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Surprise blood moon appeared over northern Israel last night... You can find plenty of videos of it on YouTube

The huge asteroid that is passing by the earth today turns out to be shaped like a skull... Quite interesting on a demonic day like Halloween... Tribulation coming?

Russian airliner downed over the Sinai... Russian government says it was not a technical error nor ISIS... Will they blame Israel?

Going by the autumnal equinox, the last day of Tabernacles would be this Wednesday... Lots of watchers also speculating on the possibility of something of huge prophetic significance happening between now and November 11th (11/11)

In Syria we now see Russian, Iranian, American, Cuban, and Chinese forces... Where is this headed?  Are we watching the unfolding of Ezekiel 38?

So much to watch... Please stay tuned!


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  1. Any Israel attacked targets in Syria - JPost.


    The nations of the world are converging on this place with military power never seen, of this magnitude, in one place, in the history of mankind.

    In the last year the U.K., Canada, France and others have attacked as well.

    God said this land belongs to Israel.



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