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Lightning All Over Jerusalem & Dead Sea

Rosh Hashanah began with an unprecedented sandstorm and look how it ended:

From the article:

"The massive dust storm that started in Israel last Tuesday largely dissipated on Sunday just in time for the start of the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah, but as the holiday ended on Tuesday night the stuffy heat led to extremely rare heat lightning in Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.

Residents of the capital told Arutz Sheva that they saw constant ongoing heat lightning light up the skies in the southwestern Jerusalem neighborhood of Kiryat Menachem.

The Jerusalem natives reported that they had never before seen such heat lightning, and many surprised viewers did not initially know how to identify it.

The lightning was also spotted in the Dead Sea, the lowest geographical spot on the earth."

 The video isn't on YouTube, so I couldn't embed, but you absolutely have to see the video here.  It is incredible.  Reminds one of Matthew 24:27.

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