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The Rapture

This is post 333 for the year.  This year already has more posts than in any of the 3 1/2 years that we have been posting, since God stirred our hearts.

Not sure what else is on deck for this week, but there is a strong possibility that this will be the week or weeks.

If you are reading this a week from now, it maybe with great horror and tears.  For this I have great burden.

Repent.  Turn to Him.  Abandon your fear, no matter what happens.

The posts are here and at FullfilledProphecy, EndTime, RaptureInTheAirNow, YouTube/Paul Begley, YouTube/EternalRhythmFlow, YouTube/Hummingbird027 and a hundred others.

The church of Jesus Christ is leaving the planet along with the protection of the Holy Spirit.  Satan is about to have his day for 7 years.

Israel will be attacked from her neighbors.

They will be very surprised, when Israel cleans their clock.  Suddenly a treaty and there is peace in Israel along with a new temple and sacrifices.

The rapture will come with great tragedy.  Airplanes suddenly without their pilot.  Automobiles without their driver.  Surgeons disappear in the middle of the procedure.  Christians in control of power plants - gone.


Earthquake - massive.

Meteors - overwhelming.

Nuclear war - mass death.

Animal deaths, radiation, earthquake, volcano, fire, trees decimated, grass gone, ships sunk, starvation, disease and on and on.

After 7 years Jesus and his armies will be back to make things right, but most are dead.

In the chaos there will be many conspiracy theories.  The CERN particle accelerator opened a black hole and many disappeared, nuclear accident, aliens sucked the people away....  All lies.

Ice discovered on Mars this week.  People will look for a way out of here and Mars will sound good. Disaster and death awaits.

People will want to stick together to protect against the little green men.  National sovereignty will give away to global unity and conformity.  Freedoms curtailed (patriot act, drones, tsa....).  A global id on the wrist or forehead is coming.  Just like today when iTunes, BankofAmerica, Chase Bank or Capital One changes the terms and you are forced to use it or loose it, so to will be this global id.  It will become your debit/credit card/id and you will be forced to swear allegiance to the new world leader (UN/EU/?) or you can't exist. The bible calls this "the mark of the beast".  The bible is clear - if you take this id, your fate is sealed, you have put your faith in the evil one and you are bound for hell.

If you must starve to death, do not take the mark.

Children will betray their own parents.

I believe there is no or little time left.

Perhaps I'm wrong.  I don't know the day or hour, but I know the season.  John 3, Matthew 16, Hebrews 10, Genesis 1 (signs should be clear).

My prayer, heart and burden is for you.

Greg - unsealed.org
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