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A possible meaning for Elenin


The promised seed of the virgin [Virgo],
The Lord of the Sabbath [Saturn],
The bright and morning star [Venus},
The giver of light [the Sun],
The strong One who comes [Mercury],
The Lion of the tribe of Judah [Leo];
Is holding fast His redeemed [Cancer],
Who are united in Messiah's reign [Gemini]
He is a shepherd providing safety
For His redeemed [Auriga]
In the Day of Wrath
In the coming Judgment [Taurus]

The message of Elenin as it passes each constellation or star,with the Hebrew meanings of each constellation
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  1. This post is soooo incredible! imagine......., homeward bound, like the river joining the OCEAN!, and like the germ, sprouting forth from the seed,...we will finally be free to get back home!PRAISE JESUS,..HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST! i love it, tony in vt., we know its true.......



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