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German Politician Attacked For Position on "Migrants"

As Europe and the United States continue to work on importing the Muslim world to the West, an "anti-migrant" opposition politician in Germany was attacked by "anti-fascist" protesters who shoved a cake in her face, ironically demonstrating that they're the ones with the mentality of terrorists and tyrants.

From the Daily Mail:
A German opposition leader had a cake shoved in her face during a party meeting, in what is believed to have been an act of protest about her anti-migrant position.

The Left Party parliamentary co-leader Sahra Wagenknecht was pictured shortly after the incident covered in the pudding, despite her colleagues' efforts to shield her from view.

She cut a humiliating figure, smartly dressed for the party meeting while covered in chocolate icing and crumbs.

It is believed the cake was thrown by an activist during the party meeting in Magdeburg, according to the dpa news agency.

A group calling itself the 'Anti-Fascist Initiative "Cake for Misanthropists"' was spotted distributing flyers after the meeting, pointing to Ms Wagenknecht's stance on the refugee crisis as the motive.
It seems she was actually a member of the German left wing party anyway, just one of its lone members saying obvious things like: "we can't accept ALL refugees."

At the rate Germany is going, those cake throwers with their violence towards fellow Germans will soon regret their actions when confronted by the refugees they want in their country. Or maybe not. This Norwegian (male) politician felt bad that his Somalian rapist was deported. This is the mentality of Europe's elite.
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