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Meet The Prime Minister-Elect Of Canada

This is the man who will lead his country along a path of judgment.  He will make Canada the final nation on planet Earth to abandon Israel and support dividing God's Promised Land.

Justin Trudeau:

Kind of an interesting character, actually.  He was born on Christmas Day in 1971, making him 44 years old this Christmas.  The 6' 2", extremely charismatic Trudeau, is of French, English, and Scottish ethnicity, giving him direct descent from the core Roman Empire.  He claims to be religious, but is resolutely opposed to morality.

His full name is quite interesting, too: Justin Pierre James Trudeau.  Peter (Pierre) and James were the top two leaders of the early Church.  He named one of his sons Hadrien (French version of Hadrian), which is the name of the Emperor Hadrian who ruled from 117 to 138.  Emperor Hadrian was one of two emperors considered the forerunners of antichrist (the other being Nero) because Hadrian desecrated the site of the temple by erecting a temple to the supreme pagan god Jupiter directly over the ruins of the Biblical temple.  Hadrian is also the one responsible for renaming the land of Israel to 'Palestina' in 135 AD (Palestina is the Latin version of Philistia, the chief enemy of ancient Israel).

Spelling variations of the French name "Trudeau" include Trudon and Trudel, either of which would make the number of letters in his name 6, 6, and 6: Justin (6) Pierre (6) Trudon/Trudel (6).

Here is his victory speech:

Someone to watch?  Maybe.  The timing is interesting if nothing else.

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  1. http://www.thestar.com/news/federal-election/2015/10/21/in-1972-richard-nixon-predicted-justin-trudeau-would-be-pm.html
    harper's replacement-no friend to israel
    yeah, interesting.......

  2. He's evil- his father was one of the originals of the Club of Rome members- taught by Jesuits- involved in the making of the agenda 21- his ex-wife- Margaret trudeau was induced on Christmas day to have the kids on purpose- it was reported that Pierre trudeau said - god had one son born on Christmas day - i had 2.

  3. Clearly Dave Cameron is a somewhat clever operator and certainly knows his onions. Ed Miliband on the other hand could not find the time to get his name as father on to his first born son's birth certificate!
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