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2024 Is Off With A Bang: Could This Be The Year?

If New Year's Day is any indication, 2024 could prove to be the most explosive year of our lifetimes. Could it even be the year of the long-prophesied rapture of the Church? In the [speculative] "Final Four" scenario, the first of four key years has now transpired, and we've entered one of the most likely years of all. Jesus died and rose again in one of the years from AD 30 to 33. With 2023 behind us, it would now be pertinent to consider the AD 31 scenario. AD 31 featured a lunar eclipse more exceptional than 33. Moreover, 2,000 years later brings us to 2031; seven years before that, 2024. Now the Psalm 90:10 definition of a generation resurfaces:

The days of our years, in them [are] seventy years, || And if, by reason of might, eighty years . . .

Israel is the withered fig tree now growing once again. It was reestablished in 1948—"replanted" as it were. Yet something profound happened two years later, in 1950: Israel's Law of Return came into force, one of the state's most fundamental laws. It enabled massive Jewish immigration to the Jews' ancestral homeland. The Law of Return was the single most significant political component of the return of the Jews to the Holy Land after the state's reestablishment. The Law of Return was passed on July 5th of 1950. 1950 + (81 years minus 1 day minus 7 years) = 2024. "If by strength 80 . . ."

Additionally, it is this year that will witness the 7th anniversary of the Great American Solar Eclipse and the Revelation 12 Sign:

SEVEN years since Trump's inauguration: January 20, 2024*

SEVEN years since the Jubilee of Jerusalem: May 24, 2024

SEVEN years since the Great American Solar Eclipse: August 21, 2024

SEVEN years since the GREAT SIGN of Revelation 12:1–2: September 23, 2024

*On November 8th, 2016, in Jewish year 5777, Donald Trump and Mike Pence defeated Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, going on to win the Electoral College by exactly 77 votes. Trump was born 700 days before Israel was reestablished on May 14th, 1948 and was 777 days old, 77 days after Israel's 1948 rebirth. Upon inauguration (January 20th, 2017), Donald Trump was exactly 70 years, 7 months, and 7 days old. The names of the new President and Vice President were a homophone for "trumpets" (Trump + Pence) in the very year that the Revelation 12 Sign appeared on the Feast of Trumpets.

Yesterday, on New Year's Eve, just hours before the new year, an X5-class solar flare was detected. It was the single most powerful solar flare since September 2017's 9.3 (the same month as the Revelation 12 Sign!): SOURCE.

Today, on New Year's, a massive 7.5-magnitude earthquake has struck Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, toppling buildings and sending a tsunami along large swathes of Japan's coast along the Sea of Japan: SOURCE.

Today, BRICS officially expanded to 10 members by adding Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Note that Argentina was set to join today, but days ago backed out at the last minute—thus unexpectedly making way for the 10-nation organization we now see. As of today, BRICS now constitutes 45.6% of the world's population, 44.6% of its crude oil production, and 28.6% of its GDP. As a watchman, I can't force history to fit my preconceived notions; rather, I must accept that God's prophetic word will be fulfilled precisely and in ways that will ultimately surprise me. This could very well be the 10-horned beast through which the Antichrist will arise.

Today, a major Iranian warship has entered the Red Sea as the U.S. and U.K. are readied to launch massive airstrikes against the Houthis in Yemen.

And, as all of this transpires, Israel is nearing a full-scale war with Hezbollah, the red heifers are still [apparently] qualified and possibly ready for sacrifice within months, a second Great American Solar Eclipse is looming (April 8, 2024), and an unprecedented presidential election is set to go down with a resurgent Trump and incumbent Biden. The last trump will blow and then the little horn will arise.

Are you watching? Are you ready?

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  1. It may also be pertinent to mention that 2024 is the "Year of the Dragon." Not to mention, the track of the eclipse of 2024 is to complete an "X" with that of the 2017 eclipse.

    1. Good observations! Indeed, that "X" will be formed right over "Little Egypt" in Southern Illinois.

      Fascinating to read up on *why* Southern Illinois is called "Little Egypt":

      "In 1799, Baptist minister John Badgley dubbed the fertile highlands and bottoms near Edwardsville the "Land of Goshen". Early Edwardsville was known as Goshen. This was a biblical reference to Ancient Egypt. Geographic features such as the Mississippi and its flood plains were like the fertile Nile valley. The Indian mounds of the area were large at the time and seemed like the pyramids of Egypt. The nickname stuck, and it was reinforced by other events.

      In the 1830s, poor harvests in the north of the state drove people to Southern Illinois to buy grain.[15] Others say it was because the land of the great Mississippi and Ohio River valleys were like that of Egypt's Nile Delta. According to Hubbs,[citation needed] the nickname dates back to 1818, when a huge tract of land was purchased at the confluence of the rivers and its developers named it Cairo /ˈkɛəroʊ/. Today, the town of Cairo still stands on the peninsula where the Ohio River joins the Mississippi.

      Other settlements in the area were also given names with Egyptian, Greek, or Middle Eastern origins: The Southern Illinois University Salukis sports teams and towns such as Metropolis, Thebes, Dongola, Palestine, Lebanon, New Athens, Sparta, and Karnak show the influence of classical culture. (Greek names were also related to the contemporary national pride in the new republic of the early 19th century, and were given to towns throughout the Midwest.)

      Although Illinois was a free state before the American Civil War, some residents in the area known as Egypt still owned slaves. Illinois law generally forbade bringing slaves into Illinois, but a special exemption was given to the salt works near Equality. In addition, an exception was made for slaveholders who held long-term indentured servants or descendants of slaves in the area before it achieved statehood.[citation needed]

      The Underground Railroad also operated in southern Illinois, moving nearly equally northward and southward with bounties available for returned slaves appealing to the residents there. Slaves were going to "Canaan", the land of milk and honey, for which at first glance Egypt would be an easy mistake. Directions to Underground Railroad travelers were coded in Bible verses or songs, and the story of Moses fleeing Egypt was certainly used as an analog to their own plight. Egypt was the land to escape, and central Illinois represented the biblical Canaan, with Egypt being a treacherous southern Illinois."

    2. ...and "X" may be a way of saying, "instead of", "in place of" or the good old fashioned "anti" especially in light of seeing "X" as the Greek letter chi (X). (Think, Merry XMAS!)

    3. 2024--more specifically 5784--I believe the Lord has revealed WILL be the Year of the Dragon AND when we will witness the denouement of the Dispensation of Grace and our Harpazo. Here is what I believe the rest of the year may hold for us--

      2024 the Year of the Dragon AND the Rapture?

    4. No only an "X" BUT also formed "A" (Annular Solar Eclipse 14 October 2023) inside the "X" becomes Hebrew Letter "Aleph-Tav".

      Revelation 22:12-21 TPT
      “Behold, I am coming quickly! I bring my reward with me to repay everyone according to their works. I am the ALEPH and the TAV, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the Completion.” Wonderfully blessed are those who wash their robes white so they can access the Tree of Life and enter the city of bliss by its open gates. Those not permitted to enter are outside: the malicious hypocrites, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, murderers, idolaters, and every lover of lies. “I, Jesus, sent my angel to you to give you this testimony to share with the congregations. I am the bright Morning Star, both David’s spiritual root and his descendant.” “Come,” says the Holy Spirit and the Bride in divine duet. Let everyone who hears this duet join them in saying, “Come.” Let everyone gripped with spiritual thirst say, “Come.” And let everyone who craves the gift of living water come and drink it freely. “Come.” I testify to everyone who hears the prophetic words of this book: If anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone subtracts from the prophetic words of this book, God will remove his portion from the Tree of Life and in the holy city, which are described in this book. The one who testifies to these things says, “Yes, I am coming quickly.” Amen! Come, Lord Jesus! May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the holy believers. Amen!

      TPT: The Passion Translation

    5. Eclipses Path:

    6. Consider the Prophetic Message about 3 Days & 3 Nights of Darkness if really coincide with Nisan 1 (8 April 2024) New Moon Phase - Biblical New Year. Because Nisan 1 is the day the 9th Plague in Egypt happened: Darkness - Exodus 10:22.

      Joel 2:1-2
      "Blow the trumpet in Zion;
      sound the alarm on my holy hill.

      Let all who live in the land tremble,
      for the day of the Lord is coming.
      It is close at hand—
      2 a day of darkness and gloom,
      a day of clouds and blackness.
      Like dawn spreading across the mountains
      a large and mighty army comes,
      such as never was in ancient times
      nor ever will be in ages to come."

    7. Moon Phases on April 2024:

  2. Too
    many dang coincidences keep occurring! 2024 surely came in with a bang. Lord, please wake up the sleeping Church, continue to save many, and maranatha!

  3. What a start to the New Year! Wow!! It almost sounds like this is all made up (but it's not!)

    I too believe (Psalm 90:10) is still in play and have my eye on the Bethlehem Star. My updated model counts the beginning from May 14, 1948 and is based on prophetic years not our 365 day years. The new model is 29,159 days from the birth of Israel to the beginning of the 70th week (which may coincide with the arrival of the two witnesses). The key date in this model is Yom Teruah, 2024 which is suggested for the arrival of the two.

    The Day of our Blessed Hope is not indicated (that I am aware of) in the model but I have May 23, 2024 as my next high watch date. One of the key features of that event is rather striking -- the Sun will be in Taurus with Venus and Jupiter in conjunction by its side. Standing before the Sun and planets are the Pleiades (Seven Sisters).

    Tell me that doesn't sound like the Throne Room of the God Father with Christ at His right side and the Church seated with Jesus on His throne . The seven principle stars of the Pleiades are as the golden lampstands standing before the throne. (Revelation 1:12-16) and (Revelation 3:21)

    Lord willing, I will be publishing more details on my website soon.

    Happy New Year, all!


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    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Pastor Rich, Would you share your website, please..? I can post my email address. Thank you! Rick

    4. Rick,

      Thank you for asking! My website is at richardrfaulkner.org and will feature enhanced posts and studies of topics I've shared here. I'm just now getting the site going so have a TON more content to get into it. It's a mustard seed at the moment. A WIP as the LORD provides.


    5. Pastor Rich, Thank you so much! Most grateful! New Year’s Blessings from Seattle!

    6. Pentecost this year falls on May 19, which is close to your May 23rd date.

  4. Gary, this article is fascinating. I've been looking forward to your latest post. It is a hum-dinger. The coincidences concerning Donald Trump are pretty mind blowing. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that. Can someone tell me what these ten nations that make up BRIT+ have in common besides being a part of BRIT+? Are they nations that despise Israel? What else causes them to band together? What else do they have in common? I think that's a question worth asking.

    1. Hi OldChapRonL!

      By "BRIT+" do you mean BRICS+? If so the now ten (10) member nations of BRICS are: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Argentina was invited to join but they declined deciding to change their monetary system to the US Dollar instead.

      Are they enemies of Israel? Will they become enemies of Israel may be the bigger question. BRICS+ encompasses nearly half of the world's population now. I don't have their statistics handy at the moment but a dive into the topic would reveal a major emerging, multi-polar, economic power that will likely create its own currency system outside of the USD. As a matter of fact there is a marked move in the world away from the USD.

      If BRICS+ is the ten horns spoken of by Daniel then there will need to be ten more powers that join BRICS+. Ty Green has suggested that the ten nations of ASEAN could join BRICS+ to create that image...ten horns, ten crowns, 20 members total.

      BRICS+ is one to watch and worthy of further Biblical study.

    2. Alternatively, ASEAN may be the Kings of the East from Rev 16.

  5. The "Final 4" makes sense.....but wondering if the "Final 4" should be specified in Hebrew years beginning / ending sometime in April (Nisan)? If so, then "2023" (for example) ends sometime in April 2024, and so on..... Thoughts?

    1. Hi Jon, This is why I suggest building Scriptural models and do so myself. I tend to build calendar models in Calc using resources like chabad.org, dsscalendar.org, hebcal.com and timeanddate.com for reference. I have a couple of NASA resources I uses as well for eclipse data and lunar data. The trick is developing a framework that is easy for you to work with. Mine gives Civil, Essene and Gregorian calendars in parallel so that they can be viewed at once.

    2. Here's a hint at the structure I use in Calc to build calendar models,

      Gregorian date, Hebrew date (Evening)
      Gregorian date, Hebrew date (Morning)

      Each date is a cell of data (Gregorian and Hebrew). The Hebrew day begins and ends at sunset; this is how I run them in parallel. The Hebrew days are offset from the Gregorian days.

      I hope to post the model soon on my website for all here to access. It all makes much more sense when you're looking at an actual copy of the model.

  6. Thank you, Gary, for your article: it brings hope we are almost there. Looking at this year 2024, I agree it is likely the year for the rapture and beginning of the tribulation. Recently I was praying for more revelation about the End Time and then I found the prophesy of pastor Phillip Barnett, an old American pastor who worked in the Ukraine for 27 years. His message is called: "Azovmena" because of the region from Azov to Mena in Eastern Ukraine that would be destroyed. He saw in a vision the 3rd WW and the rapture just before that WW3. He also said that the Lord told him America would be destroyed on 11th November (but the year not mentioned) because of the Mayflower Compact which was signed on the same date (11/11) about 400 years ago, which covenant was broken by all the ungodliness. So that date 11/11 is very important however the rapture is prior to that day. He finally said Russia would attempt to attack Israel first before all this would be fulfilled and we would see that. I was very much interested in the vision of Phillip Barnett because it confirmed and explained a lot of things we have been hearing from others. It could very well happen this year 2024 seeing the crisis in the Middle-East and Ukraine.

    1. Hi Abel!

      I pray you and your bride are well in the New Year!!

      I've watched a lot of interviews and sermons from Ps Phillip and recall he suggested the Rapture would occur a couple of months before 11/11. I've kept that stuffed in the back of my mind as I do my own studies.

    2. Hi pastor Rich, happy new year to you. We have returned to Ghana after a period of sickness but the Lord has healed my wife and we are back in ministry. We had a difficult year but we made it through with a big testimony.

    3. Hallelujah! Sorry to hear of your difficulties but thankful the Mrs is on the mends. We had a rough year too but all glory to God He brought us through and is bringing us through. Praying for the impact of your ministry in Ghana! Maranatha!!

    4. The Church is in heaven to witness the 2nd seal being opened, which is world war. That means a world war won't start before the Church is raptured.

      I'd say it's more likely the war in Ukraine and the war against Hamas conclude at about the same time, and that is the "peace and safety" event of 1 Thessalonians 5:3.

    5. ...yet there are those of us who believe the first five seals are already opened and we are waiting on the sixth to be opened. (Not a salvation issue). That aside, I do agree with you that the Church will be taken before world war goes hot, meaning expanded beyond the confines of Ukraine. Technically speaking, military analysts seem to agree that World War III has already begun.

      No matter what, day by day we draw closer to the Day of our Blessed Hope.

  7. This is the year an ALEPH will be formed over the United States after the paths of the eclipses are concluded. Eagle Pass is the beginning of the path of totality for the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024. Eagle Pass is currently the critical spot on the US border where sovereignty dissolved. The eagle is the symbol of the US.

    1. Fun Fact: The three solar eclipses will form an aleph over the Continental United States at the same time that the Sun approaches Taurus, the heavenly aleph. After the next eclipse the Sun will be met by Jupiter and Venus, man-child and bright morning star, or what is commonly known as the Bethlehem Star in Taurus!

      Time to go Home?


  8. Thank you, Gary. I've been expecting this post , and am not disappointed ! High watch time...


    What to watch out for between January 2024 to April 2024...

    There is global call right now for Peace and Safety (1 Thessalonians 5:3) as UN's Guterres invoked the rarely-used charter to aid 'threats to international peace and security' in Israel-Hamas war!

    ...we are now at a point of...

    ...Then Sudden Destruction....with Hezbollah and the other waring factions of Iran, those being the Houthis, Fatah and the Islamic Jihad joining in the single front Israel-Hamas War and turning it into the Psalm 83 Multifront War!

    The Psalm 83 multifront war and the Destruction of Damascus as prophesied in Isaiah 17 is the catalyst!

    ISAIAH 17...
    The countdown to the Destruction of Damascus! Iran arms Hezbollah ahead of wider conflict with Israel! Hezbollah is about to full engage in the war and the Israeli army had said that if Hezbollah joins the war, that they will destroy Damascus and target Syrian president Bashar Al- Assad!

    By the end of this war the Al Aqsa mosque will be gone from the Temple Mount and the 3rd Temple will be built! The Red Heifer is going to be sacrificed during Passover 2024!

    THE PSALM 83 WAR...
    Jacob (Israel) is in trouble and is about to go into the 7 year tribulation! The complete explosion of the Psalm 83 Multifront War is the runway that leads Israel into the 7 year tribulation, after the the signing of the Daniel 9:27 covenant!

    Hezbollah and the Houthis are about to completely unleash their missile stockpile arsenal and join Hamas against Israel in the full explosion of Multi Front Regional War (Psalm 83 War and Isaiah 17)! IRAN is DAYS away from getting their nuclear bomb to attack Israel! Israel needs to preemptively strike Iran's nuclear facilities (Jeremiah 49)!

    Today, unlike any other time in history, the world is at that moment of 'Peace and Safety, Then Sudden Destruction' and is ripe for the 'Man with a Plan' who is lurking in the tribulation shadows, just waiting to emerge!

    There has never been such an global outcry for peace in the Middle East as we see right now. There are major violent protests and lawless demonstrations with millions gathering on the streets in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the United States.

    After the Rapture, you can just imagine what the extent of chaos is going to be.

    Enter the Antichrist from the ashes of the Psalm 83 War to quell the chaos!

    The act that will catapult the 'Lawless One' onto the global scene is the Daniel 9:27 Peace agreement that he will broker with Israel.

    The Bible tells us he comes in as a man on a white horse — he is a miracle worker of diplomacy and the man everyone will look to for answers. The treaty of Daniel 9:27 is signed, and the signing of the treaty starts the Tribulation Period. I believe that as a part of the Daniel 9:27 treaty, the Jews to allowed to build the 3rd Temple!

    The pleading cry of Asaph in Psalm 83 asking God not to be silent, will beseeach His divine intervention. At that very moment, as in the Days Of Noah, the doors to the Church Age will shut, the trumpet will sound and we will be caught up!

    US economist makes chilling prediction for 2024 - warning of 'biggest crash in our
    lifetimes' as 'everything bubble' bursts! The world is being prepared for a one world government a global Digital ID and Digital Currency (CBDC)! A new covid variant will lockdown the global economies and along with the devastation from the Psalm 83 war, the stock markets will crash globally and devastate economies! The UFO cover up is ready to explain away the Rapture!

    It's The Grand Finale! We are at the finish line!

    Jesus is about to evacuate us from this wicked world! The Rapture...our Red sea moment is at hand!

    All that remains is for the Rapture to take place now, and that can happen at any moment...in the twinkling of a eye!



    1. I would not be surprised if an “errant” Hamas rocket destroys the Al Aqsa mosque and Israel conveniently gets blamed. It almost happened recently if not for the Iron Dome.

    2. Yes, AA. I share a video in 2024 the Year of the Dragon AND the Rapture? that addresses how the destruction of the Dome of the Rock must occur before the Third Temple is built and the AC arises.

    3. Blessings. I heard Pete Garcia mention that there’s an EQ at the end of the Gog Magog war that could destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque.

  10. The BRICS now consists of 10 nations, could this be a decoy by satan to distract us from the real Revived Roman Empire in Europe which will also consist of 10 nations?

    Watch the coming elections of the European Parliament this year. These elections can easily usher in the formation of the European Revived Roman Empire and the subsequent arrival of the antichrist from that empire. Europe wants to be a world superpower.

  11. It appears that the Japan earthquake is a bit more prophetic than meets the casually observing eye.

    A California quake struck on the same day with both quakes displaying an interesting Richter Scale number.

    Japan: 7.6
    Los Angeles, California: 4.1


    An additional observation to add to the article later when I get the chance: the prophetic "7.6" Japan quake and the Los Angeles, California "4:1" quakes both took place "4 months, 1 week and "1" day before the American eclipse on April 8, 2024 (411). Revelation "4:1" Rapture anyone?

  12. And the prophetic bombs just keep on coming folks. Today, on January 2, 2024, a 1.7 earthquake struck Astoria Queens in New York, which caused the sounds of explosions.


    What is significant about a "1.7" quake one day after the Japan and California quakes? The answer to many of us may be obvious. It was in 20"17" that the first American eclipse occurred that forms the first slash of the "X" over America. It was also the year of the Revelation 12 Rapture sign.

  13. The fourth kingdom in Daniel's dream was made of iron and is identified as the Roman empire. The final kingdom is a mix of iron and clay, which would mean a mix of the Roman empire and something else. Yet of the BRICS+ the only member that was in Roman territory was Egypt, and we really don't think of Egypt as being Roman in character like we do with a lot of central and western Europe.

    It may help to look at each country of BRICS+ individually and how they relate to prophecy. This list isn't exhaustive and I'd like you to add to it if you can.

    Brazil: mentioned nowhere in the Bible, likely incapable of participating in a Middle East
    conflict directly.
    Russia: Parts of southern Russia, along with possibly Ukraine, are generally identified with
    Magog in Ezekiel 38.
    India: Possibly one of the Kings of the East in Revelation 16:12. Currently a parliamentary
    republic, and not a kingdom a strict sense.
    China: Possibly one of the Kings of the East in Revelation 16:12. Currently a one party
    dictatorship, although without a hereditary leader.
    South Africa: mentioned nowhere in the Bible, likely incapable of participating in a Middle East
    conflict directly.
    Egypt: former Roman territory. There's a prophecy against Egypt in Isaiah 19 and Ezekiel
    29-32. Notably absent from Ezekiel 38-39 and Psalm 83. Destroyed by Antichrist in
    Daniel 11.
    Ethiopia: Participates in Ezekiel 38. Also identified as Cush, along with Sudan. Judged in
    Isaiah 18.
    Iran: Participates in Ezekiel 38. Southwest Iran is identified with Elam; destroyed in Jeremiah
    Sauda Arabia: Identified with Sheba and Dedan; does not participate in Ezekiel 38. Arabs are
    identified with Ishmaelites in general; mentioned in Psalm 83.
    UAE: Probably the same as Saudi Arabia.

    If Argentina joins it would be like Brazil and South Africa.

    Also of note is that the antichrist is an 11th kingdom that rises up and conquers three of the kings, one of them Egypt. This also means the antichrist isn't a leader of one of these 10 kingdoms. You can rule out Mohammad bin Salman, at least for now.

    1. Revelation is obviously very pictoral, I think it stands to reason that the final empire might not necessarily be a "physical" descendant of Rome, bur rather a spiritual one. There are multiple examples of God equating nations with Egypt, Babylon, etc. without having in mind these actual nations.

      Likewise with the word "kingdom", in my opinion it doesn't have to be an official monarchy, instead the "king" could be a president, prime minister, chancellor or someone having power and influence.

      As for BRICS, I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled, as they seem to relate very much to Ezekiel 38-39. Also in the real world, for decades now there seems to have been a transfer of power from West to East, such as by America offshoring its manufacturing to China, China also controls the vast majority of rare earth minerals needed for high-tech gadgets of all kinds, Russia has a huge amount of natural resources too, the energy consumption, population and per-capita wealth of the Eastern nations has increased relative to the West... there is now talk of de-dollarization, plus the West is heavily indebted, overwhelmed with immigration, internal divisions, gender / sexuality confusion, inefficient "green" policies, etc. etc. The militaries of the West have been lagging as well, they are overpriced relative to performance (so harder to maintain in times of crisis), Ukraine doesn't look too good and smaller adversaries are becoming more emboldened (Yemeni Houthies, Hezbollah, Venezuela...). The UN votes against Israel also indicate that the "neutral" nations of the world aren't exactly loyal to the West either.

      What we should also keep in mind IMO is that since we place the Antichrist and probably most of the end times events after the rapture, due to the large population of true Christians (grace through faith in Jesus Christ believers) in the USA, the country will go downhill very quickly after the rapture (if it's already going there right now, how much more without Christians). And if America ceases to be a superpower (such as if the "Mystery Babylon" prophecy is about the USA and gets fulfilled), fickle allies like Turkey(!), EU(!) and other nations will pivot to the new hegemon in order to save themselves and get a share of the new powers and riches. This is how the Ezekiel 38-39 alliance can form very quickly and seamlessly, even if it contains nations like Turkey (NATO member). Same goes for the formation of other end times "beasts", they will no longer be hindered by the Restrainer (Holy Spirit).

      So this is my reasoning why the BRICS alliance or a "descendant" thereof COULD become the end times kingdoms, or it might happen some other way. Same goes for the Antichrist, he could be anybody, but since we (Lord willing we pray) won't be here for the Tribulation, we don't "have to" know.

  14. Additionally, the Astoria Queens quake occurred at "5:45" a.m. Donald Trump (A "Trump" sound will occur at the Rapture as per the wording of the apostle Paul in the King James English translation) is the "45th" president of the United States and is running again this year of 2024. The number "5" is the number of Grace. The Church Age is known as the "Age of Grace." Could we say that the first 5 in the time of the quake (5:45) represents the Church and the Age of Grace coming to a close?

  15. Further still, a 2.3 magnitude quake occurred in Washington D.C. a few minutes before 1 a.m. at a depth of about 9.5 miles and an approximate distance of 1.8 miles west of Rockville today. (source). In Revelation chapters 2 and 3 we see the Apostle John's description of the Church Age before coming to a close via the Rapture in chapter 4 verse 1.

    1. A magnitude. "2.6" quake struck 18 milee southwest of Palm Desert, Riverside County, California, USA, on Tuesday, Jan 2, 2024 02:04 pm.

      Interestingly, based on the possible years of the crucifixion of Jesus mentioned by Gary in the article, 2026 would possibly be the outer limit year for the Rapture. It almost looks like God, through these earthquakes, is putting a nice little bracket around the years 2023 through 2026 as the window for the Rapture with this year of 2024 being the most interesting to watch.

    2. So if we really want to go wild weasel, we can look at this as a total of "5" quakes (5 being the number of Grace and the Church Age of Grace) with that last one mentioned above occurring at 2:04 as being God telling us that the year 2024 really is the one to watch of the four possible years.

  16. Thanks for this article! I appreciate seeing reasons to be excited for this year. The fact that it's been 7 years (in fall) from the Rev Great Sign, is pretty significant to me. After all, a sign should point to the future, and a 7 year future event would be in keeping with Biblical patterns. Is there a solid argument for the crucifixion to have been in 31AD? I'll have to do some research there, but if anyone has any info on that, I'd love to read it!

    1. Ken Johnson Biblefacts.org widely shares that the Dead Sea Scrolls point to the year of the cross equating to 32 AD. My studies on the topic have brought me to building calendars by hand, based on the best astronomical data available, to try to see what dates fit best. It takes a lot of work to do that and I have yet to come to any conclusions of my own. (Still on my list of things to do!)

    2. Interesting that you should ask, there's a video on Unsealed ( https://youtu.be/BogVDmryKXc?si=m9XFM5gHnmMZk12J&t=3569 ) - I even timestamped it to start playing at the correct time - which discusses a Thursday crucifixion, 31 AD date.

      Full disclaimer from myself is that I personally lean towards a Friday crucifixion and think it's more likely that it happened in 30 or 33 AD, but of course I could be wrong and I am by no means dogmatic about it.

      In fact the crucifixion date is one of the mysteries that I still cannot quite put my finger on, just like Jesus' conception and birth date. As far as His birth, I often puzzle myself with questions like: What (&when) was the star the wise men followed and how did it lead them to Bethlehem? Was it "natural" or supernatural? And why didn't Herod or any other astronomers from other nations follow it as well? It's similar for the crucifixion (and these events are obviously related to some extent), at this point I don't think I'll ever become fully "dogmatic" about any of these options, but rather accept that I do not know with certainity and prayerfully let the Lord reveal things to us in His way, sometimes the most amazing revelations hit us when we least expect it.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Oh! I just realized something. The ancient Jews didn't use a zero, so when year counting, they are inclusive (modern counts are exclusive as they start at zero). So, if that's the case, when saying there were miracles for 40 years before the Temple was destroyed (doors not staying closed, lamps not remaining lit, etc), then those signs probably started in 31AD, not 30AD. And if they started the year of the crucifixion, then that's likely 31AD. So that's further evidence that this is our year!

    1. The Jewish calendar counts the years from creation, Anno Mundi (AM) incrementally. The year zero issue comes into play with certain astronomical programs that do use it. Sky Guide is one of them which is what I use.

      Building (reproducing) a Pharisee calendar is the best bet that I am aware of. That begins with knowing equinox and the lunar cycle. Both are published online even for ancient dates such as 30-33 AD. I then add in eclipse data and Gregorian and Julian dates in parallel. Knowing that the Shabbat has never changed I've been working on a system to count the Sabbaths back to the beginning. Since we know that Christ rose on a Sunday and that He spent three days and three nights in the grave we know when He was buried. Dates that line up accordingly are candidate dates.

      Yes, it does tend to make my brain hurt especially when trying to reconcile the days.

  19. Thank you so much for this article. I appreciate all your hard work!



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