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Tony from Vermont?

Are you out there? Are you okay? Floods? Hurricane? Haven't heard from you.

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  1. Hi Greg, this is tony and we are ok! Thank you for remembering us up here! You are quite nice to post the way you did,...GOD LUV YA! our town of wilmington took a wallopin' as flood waters rose higher n higher. we r in southern vt. but as you probably know the whole state was hit hard! Folks are all pullin' together n repairs r well under way! we are comin' home at night tired and dirty. the roads ,the bridges , peoples homes n all the towns businesses., very sad,..as some were hit harder than others. we'll survive it as a community.i wished it wasn't true or real,... it is almost unbelieveable. it reminded me of scripture,;The end will come in like a flood! woe, it caught us all off guard, ..we didn't expect it to come on so strong the way it did. All too much, mind-blowing! they say worse than the flood of 1938 that wiped out the town back then. the people are a hardy bunch n going at it steady as we have had 5 straight days of beautiful weather since. Thanks Greg, keep us in prayer,...some of our neighbors we're hit bad, on the other side of our road, closer to the river. God Bless, one day we will see the New Jerusalem, n i'm counting on that n LOOKIN' FORWARD to it, n Sweet Jesus, the bridegroom!! amen/// by the way have you read jerry goldens message on the israeli surpreme court?... under - special reports- on www. the golden report . com ? Holy Smoke! check it out if you have the time n intrest.,...could it be? the seat of satan??? its interesting. again, thank you for your concern, love to all and blessings in Christ our Lord

  2. is there anybody OUT THERE???, just nod if you can here me



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