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Winter Storm Jonas

What more needs to be said about this?  A record-breaking blizzard deluge has inundated a huge of swath of the northeast, from D.C. to New York.  It is now the largest blizzard EVER RECORDED in Pennsylvania and Baltimore, among other cities.  It has effectively shut the U.S. government down.  19 are dead.

It's of obvious interest that the storm was named "Jonas" (Jonah).  One can't help but be reminded of Jonah's warning to the Ninevites of impending judgment in 40 days if they did not repent.  Some are saying this is a 40-day warning and interestingly, 40 days from today is March 5th, when TX68 passes by.

It is also a big slap in the face to the arrogant who still think "climate change"/"global warming" is either all or mostly caused by human activity.

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