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I think this is the year.

I think this is the year of the rapture.  As a matter of principle I don't want to ever say this it with absolute certainty because I am absolutely not a prophet.  We're just trying hard to interpret the Scriptures and the Signs as best as we can.  There are many simultaneous confirmations this year though:

1. It is the Shmita year (ending the sixth 7-year cycle in September 2015).  The final 7-year cycle of the current Jubilee cycle will arguably begin then, ending in 2022.

2. The Jews were legally back in the land in 1922/23, so 2022 (7 years from now) would thus be a Jubilee year.

3. The last two blood moons are this year, with the final a super moon appearing over Jerusalem.

4. Both blood moons are shortly preceded by solar eclipses thus fulfilling the order of events in Joel 2:31 & Acts 2:20.

5. In the rough middle of this 7 year period all of these things occur: 50 years from the recapture of Jerusalem, 70 years from the rebirth of Israel, 100 years from Balfour, 120 years from Jewish Congress, end of the Revelation 12 sign.

6. Alignment of Gregorian and Hebrew dates in 33AD/2015AD - same Triumphal Entry, Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits.  I think this is doubly significant in light of dispensational theories of the Church Age.  It is almost as if this realignment of dates between 33AD and 2015AD is like God re-synchronizing the prophetic clock, suggesting that the Church Age will end this year and the completion of the 70 weeks of Daniel is back on track.

7. The total solar eclipse of March 20th falls on Nisan 1, the first day of the Hebrew year.  Nisan 1 70AD (70AD being the year of the destruction of the 2nd Temple and dispersion of the Jews) ALSO FEATURED A SOLAR ECLIPSE.

8. The Bible describes a generation as "70 or if by strength 80".  Which is it?  Only meaningful way to handle both numbers is to average them = 75 years.  UN Mandate setting out Israel for the Jews was 1947 (rebirth was 1948) + 75 years = 2022/23.  Jesus said "all these things would be completed" in this generation.

9. 49 x 360 prophetic-day years from recapture of Jerusalem = 2015.

Now for a thought on a potential timeline:

I think watchers have focused too much on trying to find the start date of the tribulation to calculate the end date rather than the end date in order to calculate the start date.  I think this has caused issues in finding God's timeline because I believe finding the end date in the former said way will only work if the rapture and the signing of antichrist's covenant happen on the EXACT same day.  If they don't happen on the same day, then I can see no reason why the first day of the tribulation should have any Biblical significance.  This day is the devil's day, not God's day.  IMHO, I think we need to start at the end and work back.

What is the traditional and most widely accepted date for Christ's 2nd Coming?  It is Yom Kippur

What happens every year exactly 75 days after Yom Kippur?  Hanukkah - the feast of re-dedication

These are the only two dates that I can find on the Hebrew calendar that would align with the end of a 1260 day Great Tribulation + 75 days to complete the final 1335 days spoken of in Daniel.

Additionally, Hanukkah represents the end of the 1335 days in three amazing ways: first, a celebration of the overthrow of the antichrist's forerunner, Antiochus IV Epiphanes (so a celebration of the AC himself being overthrown); second, the cleansing of the temple; and third, the lighting of the Menorah.

Consider carefully #3 again.  Hanukkah represents the miraculous lighting of the Menorah.  At the end of the tribulation Jesus will finally and personally have fulfilled all seven of God's appointments.  What better symbol than the lighting of the Menorah of seven golden lamp stands to represent the fulfillment of God's plan?

For these reasons I think Jesus Second Advent will almost for sure occur on Yom Kippur.  If this happens in the year 2022, then the 2520 days of the tribulation calculated backwards will fall on November 11, 2015, a date of no Jewish significance, but would be the signing of Israel's "covenant with death".

I think the rapture happens this Spring on Triumphal Entry, Passover, Easter Sunday, Ascension Day, or Pentecost.  I don't know which.  If not one of those then likely Rosh Hashanah this Fall.  This will leave a two to seven month gap between the rapture and beginning of the tribulation.  I think this gap will be the perfect place for the Ezekiel 38 Gog and Magog war.  Once this war is over (likely to the world known as World War III), Russia and Iran will be largely decimated, Damascus will be destroyed, northern Israel will be destroyed and the antichrist will begin to ascend to his place on the world stage as the man of peace.

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