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Christmas Tornadoes Devastate Southern U.S. Among Other Ominous Signs

Ominous signs appeared this Christmas causing me to wonder if God is perhaps showing that as the U.S. has rejected Christ He will soon withdraw His Christmas blessing in the form of His people.  Perhaps this was the last time Christmas will be celebrated before Christ comes for His Bride.

Unusually warm weather on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

A full moon on Christmas Day - first time in nearly 40 years

A two kilometer-wide asteroid zoomed by earth on Christmas Eve

*Tornadoes ravage the southern U.S. on the day after Christmas


*To our readers: my family (including Greg, my dad) was hit directly by an EF4 tornado last night.  My wife and I (in a different house in a different area of town) were in our closet and she was inclined to pray for their safety as we rode out the storm.  Greg, my siblings, his wife, and my grandmother were all in a bathroom when the storm struck.  Their house was severely damaged, but they left without so much as a scratch (Isaiah 26:3, Psalm 18:2).  Others nearby were not so lucky and many houses directly adjacent and around their house were completely destroyed, yet their four walls still stood.  God is faithful.  They were within about a mile of where eight people were killed in the tornado.

The devastation is incredible.  Over 600 structures damaged or destroyed in the area.  Please pray for my family as they begin rebuilding and for other people and families who were not so lucky.

Suffice to say, my dad Greg may be partially or totally out-of-commission for Unsealed for the next few weeks.

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  1. God bless you, Gary and Greg, as you recover from this devastating storm. Thank you for your dedication to the Lord's work.



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