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Corn prices soar. Not new really, but the increase is working its way through the market. The cost of my Dr. Pepper and Chicken sandwich will go up, but the tragedy is in the third world and to those in poverty. Billions will hurt and starvation is on the rise. Sounds like the prelude to a quart of wheat for a days wages. If we have not already been there for a long time.

More news on riots and protests in France. Some don't want their retirement benefits cut. Ridiculous. The west is in econoomic freefall and some don't want to be bothered. You are going to be bothered alright. Get ready.

Chechen parliament stormed. Sounds like anarchy.

Israel tells us that Hammas has anti-aircraft missles. Israel is surrounded and infiltrated. Tons of armament, munitions and missles. From the much anticipated Russian S-300 missle sales to Iran. Between the anti-aircraft missles and the S-300's, the Israeli airforce is looking weaker by the day. A conventional war against Iran will not work. Israel has too little land. A few bombs in Jericho, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and it's all over. Israel has too few soldiers, to deal with Syria, Lebanon, Iran and now Turkey. Israel has been trying espionage blowing up missle storage and with the nuclear power planet virus. Next its nukes or nothing. Actually God will solve that one.

The world is in a pressure cooker. The heat and pressure are nearly to a boil. You can almost taste it. The world is so thick with tension and oppression.

We are pressed but not crushed...

Seek Him while He may be found.
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