Turkish Referendum Rhetoric Heating Up

Next month the Turkish people will vote on whether or not to approve sweeping constitutional changes that will effectively turn Turkey into a dictatorship ruled by President Tayyip Erdogan.  The changes will abolish the office of Prime Minister and give Erdogan the power to rule by decree, dissolve parliament, and enact martial law generally at whim.

The Turkish government is promoting rallies across Europe among expats, hoping to drum up further support for the referendum and the host European countries are not taking too kindly to this.  Germany and The Netherlands have canceled rallies and Erdogan is furious.  Ironically he is labeling the governments of these countries "Nazis" all the while he marches towards his own little Nazi empire.

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  2. Note that the referendum will be held on April 16, that is the only Sunday (election day in Turkey) coinciding with passover. What a timing to make a potential Gog!


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