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Eastern Libya has completely fallen to the rebels. First Benghazi (the country's second largest city) and then other cities, including Tobruk. Reports are coming in of the final battle in Benghazi where government forces, backed by mercenaries, were surrounded and pushed back to the city's airport. There they made their last stand, but were eventually forced to surrender. The eastern half of the country is now flying the pre-Qaddafi flag (stripes of red, green, and black with the Islamic crescent). Effigies of Qaddafi hang everywhere.

Civilian protesters and army defectors, alike, have stormed armories in the east and are now well armed. Spontaneous fighting continues in Tripoli as Qaddafi is attempting to regroup. He called for a mass rally of his supporters to gather in the city's main square, but only 150 showed up. Left only with his most loyal fighters (perhaps 5,000) and an unknown number of mercenaries, the leader who prides himself as the "king of kings" is lashing out in every way he can. His forces are maintaining very weak control over Tripoli with orders to shoot anyone who looks remotely suspicious.

Italy's Foreign Minister says at least 1,000 dead so far, but judging by reports of mercenary vans carting away bodies, and other unknown factors, the death toll could be thousands more.

Tunisia fell first, then Egypt, and now Libya. Intrade now gives a better than 60% chance that Bahrain will fall, too. Yemen's chance of collapse has increased from 45% to 55% overnight.


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