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BREAKING: There has been a THIRD explosion in China!


What in the world is going on?  At this point, no way this is coincidental.  Either 1. Chinese "False Flags", 2. American retribution for China selling off its U.S. treasuries, or 3. terrorism of some sort.

8/12/15 - Massive explosions largely destroy the Chinese port in Tianjin... 147-173 were killed.  The largest explosion was seen from space and was the equivalent of 21 tonnes of TNT.

8/22/15 - Huge explosion in Shandong province.  Multiple injuries reported.

8/31/15 - Today's explosion was massive.  To early to say for sure if it was on the same scale as Tianjin, but video footage shows an explosion so large it incinerates buildings instantly and sends a shock-wave:

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