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Foreclosures hit post bust peak

Foreclosures on the rise. Looks like a double dip recession.

Jobless claims rise.

Personally I don't believe we are in a double dip recession. I think we had a strong recession, a lull and a depression is on the way. The fundamentals have not changed. Debt. Worldwide massive debt. Economic collapse is just around the corner. We have had natural disasters all around the world, but not central enough to Americana to shake the markets. New Orleans, sadly was dismissed. Haiti. Russian fires. Hungarian aluminum sludge. Deepwater Horizon. And on and on...

Get a disaster in NYC or Washington or Southern California or God forbid a large scale terrorist attack and see what happens.

Mortgage companies are under terrible strain. Company's every where are under terrible strain. Individuals certainly are hurting. Governments are short on revenus and heavy on debt. Everyone is on life support. We are ready for the straw that breaks the camels back. This will start a chain reaction the world over.

Everyday there is another story in the news. Seemingly mundane, but all are deadly serious. Just read through this blog. It is easy to dismiss each story one at a time and miss the bigger story. Read on and stop and ponder.

Jesus is returning for His bride. The world is running headlong into insanity, death, destruction and hell. Turn back. Find God. Seek Him. Argue with Him, if you must. Ask questions. Study. He is not afraid of your questions and doubt and he certainly is never proven wrong. Many many before you have questioned and quite a few a lot smarter than any of us. They questioned. They found. All seek earnestly seek Him will find Him.
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