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blown away this week by the dryness on some prophecy blogs I track and how my Facebook account and the news headlines had more news of God's soon return than those who are watching on the official blogs.

I think many of the watchers have long realized that the headlines are not giving any more clues as to the day or the hour.

Tsunami, typhoon, sinkholes, fish/bird/bee deaths, war, tension, nuclear proliferation, Israel surrounded, Israel under attack, economic collapse warnings, fukushima radiation, bp oil spill, earthquakes, volcanoes, drought, flood, hot, cold, fire, CMEs, asteroids, meteors, pollution, disease, rape, murder, political impotence, corruption, lawlessness, moral bankruptcy, unemployment, starvation, war, escalation, islamic caliphate, suni/shia, arab spring, one world government, the EU, 10 horns, the 12th imam, tsa, patriot act, planes taken out, mysterious disappearance, blood moon tetrads - is now all old news.

It's common.

The world is numb and for the most part no one cares.  Certainly as best as I can tell, none of this is causing anyone to repent.  Not to say people are not repenting.  They are, but not from the signs.  Even with the sudden disappearance and rapture of the church, who will notice and turn?  Many say oh surely they will notice and repent in brokenness.  I say I'm not so sure.  At least by and large.  Of course I believe the Jews will look on the one they pierced and believe, and the two witnesses and the 144,000 will have their impact.

Wonder how much we who are in the pot of this world are like frogs in hot water who don't realize how completely unhinged the whole thing is.

God is indeed patient and has provided ample warning.  Stunning just how slow to anger He has been.

Have you seen the sinkholes?  Hell opening its mouth.

Israel surrounded - Psalms 83 preparing?

The tetrad?

The mid tribe Revelation 12 sign coming in just 3 years?

Less than 10 weeks now until the start of the fall feasts of 2014.

Will these few weeks leading up to Rosh be another dramatic contraction, as the last few years have been only to relax and heat back up later or is this the year?

Every year for the last several I though this was it.

More is aligned now that it was before.  The contractions are harder, faster and closer together.  The signs are everywhere.  The earth is pregnant with corruption and disintegration.

May we be found faithful in being urgent and diligent to share the hope that lies within.


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  1. Hit the nail on the head! To be honest, ive been numb myself lately.... i realize we are right at the precipice yet all in Gods timing,..

  2. Could not agree more.



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