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Day Dreaming

We've had several posts lately about God's judgement of America.

The drought, floods, terrorism, hurricanes, earthquake, hailstorms, economic collapse, massive debt, unemployment, fire, devisiveness and moral decline certainly are an indication.

I am struck by how smug we are in the victory over Osama Bin Laden. His judgement has come.

Seems absurd since America's appears to be just around the corner.

This is the moment I wander off into the weeds.

Many are talking about war in the middle east. Israel's surrounded. We are only marginally backing them. Threats all around Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, etc... All of this tells us God better act quick or His covenant with Israel will be broken and of course that is not happening.

Something has to get the U.S. completely out of the way. Israel's big brother needs to be offline.

The headlines in America continue to be stunning. Floods in the midwest and all the rest previously mentioned.

Given the headlines of the week with the death of OBL, makes me wonder about retaliation. Sleeper cells and all that.

The next trumpet judgement calls for destruction of 1/3rd of mankind.

If the nukes go off that could do it.

Does God rapture the church before? Big debate. Don't know, but if we are this close to global disaster something better give quick.

How do you explain the disappearance of millions. As I've said before UFO's Alien's and all that vodoo seems to fit the bill.

The explanation "we have damaged our planet and the little green men took some people out/off".

I continue to be amazed at how obvious the signs are and how few notice. Even with the disappearance people will go on about their day and never get the picture.

Date setting. I know - it never works. May 31st 2011 is the 2007th anniversary of the ascension of Christ (or close to it-using a 360 day Hebrew calendar). He ascended, maybe we'll have a June wedding ourselves.

More of a rant and a day dream than prophecy.
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  1. Greg, yes fixing dates never has worked. But Rabbi Marti has some interesting information that might help us prepare. http://messianicmessages.sermon.net/2230180
    In this teaching he explains that the spring feasts of the Lord have been fulfilled, but the fall feasts have not. In particular is the Feast of Trumpets (Sept 29th 2011) According to Rabbi Marti, the feast date is based on a particular moon phase, so Jewish custom calls it a feast where 'no man knows the day or hour' !Next would come the Day of Atonement (Oct 8th this year) Tabernacles (Oct 13). I am not saying I have some great revelation, but I am saying that time is shorter than even we might think!

  2. Hey! Is this my cousin Kevin??

  3. I am fixated on the Feast of Trumpets as the day of the Rapture. This date fits very well (63 years since Israel became a nation) 63 + 7 year trib = 70



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