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A Timeline That Just Might Fit

When we recognize history as an unbroken chain of weeks of days and weeks of years according to the plan and dictate of God, suddenly things fit like a glove. Could this be the year? In this video I explore a possible timeline of history that has a number of historically verifiable anchor points confirming that the modern Israeli Shmita cycle in use today is the same cycle that was in use at the time of Christ and before. This alignment means that we are about to enter a new Sabbatical cycle—a new period of seven years—starting this very fall.

I've added an addendum addressing some of the excellent questions and comments that were posted on the above video. Also, Lu Vega has an excellent review and analysis of the timeline here with a few [minor] alternative suggestions.

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  1. This is very interesting....

    Hebrew Bible Code in Isaiah 53 = Jesus is My Name

    The above video makes the code clear and a computer is not needed to verify it. It is all laid out. One thing neat about that code is that it starts in the very word "prolong" which is in verse 10 - and is the best word for predicting the resurrection of Jesus...Amazing...

    But about the 9th of Av coming up and TuB'Av coming up, this is interesting...

    video title: 9th of Av - Messiah - 5782 (2022) Hebrew Bible Code -

    along with Messiah also came up the word "return" or "repent".

    Only God knows for sure the day and the hour...Watching together.

    Hope you are right, Brother Gary, - I agree strongly that we have reason to hope for this year...Surly it is soon!

    1. Thanks for sharing! Quite amazing.

  2. Wow Gary. You hit this one out of the park.

    1. Thank you! Most of it was just piecing together parts I gleaned from others. I think it makes a compelling case.

  3. Wow, this is amazing work. You guys at Unsealed truly are a shining beacon of Light amongst all the mess and divison, which unfortunately plagues the body of Christ quite severely these days, with your humble attitude, faithfulness and right division of God given truth from speculation and speculation from lies. I don't know any better or more pertinent end-times oriented site.

    Here's to hoping your timeline is actually correct. Wouldn't it be amazing if all the pain and weariness we're experiencing turned into joy within, like, 2 months? :) Still, I have to brace myself (and this is not your fault, but mine) for the possibility of being here a little longer, as I've seen dates and seasons that "looked" amazing turn out not to be rapture dates and I can't bear that kind of pain anymore, so I try to hope for the best, prepare for the worst and remain patient and faithful through it all. I'm positive it's quite soon one way or another.

    I'm still really glad you present your views honestly and with humility, as I can't take the "thus saith the Lord" date setting guys anymore, so I just don't watch them, since I don't want to get needlessly upset with my Brethren. You are an example to us all.

  4. Thank you Gary, I'm also amazed by your discovery of these 7 years cycles matching all these historical and Biblical accounts, and I thank you for all the research you put into this calendar. Also last month I received a large size LSV bible which was shipped to me from America through The Netherlands to my place in Africa. I'm happy to know you were part of its translation work and I keep comparing scriptures to get a better understanding of the Bible.

    1. That's awesome!
      Btw I was also very thankful for the perspective of using the 7 year Shmita cycle, since for a long time now I was quite confused about the 360 day vs 365,25 day calendar, which one we're supposed to use and whether we should convert "prophetic" years to solar years when interpreting prophecy (specifially Daniel in this case). I've long suspected there's a simple and clear way God wants us to think about it, but didn't quite know what it is. This may (hopefully) just be it.


      The Essenes kept a 360 day calendar. The year consisted of 360 normal days and four which were on the Equinox and Solstice. Those four days for Spring/Fall Equinox and Summer/Winter Solstice were called Tekufahs and not included in the calendar as counted days of the year. This lined up with the prophetic year as given and began the year on the Wednesday closest to the Spring Equinox. It was an easy calendar to use and didn't have leap months (Adar II) as the Jewish civil calendar does. Instead of a leap month the Essenes kept a leap week when needed. The Essene calendar had 30 days/month every month. (Tip of the hat to Ken Johnson for teaching me this!)

      The Pharisees started the year with the new moon nearest the Spring Equinox. Totally different from the Essenes who kept the calendar by the sun and Equinox. Thus the Pharisees were known as the "sons of darkness" while the Essenes were known as the "sons of light".

      Final note: The Essenes were of the line of the Zadok Priesthood which included the order of Melchizedek. Jesus is our High Priest forever in the Order of Melchizedek. John the Baptist was of this order thus Jesus being baptized by John starts making sense. John was a leader in the priesthood having followed his father Zechariah.

      Those connections help shed light on the 360 day calendar. A calendar rejected by the civil and religious authorities. Even so, it's so funny to me that Jesus died and rose again according to the Pharisee calendar. Ken Johnson has some EXCELLENT resources on these topics that I HIGHLY recommend. Find that through his website at Bible Facts.

    3. That's very interesting, Pastor Rich, thank you for the resource.
      So if I understand it correctly, since they added a leap weak when it was needed (to align with the Solar cycle), over time the "prophetic" (360 day) years would still roughly align with other Solar calendars (like Gregorian/Julian)?

    4. Yes, the seasons (appointed times) have to line up properly. An example this year was that Shavuot lined up for all of the calendars.

  5. While I loved the information here, I admit I'm looking at the following cycle (that starts in 2029), mostly because of the Daniel 7:24 verse. The Anti-Christ can't show up (thus the Trib can't start) until there are 10 kings. And, while it looks like the Agenda 2030 people are going to set this up, they haven't done so yet. So if the Shemita Cyle is true (which I think it is), then we still have a while to wait. Unfortunately. Still, while I won't hold my breath, I will still look to this Fall and hope that our wait is over.

    Come Lord Jesus!

    1. Agenda 2030 has been moved up to 2023 I understand.

    2. Still, the question of the ten kings stands. I think it would be a very interesting study (perhaps for some future Unsealed article) to try to interpret the timeline of the end times presented in Daniel (and elsewhere) in relation to the rapture and current events. The book of Daniel is a mysterious one for me in general, as it seems to mix events which have already happened (like the rise of Alexander the Great, the rule of Antiochos IV., etc.) with prophecies and shadows of the Antichrist and the end times in general.

      One idea I've seen presented by fellow pre-tribbers is that perhaps the ten kings will arise after the rapture, some even speculating they could be of angelic/nephilim origin, others leaning towards them being human rulers from whom the AC will take their power, becoming the undisputed ruler of the world, later on in the trib timeline, not from the very beginning.

    3. There have been a number of world leaders that stepped down recently; UK, Italy, Chile, Sri Lanka, etc. The enemy knows who will be put in place.

    4. These 10 kings alliance, or the Revived Roman Empire, can easily arise in Europe during an unprecedented economic and societal upheaval triggered by exploding natgas and power prices since Russia has cut his natgas supplies to Europe.

  6. Something to consider for your timeline... say the rapture happens this fall and shortly thereafter the seventieth week begins with the strengthening of the former covenant. Should this covenant event happen on Rosh Hashanah of this year, Septemeber 26th, (which is the start of Jewish new year and Sabbatical cycle) there would be 1290 days until April 5th 2026 which is the feast of first fruits. Suppose the two witnesses appear in Jerusalem on this day, starting their 1260 day ministry stopwatch, preaching the gospel and gathering the 144,000 first fruits of Israel. (For reasons to in depth to describe here, the witnesses' 1260 days must precede the 1260 days of the great tribulation.) Three days later, the great tribulation begins on April 8th, 2026. The great tribulation lasts 1260 days until September 18th, 2029 which is Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. Christ atones for the land and the people when He returns (Deuteronomy 32:43) Then, 1335 days after April 8th, 2026 is December 2nd, 2029, the first day of Hanukkah, which would coincide with the dedication of the Millennial temple built by Christ following the seventieth week.
    Just something to think about...

    1. Robert,

      You are so very close to my study model!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Excellent exploration of the shemitah question, Gary! I have seen another calendar, and have a copy of it somewhere in my stash, that counts the Sabbaths from the beginning thus keeping the sevens. It appeared shockingly accurate in my earlier studies.

    I concur that the beginning of the calendar could start from the establishment of the first government (Knesset) and started a model for that a while back which was sadly lost and not revisited.

    Your calculations also line up with my current study model but for different reasons. My model suggests the harpazo could be anywhere from the 5th Anniversary of the Great Sign, which is of course this fall, to Yom Teruah of this year. (9/23/22 - 9/27/22) 1,290 days after that is Pesach and Hag HaMatzah of 2026. 1,260 days after the midpoint is Shabbat Shuva and then Yom Kippur. 1,335 days after the April 2026 midpoint is Hanukkah.

    I'm still exploring what defines the end of the generation? (Psalm 90:10) The obvious answer is death. What then dies at the end of this generation? Could it be the modern State of Israel as we know it due to the AoD? It is true that Spiritual Israel will continue to exist in exile in the wilderness but since the fig tree is the nation state of Israel then should we be looking at her end? If so, then Pesach, 2026 may be a good candidate. This is an 80 interval count when counted zero from 5/14/1948 for a 79 year old generation give or take a few days.

    Just some of the questions I'm exploring...


    One thing I have run into while exploring the Day of the Cross is problems with calendars and dates. An example, NASA logs that there was a Blood Moon on April 14, 0032 AD. We all know that lunar eclipses occur on the full moon. With that take a look at new moon and full moon data from, Stellafane Moon Phase Calculator for the year 0032 AD. The full moon is listed as happening at "Wed, 14 Apr 0032 06:30:58 GMT". (Remember, a blood moon only happens on the full moon!)

    Torah Calendar places this event on Monday, April 14, 0032 AD. Double-check what day of the week 4/14/32 AD against Apr 14, 0032 AD on ke!san Online Calculator. Apr 14, 32 AD is given as a Wednesday on the Gregorian calendar.

    One calendar system says 4/14/32 AD is a Monday and others say it's Wednesday.


    So many wrenches to deal with, eh?!

    1. I think that's probably caused by the problem of leap years in Julian vs Gregorian calendar. According to the Julian calendar, which was used in 32 ad, the date would be a Monday. If you just backtrack from today all the way to that date (4/14/32) using our Gregorian calendar, it ends up being a Wednesday.

    2. Just to expand on this, it doesn't mean the day of the week was changed when we switched from Julian to Gregorian. They kept whatever weekday it was during the conversion and just continued on a different calendar.

      The only problem is the date itself. When you backtrack, you're "implying" that a certain number of leap days have been added throughout the years (as if Gregorian calendar was used all the way) and move accordingly through the calendar. But since the Julian calendar added a different number of leap dates, the date is shifted and so you're basically counting weekdays that didn't exist back then.

      So the most accurate date would be imo on the calendar which they used back then (Julian), so Monday.

    3. Yes, and the part that gets sticky is the tomb being found empty on the first day of the week. No matter the day of the month that would be Sunday.

    4. I agree. Based on the evidence available it seems to me that Sunday is the most likely option.



      Using Tue, 11 Mar 0031 19:51:07 GMT as the celestial new moon and assuming that first visual sighting of the new moon would occur a day or two later...if Wednesday, March 12, 31 AD were Rosh Chodesh (Head of the Month) for Nisan then 14 days later would be Pesach (Passover). This would peg the evening of the Seder on Wednesday, March 26, 31 AD. The following day would be the Day of the Cross, Thursday, March 27, 31 AD. That evening would be the first evening in the three (3) night/day count for Jesus in the grave. Evening and morning, the first, second and third day; with the third day falling on the pre-dawn morning of Sunday, March 30, 31 AD. NASA records no lunar or solar eclipses for these dates.

      Based on this quick study 31 AD is a strong candidate for the Year of the Cross (assuming no year zero) as it provides the required three days and three nights in the grave by Jesus. 32 AD (a leap year) suggests that the Day of the Cross was on a Wednesday and 33 AD suggests that the Day of the Cross was on Friday.


    6. Hey brother PR! Try counting from the first new moon after the equinox. That's how I'm reckoning it.



      NASA via their site at Time and Date of Vernal Equinox gives the date of the Vernal Equinox in 31 AD as being on 3/20. The Keisan Online Calculator pegs 3/20/31 AD as being a Thursday. LibreOffice Calc, the software I use in building my models, pegs 3/20/31 AD as being a Tuesday. (Torahcalendar was not used as they peg the Equinox on 3/22 not 3/20 as NASA does).

      If the Spring Equinox of 31 AD was on a Tuesday then 14 Nisan would fall on Wednesday, April 25, 31 AD. The Day of the Cross would be on Thursday, April 26, 31 AD and the third day would be Sunday, April 29, 31 AD.

      This result is VASTLY different from that which you find today on Torahcalendar. My earlier posting above is much closer to Torahcalendar (just as point of reference).

      Any of these candidate Days of the Cross can be modeled to roll back the calendar across 1,260 days of earthly ministry of Jesus to arrive at a suggested start date for the time line. That then can be extended to model the life of Christ using 9/11 as His physical birthdate as a cross-check and reference. I've already worked the models that concur with your data that suggests a Hanukkah conception of Jesus. That was based Zechariah serving in the Temple in the month of June.

      I hope this all makes sense. I'm short on time to do major revision or editing...


  10. Thank you my brother Gary, it's a huge job but very well done. All to the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ! Amen to all this! Maranatha!!!

  11. For some reason my phone cannot play this video. I would appreciate it if someone could give me a summary of what it says. Were coming down to the wire. Many thanks.

  12. Hi Van, here is Lu Vega's excellent summary:


    Blessings, judi

  13. I admit I haven't listened to the entire video. Is a mention of this in it? https://wake-up.org/
    Look carefully through that site, lots of detailed research on dates.

    Also, wake-up.org notes the "let there be no more delay" in Rev 10:6. Delay the operative word.

    1. That site is decidedly anti-pre-Trib (and seems to promote the idea that it isn't faith alone that makes one a Christan, since the author seems to think people need to go through trials to "prove" it).


  14. Quite the meat fest going on in this here video. Very interesting indeed. I'll just lay down a quick pile of tartar sauce on the side (the spicy kind) to go along with it for the purpose of (perhaps) pointing out a little bit of prophetic convergence taking place here with this calendar/Schmitta/Sabbath 2022 Cycle reckoning.

    Article Update (new info regarding the deadly lightning strike that occurred in front of the White House the other day).

    One of the injured victims has passed away - making the total number of deaths 3 from the original two that was initially reported. This proves to be rather prophetically interesting. This part, I'll leave to the reader to read directly in the article as it is too lengthy to post here (see the section titled "The Importance of Vineyard America’s President 43."

    But the other update info can be seen below - taken from a second new section titled "From 43 (Church Age Generation) To “56” ...

    1. "Consider that two of the people who were killed were a senior couple who were celebrating their “56th” wedding anniversary. This piece of information turns out to be prophetically telling. The Apostle Paul was 56 years old in 58 A.D. As part of his third evangelistic journey, he traveled from Macedonia to Troas where he had to resurrect a man back from the dead who had fallen asleep during one of his long late night messages (Acts 20:6 – 11). As revealed in Paul’s aforementioned rapture passage, the wording reveals that “those who are “dead” in Christ will be resurrected first while those of us still alive will receive new bodies before being raptured. Further, the man died because he had “fallen asleep“ during Paul’s evangelistic message. When those of us who are alive and remain get our new bodies just before being raptured, Paul tells us that “we shall not all sleep.” Those who are “dead in Christ” and resurrected first are referred to as being “asleep.” Let’s read the passage again …

      “Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed” (1 Corinthians 15:51-52).

      Further, the husband of this couple owned a dry-wall business before retirement, which has to do with building things. As we know, building things involves carpentry. Carpentry is a skilled trade and a craft in which the primary work performed is the cutting, shaping and installation of building materials during the construction of buildings, ships, timber bridges, concrete form-work, etc. Jesus was a carpenter. Meanwhile, the wife of the elderly couple was a retired teacher who was “75” years old. This proves to be quite interesting, and in my humble opinion, quite significant as Abram (later Abraham), at 70, leaves his hometown of Ur with his wife Sarai (later Sarah) and his entire family. The family lives in the city of Haran until five years later, Abram’s father Terah dies. It is at this moment that Abraham, at age “75” in 1885 B.C., is called by God and told to travel to Canaan …

      “And the Lord said to Abram, “Get out of your country, and from your kindred, and from your father’s house into a land that I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation . . . And in you shall all families of the earth be blessed” (Genesis 12:1 – 3).

      The calling of Abraham is one of the greatest events of the Old Testament. It is from this point forward that the narrative in the Bible primarily focuses on the history of Abraham’s descendants. It is through the covenant of Abraham (the covenant of Grace) that salvation of the human soul through faith in Christ rests upon. The Church Age is known as the “Age of Grace,” which will end at the rapture. The Revelation 12 rapture sign occurred in 2017 (the year that Donald “Trump” came into the office of President of the U.S.A. (Trump = the rapture). Counting forward “5 years” from then (the number for “grace” in the Bible) until now (2022), we suddenly see a lightning strike take place that displays some rather peculiar prophetic hints – as well as a divine warning."

      As you can see, God does nothing haphazardly in sending the world a wake-up call – in this case, a deadly lightning strike with prophetically significant numbers. The warning message that God seems to be sending the world here is that the rapture is about to occur and the Antichrist will soon arrive on the scene.

    2. The Link ...


    3. Note: If the "4th" injured victim ends up passing away, although tragic and not a desirable outcome, that would certainly put some "hot" in the tartar sauce. We would then end up with a "44" code reckoning ... the number of Mr. Lightning's presidency on top of this event occurring on his birthday - which is a main piece of this prophetic omen.

    4. So, I post that comment above and walk into my living room where my wife is watching a movie about the crucifixion of Jesus. I look over at the digital spy device called "Alexa" and it says "4:44 p.m."

      Hmmmmm ... Is someone trying to tell me something? ... lol.

      Well, hopefully, that doesn't mean that the "4th" victim will die. But, if he/she does ... what can I say. It is what it is.

    5. Correction: The "year" was 56 A.D. when the Apostle Paul traveled to Troas and ended up raising the man from the dead who had fallen asleep. Not Paul's age.

      Source: https://www.blueletterbible.org/study/paul/timeline.cfm

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thank you dear ET:DD! It's so interesting to read your views! And above all, it's encouraging!

    2. You're certainly welcome. In the world of prophetic observation, where there's smoke, there's usually fire.

  16. Thanks, Gary. Just BRILLIANT. Those 7’s and 10’s have Yahweh’s Hand and Footprints all over them. His Constancy never fails. Re good and bad years, those would seem to be relatively relative terms. But years of plenty, and years of dearth speak to me. We’ve had a virtual banquet of signs in heaven and earth to feed the hungry, watchful soul.

  17. Interesting that Luis Vega's linked article is "PS News-666".



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