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Preparing for Jesus' Return! My church's take on the end times.

Please get yourself a cold drink, a snack, and a comfortable place and treat yourself to this INCREDIBLE one hour sermon by Pastor Todd Wagner:


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  2. Every song referred to the rapture.

    The sermon was deeply refreshing after so much silence. Grateful for the focus on the mission and for the urgency to be ready. Certainly don't want fear mongering, but if you see the ship going down....

    Grateful for his respect of Jonathan Cahn's findings and the uncanny "coincidences". As Todd said let's trust in the word of God more than the harbingers of men. With that said I think there is room for even greater urgency.

    Appreciated the reading of Hebrews 10:25 "...as you see the day approaching". With that said, I would like for him to have shared more about the 300 first appearance prophecies - all perfectly fulfilled (the failings of the 1st century community to see them John 3:10, Matthew 16:2-3, Genesis 49:10) and some thoughts on the 2,500+ prophecies of the rapture - tribulation - second coming - millennial reign - white throne judgement, etc... with some nod that at least some of the rapture and tribulation prophecies are being fulfilled, Israel is back in the land, Israel surrounded, Psalms 83, Isaiah 17, Jeremiah 49, Genesis 1:12 signs (blood moons. bethlehem star...) and there are many students who think we are very close.

    America's impending judgement is one thing, God's is quite something else.

    Appreciated the since of urgency in the last two weeks, I would amp up that sense of urgency even louder.

    Be ready.

    Preach the gospel.

    Make disciples...



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