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I haven't posted much lately, because it seems so pointless and the information so readily apparent.

Financial crisis. Weather off the charts. Riots. War. Chaos. Prices. Famine. Starvation. And on and on.

September U.N. vote. September Palestinian uprising. September Palestinian unilateral declaration. Israel planning to attack first. Elenin - what's the deal with that?

I feel the most amazing peace. Though my temporary work is likely to end and there are lots of problems, I don't care. I haven't prayed for anything, but more opportunity and harvest in a while. It just doesn't matter.

Amazing how people are alarmed and skidish, but few are turning. Very few, if any, as best I can tell.

I am surprised at all of the friends who are dropping dead. Giving friends and family one more funeral, one more sermon, one more look at death, before He comes back.

I was reading some scenarios on FulfilledProphecy.com/discussion about life after the rapture. What if as we have said Rosh Hoshanna - September 28th through 30th might be the rapture of the church?

What if all of the missing people, car wrecks, airplane wrecks and chaos result in world wide looting and destruction. London and New Orleans (Katrina) will seem tame.

Will "aliens abducted the missing" be the cry? The space shuttle is grounded and in moth balls.

The government will want all of the left behind property. Especially given the staggering debt and spiraling decline in taxpayers.

We need to determine who is who, will be the cry. We need electronic tagging. There is widespread identity theft.

The Mark of the Beast.

As I said these posts seem so obvious now. God is shaking this world as Joel Rosenberg recently said and the world is staggering and collapsing.

For you and I, the believers, it doesn't matter much - we're leaving.

For those who might read this later. My heart breaks for you, but not as much as those who don't know. I am burdened beyond words for those who don't know and for those who must endure the tribulation.

Do not take the mark. Do not consent. Be strong. Be honest. No matter what. God is sovereign. Eternity with God is worth any price.

Please share the gospel with someone today.

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1 comment:

  1. Powerful post Greg!

    There is only one concern I have brother as I agree 100% with your convictions. What if we are still here when all h*&% breaks loose and we are called to endure till the end-(being raptured only out before the day of His wrath?)

    Let`s prepare for that as we heed His word- Who is able to stand?
    Those that endure...
    Septemeber has been a long time coming as the Lord prepared us for the soon surroudiung of His land, sadly we got side tracked by leaning on our own.....you fill in the blanks :)
    Love and appreciate your work for the Lord-thank-you both!



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