personal introspection. To make the leap from Prophetic Guess to Prophetic Truth requires supernatural Prophetic Revelation.

      It seems best that we all work on our preferred dates, and the rationale behind them, while moving from expectation to expectation. That would be Godly, while recognizing that He will work His plan exactly when He wants to. The times and seasons are already determined, and eventually, we will see the unfolding of it all.

      I am wary of anybody that claims that the Rapture MUST be on such-and-such a date. Who are we to put these days in such tidy little boxes?


    5. Jeremy

      "multiple interpretations,fulfillments,truths"? That would be confusing!
      So why study at all?
      Gods not the author of confusion.

      "Prophetic Guess to Prophetic Truth requires supernatural Prophetic Revelation."

      Since when?

      "The times and seasons are already determined, and eventually, we will see the unfolding of it all."

      Daniel is and has been unfolding since Israel became a nation, its happening now on the present day stage and you are missing it.

      What are you looking for, and why are you looking there to see it?

      "I am wary of anybody that claims that the Rapture MUST be on such-and-such a date. Who are we to put these days in such tidy little boxes?"

      "It seems best that we all work on our preferred dates, and the rationale behind them"

      Isn't that a contradiction?

      Looks like to me Jeremy you don't want to know the truth about the end times.

      Watch and be ready is the command!
      Or else! And I think you know what that means

  47. Me, talking to Jesus in 2021 . . .

    "Tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign when all these things shall be fulfilled?"

    Him repeating Himself, from the last sentence of the Olivet Discourse (Mark 13:37) . . .

    "And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch."

    Me . . . "Oh, come on!"


    1. Ha! That's great! It reflects the what I've been feeling from God too. I want to *know*, darn it! And God won't just open the clouds and proclaim, "Thus saith...". So we wait, and continue to watch, and know that eventually our blessed hope will come.

  48. I'm a bit astonished these days at the fall and deviation of some I called friends back in 2017.

    The derail into Hebrew Roots to the point of forsaking the Grace of Jesus of some, the utterly bizarre derail into Universalism of others, Kingdom now/NAR, and of course not to leave out the New Age me centered self proclaimed messiahs... There are other twists on all this...

    Lord I want to go home...

    Please come quickly!

    Rescue - Lauren Daigle


    I hear the whisper underneath your breath
    I hear you whisper, you have nothing left

    I will send out an army to find you
    In the middle of the darkest night
    It's true, I will rescue you

    I will never stop marching to reach you
    In the middle of the hardest fight
    It's true, I will rescue you

    Oh, I will rescue you

    🚫 🍇

    ··╱ɷ ɷ╲··

    Foxman on the Wall

    1. Just hold fast. He's coming.

      🚫 🍇

    2. I agree with Jack, though often from a different perspective. I have a gnawing feeling that not everyone who’ll hear the dreaded words “I never knew you” will come from the “legalist” ranks. Enough vile stuff is flowing from the ranks of self-proclaimed “evangelicals” to make a person wonder about the nature of their underpinnings. Not all of the dirt in the world is flowing from obvious sources. Bottom line is, I think there will be plenty of surprises on that great day.


    3. In saying what I said, I was not saying it in judgment, but in astonishment.

      I think in terms of Psalm 91:7-8 in this. I knew it was never going to be an easy path when I accepted Christ, and I stick to Jesus and the word, but it does nothing to curb the wonder and awe of the moments we are witnessing around us. And this goes for both the good and the bad.

      My heart hurts for the loss of those I will most likely never see again. Some of which are family.

      The deception is so rampant and of all kinds of flavors, and to see some fall for it that I would not expect. It's just astounding to me.

      It's one thing to read and conceive by that reading some kind of understanding of the times we are in, but it's another to live and experience it.

      If it wasn't for His sustaining and sufficient Grace, I think I would be at my end right now.


      🚫 🍇

      ··╱ɷ ɷ╲··

      F🇴🇽🇲🇦🇳 O🇳 T🇭🇪 W🇦🇱🇱

  49. DW, you are in good company. I remember years ago taking a passage from C.S. Lewis' Mere Christianity to have a lesson plan in my back pocket when I was substitute teaching in a Chrisitan HS. In it he claims the same thing: that he suspects there will be many surprises in heaven. Some we thought would be there; and some we thought would be wouldn't. Then he gave this analogy (paraphrased now as it's been a lot of years . . .). He believes that God may view the hardened criminal who refrains from some cruelty he previously would have done because now that man believes in Christ more favorably than all the good deeds done by those for whom "being nice" comes easily. I.e. Who of us could say if we were born with the exact same composition, and had the same childhood and conditioning of Himmler that we would be different? In other words, some people are born with all the advantages: good health, good mental faculties/health, good family and educatioinal upbringing. For those being nice is not a sacrifice. But for the disadvantaged in every way, abused, etc. sometimes the smallest "good" is a very big deal indeed. In other words, there's good reason Jesus tells us not to judge. Micah 6:8 ;-).

  50. I think that I understand where JackN and DW are coming from. At least in part. And I can only hope that they’re not upset with my comments or positions, personally. But I would also like to add that living for Jesus has always been difficult, and not just in the ways we usually assume. We take the gifts or blessings that we each have, and we try to make both a private and a public stand for Him, while at the same time recognizing how little of the picture we truly see, and how small our role is.

    For my part, I believe that my heart and soul were already weighed and measured. My earthly condition found wanting. My sins are now forgiven, and my earthly trials laid before me. I can only hope that my faith in the Creator and the Redeemer is made useful to others as I travel that path. I can only put words to what I know to be true, and let God fill in the holes, as it were. The rest of the time, I struggle to understand and improve; to make my future less misguided than my past! To overcome what I cannot overcome on my own.

    We are all seeking wisdom, are we not? (Ok, maybe not all of us.) But even the most Biblically sound Pastor is trapped in this world of selfishness. The more they preach the Gospel and its relevance in these latter days, the more they are seen as hard-nosed and uncooperative. The more they relent, which is all too prevalent, and preach something less than God's law and vision . . . the more they trade for their neighbor's approval and happiness. But at what cost? No. People-pleasing can't be the answer.

    And that really brings us to one of the greatest conundrums for Christians, as a Body. We are called to represent a "strait gate" and a "narrow way," while at the same time living amongst the fallen and the falling, in a wide open community. And let's face it. Even if we had all of the answers and all of the resources, that's going to become more and more difficult as we approach the conclusion. For not only has the framework of our Church fallen into disrepair, but the human condition has diminished significantly since the days of Darwin and the ages of “enlightenment.” We are now dominated by shifting sands, fickle emotions, and relaxed standards. We live in a world of condemnation and malice. The quick-tempered and hateful gift of our increasingly disconnected society.

    In this new world where Good and Evil are relative notions, a Christian who stands for Christ will STRUGGLE to simultaneously be seen as Righteous and Full of Mercy. He or she may need to stand strongly on "legalism" while walking “humbly” into the darkness . . . and without fear.

    Perhaps there is no better picture of this than Stephen. He is our example of the non-confrontational figure who yet stands firm. A man full of "God's grace and power.” A man full of “faith and of the Holy Spirit,” according to Acts 6. But even still, his peers “could not stand up against the wisdom the Spirit gave him as he spoke.” And I suggest that it was his spiritual gift of bold speech, at the cost of sacrifice, that helped to make Paul's higher teachings possible. The spiritual gift of one aided in bringing forth the spiritual gift of another.

    (continued below)

  51. Which draws us to this conclusion: for all of our differences, we can’t forget the Sin and the redemptive Sacrifice that have bound us together. Our common ground. Yet we remain different parts of the Body, each in a different stage of development and growth, and each with a different part to play. That much is certain. There is a role for the most technical legalist, and a role for the selfless giver. A role for the compassionate counselor, and a role for the keenest educator. A role for the novice, and a role for the seasoned expert. And none of us prosper in isolation. In fact, we NEED each other, faults and all, in order to complete our suit of Armor. (Like Voltron, but different.)

    Perhaps in Heaven, we'll all be perfect examples of humanity. And each of us will have perfect proportions of all of these traits. Or perhaps, by design, we will always be meant to have gifts that lean toward one attribute or the other. And, by necessity, our individual natures will always push us toward specialization. I do not pretend to know.

    So I say . . . tell the truth, but only if you really know it. Listen and learn, if you’re not sure. Stand strong when you are called. And show humility, mercy, and grace when you can do no other. Work to do more. Work to do better. Forgive each other. And forget the judgments of men, for none are fit to make such determinations. We simply do not have all of the answers. There is, however, one Judgment that ought to be on our radar at this late hour, and the One presiding is more than capable.

    In the meantime, if you find yourself confronting poor Biblical hermeneutics, remember that the basics of theological debate and persuasive argument are not so different from those of spreading the Gospel. Speak, when it’s worth saying. Do your part to ensure that your words don't give rise to the misgivings and misunderstandings that could hinder others. Be prepared to explain your positions when you’re right. And be prepared to explain your behavior when you’re wrong. Don’t be upset to find that you’re floundering in the mud every bit as much as everyone else on the planet. As always, the key is to NEVER discount the questions or criticism of others, without taking measure of its constructive or destructive nature. To learn and grow and serve your purpose for the Body, even in the face of shortcomings and failings. None among us has yet won the race that is marked out for us in Hebrews 12.

    Do I help or hinder the Body? Which part of the Body am I? I am convinced that we could all profit by playing that game! But let's be honest. We, brothers and sisters, are all working towards a goal of completion that we simply cannot attain without Divine assistance. We are working with a “wisdom” that is highly suspect on its very best day. And what sets ALL of us apart from the unbeliever is the notion that we, if given the chance, would gladly and humbly return the fruit of our meager “Knowledge of Good and Evil” to the Tree, in order to have our place in Eden returned to us, and to see our Father on His throne with our very own eyes.


  52. Wow Jeremy, amen on that

  53. Thank you for the kind words.

    For me, it just felt like a good time to focus on Stephen, as an example.

    The little rocks are hitting us now, and it won't be long before someone starts hurling the larger killing rocks, as well.

    Stand strong, and stand together. Preach the Gospel that you know. And hold on to each other. Keep pulling those on the fringes back into the fold. We only have to take it one day at a time, and one rock at a time. The "Great Escape" is coming.

    On that note, here are some random End-Time thoughts:

    Emmanuel Macron wants a unified European military. Old news, of course. But in January he becomes the next EU President on their rolling schedule. Great timing after the true Feast of Trumpets on October 7th and 8th, 2021.

    I don't pretend to know who the AntiChrist and False Prophet are, but I've heard some say that Trump will come back and confirm the Abrahamic Peace Accords. I've heard some talk about the Pope's latest encyclical. I've heard talk about Obama pulling the strings of Biden. And now I'm wondering if the prophetic peace confirmation that we're looking for could be a signature reconfirming the revised Nuclear treaty with Iran, which Israeli leadership just said this week they would support "conditionally."

    Iran already possesses low-grade material for nuclear "dirty" bombs. But in something like a month or two, they'll reportedly have enough for a high-yield device. So if Israel is serious about preemption, we'll have that long until there's a fight.

    Consider this. In November, a renewed Iranian Nuclear Deal is signed, in the name of "peace in our time." And the Tribulation begins before the Fig Tree model expires.

    Just as interesting, the Euphrates River is making the news. Because it's drying up at a "rapid rate," and is now threatening disaster in the Middle East, specifically Syria, where everybody's already fighting.

    “And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.”
    Revelation 16:12

    Which brings us back to the Kings of the East, and this year's earlier talks about a D10 confederation. The D10 could come to represent the "10 biggest democracies of the world." Those who wish to present a coordinated front against China's global domination. Conspicuously absent from the talks? Russia. (And take note that India is included IN the D10.)

    There are quite literally an untold number of books, articles, and research out there that discuss the concept of Resource Warfare . . . the fighting that takes place in an earthly and sin-filled struggle for the "necessities" of life. The Bible mentions those repeatedly in the Tribulation period. And the fighting most often commences as the populations involved begin to increase exponentially. Or even at their maximum peak, when the largest number of people are competing for the smallest number of goods, land, food, weapons, water, dollars, etc.

    When does China's population reach its predicted peak? 2030 AD . . . at 1.4 Billion people! We can expect any serious competition between nations to spark conflict before that happens, if we follow history's example. And that puts the Kings of the East on the march far too soon to fit those models trying to push the Tribulation 20-30 years down the road. Not only that, but by then we are starting to see serious declines in the Chinese age groups that are capable of putting forth the requisite 200-million-man army mentioned in the Bible.

    If you recall, India is the only other nation who could remotely stand a chance of sending forth such an army, but would have little reason to march off to war with the West if they're already part of the D10, as mentioned above.


    1. These 10 (D10) are 10 kings of the EU who will form a confederacy consisting of 10 European nations. Military cooperation will be the main reason to form this confederacy. See https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-58570505 "EU must step up and build defence - von der Leyen".

      See also https://erikagrey.com/revived-roman-empire-army-status-afghanistan-us-in-prophecy/ "Revived Roman Empire Army Status-Afghanistan & US in Prophecy Published September 14, 2021 by Erika Grey".

      At https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/dutch-leader-mark-rutte-will-invite-britain-to-join-deal-with-eu-rp9c05bnl "Dutch leader Mark Rutte will invite Britain to join security deal with EU".

      This is prophetically significant, because Great Britain used to be on the territory of the Old Roman Empire and Great Britain will also be one of the 10 kings of the Revived Roman Empire.

    2. Moin

      The 10 toes kingdom grow out of the feet (Muslim empire) not the legs(Roman empire).
      Therefore the 10 kings come out of the roman portion of the Muslim empire.
      And specifically the little horn grows up among them. And He specifically comes out of the Seleucid portion of the Grecian empire.

      Which is the area of the Hashemite kingdom of the Muslim empire.
      Muhammad, the prophet of Allah, who claimed his descendency from Ishmael, the first son of Abraham.

      Muhammad ruled the Empire from his kingdom, the Hashemite Kingdom.

      The stone falls on the Feet, not the legs.

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. "educated guesses", No!
    What I do know is pretty much common knowledge to anyone who will search out a matter!

    "mean-spirited", I thought I was being clear!

    You quoted Proverbs 25:2 to backup a silly notion you have. That no one should "search out a matter" except a king.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. At https://www.bbc.com/news/business-58579833 "Evergrande: Embattled China property giant sparks economy fears". At https://www.nytimes.com/2021/09/08/business/economy/united-states-debt-default.html "Janet Yellen warns of a possible October default on U.S. debt, swollen by the pandemic.".

    Will the current financial system collapse during the next months, on other words the Great Reset in full swing?

  57. Moin,

    In response to your question, I think that we have to reference the "vaccine" situation. When real Evil steps up, it is usually beaten back by a moral majority, given some amount of time. But now, we've passed the 50% mark in the US for vaccinations. And other major players are ahead of that schedule. So it has to be said that the majority is now compromised. (I'll be speaking about Non-Christians, here, primarily. I am well aware that it's a personal choice, an earthly issue, and that the shot does not necessarily condemn anyone on its own. Please don't get mad, guys! I'm talking BIG picture, here.)

    Where, once, the growing majority could only be enticed via selfish and sinful economic or political gain, for example, many are now controlled via reinforcement of Covid risk/reward. Their wagons are hitched to "the system" in a manner that bodes ill for the Vox Populi, and its resistance to tyranny. The truly free are becoming fewer, as we expected. The people are no longer working in unison. In particular, the Remnant left behind will be divided by their own personal choices. Some aiming higher, and some aiming to get past the fear of the inevitable.

    Remember that the Bible warns of a single monumental choice ahead, and it's related to getting marked physically. So you can rule out all of the other social issues, when it comes to drawing lines during the trials and troubles to come. The AntiChrist doesn't threaten to take you down for not hugging trees, or for opposing his taxation schemes. (Again, I realize that this is not universal, and has nothing to do with Salvation, since the current shot is NOT the MARK. But it is the first iteration, I believe, and Christians won't be here when most of this goes Ka-blooey.)

    A better way to say it might be that the Dark forces may kickstart their disastrous plans the very moment that they feel they've built up a majority base of supporters willing to take the future Mark, or dependent on such a Mark. At that point, they WILL overcome any earthly opposition.

    As for your question, there are no longer any apparent restrictions to WHEN a system might be crashed on purpose. Financially, militarily, politically, or otherwise. Those in control have never had so much power, or so many motivators at their disposal; and the foolish will mostly do their will, for lack of a better path. But only for a few paltry years. (Satan is such a nitwit.)


  58. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/operation-go-it-alone-disenchanted-europeans-may-build-their-own-army

    -"Only France and the United Kingdom possess capable armed forces of serious size."
    -"Europe’s impotence has spurred renewed interest in expanding the continent’s military capabilities"
    -"The Afghanistan imbroglio provided Europe with a long overdue wake up call."


    -"nuclear talks within the 'next few weeks'"
    -"We are prepared to return to full compliance if Iran does the same." ("Confirming" the covenant?)


    -"The current US approach of putting the Iran nuclear program back in a box, I'd accept that."
    (The Israeli perspective.)


  59. I'm liking the possible November 1st date for a "confirmed covenant" more and more. The morning of November 1st is synonymous with the Devil's night on October 31st, as they happen on the same Jewish lunisolar day. On our calendar, the 1st is a Monday morning. Perfect for politicking, as it allows those involved to advertise their "success" for the rest of the business week's active media cycle.

    I would also like to refer back to Lyn's message on September 8th, mentioning a late September to late October Rapture. (Thank you, Lyn):


    . . . and this newer video, which mostly matches up the Feast timeline with the one I published here back in March:


    My earlier timeline, from March, is summarized below . . .

  60. -the Rapture before November 1, 2021

    -November 1, 2021 . . . Israel has now been “Left Behind” as the Tribulation starts . . . and the Anti-Christ shows up to confirm a Peace on All Saints’ Day. He’s out all night on pagan Halloween, and wakes up to an equally pagan Roman Catholic holiday, which the Chrislam-pushing Pope will be happy to suggest as a qualified holiday for Peace-making. Although he's only one candidate for the AntiChrist, Emmanuel “the Mark” Macron will be all too eager to indulge his good friend on this high-unholy occasion. After all, this date is the anniversary of the establishment of the European Union, itself. And it’s also the anniversary of the declaration of an “axis” running from Rome through Nazi Germany, where the last Anti-Christ archetype came from. (Hitler) It’s a very popular date for one-world governments. And especially Roman ones.

    1260 days later . . . (remember to start the day count on October 31st at sunset, and not the morning of Nov 1st, though they are the same day for the Jews, and for the morning News!)

    -April 13, 2025. We come to the exact first evening of the Feast of Passover 2025! If this was the Mid-point of the Tribulation, could you imagine a more perfect date for the Abomination of Desolation . . . instead of Antiochus Epiphanes calling himself “God on Earth” and spreading pig’s blood everywhere in the Temple, we now have the Anti-Christ calling himself “God on Earth” and possibly spreading defiled blood on the very beginning of the Passover Festival originally consecrated in pure Lamb’s blood. And as if to push the ANTI-Passover one step further, the AC then uses his “powers” and the Mark to attempt to put the Jews right back into bondage and suffering. He wants to reverse the Exodus and Deliverance of God’s people. Literally and eternally. (This is also exactly 4 years before the Apophis asteroid visits again. To the day.)

    1260 days later . . .

    -September 24, 2028 . . . the very last Sabbath before Atonement (Shabbat Shuvah) has just concluded. The wrath is over. The Tribulation is ended. The physical activities transpiring on Earth are no longer as relevant. God is now saying, “Give Ear,” according to the Torah reading of the day. He is announcing to the Remnant the final SEVEN days before Salvation will no longer be possible, JUST AS HE DID WITH NOAH. The final SEVEN days of soul-searching and repentance, which is exactly what Shabbat Shuvah represents on the Torah calendar.

    And then, seven literal days later . . .

    -September 30, 2028 . . . Yom Kippur. The most important Jewish holiday. The final Day of Atonement, and the fate of the people is sealed. Contemplation and redemption come to an end. The 1290 and 1335-day clocks are still in play, and we await a clear picture of their significance, but the Millennium is arriving, and the Fig Tree generation has still not reached 81 years old.

    NOTE: If you use the 1290-day count from the Abomination it takes you very close to the Jewish Torah reading for Lekh Lehka, which declares "Go out!" Is this a marker for Satan's banishment? I have no idea! And if you use the 1335-day count from the Abomination, it takes you to the day of the Torah reading Va-Yeshev, which means "and He settled." Literally a reference to Genesis 37:1 . . . “And Jacob dwelt in the land wherein his father was a stranger, in the land of Canaan.” Could this be referring to the celebrated return of Jacob, aka Israel, to the Promised Land for 1,000 years?

    NOTE: All of these Feasts are observed correctly on the proper dates in those years, following the equinox, etc. (They do not need to be adjusted, as was necessary when shifting this year's Feast of Trumpets to October 7th and 8th, 2021.)


  61. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/aukus-expedites-coming-eu-army-natos-irrelevance

    "While France cries foul in defense of its own arms industry, certainly the brains behind Macron sees the rise of AUKUS as both a tremendous opportunity and pretext. . . "

    "So many things then become possible with the UK out of the EU, like an EU Army."

    Again, remember that Macron is not only the French president, but the soon-upcoming EU president. And France has the only large military in the EU, with Britain gone.

  62. I also wanted to quickly add that I believe that the Psalm 83 war is already behind us. Included in the prophetic 120-yr gap from the First Zionist Congress to the Revelation 12 sign, I think that we could count the Psalm 83 war as only the most recent of those "wars and rumors of wars" that included WW1, WW2, etc. And that really pushes the Ezekiel 38 war to either pre-tribulation or mid-tribulation. (I lean heavily pre-trib.) Otherwise, the AC's peace confirmation wouldn't really hold much water, would it?

    There must be a 3.5 year period of at least feigned peace. I only say that to make clear that whatever peace deal is confirmed by the AC, it is unlikely to look EXACTLY like any deal we've seen yet. I just wanted to clarify.

    This makes the Rapture even more imminent and transformative. The removal of the Restrainer will precipitate some very large changes, possibly including immediate war, and certainly including immediate tyranny. But you already knew that!


    1. I tend to think that Psalm 83 was fulfilled in 1967 but I'm not dogmatic on that.

      Why must there be a 3.5 year period of feigned peace? The second seal in Revelation involves world war. I don't even see why the 7 year covenant in Daniel 9:27 is a peace treaty or even a treaty between nations.

      Who negotiates peace for 7 years? Does that mean at the end of 7 years people can go about killing each other again? Peace treaties tend to be permanent until one side breaks it.

    2. You do make a valid point about the nature of the 7-year deal. It doesn’t sound like a traditional “peace” treaty as we’ve come to think of them. Perhaps it’s the result of a military action, but is more of a transitional agreement pertaining to the use of, and occupation of a given territory. That kind of transitional deal seems more accurate. Perhaps the action will be similar to what nearly happened in ‘67, when Israel could have occupied vast territories of the Sinai and Jordan, if not for pressure from allies.

      While many make the point that a key territory like Jordan is not on a war footing with Israel, that could change if a new conflict with Hamas slips out of control. As the effects spill over, Jordan (or Egypt) could get dragged in through limited action; but regardless of limited intent, Israel would likely respond with full force. And Jordan controls the Temple Mount.

    3. @Unkown:

      The confirming of the Covenant with the many maybe on 1 November 2021, but how about Israel attacking Iran's nuclear facilities? Will that happen during the first part of the Tribulation Period and will the antichrist give Israel permission to do that?

    4. I picture the Ezekiel war coming soon, with a rapid conclusion, and a rapid wind-down of aggression on the Middle East stage. (Maybe more on a global scale.) I believe that it's incredibly unlikely that Israel would want to stop their overtly-implied attacks BEFORE the AC confirms his covenant. (Indeed, I can think of no reason why they would even lean that direction.) But I do expect them to table such attacks once they're working with international cooperation after the Ezekiel war.

      This is just speculation, of course.


  63. Joe,

    I agree with you about Psalm 83, and please don't think that I'm trying to be dogmatic about it, either. I can only give my interpretation.

    Regarding the 3.5 years of feigned peace, I am not insinuating that the planet will be free of conflict, or even war. I am stating the majority position that there will be a covenant that is confirmed by the AC. And that the natural outcome of said covenant will be a peace, a pact, a cooperation . . . an agreement on an international scale, which not only includes Israel, but begins a multilateral dialogue and a scaling back of national sovereignty. We know this because we know that some form of compromise is reached with God's chosen people. A compromise later broken.

    In its religious form, it could involve the 3rd Jewish Temple. In its political form, it could involve the tearing down of walls. In its economic form, it could involve the further integration of currencies. In its military form, it could involve the orderly cessation of fighting in a post-Ezekiel world. Et cetera. Et cetera. But in all forms, it is a continued homogenization of world policies and powers, held by fewer and fewer "horns." And especially in the Middle East.

    We can only assume that this compromise is between nation-states, given the centralization of global controls necessary to do what the AC will do after the mid-Trib. We can only assume that peace is in play, as it's very difficult to breach a trust with the Jewish nation at the Abomination, where no trust previously existed.

    Finally, I believe that you are correct to point out that negotiating any period of "peace" for ONLY seven years would be impractical. But that's not exactly what most are suggesting. Or at least I am not. It's far more likely that the covenant is one of detente; a rolling back of hostility, or a furtherance of restraint, such as an arms embargo, or an armistice with "limitations." These things are often limited in both time and scope. And you are certainly correct when you infer that we CAN expect one side to break the deal with these "many," leading to a Great Tribulation denouement.


  64. As crazy as it might sound, I think Daniel 9:27 isn't referring to a treaty, but an election. Specifically, I think it might refer to the antichrist being elected to Israel's presidency, since that position serves a 7 year term.

    If the antichrist is Israel's ruler during the tribulation it would explain why there is no overt mention of Israel's rulers in all the passages about the tribulation. It would also be an interesting fulfillment of John 5:43.

  65. I don't think that qualifies as "crazy" these days!

    I certainly don't know the identity of the AC, and cannot deny the possibility. But there could be several problems with that line of thought. One, that the office of the Israeli presidency is largely ceremonial, with little executive power. And that the latest President has already commenced his term, pushing the tribulation back another 7 years. It doesn't work well with the Prime Minister's position, either, given these last few tumultuous years of infighting and "shared" power.

    But I say, again, that everything is on the table. We simply don't know what tomorrow will bring.
    So for all I know, you could be on to something. However, there is no denying the Bible's teaching in 1 Thessalonians 5:3 that "when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them" before the day of the Lord so cometh. Meaning that we must account for that peace and safety somewhere.

    No matter how it goes down, I like your out-of-the-box thinking. And I find myself pondering, more and more, the sheer number of interpretations available. Without a community, we would have great difficulty connecting all of the dots. While one person is comparing Jacob's 14-year period of work for Leah and Rachel to the 14 years started with the 2014-2015 blood moons, another believer is working on something like the current political picture of the Gog-Magog war! We are lucky to have each other right now.


    1. Under the Israeli system, if their presidency is ever vacant, say due to impeachment, resignation, or death, then the Knesset elects a new president for a full 7 year term. It isn't like the American system where a VP steps up to complete the term. So conceivably it is possible for a new election and new president to take office on short notice.

      The president might not have much formal power, but if jews believe he's the Messiah, he won't receive much practical opposition and can force his agenda through.

      As four your 14 year theory, could it be 7 years between the rapture and start of the tribulation and then another 7 years for the tribulation?

    2. I would hesitate to rule out any possibilities regarding the AC, right now. And I'm not entirely convinced that we can, or are even meant to, "know" his identity, before his time. (That won't stop me from guessing.) By the time an answer is made clear, I don't intend to be here, yet I still think it worthy of discussion, because many of our brothers and sisters will need to know what to look for after we're gone. We must preach the whole Bible. And if so much of it is prophetic, then so much more should we discuss the prophetic.

      That's why I prefer sticking to the timeline discussion. We can know many of the events, and we can know the season, according to the Holy Scriptures. And honestly, I think more of us are interested in "when" we leave. So there's a lot more spiritual growth, discernment, and Gospel confirmation in that area.

      As for the "14 year" thing, I know that the Fig Tree model would be wrecked by the idea of a 7-yr gap between the Rapture and the Tribulation. So, no, I don't think that's possible. But I also know that the Blood Moons and Solar Eclipse of 2014-2015 were prophetic . . . somehow. I tend to agree with this theory that's been floated for some time, now: that just as Jacob worked 7 years for the bride he didn't want, and then another 7 for the bride that he did, so too has Jesus been working overtime these last 7 years for the Gentile bride of the Church, and in the next few months, he will begin working those 7 years of tribulation for the Israel that He's long desired.


  66. When I hear the words ‘peace and safety,’ I think also of “PEACE! PEACE! But there is no peace.” And that makes me think that it’s all a matter of perspective: slave vs master. The peace will most likely be imposed in terms of protest being squelched so effectively that the most brave will shut up or die. And the safety, well, what’s the V program all about? Again, an imposed solution that satisfies the untouchables and sickens the little people.

  67. https://www.juliusruechel.com/2021/09/the-snake-oil-salesmen-and-covid-zero.html

    Don't just read it. Think about it. Tell people about it. And let them make their choice. Regardless of what they choose, maybe you can make one person's life better before we "fly away."

    "Now we know we've been played, how we've been played, and why we've been played. Again. Just like during the 2009 Swine Flu con. Only bigger, bolder, and better. They learned from their mistakes. We didn't."


    1. Excellent article unknown, I learned a lot from it and bookmarked it for future reference. Thanks!



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