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The point of no return.

I think the United States (i.e. whore of Babylon) is there.

U.S. national debt just hit 14 trillion. http://www.usdebtclock.org/

The double-dip recession is now a virtual certainty. Housing prices in 2011 will continue to fall. And banks are about to unload a ton of foreclosed homes onto the market that they have been withholding because they didn't have a clue of what to do with them. http://www.totalmortgage.com/blog/mortgage-rates/what-will-the-housing-market-look-like-in-2011/9030

Oil will hit $100 per barrel the first half of this year and $120 per barrel in 2012 because of increasing demand and the fact the Federal Reserve keeps printing money (oil prices are pegged to the Dollar). http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/96738/20110102/oil-natural-gas-crude-futures-2011-outlook.htm

...And last, but definitely not least, under New START Treaty rules, the U.S.' only "schtick" left, its active nuclear arsenal, will be reduced to around 1500. That number is almost 1/4th of what it was around the year 2000. Once the U.S.' nuclear arsenal is eliminated or even largely eliminated, our country is done. There will no longer be a force on earth capable of stopping China from taking Taiwan, North Korea from taking South Korea, Iran from developing however many nukes it wants--or even absorbing predominately Shia Iraq all-together.
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