God's Redemptive Calendar: A Shocking Story

If you Google search dates for Christ's birth, crucifixion or the rapture/tribulation/Second Coming, you are going to find any number of brain-numbing "theories" by people who for whatever reason think the truth is so overly complicated that only they can figure it out using hundreds of calculations, "Gematria", "Bible codes", and other, quite honestly, baloney.

The truth is really simple.  Of all the various theories proposed the best I've heard in my humble opinion is the simple and straightforward one you can find on http://www.bethlehemstar.net/

I've used Stellarium, a free desktop application that uses precise math based on Kepler's laws, to confirm everything proposed (you can download it for free here), and here are some screenshots I've made so you can plainly see the signs.


Jesus likely conceived on September 11th, 3 BC:


1. The king planet, Jupiter, does full retrograde around the king star, Regulus, THREE TIMES.  King... King... King.  All of this in Leo the Lion.  Think Lion of Judah.  While Jupiter frequently passes Regulus (about every one or two decades), this time it encircles it THREE TIMES.  This is unique.  All this as seen from both Jerusalem and "in the east" (probably near Babylon, from where the Magi may have hailed).  The Magi would immediately have recognized the significance based on the Torah prophecy of the Messiah found in Genesis 49:9-10, which was one of the very first prophecies of Christ's coming ever given by God.

2. Simultaneously we see part of the sign in Revelation 12.  A woman clothed with the sun with the moon at her feet.  On this date the moon was at her feet and she was clothed with the sun as can be seen in the above image.

3. This wasn't just any moon.  It was a new moon.

4. And, to top it all off, this date happens to be Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year, also called the Feast of Trumpets.


Jesus likely born on June 17th, 2 BC:


1. It was exactly 40 weeks later, to the day, from September 11th, 3 BC.  In medical thought, a perfect pregnancy.  38-42 weeks is a perfect pregnancy window.

2. The king planet, Jupiter, and the mother planet, Venus, merge in conjunction to become the brightest star/planet that anyone at that time had EVER seen.  This conjunction is beyond rare, to say the very least.  Jupiter and Venus are the two brightest lights in the night sky apart from the moon.  This would thus fulfill Isaiah 9:2, both in the heavens (via Jupiter and Venus), and on the earth with Christ's birth, for at this very moment human eyes first see the incarnate God in flesh.

3. The king planet, Jupiter, had traveled through the sky from the east, to the west, without stopping, over the course of these nine months and is in conjunction with Venus right over Jerusalem.

4. This happened right at the heart of Leo the Lion... Lion of Judah.


The magi likely visit the six-month old Jesus on December 25th, 2 BC:


1. On December 25th, 2 BC, the king planet, which had been traveling from the east for the past 15 months WITHOUT STOPPING, finally STOPS (enters retrograde) DIRECTLY over the town of Bethlehem.  On December 25th, 2 BC, if one were looking at Jerusalem's night sky, Jupiter would appear in the south-southwest, directly above Bethlehem.

2. In the Bible, the Greek word used for the child the magi find is "padion", which is more like "toddler" (not "infant").  This also explains why Herod has all the male children under two years of age killed.  If Jesus was a newly born child, he could have been more specific in his order.


Jesus likely crucified on Friday, April 3rd, 33 AD.


1. Throughout Christian history, there has been near unanimous agreement that Christ was killed on a Friday, for the following reasons: His death fell on Passover, it was Preparation Day (the day before the Sabbath), and the Bible says numerous times that He would rise again, not after three complete days, but simply "on the third day" (e.g. Hosea 6:2, 1 Corinthians 15:4, Matthew 17:23, Luke 24:7).  Wednesday crucifixion proponents largely base their argument on the sign of Jonah ("three days and three nights in the belly of the fish"), which Jesus used to portray His crucifixion.

2. At precisely 3 p.m. Jerusalem time (when Christ finally breathed His last), the full moon went into total lunar eclipse (a blood red moon).  The sky was dark from midday, so this was visible.

3. Exactly when Christ breathed His last, from the perspective of the moon, the earth was situated precisely at the heart of Aries the Ram, representing sacrifice.  Christ was the long-sought-after ram, the provision of God, foreshadowed in the ram provided by God in place of Isaac.

4. The same week's Monday, when Christ rode into Jerusalem as king (reckoned in Jewish time, the Triumphal Entry would have occurred during the day on Monday), was exactly 483 Jewish years (69 weeks of years; 476 solar years) TO THE DAY from the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem.  This prophecy was given in Daniel 9:25.  The decree was sent in 444 BC.

5. The Apostle Peter verified that the Day of the Lord had both a sun that had turned dark and a blood moon (see Acts 2:20).  He used this as a reason WHY the Jews in Jerusalem should turn to Christ.... because THEY HAD JUST SEEN THE SIGNS.


...Now, time for speculation... September 23rd, 2017.  During and right after Rosh Hashanah:

Revelation 12:1-2 portrays a woman clothed with the sun, the moon at her feet, giving birth to the male child (Jesus), and crowned with 12 stars.

There have been partial fulfillments of this before, such as in 2011 when the moon was at her feet and she was clothed in the sun.  However, only in 2017 are all four conditions met:

1. Must be clothed in the sun.  CHECK.

2. Moon at her feet.  CHECK.

3. Giving birth to the male child.  In other years she gives birth to other planets like Mercury, Saturn, or Venus.  Only in 2017 is she giving birth to Jupiter, the king planet, which had previously been identified as Christ's star.  Ignore Stellarium's artwork.  In the actual constellation, identified by the lines, Jupiter is precisely between her legs and below her womb.  CHECK.

4. A crown of 12 stars.  Virgo the Virgin is always crowned with Leo the Lion, which is composed of exactly 9 stars.  Only in 2017 are exactly three more added to create a crown of 12 stars (Mercury, Mars, and Venus).  CHECK.

What is the significance of 2017?  I would say it could be Christ's return or the Rapture, but it might also be the mid-point Abomination of Desolation for the reason that the sign given in Revelation 12 seems to occur right before the final 3.5 years.

The precise fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 12, which speculatively appears to occur on September 22-23, 2017, should be good reason to be alert and looking upwards.

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  1. God's creation,including all the heavenlies, whether physical or spiritual, is set out to perfection and we have been told that knowledge will be increased in the last days. The main thing for those who believe is to keep looking to the Lord and do as He instructs us.

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  3. Very true (:

    "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:" - Genesis 1:14

  4. Good work and I concur with your findings. You might also note that the second great sign from Revelation 12 is also visible. This would be the 7 stars of Serpens (the Great Red Dragon), 7 stars of Corona Borealis ( 7 crowns), and the 10 stars of Bootes (10 horns) Okay, a few star charts shows Bootes with only 9 stars but I think they are missing HIP 67275, HD 120136, tau Boo.

    So altogether we have 12 stars for Virgo's crown, 7 heads for the dragon with 7 crowns, and 10 horns. All on September 23, 2017, just after sundown (the twinkling of an eye) viewed looking West from Jerusalem. The new cresent moon will just be visible and —perhaps—the final (shofar) trump will be blowing.


  5. I would think that this couldn't be the Second Coming of Christ. A few verses later it talks of hiding Israel for 1260 days (roughly 3.5 years). Also, given that Revelation 12 comes after the description of part of the Tribulation and is followed by more chronological events, I believe that this date will mark the mid point of the Tribulation.
    Please check out this timeline presentation:

    1. Hello....so IF what you are saying is true...then that means it is possible that the year 2014 could be the year of the Rapture?

  6. Jesus was born sept 11. Can be proved by scripture. Mary went to temple for her purification sacrifice 40 days later on yom kippur. Another woman was there in the temple. The only time (women) they are permitted in temple is on yum kippur.

  7. If you Google search dates for Christ's birth, crucifixion or the rapture/tribulation/Second Coming, you are going to find any number of brain-numbing "theories" by people who for whatever reason think the truth is so overly complicated that only they can figure it out using hundreds of calculations, "Gematria", "Bible codes", and other, quite honestly, baloney.


  8. 1260 days before Sept 23, 2017, is April 15, 2014, which is the first of four blood moons and tax day. Cool

  9. Interesting that 2017 also marks 50 years from 1967 (6 day war) which is 50 years from 1917 ( defeat of the Ottoman Turks by the British, Balfour declaration) which is 50 years from 1867 (Emancipation of Jews in Hungarian Austrian empire, Jerusalem is surveyed as future home of the Jews. A jubilee year represents a release from bondage and debts. That may not mean Christ's return so much as it means the release from spiritual and political bonds placed upon God's chosen people; thus precipitating a need to go into hiding for protection.

  10. 1260 Days is exactly 180 weeks. If you go to Outlook calendar on 9/22/17 or 9/23/17 and back up 180 weeks, you end up on 4/10 or 4/11. April and Nisan 2014 dates match. I.E. Nisan 10=April 10; Nisan 14=April 14.

    Per scripture (Daniels' 69 weeks and the Gospels) Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey 4 days before passover on Nisan 10. Will April 10, 2014 be the rapture?

  11. well I guess we will see who looks like a fool on 9/23/2017 then what will be the next date I wonder. We still have Newton's date of 2060 to get to

    1. It is interesting you found this web site yet make fun of anyone who is looking for the soon coming of the Messiah. What would it matter if a proposed day came and went. Should we not keep looking? Or do you believe since you been told by some organization that no one will ever know? Then why were you given signs to look for? Those who say Messiah is far off have not committed their heart to love Him enough to study the prophetic signs and Scriptures and looking at everything around them that say He must be very near! The 11hours-59 minutes-and counting down the seconds on the 6000 years of human history.

    2. I could have not said it better my self
      God Bless you, I might have not been as kind

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Has anyone charted the astronomical appearance of the dragon with his 7 heads and 10 crowns in verse 3? How does that work with appearance of the woman and the date? Is the serpent also placed strategically with the right amount of stars around his head around this time frame?

  14. Excellent work and food for thought!

    I think it's also important to note that Revelation is a 'Revelation of Jesus Christ' and many things John sees take place in Heaven. Christ often spoke of his words being spiritual and not physical, so let's not keep our eyes fixed on the physical too much, lest we be found unawares. There is a great deception that will overtake MANY, including God's elect.

    For example, the 3rd temple, which many teachers say must be built is just as likely to refer to the spiritual temple as the veil of the last physical temple was rent, signifying the end of blood sacrifices. Christ spoke of spiritual words and our bodies are referred to as a temple of the spirit.

    While these clues may be interesting and even pertinent to what's coming, we should always turn our gaze inward first, to the spirit, as that is what God is interested in--not the physical, not the temple made with hands, not signs and wonders in the heavens... which, by the way, can and will be faked by the darker powers as foretold in Revelation, as well.

    Take care.

    1. I agree that our heart, mind and body must be in align with the relationship but you error in that Satan has power or control over the sun, moon, or stars. This in not correct. When this earth was created the Creators gave the trust deed to Adam and Eve. They lost is when they fell. The Prince (Satin) has much control over this world, but does not control the Sun, Moon or Stars. Anyone who would take the time to come to a web site like this looking for when their Messiah might come, it would be very dangerous to judge their motives stating or questioning if their heart was not right. They are not at the movies, or watching TV or doing some other mind numbing activity. Try a to be encouraging to the body of believers and let the Spirit of Truth correct them. Giving your testimony is more beneficial to the body of the Messiah then getting into other peoples business unless you see your brother in error. I see no error in not being asleep like most of the world.

    2. What do you make then of the re-establishment of Shabat, Feast days, and sacrifices in God's Millennial Kingdom? Ref Isa 56:6-8; Zech 14:16; Jer 33:15-18; Ezek 43:18-46:24 (the context of which begins at Ezek 40)...
      It is an error to over-spiritualise the Word. The prophecies of the Messiah's First Advent were literally fulfilled, why would eschatological prophecies not be?

  15. Great work! I have also been studying this in detail.

    I believe the main purpose of Rev 12 is to show how Israel(woman) gave birth to Christ(child) and how God is and has protected them from Satan(dragon). Which is why it's really awesome that the constellations aligned this way when Christ was born.

    I have a more historical view of Revelation.. believing much of it has been fulfilled, such as this chapter. I view the 1260 days as prophetic, not literal. Similar to the way most Bible scholars interpret Daniel's 70 weeks. I believe we will be caught up to meet Christ in the air at His 2nd coming like the Bible says.. not a secret pre-trib or mid-trib rapture. But we should definitely be watching in 2017 and be living for Christ in the meantime!

  16. I would like to point out actually that Jesus Christ was crucified on April 17, 33 A.D because I used the Stellarium software, and it showed an eclipse that happened that day right around 3pm and stayed dark till sunset. The Moon was over the sun all that time.

    1. Jesus died at Passover. Passover occurs half way through the month when the moon is full and on the other side of earth to the sun. The moon could *not* therefore have been over the sun.

    2. Has anyone seen a 3 hour eclipse of the moon? The ones I have seen do not last that long. Just wondering...

  17. Hi All,

    The 23 September 2017 Revelation 12 Heavenly Sign occurs only once in 7,000 years. I have checked all of man's history; 6,200 years into the past and 1,200 years into the future and not found a repetition of the sign.

    The crucial part of the sign is the pregnancy of the constellation in the 42 weeks leading up to Sep 23. Jupiter only does this every 83 years which is a little under a 100 times in the 7,400 years. Further the moon is only at the feet of the constellation once every 19 years.

    All of these cycles combine to make the Sept 23 sign very unique.

    Interestingly the 1335 days spoken of in Daniel 12v12 regularly occurs between the Feast of Trumpets (FOT) and the Feast of Pentecost except for intercalary months. FOT 2017 to Pentecost 2021 has 1335 days. Additionally FOT 2017 to Day of Atonement (DOA) 2024 has 2550 days (i.e. 1260 + 1290). Hebcal and Torahcalendar differ on the DOA 2024 by a month so make sure you verify with Torahcalendar.

    Further the book of revelation should be read *not* from chapters 1 to 22 in chronological order but rather from chapters 1 to 11 in chronological order and then beginning again in parallel from chapters 12 to 22 in chronological order. This makes Ch.12 *not* a mid-tribulation event but rather the beginning of the tribulation. When the book of Revelation is read in this order we see matches to chapters 6&13 (tribulation), chapters 7&14 (rapture & 144,000), chapters 8&16 (God’s Wrath) and chapters 11&19 (End of man ruling himself). This parallel timeline provides a double witness to the book of revelation.

    Here is a you-tube video I have done demonstrating the rarity of Rev 12 sign.... http://bit.ly/1qTwrLs

    God Bless

    1. Hello Mark,
      Just a note to share what I came across about trying to find out what time the prophecy falls on. First let me state this me my testimony and I do not push it upon anyone the Spirit must teach you and I truth. I share so you can test everything I say. Many will not test something because they are stuck in man's traditions. I still trying to get unstuck with our Father's help. So you are using a Solar only calendar that is not a biblical calendar. What is a biblical calendar? It it Jewish? Answer No.
      The Jewish are partly right but they mix two different calendars. One calendar is the time keeping system the Creator placed in the heavens at creation week. It uses the sun, moon and stars. The modern Jewish Calendar uses a Lunar Calendar that counts from the beginning of each month from New Moon. They use this Lunar Calendar to find their Feasts which fall in the Spring, Summer and Fall.
      Where they error is mixing the Holy Creation Calendar with the Solar Only Calendar which hangs on the wall of must homes and controls every aspect of our life. This Solar only Calendar does not use the moon or stars. So man's problem is that he thinks he is smarter than the Creator. Before Israel left Egypt the Father gave the correct time to Moses and Aaron in Exodus chapter 12. This is not Jewish time keeping. Since the Creator gave Moses the correct time based upon a count from New Moon Day should we not question our current pagan, Roman, Catholic calendar? On the Creation Calendar Sunday is not the first day of the week or Saturday is not the 7th day of the week. So as the Sunday and Saturday keepers keep at odds with each other. Now we are learning that they both were on counterfeit calendars. Until you get on the correct biblical calendar your counting of days will not be correct. The early Bible records of Moses make clear there are only 30 days in a month and 360 days in a normal lunar year. This is shorter than the Civil Calendar and Israel had to add a 13 month about every 3 years so the Barley was always ready to harvest in the month of Passover.
      google search- Lunar-solar Calendar, luni-solar calendar. Today we see traces of this calendar in several old cultures. But mixing the Civil and Biblical Calendar is two different time keeping systems. They don't fit together. The Jews caved in on keeping their feasts and lunar-solar calendar after the days of the Messiah due to persecution. Laws were set up by Roman in 321 AD against the Jews keeping the calendar given to Israel. Rome even changed their calendar to give a 7 day weekly cycle so allow the Jews to move to Rome's Saturday. By about 358 AD most Jews were keeping Saturday. Today, modern Israel does not call out the pagan names of Sunday, Monday ect. which are assigned days for pagans to worship the planets through the week. May the Father bless you and lead you in your studies.

  18. In Revelation 12:1... she is transfigured; the moon is under her feet. The pictures of the alignments in the stars show the moon clearly under her feet... and she has the crown on her head... clothed with the sun... 9/28/2015 alignment matches that.

    9/23/2017 does NOT correspond to Revelation 12:1. The moon is NOT under her feet but to the side of her foot.

    Therefore, what the scripture is saying when matched up (this way at least) to what you are bringing out and what Mark Chiswell brought out in his tape... is that the date of the woman arising in the full measure of the full stature of Christ is 9/28/2015 at the beginning of tribulation.

    Then, LATER, John the Beloved "the manchild"... arises following her. Because when we look at the alignment of the birthing... in 9/23/2017... it matches the birthing. But 9/28/2015 matches Mary herself first arising in the greater measure of glory in ministration.

    When I re-read Revelation 12 seeing the two different alignments... and how 9/23/2017 didn't match Revelation 12:1 as that scripture stood alone (because the moon is not UNDER her feet there but to the side) and how 9/28/2015 doesn't match birthing of the manchild because the manchild is not birthing in that alignmetn (but is in 9/23/2017)... I could see staggered dates in the scripture... POSSIBLY.

    It would read like this:

    At the beginning of the tribulation period, 9/28/2015 (possibly 9/29 or 9/30 or so because the 9/28/2015 may be the last day of the 7 years of preparation; or the first day of the 7 year tribulation... ???) Mary the apostle of the Church of Philadelphia arises in the full measure of the full stature of Christ and begins to minister. She immediately flees into the wilderness for 1260 days. She labors in travail in Christ that Christ would be fully formed in the church. The UN NWO One world government has been established (this is represented by the devils cast to earth.. and the full formation of the UN beast system appearing in the scripture right after she arises and is seen having arisen in the full measure of the full stature of Christ.) AFTER THIS... on 9/23/2017... John the Beloved himself arises in the full measure of the full stature of Christ.

    (Then, at mid-trib point... which would be 1260 days give a day or a couple... or so... after 9/28/2015 time frame... the entire Church of Philadelphia transfigures at time of abomination of desolations... the fires of Revelation 18 go forth.... and the door opens, the transfigured Church of Philadelphia enters Eden... and the door closes behind them.) They have escaped the hour of temptation.

    This is the case scenario I am "looking at". I have to see if the "time frames" moving from 9/23/2017 REALLY DO match "start time of a 7 year period" really well.

    Right now, I cannot logically rule out staggered dates:

    1. Tribulation begins 9/28/2015; Mary transfigures and ministers.
    2. One World Government via UN manifests then.
    3. Mary (apostle of the Church of Philadelphia) flees into the wilderness for 1260 days.
    4. LATER - on 9/23/2017 - John the Beloved "manchild" hits full spiritual maturity as well (first time in 7000 years a couple has been in the Adam and Eve anointing together).
    5. Midpoint of tribulation is 1260 days after 9/28/2015 (give one two... or so... days)... and that is when the Church of Philadelphia transfigures, fires of Revelation 18 go forth, and the Church of Philadelphia goes through the open door to Eden and the door shuts behind them.

    OK, I really would sincerely appreciate any alignment of the stars response... to see if this case scenario "fits" the stars and their alignments from 9/28/2015 and 9/23/2017 forward.

  19. :) ~~ You did an AWESOME job on this article in showing the alignment, etc. Except, I see an error in your statements. So, I did a tape to challenge everyone who is making a logical error. Cuz, tribulation MAY BEGIN in the date range of 9/28-30/2015... so it's pretty important. (We'll find out if it does... soon enough... but let's put it out there for a watch date as I challenge your vid on a logical fallacy through it's false assumption.... :)... appreciating the great work you did... but calling you on a "fatal flaw" in your line of logic.... :)

    My vid link (please check it out)... http://youtu.be/hvwOGyzTs04

    This is my vid title: Everyone is WRONG who says Rev 12:1-6 fulfills 9/23/2017...
    Here's my description: Tribulation appears to begin 9/28-30/2015 when WOMAN ARISES of Revelation 12. Here is why on this tape. Revelation 12:1-2 is a SEPARATE WONDER... a DIFFERENT ALIGNMENT... a DIFFERENT/SEPARATE DATE... from the Revelation 12:3-5 WONDER, ALIGNMENT, AND DATE. Therefore... Revelation 12:3-5 (or maybe only Revelation 12:5... takes more study) fulfills 9/9-26/17 date range. Calling y'all on it! :) Please listen to my tape... to answer the objections I am raising.

    *** I misspoke and said "October 2017" in a couple spots on my tape. Just did an annotation to make correction to SEPTEMBER 2017.

    Anyway, my point is very clear... you've made an error and missed the proper interpretation of timing and star alignments of Revelation 12. You have to see TWO different snapshots in Revelation 12... TWO different alignments... TWO different dates... 1 in Revelation 12:1-2 (starts tribulation) and 1 in Revelation 12:3-5 "later" in the first half of tribulation.

    Well, hey... if tribulation does not begin September 28-30, 2015 date range... gotta hand it to ya... I'm wrong. BUT... I think you ruled it out... and you're wrong to do that from what I see... at this time. :)

    So, we're all on the same team in Christ... sharing my view for mutual edification and iron sharpens iron.

    God bless y'all and thanks for the article and it's info I COULD use. :) !!

  20. I think you have a strong scriptural case. Thanks for sticking to the King James. Your dividing of scripture makes more sense than the original case.

  21. Η ίδια θα περιμένω να δω την εκπληρώση των γραφόμενων καθώς λαμβάνουν χώρα στην Ελλαδα. Σε αναμονή λοιπόν για την ημερομηνία 23 Σεπτεμβρίου. Μόνο εν Κυρίω είμαστε ασφαλείς. Ο Κύριος να σας ευλογει όλους για το κόπο σας. Αμην

  22. This is truly incredible. God's timing and ways are perfect.

  23. The problem I have with a Friday Crucifixion is the simple fact that Jesus wasn't resurrected on Sunday--He was resurrected on Saturday night. The women went to the tomb at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning and it was all over. He had clearly already risen at some point earlier. Before dawn Sunday counts as Saturday night. That's why I am inclined to think He was crucified on Thursday.

  24. Interesting data.
    But I disagree that Yahshua was killed on a Friday. The Scripture clearly tells us it was the day before a High Shabat not a weekly Shabat (ie, the next day was the Feast of Unleavened Bread = His time without sin/leaven in the tomb). Scripture also tells us (Yahshua's own words) that the sign of Jonah was pivotal... 3 days and 3 nights. In that case you can't get a post-Sabbath resurrection (remembering that the Sabbath ends at sundown), and a "First Fruits" shewing to Mary on the first day of the week, unless He was crucified on a Wednesday!!


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