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No links today, just a small recap of some headlines.

180 mph Typhoon strikes the Philippines. Much devastation.

U.N. Environment chief says we are destroying the environment. Everyday is another jaw dropping ecological disaster that we are powerless to remediate.

More chatter and articles about the Fed being out of ideas and bullets.

More articles about a double dip recession. World debt. Economic collapse. David Jeremiah's economic collapse book is #1 on Amazon.

Joel Rosenberg's 12th Imam book is ready for delivery.

Another stronger article about a huge earthquake coming to the west coast.

More debt/budget related demonstrations in France, in addition to those in Greece and others. Europe seems to be coming unglued.

Bank of America resumes foreclosures.

This is just the day in the life of reading articles on Monday, October 18th, 2010.

If you read this stuff you would be depressed. Amazing that for much of the world, they are unfazed one way or another.

Birthpanes. Increasing in frequency and severity.

As I say the funeral pire has been built. Just a spark and the whole thing goes right up. A nuclear accident, attack, terrorist event, natural disaster and we are shut down.

My hope is in the Lord and in His love and care for me.
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