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When Ye SHALL SEE...

Great post at Five Doves: Check it out

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  1. that is the when/then i'm talking about--armies (international) surrounding--someone with a "shortened time" standing somewhere very significant--and judea has to flee and what does Jesus say happens next?--great distress--great tribulation--those 3 1/2 years left and there are 2 witnesses during this time, so look up! and 144,000 jewish believers will figure in there somewhere too! prior verses of those chapters in new testament are about distress and birth pangs going on right now but next comes the...when/then! comparing the scriptures in reading together in one sitting we can see the picture in matt 24, luke 21, and mark 13 (each chapter divided by a when! then!) with these scripture details coming into play from dan 11 (somebody bad) and rev 11---2 somebodies-i think moses and elijah ;) . the birth pangs are happening in these days and the when/then is in making as we speak.......

    praise God the Father, Jesus the Son is coming, and is not far out there-------nearer, much nearer than we know!!!!!!!


  2. How much more convincing would someone need? They're mounting the cameras for the 2 witnesses. The hook in the jaw has been set. Russia is in Syria (which largely is part of Syria). 60 nations engaged. This is just a tiny part of all that is going on.

  3. 144.000 are Israel in the Spirit, firstfruits, Zion. Spirit filled believers.



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