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Christmas Tree

When I was a kid, my sister and I got very excited about the Christmas season and being on the receiving end of much stuff. It seems America may be on the receiving end of some stuff and it's not a Christmas gift. Our National Christmas Tree Died We have mentioned this many time, but there seems to be a strong correlation between the U.S. offending the HOLY ONE and the U.S. getting a spank in the pants. Review these articles:
The U.N. votes 14 to 1 to condemn Israel. Who is the lone hold out. The U.S. with its charter member veto. Was the U.S. firmly behind Israel. By all accounts U.S. support is waivering. The next day a massive windstorm swept the east coast and a permanently planted D.C. Christmas tree (40 years old / 46 feet tall) was blown over (in disgust-I think)
Christmas tree toppled Christmas tree toppled Remember the National Cathedral damaged recently? Remember the Isaiah 9 warnings from 9/11, dress stone, sycamore and cedar? Remember all of the big big red super moons of this week? Remember the alignment of Saturn (ring bearer) with a Lovers Moon, with the ring finger of the Virgin Bride Constellation Virgo? Remember that Pentecost could be the day of the Rapture. Remember that God said after 2 days He would revive us (Hosea 6). Remember Peter tells us that a day is as a thousand years. It has been 2 days (2 thousand years) since Christ, spent 2 days with the Gentiles (John 3). Remember the earth is 6 thousand years old. After this age, there will be 1 thousand years of rest as Christ personally reigns for a millennium. Remember 6 days of work + 1 day of rest, parallels Genesis 1-2. Remember that Pentecost is three weeks from tomorrow. Remember that Pentecost is the birthday of the Hebrew nation (Mount Sinai - 50 days "pente" - after the passover and the exodus). - 3,000 killed (Aaron golden calf) Remember that Pentecost is the birthday of the Church (Acts 2). About a week after Christ'a ascension. Remember the U.S. has at least 3 carrier groups in the middle east right now. Remember Israel is moving troops, recalling leaves, practicing drills and getting quiet as they prepare for war. Be ready - tell someone.
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