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Cast Your Cares Until You Cast Your Crown

Hello fellow travelers,

We have arrived at the last chapter of 1 Peter. In this week's study, we will cover 5:1-7 and look at the underlying Greek connections, overarching theme, and application for us today. For example, you may be familiar with these verses:

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you (1 Pet. 5:6-7, ESV).

However, there is a hidden gem and a surprise beneath the surface that is uncovered in the video and study notes below. Listen and follow along as we seek to understand the heart of the apostle Peter and his urgent and relevant message to burdened and weary pilgrims, traveling through this trial-filled age on their way to certain and sudden glory.

Be blessed, and be filled. You have Almighty God who fights for you...because He also cares about you!

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  1. cant wait to read this post! wanting to say that New Video by George @ Return of the KING 2 hrs. ago ~ GRAND PARADE

  2. awesome teaching Jeff,... boy if that doesn't ever seal it *

  3. I hadn't thought of self-sufficiency being so closely linked to pride. But of course! So much for bootstraps.

  4. Comments are languishing, so I'll post what I just wrote:
    This morning I was thinking about the idea of “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.” It’s pretty comical, really. How far off the ground could you get by yanking on that strap at the back of your boots? Maybe one foot at a time; definitely not both.
    Self-sufficiency is a worthy goal when it comes to going off-grid or being diligent in producing healthier food or leaving less of a footprint. But the idea of independence has its limits.
    If we want some real ‘lift,’ we need to appeal to our Maker and Finisher. And happily acknowledge our dependence on His Provision and Care.

    1. i'm so happy you said that CnC,...both Jeff n you really have an effect on me, thanks!

  5. Hello brothers and sisters,
    does anybody around here know the "RevelationChapter12dotCom" Youtube channel, run by Paul Anthony Dawson?

    If you do, he might be one of your favorite Christian youtubers, as in my case, since he always had interesting videos regarding prophecy, watching for the rapture and loving the Lord. He seems very genuine and is beloved by many of our brothers and sisters.

    I write to you concerning him, because I'm worried about him, he seems to be slipping into works based theology. Look at his recent community post, but even more importantly, the comments he made there responding to other people. He has since blocked new comments from being able to be posted. Link here: https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxCt49T6ayrj2H8KPx2n0PHnQVL0VoIQMA

    Unfortunately since he blocked, and won't respond to comments, I have no choice but to ask if anybody here has a way to contact him and lovingly correct him. I know our brethren at Unsealed are principled men with strong faith in Christ and the eternal security of His children, so I sense there might be a chance to help our friend correct his course.

    After all, even Peter the apostle, one of the most renown men of the Church, got corrected by Paul regarding Law and Grace (please read Galatians 2, it's very relevant).

    Thank you very much,
    Love, M

    1. Hi M, i tried to find him on fb but couldn't,.. he did have an account in the past. We will pray for him in this battle, truely amen. Be blessed sister as we give thanks to our Lord n Savior, believing in answered prayer * Father oh father, hear our prayers ~

    2. p.s. just sayin', Paul seems quite himself and altogether sound minded on his last 2 vids of a month ago on Peace n Safety, and on Kaduri video! /// on another note Jan Markells video interviewing Stephen Briggs is Excellent over at Olive tree ministries. Also, remember,...in Christ, enough is more than enough. Blessen's a plenty folks ~ in His abundance there is no lack. Happy Israeli Independence Day! We have been grafted into the Olive tree \./

  6. "His bride has made herself ready, and she has been able to dress herself in dazzling white linen, because her linen is made of the good deeds of the saints."

    1. Lord, how i want to be in that number, When the saints go marching in \./

    2. i absolutely love your bride comment Cy n Cry ~ i mean really ,... yes dazzling! thats so sweet and lovely and entirely beautiful and romantic * i wish you would keep it coming as the spirit moves you to do so of course, in Christ, amen

    3. You know how that soft ‘ping’ (you’ve got text) penetrates most ambient noise? It’s like the ‘light’ (watching eagerly) that penetrates the ambient darkness. I see you shining.

    4. Wow! Happy Mothers Day ~ i like You, soo much

  7. The worldwide famine of Revelation 6 (Third Seal with a rider on a black horse) is under construction now. Not just because of the war in Ukraine which blocks wheat export from both Ukraine and Russia and causes fertilizer prices to skyrocket, but also because of the threats of poor wheat harvests caused by prolonged drought in the US, India and in Europe.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. As of today May 9th Putin is said to announce the end of the war in Ukraine which is the anniversary of the end of ww2. Despite the best efforts of our illegitamate administration to start ww3 thats not gonna happen. The neo-nazi azov brigade has been crushed.
    Eventually there will be a world war 3 and one world gov't but this is not the time, were still here.
    Hopefully not much longer.

    1. World War 3 can also start in the Middle East.

  9. At the moment Europe is suffering from a prolonged spell of severe drought which has been going on since late February 2022, making crops very difficult to grow, or they even don't grow at all, and the nature is also suffering from it. Due to the war in Ukraine the agriculture in Europe is already under pressure by high fertilizer and diesel prices, and drought is only exacerbating it. Let us therefore continue to pray steadfastly for rain, otherwise there is a chance that the harvests will suffer greatly and, in combination with the war in Ukraine, food can become very expensive and even scarce in Europe. In combination with the already skyrocketing energy and fuel prices, this will put even more pressure on purchasing power for lower (middle) incomes. A lot of people can't make ends meet anymore.

    1. Amen and amen, Moin. An excellent prayer point in this changing world. Let us also pray that eyes are opened, ears hear and hearts receive the message of the Gospel. May the lost hear the call of the Spirit, the voice of Christ.

      LORD, convict, empower and embolden your Saints to share the Love they have in Christ with those who bring them. May they share their story (testimony) in a natural way that reflects You moving in the world and in their life with clarity and honesty. May they turn (repent) and see You and learn to love you as we have! Amen.


    Live Reporting - Summary

    Quoting Summary points from BBC,

    Vladimir Putin tells a huge military parade in Moscow's Red Square that Russian troops in eastern Ukraine are "defending the motherland"

    He says the invasion of Ukraine - what he calls a "special military operation" - was necessary and had been provoked by the West

    But he does not make any major announcement related to the war, including declaring victory or full-scale mobilisation

    Hmmm, sources seem to indicate no major announcements coming from the mouth of the Russian Federation President. Yesterday (5/8) was not just Mother's Day for many in the world it was also the mid-point of Spring. We're now half-way to Summer.

    Pentecost is right around the corner.

    Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks, Pentecost, the Day of Oaths, this year is 21 days after the 74th anniversary of the birth of the State of Israel AND the MAJOR BLOOD MOON coming on the anniversary of the beginning of war in the Middle East against Israel, 37 days (that is 888 hours) after the Bethlehem bright morning star event of 4/30/22 which itself was 37 days (again 888 hours) after the Ecclesiastic New Year of the Essene calendar (nods to Ken Johnson!) and 15 weeks, 3 days before what the Essenes marked as the Fall Day of Remembrance (otherwise known as Yom Teruah). All on the Essene calendar.

    That's enough day count connections to make your brain hurt! It's hard enough just typing it all.

    All calendars align this year for Shavuot (Pentecost). The Feast of Weeks, a 15th day event of the 3rd month, is the very picture of the harpazo and fully shadowed in (John 21).

    Even the leaked statement from the US Supreme Court concerning Roe v Wade smells of the harpazo. Is not the death of abortion a shadow of the dragon which seeks to consume the child? Is it me or is the potential overturning a shadow of the child being snatched away from death?


    Maybe I'm staying up too late nights? Maybe not. But I fully believe in what Scripture teaches us about the days to come. There appears no sign to the end of war and war on such a global scale as to threaten the very safety of Jesus' beloved Church.


    He and He alone has won the Victory. With the lips of His mouth in His very last breath on Earth Jesus declared Victory. "It is finished" (John 19:30) We have yet to celebrate as One our VICTORY DAY as His gathered body His Church in the presence of the Father. Until then I am confident,

    38 For I am sure that neither
    death nor life, nor angels nor
    rulers, nor things present
    nor things to come, nor powers,

    39 nor height nor depth, nor
    anything else in all creation,
    will be able to separate us from
    the love of God in Christ Jesus
    our Lord.

    (Romans 8:38-39 ESV)

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Deleted to remedy and correct and oversight

  12. This is just rumor, you know how that goes but I heard that the leak of the roe vs. wade potential decision is just a distraction from the real issue that the court is dealing with and that being the 2020 election fraud. I invite you all to check out Dinesh D'souzas new movie 2000 mules which lays out how they (american democrats-communist chinese and a few other countries) stole the election from President Trump. This was not the only method used, the dominion voting system was also employed. As far as the BBC is concerned I dont trust them to report the truth any furthur than most of American media. Thier goal is to keep that war going as long as possible and the perception that its not over but it is. Putins goal was never to occupy the country and many russians there welcome his intervention. The next hot spot is Taiwan and then Israel. Thats when things get interesting.


    While the news media was busy looking at Russia it may have been missed that yesterday, Mother's Day for many countries around the world was also the 77th Anniversary of V-E Day; the day Nazi Germany formally and unconditionally surrendered to the Allies in World War II.

    As sad as it is to mark Mother's Day, 2022 with war in Europe yet again with sons and daughters dying in the fields, streets and even schools -- it is offset by the hope we have in ultimate Victory by the Son of Glory who will find all His enemies placed beneath His feet as He ushers in the last kingdom on Earth.

    The Millennial Kingdom of Christ Jesus the Lord.

    77 years ago my friends who served in that war began a journey home to return to their lives from the battlefront. They, I pray, have all since gone Home to glory. Soon we shall all be reunited with those we love. Once considered lost now united as One by God in Christ.

    It will be our V-E Day. (Victory-Eternal Day)

    Share the love given you by God in Christ with those He gives you today. Keep fighting the Good fight. At every turn,

    Keep the Faith!


  14. At https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/man-of-sin-emmanuel-macron-calls-for-new-european-political-organization-during-europe-day-2022-speech/ "On Europe Day 2022, Emmanuel Macron Stuns By Calling For Creation Of A New European Political Body To Rival The European Union And With More Power". This new political body could indeed be the Revived Roman Empire, an alliance of 10 European nations from which the antichrist will emerge.

    These developments mean that the Rapture is indeed very near.



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