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Somark Innovations

A relatively unknown company, "Somark Innovations", has successfully developed an RFID "tattoo". The tattoo, perhaps more accurately known as a "Radio Frequency Identification Tattoo" or "RFIT" is biocompatible, imprintable directly on skin, permanent, unique to the individual (like a credit card number), visible or invisible, readable by scanners up to four feet away, and functional just like a passive, implantable RFID-chip. Somark has already begun marketing their product for livestock and lab animals.

According to technical data, it takes less than 10 seconds to "mark" an object. Using only 25,000 marking stations, 7,000,000,000 people could be marked in one month.

Intriguingly, the CEO of Somark Innovations is named Mark. So Mark, the CEO of SoMARK, might just be developing THE Mark! Oh the irony.

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