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Expert Warns Against Visiting Parts of the US due to Zika

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A British expert is warning the British from visiting places like Louisiana and Florida due to the threat of the Zika virus. While he denies that Zika is currently in the US, he says that may change within the next two or three months.

From the Daily Mail:

A leading British expert has warned pregnant women and couples looking to conceive to ‘think twice’ about travelling to parts of the US – including Florida, home to Walt Disney World – because of the growing threat of the Zika virus.

Those considering holidays to southern states including Texas, Louisiana and Florida – which contains Miami, Cape Canaveral and the Florida Keys – should look at alternatives, said Professor Jimmy Whitworth of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

There is currently no evidence that mosquitoes on the US mainland are infected with the virus, which can leave babies with under-developed brains if their mothers are infected during pregnancy.
But Prof Whitworth said he believed the situation could change as the summer heat builds and – with it – the number of mosquitoes. His assessment is backed by US scientists.

Prof Whitworth told The Mail on Sunday: ‘At the moment, if you said to me, “I’m going to Disney World tomorrow,” I’d say, “Go for it! That’s fine”.
‘Because we don’t think there’s any Zika in mosquitoes in the US right now. But will there be, in two or three months’ time? Well, there might be, as the situation might change.’ 

At least down here in South Texas, the mosquito population has been pretty huge lately. I can't walk outside without getting swarmed. Thoughts of Zika strike my mind every time. Even without the summer, with illegal immigration, one would think the emergence of this disease in the US would be inevitable. I hope they have a vaccine.
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