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Do you sense just how fragile this world is and the tension?

The U.S. came with in a moment of default.  While people felt comfortable that the military was on duty, social security checks were prepared and the post office made their rounds, they were largely oblivious to the danger.  Who feeds and supplies the military?  Civilians.  They have to get paid.  You can fly a plane from Nebraska to Kuwait, but you can't buy jet fuel when you get there.

What is there were a natural disaster or attack?  Can FEMA be deployed?  What would the stock market and employers do, when one disaster is compounded by another?

We act like it's always going to work out fine.

Russia just had a massive meteor that hurt 1600 people, but we assume it won't happen to me, it'll be okay.

The comet isom is coming very close, but we assume it won't hurt us, we'll be okay.

In Florida they found deadly amoeba's that sickened 31 people in salt water.  Salt water?  I thought that killed everything?

In Malibu something is making several people sick and several diagnosed with thyroid cancer, no one knows why.

India had a typhoon with 198 mph winds, great devastation.

Now Tokyo is getting hammered with another.  Once again Fukushima is in the news.

The Phillippines had a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, with great tragedy.

Dry ice terror threat at LAX.

Colorado recently had torrential rain and massive flooding.

The fires from the summer were massive.

Do you see that the devastation is getting more intense and more frequent?

Israel announces it has the freedom for a preemptive strike.

Syria is still treacherous.

The middle east is still a powder keg.

Iran is still building.

It's all still coming to a head.

The blood moon tetrad is just around the corner.

The Revelation 11 mid-trib signs are still apparently scheduled for the fall of 2017.

Hanukkah is still aligned with Thanksgiving this year.  Never happened before.  Hanukkah is the remembrance of the cleansing of the temple.  We are the temple - the church.  The purification is for 7 days. The church will be with the groom for 7 years during the trib as we are united and sanctified and transformed into holy glorified creatures.

Christian persecution is still on the rise.

The one world movement continues.

The U.S. is still running maddeningly fast toward a fiscal cliff.  Many say we have already crossed the point of no return.

U.S. defenses weakening.

China and many others are ready for the U.S. dollar to get out of the way.  This is all the U.S. has left of value.

Still we talk about football, american idol, survivor and our vacation.

There simply cannot be much time left, whatever the date be ready and tell someone of the peril, along with the great joy and peace we have in our pending rescue.



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