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5/27/15 - 4 Days Until Pentecost

'Real and present danger' that Christianity will be labeled 'hate speech'

Worldwide earthquakes REALLY ARE increasing... world is now in a "seismically active" period at least through 2019

After months of calm, another rocket launched from Gaza

Nearly a month of relentless thunderstorms, rain, and tornadoes have left Texas and Oklahoma deluged.  17 dead and more than 40 missing.  Thunderstorms expected to continue through the weekend at least.

New York court to decide if chimpanzees have legal rights... article asks, "where does this end?"

Massive heatwave in India leaves over 1,100 dead

Heatwave strikes across the Middle East

Brush-fires throughout Israel from heatwave

Oklahoma, and therefore north Texas, now the most seismically active area of the contiguous U.S.

The frequency and number of wars throughout the world are statistically increasing

Tensions in South China Sea rapidly escalating as China refuses to acknowledge other claims and begins building military air strips on disputed islands... both China and U.S. refusing to back down

Irish gay vote a "defeat for humanity"

Nearly half of the planet's population now using the internet

13 trillion electronvolts

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