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trouble in river city

I have been looking through the 2010 posts for a year end in review post.

Think back through out history and tell me of a time when there was more trouble.

1. Famine and food prices
2. Oil supplies and prices
3. Unemployment
4. Debt (this can bring war all by itself, as the U.S. devalues the T-bills possessed by China).
5. Budget shortfalls (paying for Social Security for one).
6. Population growth
7. Pollution (air quality, water quality). Smog, hazardous chemicals.
8. Disease (cancer, see #7, avian flu, swine flu)
9. Global warming (if you're on board with that)
10. Terror
11. War (Korea, Israel, Iran, China, Russia)
12. Solar flares
13. Space junk (knocking out satellites)
14. Wild Fire, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanos
15. Aliens (not that I subscribe, but if you believe you should be scared too death) - this will certainly be used to explain The Rapture.

Personally my hope is in God and this other encourages me to warn people.
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