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Live anthrax spores accidentally mailed all over the country

Washington Post - link

Not to be a doom and gloom kind of guy, but sooner or later you look at this long incessant line of disasters, threats, terror and impossible situations and you have to say, there is no way the population of this planet has the sense and where with all to sustain live on this planet for the long term.  In my opinion we can't make it on our own in the short term.

This gives either makes you numb, scenical, terrified, paranoid or perhaps in my view - it should give you great peace.

If as we here at Unsealed.org believe - God created, God loves, God sustains - we are creating a terminal mess - therefore we must be at the end and He is soon to come and get us.


Of course if you don't share that view, I pray you would look closely at all that is going on and you would see the impossibility of life continuing - and this would shock you into sobriety and repentance.

Impending WW3
Radical Islam
Debt cliff - Implosion
Nuclear proliferation
The burdensome stone of Israel
Israel surrounded
Pacific trash dump
Fish deaths
Aquatic mammal deaths
Bird deaths
Bee deaths
Population explosion
Loss of respect for God's direction
Lack of humility
Lack of repentance
Genesis 12

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