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California Trying to Force Christian Colleges on Transgenderism

The state of California is working on legislation to force Christian colleges to accept transsexuals into, say, the women's dorm, or face repercussions. Since these schools offer financial aid solutions offered by the government, this seems to put them in danger of this sort of legislation. This also explains the danger of letting the government take control of the financial aid "business."

Critics of the legislation claim they are designed to cripple the state's Christian colleges.

From World Net Daily:
The California State Legislature is working on an “Armageddon” for Christian colleges and universities that would force them to embrace “transgender rights” or lose funding for students.

“If these bills are successful, Christian colleges, for instance, would have to allow a male student who perceives his gender as being ‘female’ to live in the women’s dorm to avoid the risk of a lawsuit or the loss of financial aid options for students,” contended the non-profitAdvocates for Faith and Freedom.

The College Fix quotes critics saying the bills “purporting to prevent LGBTQ discrimination, are actually designed to cripple the state’s Christian colleges.”

One would disqualify Christian colleges from receiving state-funded student financial aid if they deny students on the basis of “sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression” or if they obtain waivers from those requirements from the Department of Education.

Another bill would order Christian schools to tell students their “institutions are discriminatory.”

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