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Just chill yo!

Nothing to worry about world... "Keep calm and carry on" as they say.

1.) U.S. credit rating downgraded for the first time in history. China is now pushing hard for a global reserve currency. The U.S. dollar is junk... our short-term debt is about 15 trillion (over 100% of GDP). Our long-term debt (promised payouts that exceed future revenue) is over 200 trillion. America is done (unless the 80%+ of apathetic, American Idol watching Americans miraculously decide to repent).

2.) The United Kingdom. What the hec*? There is now an open revolt in London, Manchester, and elsewhere. Buildings are burning down, cars aflame, people getting shot, police assaulted, and Prime Minister Cameron is contemplating deploying the military. These riots, at first glance, appear worse than the rioting in Greece. Europe is burning.

3.) The Middle East continues to burn all over. Open rebellion in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, and elsewhere. The U.S. government is preparing to declare that Syria's Assad must go. What does that mean? Will we open another war front?

4.) The South American "EU" is now finally in place as of the last several weeks since the last piece of the puzzle, which was Brazil, finished ratification of the Constitutive Treaty of the Union of South American Nations.

5.) The Federal Reserve announced today that it will leave interest rates unchanged for 2 years. That is 24 MONTHS! It's almost laugh-worthy. The Fed always operates in several month increments, but, simply to appease the market for a single day, they have announced they will do nothing for 2 years. In other words, our economy is so close to death that the Fed is literally impotent to do anything for a solid 2 year block.

6.) China will officially overtake the U.S. economy in 4 years. This means that the next U.S. president will be the last U.S. president presiding over the world's largest economy.

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  1. and we ain't seen nothin' yet....actually believer's won't see the great tribulation and the wrath that will be poured out then but the tribulations we are watching now are enough of a taste to know that this world is in seriouuuusssss trouble. i truly believe the birth pangs are increasing. i want people around me to know that Jesus has made the way of escape by way of His shed Blood on the Cross. Lord, open the blind eyes and deaf ears to receive You in repentant faith and be saved-today! thanks for the encouragement to keep tellin' the Story. i appreciate your posts.

  2. this is tony in vt. hi! wishing you all wellness in Christ alone./... With the 12 stars over her head?!,... IS THE SKY GOING TO HAVE THE VIRGO WOMAN, CLOTHED IN THE JUPITER SUN, W/ THE VENUS CHRIST-CHILD moving from btwn her legs, whilst the moon will be underneath her feet on Rosh hashanah this year.? or did i get something wrong in my head/or my spiritual understanding. i viewed it on a youtube video, but i don't think it was rick larson's work,..alltho his work was astounding!!! thanks for that link, Greg.

  3. Tony -

    You are correct. New moon September 28th over Jerusalem.

    Palestinians declare they will storm the Israeli borders with 10's of thousands in September.

    U.N. to vote in September.

    Palestine to declare unilateral state hood.

    2011 is 63 years since May 14th, 1948 + 7 (trib) = 70 years = Psalm 90 = A generation is 70 years

    Jesus rose again on Sunday April 5th or 8th, 33AD (I forget which). Using a Jewish 360 day calendar. 2011 AD is 2007 years.

    Hosea 6:1 After 2 days He will revive us. --- A day is as a thousand years. It has been 2 days = 2000 years + 7 more for patience.

    Iran is ready to shoot.

    Israel is very aware and also that they are surrounded. Also, knowing that if they wait until after September the world will be solidly against them.

    Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 speak of Israel whipping out Damascus and their surrounding enemies.

    Former intelligence office says: Israel plans preemptive strike. They are backed into a corner.

    Famine - Drought - Starvation - Disease - War - Middle East Tension - Ecological disaster - Economic collapse - Volcanoes - Tornadoes - Earthquakes - Fire - Lightning - Terrorism - Nuclear Threat and on and on and on it goes.

    This pot will boil over.

    Blessings to you Tony,


  4. Hi Tony, you heard correctly about the signs in the sky. Download Stellarium, which is an excellent sky-watching application for free: http://www.stellarium.org/

    Set the location to Israel and the dates to September 28-30 2011. Occasionally the new moon is at the feet of Virgo and occasionally the sun is right at her head, and occasionally Venus (the Morning Star) passes through her womb, but these three things virtually never happen at the same time... yet they are happening this Rosh Hashanah. Intriguingly, Venus will enter Virgo's womb precisely on the first day of Rosh Hashanah (Sep. 28) and will be delivered about a week later.

  5. thank you for the link to stellarium Gary, and your validating response to my comment...i needed that and will scope out the link right away!, and Greg thank you for your confirming comment and powerful summation of all converging signs! In other words, i'm outside of myself, and in Christ...praying to be accounted worthy to stand ably, before the son of man, Jesus,..praying for escape as instructed to do so in Luke's gosple. this is AMAZING, and i seek His AMAZING GRACE for us all, amen. WOW, This is all to much! i LOVE it...it is here,....it is now, and i ain't scared!i'm awe-struck like never before,..all things coming to FRUITION!, for those of us who are called aside, according to His purpose. I LOVE JESUS and ALLWAYS have!and i've allways depended on Him and Believed in HIM like a child, and still do., and the real star of bethlehem blows me away!!! GOD IS GOOD!,.. and like bob dylan said, on the slow train comin' album, years ago,..."of every earthly plan, that is known to man,HE is unconcerned....HE'S got plans of HIS own, to set up HIS THRONE , when HE returns"! amen my brothers

  6. Anon, Aug 11, 10:20 PM.
    Yes, agree with you on that Dylan CD, 'Slow Train Comin'".
    Just found this site from Constance Cumbey's blogspot.
    BTW "Elenin Earth" on the Scripture Code gematria = 666.
    And "Barack Hussein Obama Mark Duggan" = 1313.
    Duggan was shot dead by London Police on Obama's 50th birthday, Aug 4th, day #216 = 6x6x6.
    Keep lookin' up,



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