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Weekly Prophecy Updates: 12/28/15

J.D. Farag (really good year-end review):

John Haller (also an excellent year-end review):

Jason A.:

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  1. Hi guys,

    Loved Jason's clip and am go grateful for his time and effort . I do have a concern though.Let me copy and paste what I sent to a few believers as it saves me the time of having to type it again :)

    I was @ a BOA's ATM in Bellingham 2 weeks ago and can verify this eye scan technology to be true.

    The narrator of this clip made one very grave mistake by claiming that " over time this technology will evolve into the Beast system " when we are already in it . My prayer is that he will put away the RCC taught pre trib lie and be prepared to be tested for his faith in the coming days.

    Oh and pssst, Damascus is ALREADY a ruinous heap my friends ! Time to wake up to the lateness of the hour!

    Please join me in prayer for those precious little girls being indoctrinated by the RCC in Iraq. Most of the Christians there are all RCC indoctrinated which is so very sad . Being martyred for God {Jesus } doesn't save anyone . I said the very same thing to the Jehovah's Witness I witnessed too some time ago.

    God help us stand in the next 22 months. I've chosen my words carefully , out of godly fear of the Lord .

    Even so come quickly Lord Jesus \o/


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Hisown. I'm still persuaded by a pre-trib rapture for numerous reasons. While these events haven't happened yet and we all need to be open to having a wrong interpretation of God's Word, I still lean towards the Lord taking His Church out of harm's way as promised in Revelation 3:10, Luke 21:36, and Isaiah 26:20.

      Additionally, while Damascus is clearly becoming a ruinous heap right now, it still continues to be a city. Isaiah 17:1 says "heap of ruins" AND that it will cease to be a city. Some of the city still remains. Also "royal power" has not left Damascus yet.



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