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Saudi Arabia seeking to borrow billions

Wall Street Journal - link

Can you believe it?  My whole life Saudi Arabia has been flush with cash.

I recall an old Frank & Ernest cartoon, with the caption "if the meek shall inherit the earth, I want a piece of Saudi Arabia".

Oil prices so low.  Saudi full of entitlements,  ISIS threats just over the border, next to the oil fields and internal conflict.

Concerns about Iran, Syria, Russia, China, ISIS and waning U.S. support, has caused the house of Saud to enter the conflict.

Now they want to enter the fray.

Much tension.

Massive military build up and an alliance with Turkey.

Sunni vs Shia, oil and spoil, Israel in the middle.

Seems the fulfillment of Jeremiah 49 (Aleppo ) and the coalition from psalms 83 is right behind.

Our departure must be soon.

(The U.S. borrows $1.5 billion everyday)


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