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Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate - Hope is lost

The famous quote from Dante's inferno - the title over the gates of Hell - Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

The point of Unsealed.org is to point people to the realization that God is moving, Christ is returning and without Him there is no hope.

For many followers of prophecy blogs and videos, the attraction is the encouragement of our soon departure.  Encouraging it is, but that is far from the point, in fact this focus on our own departure, while emotionless for those who are unprepared, is beyond obnoxious.  God's heart is for His creation.  2 Peter 3:9 God is not slow as some count slowness, but is patient, wishing that none would be lost, but all would come to repentance.  If we say we love Him, but have no heart for what is breaking His right now, what does that say about us?

We were put here to make disciples.  Even the faintest understanding of what awaits those who will be left behind, should motivate us tremendously to share the urgency will all possible diligence.

It seems the church is more interested in it's own comfort and rescue that lifting a finger to help those around us, who are far from Him.

I too am not doing nearly enough and am often content to sit and stare at the clouds.

If you will stop for a brief moment to recap all that is being said, by the many watchers is this: Without Him hope is lost.

Hebrews 10:26-27 (NIV)

If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God.

Recap of where we are right now:

North Korea is ready to deploy their nukes.  The U.S. is redeploying assets to defend.  Someone's taking them seriously.
Iran's nukes are ready or close to it.  They have sworn repeatedly, that their goal is wipe out Israel, the U.S. and all who do not bow to Mecca.
Russia, China, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and others are all working together to destroy the west.
Ecologic disaster is soon to cause a collapse.  Fish, birds, mammals are dying left and right.
God's 10 plagues are being unleashed.
Economic collapse is so pregnant and ready to explode, it is stunning.  Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and the rest of the E.U. are ready for destruction. The U.S. too is in great trouble.
  • Moral decay.
  • Unemployment.
  • Abortion.
  • Perversion.
  • Wrong is called right and right is called wrong.
  • Child prostitution.
  • Slavery.
  • Sex trade.
  • Polar ice cap and glacier melt.
  • Israel is surrounded.
  • God's prophecies are all aligned, on stage, in their places and ready.

The dates, the celestial alignments, the parallels, the symmetry and the fulfillments are all perfectly ready.
The Mark of the Beast, the Beast, the False Prophet, the Anti-Christ are in their places or soon will be.
The 12th Imam, the Arab spring and the hunger for an Islamic caliphate are at the door.
From Christ's presentation to the Gentiles at Shechem (a.d. 29) until today is 2013 Hebrew days.  He told us He would be with the Gentiles for 2 days (2 Peter 3 - a day = 1000 years).  Hosea 6:1-2, John 4.
This fits well with the parallel of the 6 day (6,000 year creation) and the 6,000 years since Christ.  Torah Calendar . com.
The impotence of the church.  No one looks to the church for moral authority, welfare or compassion any more.  The goal is to become labeled as disabled and get on SSI.
We are no longer joined by values and shared morality, but by American Idol, Football, WII and PS3.
There are now many days that I am overwhelmed by the collapse and the coming judgement - burdened for those who are lost and by my own lack of fearless urgency.


Have you looked at what is said about what's ahead?

The seal judgments:
White Horse - conquest (perhaps this was the catholic church crusades)
Red Horse - war (red china, red russia - war and threats?)
Black Horse - famine and starvation (sometimes likened to the present western commerce age, where a few are wealthy and most of the world starves)
Persecution of the saints
The great earthquake, where the heaven's are rolled back and the mountains collapse.  This appears to be just ahead.
The seventh seal that releases the trumpet and vial/bowl judgments.

1/3 of the trees and grass burned up - see also WWI (perhaps).
1/3 of the ships and sea - see also WWII (perhaps).
Wormwood (see also Cherynobyl and the nuclear fallout, leukemia and death)
1/3 of stars and light (we'll see)

Then the 3 great woe's

Tormenting locusts
200 million man army and 1/3rd of people die
1/3rd of mankind filled by fire, sulphur and smoke

1/2 way point.  Rapture of tribulation saints.  Introduction of the 2 witnesses.  The anti-Christ defiles the temple (abomination of desolation).  2/3rds are dead.  Those not raptured by this point are mostly dead and are in Hades, to await their final judgment.


Sores on all people
Sea's turn to blood
River's and lakes turn to blood
The sun burns people with fire
The Euphrates dried up, to prepare for war, demons
Terrible earthquake and 100 pound hail stones

The mark of the beast, when people sign their own death sentences.

Babylon destroyed

Still people won't repent and curse God.  People are dying left and right.

Christ returns to the earth.  If He doesn't return at this point, no one would be left alive.

There is a chance that the end of these terrible judgments is only 7 years away.

You can almost feel these judgments about to be released.

With these so close, shouldn't we be telling someone.  If you haven't submitted to Christ, you need to do business with Him quickly.  If you don't believe, start asking serious questions, study, ask, pray, get with it.

Time is up!!!

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  1. i find this post to be smack dab on target and alltogether inspiring, pointing us in the right way. directing us,...waking us UP! Praise God,...keep on fishin , fishers of men and God be with you all, FULL FORCE, unhindered, moving forward in His will w/ Ressurection power, doing miracles thru faith in Him, JESUS!!! the blood of Christ n His Victory over death. lets roll away the stone and notch it up for the Lord and His Kingdom! Thanks much Greg, God Bless You and Yours, my friend. i needed that message, thank you Jesus, thank you Father n Holy Spirit of TRUTH!, amen,.....tony in vt.



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