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A Fiery End to the Year, an Explosive Sign of What’s to Come

The week after Thanksgiving is off to a fiery start—literally. Mauna Loa on Hawaii's Big Island, the world's largest active volcano, has erupted for the first time since 1984. And how fitting given how much the post-COVID world of 2022 resembles George Orwell's secular prophecies in his infamous novel Nineteen Eighty-Four about humanity's dystopian future of mass surveillance, mass manipulation, and government power run amok. This of course is to be expected as the pages of Holy Writ declare. The future grows bleaker, darker than ever before (Mt. 24:21; Am. 5:18–20), prior to the light of Christ dawning on the world at His return. It must get worse before it gets better. All the biblical prophets were in unanimous agreement on this point, much to the consternation of the dominionists and Pelagians among us.

From the last eruption of Mauna Loa on April 15, 1984 to this eruption, which began yesterday, were exactly 2,015 weeks. Alphabetically, the 2,015th word in the New Testament is epiphaneia ("appearance, manifestation, glorious display")—the word the Apostle Paul uses to describe Christ's return in four different epistles (2 Thessalonians, 1 and 2 Timothy, and Titus). Mauna Loa's last eruption was also 30 years to the day before the first blood moon (total lunar eclipse) in the 2014–2015 blood moon tetrad, which occurred on April 15, 2014. Jesus was about 30 when He began His ministry and a majority of scholars now think Jesus was crucified in April of 30 AD. In light of the Shmita cycle, which either ended this Fall or will end next Fall—thus beginning a new seven-year period—2030 is a very reasonable possibility for the second advent of the Lord Jesus—2,000 years after the year in which most scholars think He died.

Perhaps the eruption of Mauna Loa in the heart of the Ring of Fire, likened to the earth's "birth canal," signals the imminent birth of the corporate manchild into Heaven and the key events that shortly follow: the revealing of the Antichrist and his rise to power, global war, economic collapse, and the terrible events of the Tribulation.

But the eruption on the Big Island is but the periphery of a sea of tumultuous events that began or continued this week:

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are suddenly being trialed and adopted worldwide, putting in place an economic system of total control just in time for the arrival of the Antichrist and his mark

As we near 2023 and rapture speculation grows much louder, it should be noted that this coming year we will likely witness the slaughtering of one or more of the five qualified red heifers in Israel in preparation for the Third Temple. We'll also see the opening of the apostate Abrahamic Family House as a potent symbol and potential headquarters of a globalized, anti-Christian religious system.

Furthermore, Israel will likely have in place its most religious government since the founding of the modern state—exactly the government you would expect to implement a return to the Mosaic system and reconstruction of the Temple in the aftermath of the rapture. This government will also likely initiate a regional war with Iran in a matter of months in an attempt to knock out the country's nuclear program.

Finally, global supply chains, food processing facilities, and economic institutions are truly on the verge of collapse, paving the way for the final prophetic scenario that follows. Everything seems to be in place, but it's up to creation's Sovereign to press the go button. Time is fleeting. If you're not ready for what's coming, get ready now. Don't wait another day.

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  1. I cannot agree more with you Gary! It's getting hot in here!!

    (Note: The following is product of my personal study and the study model developed around the 80 years given by Moses in Psalm 90:10. I am not dogmatic on this model or these dates but asking questions and praying about it and following when led. Hopefully the information is enough for you to double-check my work and study this for yourself. It is and always has been my purpose to attempt to model Biblical facts surrounding the end with our temporal calendars. This is a snap-shot of my personal deep dive in quiet time with the LORD).

    As shared in the last article I spelled out a working model that points to a Second Coming the day before the eve of the Day of Atonement 2030. Today another piece of the puzzle may have dropped with the identification of the third sign in the heavens given in the Revelation. (Revelation 15:1) More on that soon!

    This model jives with your Shmitah model and, so far, lines up with the Biblical narrative (IMHO). Here's a simple map in ASCII,


    (I hope it lines up as designed since I cannot preview the post!)

    Read left-to-right the first 1,260 days begin 10/11/23 and end 5/30/27. This is the ministry of the two witnesses. Their death is the end of the generational 80 years (28,800 prophetic days) from the birth of Israel and is the key to the model. (Psalm 90:10) The second line begins 1,290 days at the 10/11/23 and runs to the mid-point of the tribulation when the daily sacrifice is taken away. The second 1,260 days is the Time of Jacob's Trouble the Great Tribulation when Israel is nourished in the wilderness. This begins 4/24/27 and ends 10/5/30 in time for the defeat of Gog of Magog before Yom Kippur on 10/7/30. The third line (1,335 days) runs from the mid-point (AoD) to the first day of the Kingdom on 12/1/30 which is Hanukkah I. All dates are Gregorian and Hebrew civil calendar. (Note: Torahcalendar was not used in this model calculation. Also note that the 1,290 days that precede the 1,335 is place holder to help everything line-up properly!)

    My next post will detail what was shown to me today concerning (Revelation 15:1) and discuss the events of (Revelation 15:5-16:16) according to the study model.

    Hoping my ASCII chart (above) holds together!

    Time is growing, so very short!

    Share the Love of Christ!!


    1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing PR.

      It's interesting to connect "we fly away" in Ps. 90 to Israel's flight to the wilderness in Rev. 12.

    2. Exactly! Fly away as in on the "wings of eagles" fly away!! These are exciting and terrifying time we live in.

  2. Amen, Gary!
    Gotta say, this Hebrew Year of 5783 is looking very promising for our departure before the Fiery Trial of the Tribulation!

    I just finished an article that connects more of the dots regarding this which links to your Timeline work and what Will at Worship and Watch YTC discovered related to the Biblical Year of 5783.

    I also included info about something that occurred at the COP27 Conference--if it is true (and I believe it is) we have GOT to be going Home this Hebrew Year!!! Perhaps even as soon as Hanukkah. (I'll be sure to check out what you found out PR!)

    Also, I agree with George at Return of the King that the Election Blood Moon is likely THE LAST HEAVENLY SIGN. I share all this plus more (duh, of course) in my latest article:



      I would posit that (Revelation 15:1) is the last heavenly sign. It is one of three that occur in Scripture in the Revelation with the first two in (Revelation 12). Without a doubt the partial solar eclipse and the total lunar eclipse were heavenly signs -- just not the *last* sign given in Scripture.

      It could be safe to say that this blood moon was the *last* one before the harpazo. I would completely agree that may be the case based upon my study model. (Joel 2:31) We still have one more total solar eclipse coming on April 20, 2023 which falls before the modeled advent of the two witnesses in my study model.

      The next solar eclipse will be an annular eclipse crossing the Americas on Saturday, October 14, 2023.

      ...and catch this!

      If the two witnesses arrive earlier that week to begin their ministry, the Sabbath, Saturday, October 14th marks THE BEGINNING OF THE ANNUAL TORAH READING FOR THE YEAR!!!

      Saturday, October 14, 2023 (29 Tishrei, 5784) is Parashat Bereshit!!!

      Bereshit on what may be the FIRST Sabbath of the witness of the two lampstands? On the DAY of an annular solar eclipse over the Americas?!! What POWERFUL signs might they be on the day we begin by reading,

      א בְּרֵאשִׁ֖ית בָּרָ֣א אֱלֹהִ֑ים אֵ֥ת הַשָּׁמַ֖יִם וְאֵ֥ת הָאָֽרֶץ:

      1 In the beginning God
      created the heavens and
      the earth.

      (Genesis 1:1)

    2. THIS is why we need the WHOLE BODY OF CHRIST! THANK YOU very much dear Brother Rich🤗

    3. Always shared with Love for encouragement as we see the Day approaching!


    While sharing my QT with Chad Bird - The Person, Preaching, and Baptism of John the Baptist I was struck with the wilderness. Specifically the woman and her time in the wilderness. Chad was drawing parallels of the wilderness motif of John with that of Moses. That immediately kicked in thoughts of the 40 years of disobedient Israel in the wilderness and a question.

    Could the 40 years of Israel in the wilderness during the Exodus have modern parallels to the elect of Israel in the wilderness during the Great Tribulation? If so, how might the red letters of (Matthew 24:22) fit in the model?

    22 And if those days had not
    been cut short, no human being
    would be saved. But for the
    sake of the elect those days
    will be cut short.

    RED LETTERS (Matthew 24:22 ESV)

    Jesus was clearly talking about the Great Tribulation. The last 3-1/2 years (aka 42 months) of the 70th week of Daniel. The next step in the question was to address my study model and create a count less 60 days from the end of the last 1,260 days. This makes a count of 1,200 days from the AoD (the beginning of the discussion for Jesus in Matthew 24:15).

    Where does that land on the calendar?

    Saturday, October 5, 2030 (Tishrei 8, 5791) - 60 days = Tuesday, August 6, 2030

    Here's where it fits in the model,


    Is there anything special about this day?

    Well, for one it is two days BEFORE the 9th of Av. Remember, the 9th of Av is the day that BOTH the first and second temple were destroyed. But what about the 7th of Av? (Tuesday, August 6, 2030)? Tuesday, August 6th marks the anniversary that Nebuchadenezzar occupied the first temple before it was destroyed.

    Quoting, Chabad.org,

    "After nearly a month of fierce fighting inside Jerusalem (see "Today in Jewish History" for Tammuz 9), the armies of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia broke through into the Temple compound, where they feasted and vandalized until the afternoon of Av 9, when they set the Holy Temple aflame."

    That's a very interesting event and occurred during the reign of King Zedekiah.

    A fact concerning King Zedekiah, after overcoming Jerusalem, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon sets up Zedekiah as a puppet ruler of Judea. Zedekiah, however, soon rebelled and his reign ending after only eleven (11) years, when Nebuchadnezzar once again conquers Jerusalem but this time he destroys the city and temple.

    Eleven years.

    The Revelation indicates that while the final judgments are being poured out on the inhabitants of the earth they do not repent. They curse God. Does not God give warning before He moves? He most certainly does...and to this point in future history there has been seven times 70 chances to repent! (Literally!) Thus another question,

    Do we see any signs in Scripture to indicate a warning?

    I believe we do.

    1. FROM MY QUIET TIME TODAY (Continued)

      Friday, August 2, 2027. A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE THAT AT MIDDAY WILL PLUNGE THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS (LUXOR), JEDDAH AND MECCA INTO DARKNESS. The land of Pharaoh will be in the path of totality. Just days before offical mid-summer on August 4th. Is there anything else standout about this date?

      Friday, August 2, 2030 is exactly 1,100 days to day 1,200 on the model of the Great Tribulation. Hmmm, 11 years for Zedekiah and 1,100 days for the eclipse. Dig on the number 11 in the Bible and you may find it bound to not so good things.

      A warning? I'd say...a three (3) year warning.

      Could day 1,200 of the exile of the elect of Israel in the wilderness be the Day that God pours out His wrath? Or at least begins? A review of (Revelation 15:5-16:16) is enlightening and illustrates the state of things leading up to the Second Coming of the Lord.

      If day 1,200 was the day of wrath then what of it? How does it shorten the days? By crippling the beast system such that it cannot attack Israel? Pure speculation.
      They and all those afflicted will live in a nightmare unparalleled since the beginning of time. They will have to deal with this while they are gathering for battle at Armageddon. These are the plagues this "Egypt" will suffer while the woman is safely hidden away.

      Finally, what do we see in the heavens at the time of the eclipse? When viewed from Jerusalem here is what we see,

      1. Sun in Cancer
      2. Moon in Cancer
      3. Venus in the Beehive Cluster of Cancer
      4. Mercury in Cancer
      5. Jupiter in conjunction with Regulus in Leo
      6. Mars in the constellation Virgo
      7. Saturn in the constellation Pisces

      Anyone who studies the Mazzaroth will see how impactful these signs are. The Revelation says to watch for a, "great and amazing" sign in the heavens and for my money this is a great and amazing sign. Seven (visible) angels (planets) in the heavens telling a story. (Revelation 15:1) One written by God from the beginning!

      This is still a preliminary study but one that I will continue to share about as deemed applicable.



    2. Footnote: My models assume a prophetic year of 360 days. This assumes 30 day months, thus 42 months x 30 days/month = 1,260 days. When considering the Exodus and the woman in the wilderness the calculation of 1,260 days - 60 days = 1,200 is equivalent to 40 prophetic months.

      40 prophetic months x 30 days/month = 1,200 days

      ...thus the 1,200 days discussed above.

    3. I think most would have to agree with the passage of time that the strict adherence to the 70 to 80 yr. time frame for the fig tree generation theory has been exceeded. Last May marked 81 yrs. next May 82. I think its important to note this.
      I do agree that next year would be a fitting time for the rapture, marking an even 2000 yrs. at his and our return to earth to engage the enemy at Armageddon and the start of the millenial kingdom. This is assuming the scholars are right about the year of the crucifixion. I always thought it was in 31 a.d. but im not solid on that.

    4. One of my study models for the Day of the Cross was built on Dead Sea Scroll records pointing to 32 AD. 31 AD and 33 AD were also modeled (I leaned toward 33 AD for a long time but will split the difference for the sake of this comment). If for an April 14, 32 AD crucifixion then total number of days to the modeled Kingdom Day 1 on December 1, 2030 would be 729,987 days or 1,998 years, 7 months and 17 days.

      Basically 2,000 years. (Calculated using ke!san Online Calculator)

      Interestingly enough, that's nearly the number of words in the Bible.

  4. It is believed that 210 years is missing from the Hebrew calendar. If that is true, than the Hebrew year is not 5783, but 5993. Since 6,000 years has been given to man to rule before the Messiah would come to establish the Kingdom, then it is a real possibilty Jesus will return within this decade. Maybe this is why we are beginning to see so many things increasing throughout the world.

  5. Steve, thank you for your comment and that mirrors what my searching is leading to as well. There was an article on this site in August about timelines that was well done that I keep going back to (link is https://www.unsealed.org/2022/08/a-timeline-that-just-might-fit.html ).

    Related to timeframes....if 5783 was a shemitah year (which I think it was), and if following year is a Jubilee year (after every 49 years, the first year in the next 7 year cycle is a Jubilee, if I interpret correctly, which this might be the 50th year now .....perhaps it is analogous to being the final payment on a mortgage when the debt has been paid off).
    We're done toiling in our land on earth to pay a debt.....(?)
    https://www.gotquestions.org/Jubilee.html .....I'm not connecting the dots on this one yet.....interested in others comments ---- significance, if any, that we're looking for the rapture in this Jubilee year. Jon

    1. Hi Jon!
      At the beginning of 2022 Israel 365 News posted :
      Prominent Mystic: Next year will be the final Jubilee, year of Messiah’s arrival


      This Rabbi was pointing to the Year 5783 as a Jubilee year when they expect their messiah.

  6. According to two sources I checked the life expectancy in Israel was 82.6 in 2020. Jesus said this generation will not pass away. So the Israel life expectancy is 2.6 years longer than the 80 the Bible mentions. Thanks for all you do. Best regards.

  7. UN resolution calls Israel's founding a 'catastrophe'

    Quoting, i24news.tv,

    World body to commemorate Palestinian 'Nakba' next year after 90-30 vote with 47 abstentions

    The United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday passed a resolution to mark the founding of the modern state of Israel in 1948 as a "catastrophe."

    Palestinians consider the establishment of Israel and its existence to this day as the "Nakba" (catastrophe in Arabic) and the world body decided to acknowledge the Palestinian version of events with the resolution, which was adopted by a vote of 90-30 with 47 abstentions. The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and most European Union countries including Germany voted against the anti-Israel resolution.

  8. I'm not claiming to know anything with certainty, but as I've said here in the past, it really struck a chord with me when I read some of the words from the older Jewish Rabbis on the return of the Jews to their land. One quote in particular stating without doubt that the nation will never flourish or blossom until its people have returned home, and it just seemed so obvious that the Fig Tree Generation would go hand-in-hand with the literal Return of the exiles, and not necessarily the foundation of statehood. Since that personal revelation, I've been pinning my 70-80 years to the Law of Return that Israel passed in the summer of 1950. And conveniently, that would make Israel 80 years old this coming July, right after the spring feasts, and in line with most of the prophetic calendars.

    As an aside, isn't it amazing the way that the past, the present, and the future all seem to be so alive and interactive, and yet still solidly determined and known by our God?! As an example, we often hear the expression, "when Satan comes down, we go up," but how ironic is it, when you see the from the perspective of those still left on earth?! How symbolic that one Christ stops in the clouds and then returns to His throne, while the alternative Christ (AntiChrist) descends from those same clouds claiming to be that self-same Messiah. There are just SO many facets to the picture.


    1. For anyone wanting more details, The Jewish Law of Return was passed by the Knesset on July 5, 1950.

    2. Jeremy, My heart did a little leap when you said Israel would be 80 in July. Because I'm as old as Israel and pretty sure I won't be 80 in July (my BD). Typo?

  9. Neuralink Show and Tell, Fall 2022

    Fall update to the status and technology of Neuralink. (2 hours, 48 minutes) Scroll past the intro music. Scroll to the (22:53) mark to see a monkey playing Mind Pong using a neural implant for a quick primer. Scoll to (26:00) mark for details on human trials. (Mid 2023)

  10. The most recent ‘Steve Fletcher’ has me thinking more expansively. He is featuring a commentary by a lady I’ve not heard before who has only a few followers and yet she has a mature and intriguing presentation from the little I’ve seen. She’s definitely been in the shadows, from my perspective. Well, she’s come out now.

    The past 50 years I’ve ‘observed’ and honored the seven holy days/seasons, but have never tumbled to Chanukah. Mostly because it’s ‘added’ and also because the bling seems to override the substance. And never was convinced that Messiah was ‘observing’ the day just because he was walking there. He certainly took that opportunity to inflame the listeners to the point he had to escape their urge to kill without delay.

    I had made note that surely Messiah was conceived during that time. But this morning it hit me so hard that that was when Abba would have begun His watch over His Son’s development in the womb. Life does begin at conception. This would make a great big exclamation point countering the most egregious sin of these days. Messiah’s time on earth truly did begin in darkness (obscurity) nine months before He appeared to men.

    The implications for us remain to be seen, but my eyes are open a little wider to the possibilities.

    1. In my studies I had come upon the time of Zechariah's Temple service as being in June 4 BC. If so, and knowing that Elizabeth conceived John on her husband's return from Jerusalem, we can calculate this,

      June (Conception of of John the Baptist in 4 BC)
      December (Conception of Jesus in 4 BC)
      March (Birth of John the Baptist in 3 BC)
      September (Birth of Jesus in 3 BC)

      This overlap of conception and birth of suggests the conception of John sometime near, or just after, Pentecost (during the count to New Wine) with his birth somewhere around the Ecclesiastic New Year or Passover. It also suggests the conception of Jesus on or about Hanukkah with His birth at Yom Teruah. An earlier model of this suggested Jesus was conceived on Hanukkah I of 3 BC.

      When this model is fully developed it equates to a 32 AD crucifixion which matches records of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

    2. Luke 2
      25 And, behold, there was a man in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon; and the same man was just and devout, waiting for the consolation of Israel: and the Holy Ghost was upon him.
      26 And it was revealed unto him by the Holy Ghost, that he should not see death, before he had seen the Lord's Christ.
      36 And there was one Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser: she was of a great age, and had lived with an husband seven years from her virginity;
      37 And she was a widow of about fourscore and four years, which departed not from the temple, but served God with fastings and prayers night and day.
      38 And she coming in that instant gave thanks likewise unto the Lord, and spake of him to all them that looked for redemption in Jerusalem.
      Israel back in the Land in 1948. Adding 84 years of Anna serving God waiting for REDEMPTION (to draw neigh?) is the year 2032 or TWO DAYS after the cross per Hosea. A 7 year rapture subtracted from 2032 is the year 2025 which on the Essene calendar begins the final time period. Israel has not been serving God these last 84 prophetic years but the Church of Philadelphia has Rev 3:10.

  11. @Cy

    I hope that the Rapture prevents us both from seeing your next terrestrial birthday! And if not, then Happy Early Birthday!

    Maybe from now on I could rebrand the Fig Tree Generation as the Cy Generation?


    1. Before my first birth I found myself in a tight spot and it was so dark. And that's how it feels to me now. ......sigh

    2. LOL. It's always darkest before the dawn. Or the birth.


  12. Now The End Begins at https://www.nowtheendbegins.com/abrahamic-family-house-nearly-complete-chrislam-abu-dhabi/ "The Headquarters For Chrislam, The Abrahamic Family House In Abu Dhabi, Is Now Nearly Complete And Should Be Operational In Just A Few Weeks".

    See also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5wvcKJ8bNg "One World Religion Headquarters Opens Next Year!!!"

    This is a huge milestone in prophetic developments towards the Rapture and the subsequent Tribulation Period.

  13. Volcanos are currently erupting all over the world:

    Wondering if this is the "water breaking" before violent earthquakes shake the entire Earth and the child is caught away.

    PS - how does one imbed a clickable link?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry, that didn't come out right here. Go to rev12daily.blogspot.com and scroll to the bottom of the page where they give the sample HTML. Sorry I typed that wrong above😳

  14. Birth pains indeed!


    Here's a primer on making hyperlinks in pages like UNSEALED.ORG. It's really simple to do and a basic of HTML.

    Just a lot of ^C and ^V if you catch the old school reference!

    1. Thanks PR!

      Got the old school reference! I was using punch cards with Fortran programming before DOS was around!!

      Testing a link here:
      We Are The Generation


    Mars is in a very interesting place in the skies now. The red planet named for the Roman god of war (4th in the solar system) is between the horns of Taurus and rises in the eastern night sky. Last night it was particularly bright. So much so you may think it was Jupiter! (Mars is about 51 million miles from Earth now).

    A quick check at NASA shows that last night Mars was in opposition to Earth. (Official time of Martian opposition was at 04:30:50 UTC). That means that you can draw a straight line from Mars to Earth to the Sun. Add to that the Moon is full and just occulted Mars (meaning crossed directly in front of Mars) was also an interesting fun fact.

    Out of curiosity I took a look at Strong's (G435) and found this,

    anér: a man
    Original Word: ἀνήρ, ἀνδρός, ὁ
    Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
    Transliteration: anér
    Phonetic Spelling: (an'-ayr)
    Definition: a man
    Usage: a male human being; a man, husband.

    The occultation of Mars occurred on the one-month anniversary of the occultation and opposition of Uranus. (The 7th planet in our solar system that bears the Greek name meaning "heaven" and same word found in the first verse of Genesis). That occulation happened at the Midterm Elections in the US very late on the evening of 11/8-11/9. The blood moon of last month was just a couple days before the Anniversary of the beginning of the Great Flood on Cheshvan 17 (11/11/22) and was a 354 minute event.

    Again, out of curiosity I took a look at Strong's (G354) and found this,

    analémpsis: a taking up
    Original Word: ἀνάληψις, εως, ἡ
    Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine
    Transliteration: analémpsis
    Phonetic Spelling: (an-al'-ape-sis)
    Definition: a taking up
    Usage: a taking up, lifting up.

    That was interesting!

    The number 354 also stood out to me as it is the number of days in the current ecclesiastic calendar year according to Torahcalendar.com -- the last day of which will come just after the Spring Equinox in 2023.

    A few fun facts on the heavens above as we see the Day drawing nearer and nearer!




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