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Common lines of thinking...

The big earthquake will never come.
Christ is not really coming back soon.
The great tribulation will not really decimate and shake the planet.
A great judgement will not really be in my future.
The debt will not cause the collapse of the economies of the world.
Iran won't build and attack.
Iran doesn't already have nukes.
Iran, Russia and China are not preparing.
The meteors are not coming.
The wildfires won't consume large communities.
The massive drought won't continue.
North Korea's bravado, intimidation, escalation and saber rattling won't lead to anything concerning.
China building a runway on disputed territory won't lead to an escalation.
China's stock market collapsing won't impact me.
China's decoupling of the yuan from the U.S. dollar won't touch me.

The concerted effort by Iran, Russia, China, Venezuela and many others to setup an alternative world currency, won't have a big impact on the U.S. debt-ridden economy.

U.S. terrorism has been solved by the TSA.
The 888 point stock crash of the last two days is not a part of something deeper and larger.
Jonathan Cahn is wrong.
The blood moon tetrad has no meaning.
September 2015 is just another month.
God didn't really create the heavens for signs on the 4th day and no signs have been given as of late
Israel back in the land has no meaning.
Messing with the Genesis 12 covenant has no consequences and has not been tied to such events as Northridge, Hurricane Andrew and Hurricane Katrina as many have suggested.
Sending billions to middle eastern muslim countries in oil revenue is not a big problem.
Releasing billions to Iran is not a problem.
Iran is not going to use these billions for weapons.
The Syrian-Damascus collapse has nothing to do with me - Isaiah 17.
Abortion doesn't matter - no need to be concerned.
LGBT - live and let live - we answer to no one.
Unrestrained political, legislative and government legal control is not an issue.
The collapse of marriages and God ordained family life - insignificant.
Securing the borders is a waste of money.
FEMA camps, Jade Helm and incessant executive orders - not worth considering.

Prejudice, Racism, Hate, Conspiracy theory, complete lack of respect, Abuse, Officers stretched to the brink, Body cameras that do not tell the whole story, Disrespect, Lawlessness, Moral bankruptcy should not erupt into large areas of urban chaos, rioting and complete breakdown.

Massive China harbor high explosive detonation - not a problem.  Those port city high explosives weren't intended for shipment anywhere around me.

Gas prices collapsing, so that the ability to maintain domestic energy production infrastructure is destroyed - not a problem.

There are no lessons to be learned from Sodom and Gomorrah and God won't owe them an apology if America is not judged.

Persecuting Christians is not a problem.  The fewer of the extremists the better.
Beheading, torturing, crucifying - no worries.
The rape, sexual exploitation and pornography of children doesn't have a consequence.

Wide spread pornography, sex trade and almost continual headlines of adults raping children is not concerning or impactful.

Mark Biltz doesn't have a clue.

Franklin Graham - insane.

Ann Graham-Lotz - has lost her mind as have hundreds of Christian preachers, video makers, authors and bloggers.

J.D. Farag, Dr. Robert Jeffress, Steve Hadley, Grant Jeffreys, Hal Lindsey, Chuck Missler, Dwight Pentecost, John Hagee, Walid Shoebat, Joel Richardson, Ron Rhodes, John McTernan, Tim LaHaye, Terry Jenkins, Sid Roth to name a very few are all off their rocker.

Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt will never make a confederation against Israel and if they do so what - doesn't impact me.

The Russian S-300 missile systems being delivered to Iran right now are not a problem.

The September U.N. general assembly won't vote to mess with Israel, the land and certainly if there is a God, He won't have a problem.

There's no lesson to be learned by the 300 prophecies completely missed by the Jews of 1st century Judea and certainly nothing to be learned by studying the 2,500 future prophecies in the pointless books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, Matthew, 1 Corinthians, 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, Jude, Revelation and much more.

The burgeoning population of 7.3 billion, in concert with the drought, frequent food supply contamination issues, bird flu, listeria and fecal matter in the Mexican cilantro won't cause a problem.

When God told Adam and later Noah to fill the earth and rule over it, there's no need to believe that once the earth is maxed out that God won't come for the next assignment.

No need to believe as some do that we are at the end of year 6,000 and it is time for 1,000 years of rest with Christ personally ruling over the earth for a millennia as foretold.

Fukushima, BP, Union Carbide in India, Chernobyl, Love Canal, Hungary-battery acid-Danube river and all the other eco disasters won't kill us.

The melting polar caps, severe winters, wet summers and storms aren't getting worse.

There's no convergence of signs and disasters coming our way over the coming weeks.

Nothing to see here ... move along....

Of course I'm being very sarcastic.

Wake up!  Repent!  Repent!  Repent!

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  1. But what about the scandal de' jour - Josh Duggar... that guy... distract... = it was a lion and then an Olympian... Thanks for the great post.



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