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Nixon + 40

Is it just me or is it odd that the Ferguson Missouri shooting was 40 years to the day after President Nixon resigned?

Now there is a Governor Nixon trying to hold the state together.

Odd really in 1974 the confidence in the country was forever shaken.

40 years later confidence at the local level is rocked.


I would appreciate your feedback on this question.  Without the rapture and the millennial reign is this world lost in the short run? (less than 10 years)

Given the debt the US is piling up and the integrated one world economy and of course the ecologic, social, political collapse + the radicals I say definitely.

If so, God is surely coming for His bride soon.

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  1. Jesus commanded us to watch and we are not watching in vain. The Lord is not mocked and this world is evil continually, mocking God. But not for too much longer. It is time for You to act, O LORD, for they have made void Your law. Ps 116:126. Whatever the Lord has for us to go through, we who love Him and the word of His promise, will have His power from on high to endure. Personally I believe that the great tribulation will begin pretty soon because we are already in the midst of a 7 year shemita cycle, but if that last 7 year timeframe has not yet started then it is not far out either. Either way it is soon! I see my Lord standing at the door. The signs (many) are present, Israel especially as the greatest sign of all. Even the world is now wondering if things are getting past a point of no return but we know soon He will fulfill His word and take us up. He is not slack concerning His promise. Thanks for the good thought-provoking posts and encouragements.

  2. Amen. This world is so full of evil, corruption, lawlessness, imminent collapse, disease and disaster. His warnings have purpose. God is not a God of confusion. He is coming soon. Very soon.

  3. The tribulation period of 7 years will only start after the rapture.
    Therefore, no seals have been opened.
    The signs that we are now witnessing are going to be more frequent and more intense.
    The rioting now in Ferguson could spread throughout major cities.
    Read David Wilkerson's warnings before he passed away (he did mention looting and chaos in major US cities). Could the incident in Ferguson be the trigger.



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