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Where have you been?

Since December 26th when a pair of tornadoes merged very near my home, damaged thousands and destroyed 1,100 homes killing 13 people, I've been distracted.  There were 9 tornadoes in all.

As I take time tonight to read Gary's post from the last month I'm in awe.

Day-to-day these headlines become very mundane.  I have grown insensitive.  This has been a good break to remember.

  • Financial collapse underway
  • Iran is now our friend having "met their objectives"
  • What's up with the Navy boats, sailors, Iran, ISIS and Zahran Alloush?  Very intriguing.  Very upsetting.
  • North Korea now testing fusion bombs
  • Iranian prisoners suddenly free
  • Martial law bill snuck through
  • 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade
  • 4 - 5.0 earthquakes around the globe within 12 hours
  • Mexico city earthquake ready to pop
  • Snow fall records shattered in North East.
  • Tornadoes in Florida in January.
  • Asteroid in March - very, very close
  • Immigration to Israel hits all time high
  • World maritime traffic stopped
  • Pope Francis - stunning FP language
  • Saudi Arabia is in serious trouble.  The Kings of the South are getting overrun.
  • Vatican recognizes Palestine
  • Hamas has rebuilt the tunnels into Israel

This is a very cursory light review of some headlines.  God's work is much deeper as is the work of the enemy.

My theme is this:  Any one of these is unsustainable in the short run.  That is life cannot continue on the planet because of the debt, or because a crazy kid is blowing up bombs in North Korea or asteroids keep getting ever closer, or we keep murdering babies, or earthquakes and volcanoes continue to erupt...

Any one of these is going to lead to a cataclysm.  

Put it all together and any serious student would conclude this planet is in severe and imminent unavoidable danger of absolute collapse.

Of course we are.

If your not numb or blind you should be scared out of your mind.  Of course no one is, because their hearts are hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.

The few that are watching, who have the Word, the Spirit and the Church and who see it should have great joy, peace and urgency - THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS - is about to to tell THE SON OF THE MOST HIGH GOD to go.  By the looks of things the Son is already at the door or just about to stand up from His Throne.

Be ready!

Maranatha :)

Praise God for eyes to see and ears to hear :)

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