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  • Fukeshima radioactive debris beginning to wash up in Alaska.
  • Fukeshima radioactive material has flood the oceans, the sky, killing millions of birds and fish.
  • BP Oil Disaster has killed millions of marine life.
  • Greece is collapsing into civil war.
  • Greece government coalition fails.
  • The center has fallen out of French and Greek politics.
  • Portugal is following.
  • Spain is following.
  • France has changed leadership, to someone more socialist and less likely to take the hard steps to align with the EU.
  • France is in big trouble.
  • Ireland is in big trouble.
  • Portugal is in big trouble.
  • All of the big European banks are in big trouble.
  • J.P. Morgan / Chase - squandered - $2 Billion dollars.
  • Dutch government coalition fails.
  • Israel builds coalition government and is finalizing plans for war.
  • Israel's attack on Iran, could easily start World War 3.  China and Russia back Iran.  
  • Syria is in complete meltdown.
  • Iran continues to build nuclear weapons.
  • North Korea continues to build, test and provoke.
  • China has threatened the U.S.
  • The Straits of Hormuz are surrounded.
  • Three (3) U.S. Carrier fleets are in the middle east.
  • America now owes more than the entire GDP + has over $60 billion in unfunded future liabilities.
  • California is imploding with yet another $8+ billion short fall.
  • Arizona wildfires are raging.  Efforts are hampered by caves and snakes.
  • America has declared war on traditional, God ordained marriage, further polarizing this country.
  • The little horn is coming closer to swallowing up three others (Greece, France, ...).
  • Christian persecution is widespread in China and much of the Middle East.
  • Israel is surrounded.
  • Israel is desperate for a peace deal.
  • Terrorists are planning undetectable underwear bombs.
  • Those who would defy God's rebuke are nearing completion of the capping of the new Freedom Tower.
  • The stage is set.
  • It seems Christ is right at the door.
  • The candles are being lit.
  • The wine is being pored.
  • The bread is coming out of the oven.
  • It's time for the wedding feast of the lamb.
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