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Why Do The Nations Rage?

Why are the nations so angry?
    Why do they waste their time with futile plans?

The kings of the earth prepare for battle;
    the rulers plot together
        against the LORD
            and against His Anointed One.


“Let us break their chains,” they cry,
    “and free ourselves from slavery to God.”

But the One who rules in Heaven laughs.

The LORD scoffs at them.

Then in ANGER he rebukes them,
    terrifying them with his fierce FURY.

For the LORD declares, “I have placed My Chosen King
    on the throne in Jerusalem, on My holy mountain.”

The King proclaims the LORD’s decree:
    “The LORD said to me, ‘You are my Son.
        Today I have become Your Father.

Only ask, and I will give You the nations as Your inheritance,
whole earth as Your possession.

You will break them with an iron rod
    and smash them like clay pots.’”  

Now then, you kings, act wisely!
    BE WARNED, you rulers of the earth!

Serve the LORD with reverent fear,
    and rejoice with trembling.

Submit to God’s Royal Son, or He will become angry,
    and you will be destroyed in the midst of all your activities—
        for His anger flares up in an instant.

But what JOY for all who take REFUGE in HIM!

Psalm 2, adapted from the New Living Translation.

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  1. Thank you, Gary, so much! The article is great, studying with. We are really on the way to the Lord, very-very near! You are really blessing, great reward awaits you! The world around is so evil! The Lord comes for His Bride! Maranatha!

    1. Thank you, Alla! God bless.

      I love how Psalm 2 perfectly describes what's about to go down.

      The rebels are on borrowed time.

    2. It's exactly so! I remember your articles "The Key Of David" and this Psalm 2 corresponds to Rev 2, and Ps 22 to Rev 22, I shared this stuff already with my fellow believers. We are longing for the Rapture carefully and patiently, it's the very time now.

    3. 2023 is looking VERY promising.

      Plus our globalist overlords seem intent on making 2030 the year the NWO is complete.


    4. It's really interesting thought to me! Then comes really Psalm 2, in 2030 doesn't come NWO, the Lord Jesus Christ comes and we will see Millennium! We will rejoice really so much!

  2. Thanks Gary - You have been a blessing - and we love to hear from you
    Love Psalm 2 - "Kiss the Son" = BAR for Son in that passage =
    really neat code in Genesis 1:1 relating to BAR - strongs 1247
    https://youtu.be/vvW3fGOMOzw = see to the end of this video -
    "Where did God come from" debate with Kent Hovind + Code in Genesis 1 -
    total time - 12 minutes

    1. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry with you and you perish in the way.

      I will kiss the Son forever!


  3. Thank you, Mr. Gary. That correlation of 2/22 sent me on a search that turned up many surprises. John 2, Acts 2, Isaiah 2, Jeremiah 2 and 22, Ezekiel 2 and 22, ...and I've just begun. I know, the numbers were put in later ; isn't the 'Hand of GOD' always on and in his Creation for those who are seeking diligently the Truth ? You are such a 'blessing' for so many of us . I choose to study the beauty of THE WORD because the evil & chaos of the world is disgusting .

    1. Very intriguing connections! Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. You're on a roll Gary exhorting the brethren first with the Luke 11"Jesus versus the Ultimate Predator" and now this rendition of Psalm 2.

    The nations may rage and the sea and the waves may roar but our Bridegroom cometh!

    Due to the wonderful work of the Body of Christ here and at Rev12daily (like Corey at End Times Darkness Descending, Greg Lauer, Lu Vega and more) , I put together an article containing COMPELLING EVIDENCE OF A 2023 RAPTURE SCENARIO, which I pray encourages you and everybody:

    Countdown Time to a 2023 Rapture?

    1. Thank you for sharing, Lyn! Can't wait to read it. Bookmarked.


    I also find it interesting how Angel Studios has released "His Only Son" in this season. Why?

    Jesus promised us through His letter to the church in Thyatira that He would give them (us) authority to rule over the nations with a rod of iron as when earthen pots are broken in pieces. An echo of the promise given Him by the Father in (Psalm 2).
    Jesus also promised to give us Himself, the morning star.

    Last year on April 30 was a spectacular bright morning star event. The Bethlehem Star shown together with Mars and Saturn in the predawn sky. April 30 (4/30) is an interesting date for that morning star event as it happened 37 days (888 hours) before Shavuot (Pentecost) per the Essene calendar. 888-hours equals 37 days (a watermark number in Scripture) and equals the number of the Name Jesus (Ιησούς) in Greek. April 30 (4/30) can be found in Strong's (H430) and is, Elohim (אֱלהִים) being the FIRST Name of GOD we are given in Torah and the Old Testament.

    27 and he will rule them with
    a rod of iron, as when earthen
    pots are broken in pieces, even
    as I myself have received
    authority from my Father.

    (Revelation 2:27 ESV)

    We were not taken on that Shabbat morning last year nor on Shavuot, 2022. But neither was Isaac born of Abraham on the day of the visitation of the LORD. The birth of his only (promised) son through Sarah, being Isaac, was foretold by the LORD in (Genesis 18) when He said,

    "I will surely return to you
    about this time next year,
    and Sarah your wife shall
    have a son."

    (Genesis 18:10)

    We, the body of Christ, hold so many parallels to Isaac and that so many signs point to the child of the promise today? Could it be that the harpazo will happen about one year after the sign of the promise, the Bethlehem Star; just as the birth of Isaac was about one year after the promise was given to Abraham? The possibilities are breath taking!

    Just as the Apostle Paul teaches us,

    28 Now you, brothers, like
    Isaac, are children of the

    (Galatians 4:28 ESV)

    I cannot help but wonder if the sign of the child (children) of the promise was given last year and that on the 153rd day of 2023, which is also the 15th day of the third month of Sivan, (Pentecost per the calendar of the Essenes), that the catch of 153 large fish will be brought to Jesus by the angels who dwell in heaven! A bright morning star sign that echoes the promise of the Father to the Son in (Psalm 2) so perfectly.

    Soon we will know. Sunday, June 4, 2023 (Shavuot) per the Essene and Zadok calendar is but weeks away.

    Keep the Faith!


    1. Pastor Rich,

      What do you think about this rapture/2nd coming model:

      This rapture/2nd coming model is based on the following:
      1. Daniel’s: the antichrist strengthening the covenant with many for seven years.
      2. The rapture and Tribulation happening at the same time - no gap.
      3. Daniel’s 2550 day count.
      4. Daniel’s 2520 day count.

      Point 1: many interpret Daniel 9:27 to say that the start of the Tribulation begins with the antichrist confirming the covenant with many for 7 years. However, it doesn’t really say this at all. All it really says is that whenever the antichrist confirms the covenant (whether it be the day the Tribulation starts, or possibly even sometime after the Tribulation starts), it will be for a term of 7 years. Also, it’s widely believed that the opening of the first seal judgement is also the start of the Tribulation - the antichrist going out to conquer and rise to power. If the Tribulation starts with the antichrist confirming the covenant with many, yet the first seal hasn’t opened yet and thus the antichrist hasn’t gone out and risen to power yet, how does it make sense that the strengthening of the covenant is the start of the Tribulation, when the antichrist is still unknown?

      Point 2: what if there is no gap between the rapture and the Tribulation? In 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18, Paul speaks about the rapture. Immediately after in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-4, he talks about how the church will know the times and the season of the “Day of the Lord”, and that day will not overtake us like a thief in the night - unlike the unbelievers. So my question is, if there’s a gap between the rapture and the Tribulation, it wouldn’t make sense for Paul to be talking to the church, telling them that the Day of the Lord shall not overtake them as a thief, because we’re already in heaven. Also, a gap between the rapture and the Tribulation in this context wouldn’t make sense to unbelievers left behind either, as the world will have plummeted into utter chaos at the rapture, and that’s the event that takes them by surprise - not the tribulation starting shortly after the rapture.

      Point 3: Daniel’s 2550 day count. So if there’s no gap between the rapture and the Tribulation, and the strengthening of the covenant with many isn’t the start of the Tribulation, but the opening of the first seal judgement is, what if the rapture and Tribulation start this September 16, 2023 - Feast of Trumpets. Adding 2550 days to that brings you to September 9, 2030 - the second coming of Christ on Feast of Atonement.

      Point 4: Daniel’s 2520 day count. Say on September 16, 2023 (Feast of Trumpets) the first seal is opened and the Tribulation starts, WW3 breaks out, the restrainer is gone and the antichrist begins rising to power and conquering for the next 30 days - culminating in the covenant with the many being confirmed at the end of the 30 days. This will start our 2520 day count, which will ultimately bring us to Feast of Atonement 2030.

      The two witnesses: so after 30 days of war (October 16, 2023 - a new moon), the antichrist makes peace with the nations and confirms the covenant with the many. What if the two witnesses show up on this day, now that there’s peace? I couldn’t see them showing up at the start of the war, where there’s chaos in the streets and nothing but militants and bombing going around. What if they show up now, when there’s peace, and they’re now able to preach the gospel to the people? Now add their 1260 days of ministry to this and you get to March 29, 2027 - Passover.

      Thanks, Adam

    2. Adam,

      An interesting study model and something to try fleshing out all the way as far as you can. You have some good points, points which I'm exploring as well. (Especially concerning the seals!)

      The new moon of October this year will provide an annular solar eclipse that will cut North and South America in two. That and the beginning of annual Torah reading on Saturday, October 14, 2023 (Parashat Beresheet). Such events in that time frame certainly suggest great potential for supernatural events!

      My model is not dependent on a gap between harpazo and the last week. The harpazo will be whenever it is but the model does outline the 70th week but based upon the 80 years of days since the birth of Israel and keying that to the ministry of the two witnesses.

      I think you have a good start to a study model! Double check your dates against Chabad.org and Hebcal.com as well as other sources. I use the Essene/Gregorian and Hebrew calendars in parallel entered on a spreadsheet using LibreOffice Calc. Timeanddate.com help me get the day counts right (always a challenge).

      At all times double check your work and press it harder and harder against Scripture. Explore areas where things line up - be willing to reconsider areas that don't. The Word is our guide and being open minded to what the Word says, not prevailing thought, is (IMHO) a good place to be.

      Keep digging and share what you find!




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