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Do you get it?

I suppose I am too close to world events and what God's word says about these, but...

Don't you get it? Overwhelmed by the evidence of His soon and coming return and judgment.

He is certainly more patient that me.

The images of all of the suffering in the world are overwhelming and haunting.

The question is not: Where is God in the chaos, but why has God been so incredibly patient in our rebellion? Why didn't He punch out a long time ago or better yet, skip the whole idea of creation? Why - because eternity with Him is worth any price, even if Islam rages against Him and "Christchurch, New Zealand" has largely ignored Him. If New Orleans has Mardi Gra and rages against decency and His ordinances. Even if Thailand has ignored Him and gets a slap of a tsunami. California has largely rejected Him and the earthquake forecasters are screaming their warnings. Even if Haiti has adoped voodoo and rejected Him. Even if America has largely moved on and are overwhelmed by drought, flood, blizzard and last Saturday's toppling of the National Christmas Tree. Russia tried to sell missiles to Iran and nearly burned down last summer. Even if oil is $100 a barrel and rising. Even if drought and starvation are on the rise.

2 Peter 3:9

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

Look through the other end of the telescope. Through God's lense.

He chose. He created. He loved. He endured. He gave every opportunity. Israel. Tabernacle. His own Son. The Holy Spirit. The Bible. The Church.

How's Mohammed working out for you - North Africa? How is our freedom from Him working out America? Divorce, Drugs, Devastation, Abuse, Serial Killings, Terrorism, School Shootings, Emptiness, Debt, Unemployment, Layoffs, Collapse?

How loud does God need to scream? His screaming is getting louder by the day.

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  1. so well said. this selfish world thinks it is all about us---oh no--it's all about Him.



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