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Pope weak

Fascinating that the world is moving exactly where God's word say's it would go and that a number of other predictions are coming true as well.

For the last year I have been intrigued at the Arab Spring and protests all over the globe. From Russia to Minnesota and from London to Syria.

Many Muslims believe that their false Messiah, the "12th Imam" will arise from a hole in the ground in Qom, Iran and will unify all Islamists, in a global califate (religious government).

Interesting how many middle eastern leaders are out and the Syrian president is on the ropes.

These leaders have not been replaced or have been replaced by fractured or weak leadership. These are just waiting for a strong leader to unify.

The 4th horseman of the apocalypse rides a green horse (often translated pale "sickly"). Green is the color of Islam. (White-holy Roman empire, Red-Russia/China, Black-Commerce West/U.S.). Islam is certainly on the rise.

There was an old prediction that the next pope would be the last and that he would be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Now we see the pope in declining health - God bless him.

We know from the word of God, that a world leader will come out of one of the countries that made up Rome and will be strong and unite the world. The world is in chaos and is looking for someone other than God and Christ to solve their problems. This tower of Babel thinking (we can do it ourselves) is against (anti-) Christian. It is against following God in repentance and faith. This leader is then anti-Christ.

We are inching closer day-by-day.

Be ready.

Tell someone. Tell everyone.

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  1. thanks for this site and the encouragement as well as posting news items that show us that the prophecies are working like clockwork-coming to pass right on time and in amazing ways. we need to stay alert and stirred by the Spirit to keep the Truth out there all the while the deception is spreading to all corners of the globe. we know the born-again believer is the meant to be a light in this dark dark world. to echo your sentiments-Lord i pray we all would more and more let Jesus shine His Gospel in and through us to be Testimony of Your Saving Power. amen.



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